Some of My Favourite Features in Apple’s NEW Reminders App.

Some of My Favourite Features in Apple’s NEW Reminders App.

In this episode, I’m going to show you some
of my favourite features of this all-new Reminders app by Apple. [INTRO MUSIC] Hello and welcome
to another episode of my working with reminders series. My name is Carl Pullein,
and in this week’s episode, I’m going to show you three or four of my favourite
features of this all-new app, as well as answering a few of the questions that I
couldn’t answer in the previous series but now that I’ve had more time to play with
this amazing new app, I can show you and answer those questions. Now before we go
into my iPad, I would just like to say if you do get any value from this episode,
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subscribe to my channel. Ok let me take you into my iPad now and show you someof my favourite features and a few of the questions that have been raised from the first three episodes Okay so in this episode, what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you some more of the advanced features that you can use in Reminders
plus some of the things that I’ve learned since I recorded the initial
three episodes that I want. First of all I want to show you the smart date parsing that Reminders now has so if we just add a new reminder and… Do meditation. Do meditation. I’m going type in every day at say 6 a.m. So what you’ll see now
is I have every day at 6 a.m. is highlighted in blue. Now it’s probably
because I’m using the dark mode. It may be a different colour if you’re not using
dark mode. But if you look at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see suggested dates.
“tomorrow 6 a.m, daily”. Tap on that and it gives you the actual task. So
I’m going to hit return and that’s now come into my list. So we’ve now got three
items in there. And if I look at my today it says: Do Golden ten. Go back to “Daily
Routines.” “Do meditation” so it’s coming up tomorrow at 6 a.m. daily. So we look at
the scheduled, so it comes “Do meditation” at 6 a.m. Do my priming exercise daily.
So that’s coming up in the scheduled version. So that’s one way you can use
the actual date pausing and this actually works. Lets just go into the
project here, I got a project here. We’ve got my winter holiday project down there.
Let’s go into the Abacus project. New reminder. I’m going to put “Contact errr Jeff about next week’s meeting and on Monday.” So you see, what’s
happened again is highlighted in blue. So I can just tap on at the bottom, and
that’s going to come up on the 21st. Now I can go into the information section here, and I can flag that. I can actually set a time, I can repeat it, which I obviously I
wouldn’t do in here, but what I would like to do is let’s add the flag to that
one. So that’s now flagged. I’m not going to use the priority and that’s
done. So that’s a flagged task and as you see in my smart boxes up at the top,
that’s come up flagged. Now in the last episode, I did mention about not knowing
how to set the default list for when you are using Siri. Well actually now I do. If
I go into the settings, and we go down to Reminders, here. What you’ll see in the
settings is “default list”. Now you can tap on that, and now I have a few lists
in there, so I can choose whichever one I want to use as my default list. So when
I’m talking to Siri, if I just say “…Siri? Remember to…” and then whatever it is. It
will automatically go to my inbox. So that’s how you would set that up on your
actual… in your… So, if you ever go into settings to do that and set
that up and that’s one way of doing it. All day reminders will come up at 9 a.m.
so you can check these offers of as things like that. And show
all day reminders as overdue starting on the next day, which is something I would
like because I hate things showing up as being overdue. So there’s another one that you can use in settings. Let’s go back to Reminders. So those are the some of
the things that you can do in there and you can set up your repeating tasks, as I
say, in here using a number of options that you may wish to use. You don’t have
to actually set a time in there, so there’s quite a few things that you may wish to
do in that particular episode. So these are just some of the things that I
wanted to clear up. But there is one more thing that I really want to show you.
Which is something else that another very kind person pointed out. If I go
into my mail app, and let’s say I got this email which is: “can you send over
the presentation file you used last weekend as part of your workshop?” So what
I could do is I can just highlight this section here. Just drag it out there, and
I can copy that if I want. Or, if I hit “share”, I can just move along and I can
hit to Reminders. So test email and then just add that to Reminders. Now, if I go
to Reminders app now, and go into my inbox, because I’ve set up my inbox as
the default this has come in to there and what you’ll see, like we had with the
Notes section before, that’s come up as with the icon of the mail app at the side.
Tap on that and it will take me to the email in my inbox. Now that is absolutely
fantastic. It’s just one of those really really useful things. Now, to be fair ,what
I did notice is you can do this with pretty much any of these. Let’s just go
back into the Mail app. If I do errm. Let’s just highlight this again. And I will just go and share. I can actually send this to my Todoist as well.
So that there’s not a real big problem. I mean if I wanted to, I can add that to
Todoist. So, yep, that also comes up bang! And that
would go to my Todoist inbox. So there’s something else. If you’re using like me, a
Todoist user, and as I mentioned in the last episode I’m not planning on
changing over to my Reminders app, because I’m fully
into the Todoist ecosystem. It works brilliantly for me.
But that’s just something that you may wish to consider when you’re setting up
your Reminders app. But for something that’s really simple, and something that
absolutely works brilliantly with Siri. Then this is a wonderful, wonderful to-do
list. And if you don’t want anything too complicated, then this is just one of
those things that you can setup. It’s absolutely a great app and one that I
would highly recommend if you are wanting to use something really simple. So I hope you found this useful. Hopefully this answers some of the questions that came
up over the last episode. And it just remains for me now to wish you all a very very productive week. Thank you very much for watching this video. Now have I
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9 thoughts on “Some of My Favourite Features in Apple’s NEW Reminders App.

  1. Although you can share email with Todoist, it wont link with email it will only copy email title. There won't be any links between email and task, which is crucial for me.

  2. Great video – would love a comparison to Todoist, I am not sure if I would use advanced features of Todoist. I use Reminders and I was ready to jump to Todoist before this iOS update came out 🙂 I do love adding tasks easily via Siri and Apple Watch.

  3. Hi Carl, as always it is a pleasure to see you videos, I have been following you for years now. Like you I am a Todoist fan but I want to give Reminders a try. I have a small issue you or your community may solve. When using the date parsing function on iOS or iPasOS, typing a text like "Call Carl tomorrow at 12pm", the system recognises the date and offers the possibility to click in the proposed date at the bottom of the screen. If I do that, the correct date and time is set BUT the text "tomorrow at 12pm" remains in the subject line, which is annoying, since I then need to erase it. In your video, the text disappears from the subject line as soon as you hit the parsing suggestion at the bottom. Any idea where this strange behaviour comes from? Kind regards from Germany, Denis

  4. So pleased you added the tip about linking an email. I’ve searched for a week on how to do that because dragging the whole email didn’t work. This tip as you describe is perfect. Even moving the email to a different folder in the mail app, the reminders link still finds it. Thank you

  5. Thanks for these Carl but I have a question based on today's episode. Why use Reminders when you have the Calendar app, and when would you use each? Thanks Steve

  6. Carl, I’ve learned a great deal from you. In fact I learned about Todist how to use Todist from your videos. I have been using Todist for about 4 years now. You do great videos and made the learning process and experience much easier. I just want to say thanks for all you do. I’m actually going to use reminders alongside Todist.

  7. Nice to hear your enthusiasm for Reminders, l love it, but truth be told, I struggle to decide between Reminders and Things 3.

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