Solopreneur Journey: Day 17 – App, Podcast, New Plan

Alright what up guys. It is Day 17 and I have been staying busy. So for the last couple of days me and Brock
have actually been recording a few things for our little idea. Our little podcast called Startup Ideas Podcast. Which the first episode should be airing in
a little bit. So do go ahead and check that out. We’ll leave a link so you guys can check it
out. It’s pretty good so far. There’s a lot of F-Bombs in there but it’s
just how it goes I guess. The other thing is that, Iron HUD has actually
went through. Apple went ahead and gave the OK for the app
so now it is live on the App Store. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s not actually doing
very well. It hasn’t been getting a lot of the downloads
that I though it was going to. In analytics on Apple, it’s showing there’s
500+ people viewing the app, but there just hasn’t been that many downloads yet. So… not sure what that’s about. I’ve been doing a little bit of research. I kinda feel like doing the 99 cent app is
not the best idea. There’s this article that I’ve read on I can’t remember who the author is but I’ll
go ahead and give a link to that. The author put his app for free and it got
him hundreds of downloads because it was a free app. Then he offered free in app purchases. What was interesting about that I feel like
is… Going back to when I was working in the startup
company I used to work for… That follows the funneling sales process in
where you cast a wide net, and have people check you out on a freemium version. Then there’s going to be certain people where
you’ll connect with a little bit better and they’ll start to like your product and those
are the ones who are actually going to purchase it. Sounds like a good idea. I know it’s just been a few days. But it seems like things aren’t really going
to change in terms of the downloads for Iron HUD. So I will let you guys know how that goes. I’ll also let you guys know how the Startup
Ideas Podcast is working out. I’ve done a lot of research on podcasts on
how to launch. There’s a lot of good content out there for
that. If you haven’t heard of Digital Marketer,
that’s a really awesome website. That’s where I got this idea of how to launch
this podcast. Basically you need to launch with several
episodes right when you go out so that when it is up on iTunes you’ll have a higher chance
of getting downloads because you have more episodes available. Then that will give you better chance of boosting
you onto the New & Noteworthy on iTunes. That is the golden space of where you want
to be is. Once you are there, there is a lot of organic
traffic you can get. Win Win. So that is what we’re going to be going for. That’s why we haven’t aired them yet. Me and Brock have already recorded a couple
of things. So we’re waiting until we have a few more. Then we’re going to air them out all at the
same time and we will see how that goes. So those are the two things. One other thing that I though was kinda interesting. The whole thing about the bad news with Iron
HUD not getting a lot of downloads. I know that I have been telling you that I’ve
been freaking out not making any money. It’s interesting because I feel a little better
about it now because I’m working on several different things. So I think one of
the ups on working on several different things is that you don’t take one huge setback
extremely… You don’t take it as bad. Because you’ve got other avenues you are trying
to go for. So I think that’s one of the unintended consequences
of the choice that I’ve made of working on several different things. So that’s cool! Because otherwise I would be making this video
crying my little eyes out. So yeah, working on those two things. I’ll let you guys know how those work out. The podcast should be coming out soon so I’ll
let you guys know. Alright.

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