Solving The EVIL Double Square Puzzle!! – Level 10

Solving The EVIL Double Square Puzzle!! – Level 10

– Look into my eyes. Focus on the orb.
(ominous music) You will subscribe to this channel. You will like this video. You will sit through both ad breaks. Okay, maybe not both, but at least one. What’s up, guys, welcome back. These things are cool. These are called Mezmoglobes. Sounds like something out of the ’20s. Isn’t it amazing, the
incredible Mezmoglobe. We are going to be
spinning the Mezmoglobe, and you are going to
focus on the Mezmoglobe. And they were just sent me to yesterday. They come in a variety of
colors, including this gold one. We have silver, titanium,
copper, and like this dark one. They look really, really cooL. What they are is just kinetic toys. Fun, little fidget spin-y things that you can leave on your desk, and hypnotizing and magical and it looks like it’s melting through the table. And I feel like I’m gonna lose my lunch. Anyways, that’s not why you’re here, but if it is, that’s weird. Today, we’re looking
at a puzzle, obviously. It’s Wednesday, but the puzzle in question is not like, it’s not like
any of the other puzzles. I like sequential puzzles,
I like metal puzzles. I like complicated level 10
puzzles that I can’t solve. This one strikes me a
little bit different. It’s the simplicity that gets me. This was sent to me by a Swedish fellow. No, no, sorry, Finnish, yes,
definitely made in Finland. So you have six pieces of wood. Each side, you have a
light side and a dark side. The aim here is to make
either a light square, or a dark square, sounds so simple. Sounds incredibly simple,
sounds too simple. Sounds like this video is
gonna be two minutes long, but guess what, you
know it’s not (laughs). I’m actually kind of
scared because literally, on the packaging, when this
guy sent me this puzzle, he writes this ominous message. “This is evil.” Smiley face, so I don’t
know what that means. I mean, I do know what that means. That means that I’m probably gonna swear and hate this puzzle,
so without further ado, let’s get into it. (Chris scoffs) Alright, here it is, a little bit of a warning this person sent me. He sent me a bunch of these puzzles. So I have the last one that he sent me was this puzzle where the
lines had to be symmetrical or whatever and I didn’t
really understand it. Somebody sent me the solution, and it made no sense to me (laughs). Even the solution, I didn’t understand, but this one seems simple enough. It says make a square, hold on. (chill music)
Where does it say this? It’s all written in like
Swedish or something, here. Make a dark or light square on the table. That’s it, not gonna
forget the timer this time. (timer beeps) Timer is on. Make a square, sounds simple enough. So let’s go for the dark
ones, these are all dark, yes? So you have two sides, and I guess, I guess we’re gonna start randomly here. (chill music) Let’s see to see if we can make this. That’s too big, I would
think something like this. Like this.
(chill music) Like this, oh there we go. And no, and no (laughs).
(chill music) See if I were to flip on the light side, that would make a square. I guess that’s the image
that we have to make, but using all the same
colors, so something’s up. (chill music) What if the square isn’t a whole square? What if it’s like a larger square? What if they’re trying to be tricky here? You know what I mean?
(chill music) Still no, alright, let’s figure
out the pieces we got here. We got this.
(chill music) And we got, so we got three of each. And it should be, should be simple enough. They’re all the same
exact size, three of each. That can’t be so hard, and this is, what level is this? So this says one, two, three, four, five. And that is the hardest,
this is the hardest, okay. Apparently, this is the hardest puzzle. Really? Yeah, the double squared, this
is the hardest puzzle, okay. I don’t think it’s gonna
be that hard, come on. Can’t possibly be that bad.
(chill music) We’re just gonna make random shapes here. (chill music) Just to, you know, start somewhere random. I think if you start somewhere where
you think it’s gonna be, it’s not gonna be there.
(chill music) Ooh, see, I like this shape here. I don’t know what’s happening,
it’s probably not right. (chill music) Yeah, definitely not. Okay.
(chill music) Start with a corner, boom. Boom.
(chill music) And again, we’re in this
position with these two. (chill music) Random sides (squirms). Hm, okay, let’s start somewhere else. Let’s go here.
(chill music) Let’s go here. Ooh.
(chill music) Here. And no, same thing.
(chill music) You sly son of a gun.
(chill music) That looks like a good side.
(chill music) There’s nothing that’s
gonna fit there though. (chill music) Again, with this.
(chill music) So that doesn’t fit, but this piece could also be put here, no, here. Then, we’re in the same predicament. (chill music) Oh. (laughs) I mean,
technically, I made a square. Huh, what do you think, solution? Maybe? Probably not, but we’re
thinkin’ outside the box. That’s what we need to be doing. Whoa, random just happened, did we get it? (chill music) See, that was close, would it be here? Oh, again, same. Same thing, wait.
(chill music) Huh?
(chill music) Something I’m not understanding, right? So we have one.
(chill music) Two, three of these, and
then, we have one, two, three of these.
(chill music) (Chris clears throat) Oh, I see, the two same
pieces fit together. And the two same pieces fit together. And these don’t, okay, okay, okay. Well, how else is there? How can you take two of these? (chill music) And make an angle here, then go here. Then, go here.
(chill music) Doesn’t make a square though, does it? (chill music) Hm. I see why this is so difficult. I hope the answer isn’t
like something super weird, like ooh, stand them up
and make a square house or something ’cause then, I’ll be upset. By the way, side note. If this was a cookie,
it would look delicious. I don’t know why, I feel like. I feel like that would be
a delicious snack, okay? Just me going nuts a little bit, but I might be hungry.
(chill music) (Chris grunts) (upbeat music) Whew, okay.
(upbeat music) (sighs) Thought I had it. It’s definitely gonna be something random. It’s gonna not gonna be
what I think it’s gonna be. Okay, random build time, let’s go. (upbeat music) (Chris squirms) Mix ’em up, I’m gonna just like
try to shove them together. Imagine that worked (laughs)? Imagine I just do this,
and then, it’s like, oh, hey, you got it (laughs).
(upbeat music) That would be it, that would be it. I think, honestly, maybe this
is a debate we could have. I think there’s merit to
randomly trying to solve a puzzle because most puzzles aren’t
intended for logical thinking. They’re intended for
outside of the box thinking, and it’s really hard to get
yourself outside of the box when you’re constantly in your own head. So starting in a random position, much like magic or
cardistry or anything else, helps me get out of the box. And so, this might be it,
ooh, what’s this shape? What is this shape, look
at what we got here. I don’t know, we made
something cool here, boys. It’s nothing really. Okay, this one here.
(upbeat music) Oh. Oh. (squirms) Oh. (squirms) Oh, let’s go here. It’s never that. Why do I keep doing that, it’s never that. Let’s go back to make
a light or make a dark or light square on the table. That’s.
(upbeat music) (sighs) See, if this were the case– (upbeat music) This would be the solution.
(upbeat music) Right?
(upbeat music) (Chris grunts)
(chill music) I don’t know what I’m doing. (chill music) (sighs) I feel like I need to really think outside the box here.
(chill music) Wait a second. Now, okay, this might be. This might be the craziest
solution if this is the solution. Ready? So obviously, not, but we’re looking at it in a 2D dimension. Let’s make it 3D. (chill music) Look. There is now a full square between. ♪ When I think about yesterday ♪
Look. We’ll make a dark square, watch. (laughs) This is crazy,
I really, oh my god. I hope that this is the solution ’cause that would be nuts, dude. Look at this, look, from
all angles, look at this. Wait, let’s focus, boom. So there is a square on the table, and it’s trapped between,
that’s the only way. There’s no other way physically
for this to make a square, other than that negative
space square that I made. But I don’t think that
that’s a proper solution. This has to be it, look at that. Oh, man, I’m quite proud
of myself right now. Can we stand this up, maybe you can. So here’s one layer, right? Here’s layer number two,
here’s layer number three. ♪ Since I met you ♪ ♪ I feel ♪
Alright, so here. ♪ Unbreakable ♪
All around, we have– ♪ I feel unbreakable ♪
A square. It was meant to be stood up. I don’t know if you realize right now. My mind is being blown, I’m actually really stoked about
this, there you have it. I think this is the solution. I can’t honestly say for sure. But if it isn’t, it
should be, I can say that for certainty, I don’t
think all the possibilities that I put down on the table, none of them seemed to
actually make a square. It seemed impossible, so my gut instinct told me I had to think
outside the box, which I did. And stand it up vertically,
make it a 3D puzzle, which I knew we had to somewhere. I knew there was a catch. I know this couldn’t have
been (speaks in gibberish). I knew that I couldn’t
(speaks in gibberish). I knew it couldn’t have
been as easy as I thought. Otherwise, a five-year-old
could’ve guessed this puzzle. So I’m quite proud of my design. I hope it’s the intended solution. Actually, I hope it’s not
the intended solution, and the creator’s like yeah, dude. That’s the new one, that’s
the new solution 2.0. Thanks for watching, thumbs
up if you like this video. Subscribe if you’re new here, and we’ll see you Friday. Can’t wait for the office
tour, see you then, peace. (female speaks in foreign language) (upbeat music) (female speaks in foreign language) (upbeat music)

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