Solo Podcast Format: How-to Video

How in the world are you supposed to
format a solo podcast episode and then go and talk to yourself in a room
totally by yourself? That’s what we’re gonna cover today so let’s get right to
it. Today I’m gonna give you six tips for you to format your solo podcast episodes
because they are gonna need to be a little bit different than whenever
you’re interviewing someone else. Because there are some components that make sense for an interview podcast as opposed to just having solo episodes.
So I’m gonna give you six things that you need to do today to have an amazing
solo podcast format. The first thing I want to talk about is your HOOK. How are
you gonna get people just ready? Like you’re priming them to keep their
earbuds in and listen for the entirety of your podcast episode? Now, I find that this takes a little bit of planning and maybe a little bit of a strategic move
here, but having a really awesome hook for the very beginning of your podcast
is a way that you can get listeners 1) interested and 2) to keep listening until
the very end of your podcast. So an example of a hook is you could have a
small segment of audio at the very beginning of your show. That kind of
teases the content before you get into the meat of it. Maybe you want to let
your listeners know up front that in this episode their question is gonna be
answered. Or maybe you have a really great quote that you had from within the
episode that you know is gonna be a huge takeaway. Maybe you don’t want to give it
all the way in the hook, but you want to tease it a little bit. So that’s a way
that you can start with a HOOK for your podcast. The next thing I want you to
consider is adding a short intro. This doesn’t have to be a minute long
explanation of who you are, why you started your podcast and your entire
life story. But I do think until you have an established podcast, it’s great to
include something that tells the listener who the podcast is for, what
you’re all about, and when they can expect to hear new episodes from you. Again, this doesn’t have to be a very long segment. It can be anywhere from 15-30 seconds or even shorter but I do think that you should have that right
after your hook. The third thing I want to cover is a self-sponsored ad. What the
heck is that? So within a lot of my programs and in
speaking with my clients I tell them don’t wait for sponsorships to start
collecting emails from your audience and to start promoting your own products,
services, or your membership sites. So comment below “self-sponsored” if you’re
interested in learning more about list building with your podcast. So a self-sponsored ad could be as simple as, “Hey, I have this five-day free podcast bootcamp that you can go grab. It’s for anyone that’s ready to start, launch, and
market their podcasts. But they’re totally overwhelmed with what they’re
doing and they have no idea where to start. So go to to start today.” I’m gonna do another video about setting up
a self-sponsored ad. So don’t worry about that. That’s coming in the future, but for
now just know that that is an option. So if you don’t have anything at least have
a placeholder within your solo podcast format that way you can add it in the
future. Okay this is the fourth thing I want to talk about for your solo podcast
format and that is to stick to one main topic. One topic. Not five different
things that you want to cover within one podcast where you’re jumping around from sea horses to rainforests trees to how your grandma used to cook the best
chocolate chip cookies. None of those things make sense, okay? So stick to one thing! And you can have multiple points. You know you have your
main bullet point and then your sub points below it, but stick to one overall
topic within each podcast episode. I want you to comment below
“OMG Yes!” if you have listened to a podcast episode where it’s all over the
place and you have no idea what their podcast is supposed to be focusing on
because I’ve listened to them I know that you
have too. I cannot stress this enough that you will confuse your audience if you’re
jumping all over the place and you don’t want to turn off a listener because you
are not focused enough. Another way to stay on track with one specific topic is
to include your own personal examples. Let’s say you had a podcast talking
about business and you are in business, you have this business experience. Then
share those stories. Share personal examples. Or if you can share examples of your friends or your family or your co-workers, you know, I think that you can
definitely connect a lot easier with your audience by sharing stories. Okay
and the fifth thing I want you to consider whenever you’re doing your solo
podcast format is to have a section to wrap things up. This could be a recap of
everything that you covered or it could just be simply saying, “But that does it
for this episode.” But don’t just in your podcast with your
outro music. No one…like people are gonna think, “Was that it? Is this over?” You want
something that wraps up and concludes that podcast episode. And the last thing
that I want to mention is your Calls-to- Action. This is so important and these
can actually be sprinkled in anywhere you want within your podcast format, but
I really want to make sure that this hits home at the very end. You want to
ask people to subscribe to your show. They don’t know to do this unless you
ask them. Ask them to leave you a review on whatever platform they’re listening. And since I’ve had so many people say, “Krystal, what calls to action can I make
from my podcast?” I made a free download which is “25 Calls to Action that you Can
Make from Your Podcast”. You can grab it here at this link, and that is our
resource library. Feel free to go in there and check out all the other great
resources, but definitely go grab the calls to action one. So I hope you found
this video useful. I would love for you to join us in our five-day podcast bootcamp which is gonna help you start, launch and market your podcast. So
make sure you grab the link below and also while you’re there hit subscribe
and hit that bell that way you’re notified anytime we put out new videos.
Stay tuned for next week’s video where I’m gonna talk about actually recording
a solo podcast episode. I’m gonna give you all of these strategies and the
exact process that I go through whenever I’m recording my solo podcast episodes.
So stay tuned for that and remember keep it up. We all have to start somewhere!
I’ll see you in the next video.

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