songs i’m loving atm! (my playlist)

songs i’m loving atm! (my playlist)

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be a Drive with me current playlist like my music kind of video I realized today that the last time I did this I’m pretty sure wasn’t much of velocity So it’s been a while and I’ve had a lot of requests to do it again So, I’m sorry that it took me so long I have a playlist called March 2019 and it basically has all the songs that I’m listening to right now I hope you enjoy this video I hope you find any song that you like or maybe we have the exact same taste and you already know all of these songs my gosh a cat literally just jumped out of a Tree. Oh my gosh two cats just it’s very bizarre I’ve literally never seen Something like this before so the owners how just like drive into the driveway and then two cats just jumped out of a tree Crossed the road and they’re now going back to that or not. Okay now I’m actually gonna get started I just wanted to come in here and say I just finished editing this video and it’s such a mess Honestly, it was a mess to edit and it’s probably gonna be even more of a mess to watch I filmed it at the worst time Where like the Sun was going down so you can probably tell that this is like a big mess well So I’m linking the playlist down below and you’ll see if you’re the playlist that those songs in the playlist that I didn’t put in The video and I did I just had to cut it out because like the Sun the lighting was so bad I was just something that made it like not good to put in although I like the majority of this the lighting is so bad Anyway, I apologize. I hope you enjoyed this video. Okay? Okay, I realized that neighborhood that I drove G was really small and I basically could only do one loop so I’m gonna drive to another place Right, we’re in a different neighborhood now we can continue I think Okay, this is loud incredibly talented I swear every song of his is an absolute bang on You in the matter whatever Circuit I’m driving around and kind of a bad time We’re like kids are gonna pick up from school people finishing work. Like why did I decide to film this in the office today? It’s gonna be fine. This is another loud song. It’s his new song which Raisa bond if you haven’t had it I’ll be very surprised and like everyone’s head it everyone loves it Sorry that I can’t sing right now and I said I Was absolutely looking now the guy was looking past He was like kind of yelling like rolling around my 8 so he probably definitely knew what the camera was. Oh my gosh I’m like repeating. I’m like driving past people every drop offs. I know I should go to any area Can you find a way down slowly a little? Sympathy. I hope you can show me if you wanna love you slowly And slowly let me down this is such a good song Oh my gosh, my voice is literally telling this night in a park it was cat and dog and we set up for hours What time was really? you See like you wanted it for What time? I still thought I can we stayed up for hours. I Got to drive plus the same guy owner just just pretend oh my gosh I call Jess poopy. Yes, and he wanted everyone to hear that. He called me poopy Yes, I told her to record. Okay anyway, babe This is a secret that can’t be shared on the vlogs. Let me see. Yeah, okay, we’re back we’re rolling That was the husband. He was calling about something I’m actually gonna go back and pick him up because we need to go pick something up hunting him so I can’t say cause it’s a secret I head back and pick him up and then he’s gonna finish the video with me which is kind of fun because doing this by myself isn’t as fun as doing it with someone else, you know, oh my gosh my god As I was so creepy like stared at me until I drove past and then he got out his phone Is he complaining because I kept driving through the neighborhood. We’ll see I’m going back home leaving your neighborhood. It’s fine That was really creepy, right? The Always becomes a dirty You know when you’re praying on Sunday, you’ll always find a way to make it value. It’s not about you Okay, so this one is a come up. I Know it’s preparing it appropriate. I was just saying it’s never like this like if we film videos in the car I’m always sitting there. I think you tell them why we call each other Pippy No so there was a season about a month and a half the two month period of Milo having Explosive diarrhea for so long and it made our lives miserable. Oh, yeah. It has a new diet thing It was like a dietary problem that he’s deficient something. It was really sad But um, but like really annoying because I know he’s a baby, you know, like baby’s diapers dogs have the floor or the couch Oh Run or the coffee table at one point. Yeah, don’t diary it on there So I just started calling and pooping out of good spirits. I’d be like hey trying to be positive about the situation You’re right poopy. Like I would just call him baby and myelopathy. Yes, and that transferred to using that nickname for me Yes, and then that transferred me using it back to her. Yes So now I be very shrink the only weird nicknames reach out loud that we married two years. So Right. I left this next song because I know how much you love it. You’ll know it as soon as I stop playing okay all Right what kids playing basketball on the street it’s all I was like carefully like He was it this one it’s not your favorite, but I like it I don’t fibre this song thing Baby ain’t got no money on it. Just like God to it where that’s when you just kind of like Is this your new playlist yeah Paul Paul and so they can like go to it so yeah you already follow Matt, yeah No, I didn’t actually oh whoops. Yeah, so I’m going to link this playlist down below if you want to listen to it I’m finishing up with three worship songs that I like right now. That’s what we’re playing right now. So that’s the deal Fox You are You are So good such a big freakin banger day bangers for Jesus that Lady was looking at us like you guys just drove past this Shh Another bangle another bangers only dude only bangers only Okay guys that is it for my play this video If you want to listen to any of the songs, I’ll leave the playlist down below Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for um the little cameo. I really appreciate that know I love you guys so much and I’ll see you next time You kidding different channel You

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  1. Jess and Gabe are such goals and I really wanna be like them in the future i wanna find someone i can vibe with and put Jesus in the center of the relationship

  2. Love these videos jess! Idk if you’ve done this video before, can’t remember, but you should do one with all worship music!

  3. Everyone’s freaking out ab Prettymuch and I’m sitting here here freaking the frick out ab Jack and Jack being on here

  4. King of my heart is such a beautiful song. You should listen to "you say" from lauren daigle and "endless alleluia" by cory asbury. You'll love them ^^ have a awesome day

  5. 8:30 I LOVE THIS SONG Omg so so weird I was vibing and listening on repeat to King Of My Heart (and Roi de mon cœur in french) all day today and just thought about listening to it right before playing your video that I had put on my “watch later playlist” and you have it in your favorite songs as well idky it made me so happy 😊 I mainly listen to worship songs lately so I’m kinda off on other songs but I love your taste in music and love your playlist thank you for sharing ❤️

  6. I really am digging Jess’ hair and the way it’s curled plus her makeup. Anyone else agree, if Jess sees this can you do a tutorial on the makeup and hair in this vid

  7. I didn’t know mostly of your songs but now I’m loving this playlist, and I just knew what a time , summer on you and girl crush bdw I LOVE THESES SONG I ALMOST SCREAM WHEN I HEARD hahaha any way I loved it this video as you can see haha love your videos

  8. I was so excited when prettymuch came on but then I got sad bc there’s only one song ☹️😂😂😂

  9. I am surprised That I liked every song she sang.. Finally I found someone who Listens to melodious normal songs😂

  10. Jess you should definitely listen to Little Mix's latest album "LM5" !! It has empowering and feministic songs. ❤️🔥

  11. Yesterday I was something spotify listening to jess playlist and it's so cool and here I figured I could wtach this video finally even though I know the songs now 😂

  12. I understand the need for weird nicknames I end up making them too for people I like haha it definitely depends on the mood and situation

  13. If you guys been married for 2 years then I been watching you guys for 2 years then because I started watching like 3 months after the wedding video I think

  14. Okay..this is literally the best videooo
    I never have the same taste in music as other people but this is spot on!


  16. Watching the video all over again even though you literally edited just few seconds out. 😂 LOVE YA LOADS. ❤

  17. Jeezless fuck that's the shittiest music i've heard in one vidjeo in my entire adult life.. where is some Beatles stuff or like .. anything?

    thx for my vocabulary AvE

  18. You are amazing, the lighting is beautifullllll and sunsety which is the best besttt lighting ever. We love you as you are, not the lighting nor the tools will make us love you more cuz weeeee love you moooooost!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. i had 90% of these songs on my playlist. i have the same music taste as jess conte. i have accomplished much

  20. Is it just my audio were its not working at 8:02 I replayed it multiple times and it still will not make a sound

  21. Oma I remember watching this video months ago and now this is my whole playlist and I’m a big fan of Ruel now so thanks for thatttt

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