Six Pack Minimum – Podcast # 1 – Microdosing | Altered Carbon | Festival Season | Black Panther

Six Pack Minimum – Podcast # 1 – Microdosing | Altered Carbon | Festival Season | Black Panther

alright one two three what’s up magsy we’re actually doing a podcast now so we
just jump right into the podcast i’m Magnus and this is true would you like
to introduce yourself my name is drew roaring start so here’s what we’re doing
here guys drew recently got married
congratulations thank you thank you beautiful beautiful wedding and veil
with tons of gorgeous and I am living in a different part of town so we thought
hey let’s get together once a week make sure we’re still catching up and do what
we do best have a couple of beers so we said hey
let’s just six-pack theme this will have a six-pack and we’ll go over six dots so
which one did we decide to actually name in this this experiment yeah I think
working title no but I like box by the six-pack we have a raging fire here yeah
we have one of ya or two two of four yeah and that’s another thing we’re
gonna do so maybe we’ll work on this outline but we’re gonna have a different
beer every week so we’re starting off with like a little homegrown Atlanta
brew we’re gonna we’re drinking today the Sweetwater seasonal which right now
is grass monkey so drink there’s nobody to do ferret I’m gonna give you the
description that that Sweetwater brewery gives us and you tell me if this checks
out if it holds up or if they’re absolutely like bullshit right so
seasonal grass monkey I’m ready hit me up spring got sprung
with this funky monkey we dropped a big stash of living drop hops into both the
kettle and the dry hop delivering a big citrus blast and topped it off with a
lemongrass addition for a refreshing twist light and body with
citrus notes this is an extremely complex but very easy drinking proof
right something we did well I think we should cheers first year Oh
tastes a lot like 420 to me yeah it’s good though it’s kind of spree smooth I
mean I don’t really like hoppy beers anyway but uh it’s not that bad yeah I
think they’re a little bit lighter than like a 420 yeah yeah so sweet waters
always hit or miss for me anyway so one or two but you know anyone who comes in
town typically we get them at really have 420 or at least kind of the brewery
yeah all right so something else is going along with podcasters we’re going
to talk about six different topics so mister mr. Magnus and I have put
together this list of incredible social and current topics and I’m on the edge
of my seat jumping at the first one heavy right in the first topic you
wanted to discuss me is the first topic will ever discuss on this podcast is
microbe Josie yes so I’ll be honest with you I’m I’m on the fringe I’ve heard the
term before but I I wouldn’t consider some a connoisseur of micro dosing so
like give me about what is it what are you talking
hi Mike reducing its allows everyone knows LSD and in magic mushrooms but
it’s the idea of taking just enough of LSD or psychosis Albin you know who say the active ingredient indeed the DTM
okay in psycho Silvan I believe it is from the magic mushrooms and taking just
enough to get creative but not enough to trip is the idea seems
like a very fine line thing well but supposedly it became popular I was you
know Steve Jobs talks about it with it saying that LSD is one of the things
that changed his life well you know what when he first came
into before Apple before the garage he backpacked and wrote a bike through
India I trip at his balls off it was what he did kind of talks about it data
and the idea I mean it’s supposed to be huge in like Silicon Valley because it
allows people to be super productive and moods happier and all this other stuff
so so the idea is sort of like it enhances all the creative stuff and all
the synapses in your brain without you know tripping I guess and they’re just
supposed to it’s supposed to also help a lot of like disorders and stuff so
what’s the road well I mean you know I’ve never done it but so it’d be like
it’d be like 10 to 200 milligram it’s supposedly five milligrams of 205
milligrams is what they call like a hero dose I mean I’m not making it up that’s
what they call it so that’s more witness Laura when you do like the shaman stuff
what’s it called the when they go to like not there to play it was like a
seymour yeah so the idea is you don’t want to do that’s too much that’s where
you’re literally like hallucinating but you but the the idea they call it
the the spirit molecule right and so like I supposed to just do brain
activity goes crazy so you can control those brain activities you’re just
getting a lot more going on so you’re like you’re sharp or you’re quicker
you’re more creative but the biggest thing it does is it makes you creative
so there’s been all these like not really scientific studies we’re like
baseline studies you know of people who will say okay so they want
to test be like alright so right now draw a picture of something and you got
like 30 seconds to show draw the picture like three minutes so it’s almost draw
something like a light bulb with someone be like what’s the question there’s
something like that right so after a month or two months I’m taking your
micro dose every day or every three days or whatever they say you’re supposed to
do all those quick little studies become elaborate thoughts so like that light
bulb will be connected to an island and the island adventure is come by the
light turning on like I’m making all this up obviously but you’re supposed to
be more creative from it like our conversation is supposed to help well
what’s the study of mushrooms something like that honestly but if some of the
leader the leaders of is calling it God named Phil Schmitt I’m butchering all
these names right now but the idea it’s you know they come from the mushrooms is
all about the connective stuff supposedly mushrooms are the only thing
that connects the life and the death that they can like see past all that and
into their eco structure or whatever I guess sounds good right my college my
ecology there you go you branch of biology concerned so well it kind of got
me fascinated by this was you’ve seen that new have you seen the new Star Trek
discovery yes you’ve seen the trailers you’ve watched any of it just the dreams
because like right now you can watch the first season for free if you sign up for
like the CBS app but roughly there hold the way they travel instantaneously is
through the mic how the mycology drive my car I say my god so the mycology drew
engine and it’s based off this guy who’s sort
of paving the way on the study of magic mushrooms
okay now talk about the guy who invented LSD I found it it’s like a German
scientist named Tom Raiders my humor Accor something look at all of willing
stuff below and that’s the new basis Star Wars Star Trek oh sorry I got ha ha
ha ha what’s in this grass monkey right but so that guy supposedly microdose his
whole life he died like a hundred and two like he could write music and was
like reading and like giving speeches into his 90s like crazy so you know I
don’t know I don’t know I’m tempted to try it but obviously you know the whole
legal status of it makes me uh you know and I don’t want to become crazy you
didn’t get your job at Google because your micro those thing like you’re now
at Google think of it where I want to be the best Googler I can be and now you’re
micro dosing and now you’re living under fucking bridge well say but think about
if it works and now you’re kind of like you’re always trying to reach this state
of pick up the flow state or just a state of understanding where you’re more
creative than you ever are that’s a slippery slope to now I’m always like
what you do no no nothing bro just getting my LSD right oh yeah well and
then especially the legal status until it is eating’s that’s phenomenal that
one pitch meeting that so is okay John can you you gotta run the fucking
bathroom and drop a head of LSD before you go contribute at Google that’s a
slippery slope Oh agreed and all that crazy stuff but there’s I mean if you
read the study there’s no studies but like stories about people who do it in a
Google and you’ll see whoever you want to file it they talk about solving
complex problems in creative ways so this one one guy I was I was listening
to says I was thinking of all the issues I
to do and it was in like it was building up a tree and all the solutions were all
branches I’m I know I don’t solve my problems that way but evidently he was
very productive and super successful he’s one of the people who are claiming
to be micro dosers that’s out there in the world so I’m a tree don’t get me
wrong I just think it’s like I did I do i think it’s just cool up until it’s not
cool and then you’re just some dude who’s done LSD a bunch well okay so
micro dosing would be the the far ends of pushing the limits right for what I
think most people would call standard what about like maybe you’re familiar
with nootropics as well yeah so like calling like you
know like geeking below bow would be the one you’ve heard of by the most yeah so
another one that I think’s popular by Joe Rogan fridge no no it is but it’s
still the same idea of trying to get clarity and your brain to function at
your peak capacity just like you take protein powder yeah who hasn’t taken an
adderall to you know get for final right that’s a far cry from the practice of
just a little mushrooms maybe maybe really wow this pitch meeting like
that’s I know but like you know as I get older you know you work out and like you
know we’ve always we’ve all taken like the Hydroxycut I want the quick fix to
slimmer waist lines yeah that’s a terrible that one is puts a
billion-dollar industry right so you said hey you take this and you’re gonna
be creative you’re gonna be tired you get none of the side effects of adderall
I mean it’s more enticing if you think of it that way when you’re already
putting yeah I mean we don’t need to tackle the opioid crisis sure set of
problems I think nobody’s ever gotten back a so I get stoned it play the bongo
jump for six hours technically I arrested for that well
yeah innovation just on over you but we won’t
solve that all right I’m not gonna try it try it I tried it a Monday morning
you’re gonna be a little day Lillis defriend for yourself of a team like the
clarity is like the nootropics the clarity of like there’s there’s other
stuff I don’t know I I’m kind of fascinated by it honestly I’ve never
really depth depth into you know beveled into anything crazy but it’s fascinating
to me like it’s means people are absolutely doing it and that’s sort of
the flow of it kind of right now so these are the people pushing all your
toys you were smart phones to your to your software well now no this is
drug-related your skype you know remember that time we were talking about
it yeah yeah what else we got with LSD and mushrooms taking it I wanted to talk
about what’s going up it’s February and if you live in Atlanta like we do it’s
really exciting time of year because it’s about to start
festival season and a festival season is phenomenal because you know it’s about
to get more like look at every super cold here but yeah ice did three times
this winter anyone from Elena knows that’s a very big deal for us
snowpocalypse 2014 right r.i.p yeah season is now we know that shit is over
right this is the fun yes is coming right before summer blast us away and
this is it’s your ass to the gym you’re about to
start meeting people your single guy like me you’re starting to go and
cuffing season is over still you still had really LA Fitness membership yeah
yeah yeah but now you start using you first and now yeah mid March or like
it’s getting real right because I’m gonna be outside I’m gonna be like in
short sleeves really I gotta go you know I gotta get some Sun but you
know that’s that’s what festival means until festival season kicks off in
Atlanta I think everybody kind of knows the the first festival that’s the big
one that comes out is oyster fest oyster fest oyster busted in February
and then it’s followed by every kind of fest under the fucking Sun like to
Memorial dick right then there’s like lucky best and then geranium fest in a
Jazz Fest back up with geranium fest I will that I don’t think you made up your
own best yeah the dogwood festival here’s dogwood festival is be world
renowned professor in Atlanta where I’m from my small town of McDonough Georgia
they have this Iranian yeah that’s like that was our thing so you can I just
sneak that one in here no I know you what about 10-15 years now
yes days our days are numbered that kicks off really what is it spring and
some oyster fest oyster fest really to me is my favorite festival because it’s
the only one of these fests to me that actually has any function like lucky
fest is st. Patrick’s Day well it’s pretty much oysters I say they sell
oysters it’s beer that’s the best part there’s like an actual reason to go
there’s chargrilled oysters there that I would
not have thought to have had but that’s that’s the thing I don’t like the most
about it though I want raw oysters you can’t do it in a
fest scenario yes it was a terrible idea they do that now they’re Allstate
they’re always teamed right yeah is it the one is it the one it like smokehouse
lounge is that the one to do us yeah steam house sorry that’s all we’re
gonna do this week that’s the original spoiler that we’re going to this
Saturday but I prefer I prefer raw oysters that’s always sort of my like
I’m excited to go anytime to drink beer with friends and a crap ton of people
I’m down well it’s February it’s gonna be 70 80
fucking degrees that’s that’s up I’m gonna be in shorts yes true and like a
whore you see you’re arguing willing to play some golf at that point for me yeah
yeah it’s time I also play golf but first first first first first golf oh
yeah I’m single dude here’s how you know that drew has recently got married he’s
like oh Dolph and I’m like oh sweet I can see some ass honeymoon phase two
words it’s nice yeah we were just were just we’re happy good here’s another
problem with 78 degrees that’s what I’m looking for as a single guy nobody back
ya know well you gotta like carve out your own
space get your own table but that’s why I like waster fest there are tables
there’s because there’s food involved their tables set up you carve out your
own niche it’s not like lucky Fest which is a month later where I’m like swamped
at some green beer tent where the only activity to do is drink like okay and
lucky fest I’m paying 40 bucks to go stand in a
crowd and drink green beer which I could do fuck all anywhere in the world
literature can you just collectively decided to get together and do the same
shit we would have been doing anyway and we just handed somebody forwards but but
you talk about the positives that’s fest season that’s some of the you know
first ones I mean I’m stoked I can’t be more excited for Saturday right I’m
excited for the for all of it they’re also an oyster fest of the last
one of the season which is what August yeah but September when they do all the
ones in between I remember when they only had like two yeah but they’re the
same people doing the other ones no you remember that like there was this time
in Hollywood where all right I’m listening
there was this time in Hollywood I feel like it was like the early 2000s where
everybody came out with like two Studios would release the same exact movie for
like six different movies like if paramount released a movie about the
world ending starring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman then Universal releases
the same damn movie with slightly different types so we’re talking about
the best one I can think of as deep impact and Armageddon that’s exactly
right right so like they were the same fuckin movie what was inevitably always
better but they were the same movie you really know which one and you’d think
about it today that’s what’s happened with the Armageddon hit songs but so
like he named the song it’s I could sing it so yeah but I don’t it’s like I don’t
want to close my oyster fish yeah but so this thing has happened to the later
festivals where it’s like there’s an original like there’s an original
festival at Steve Howe salons and then there’s always a copycat
so they it’s always depressed and there’s this weird question that gets
actually which one are you going to the fucking good one no not we’ll see but
that bit and then kind of how much you drink it
things that they don’t matter that’s how much I used to drink at these things
that it didn’t matter I don’t sure I want to go with you
Saturday if I’m gonna get a watered-down version of you and oyster fest no more
mature well-rounded better so you’re gonna have like your own salt and pepper
sitting there in the corner the salt ever will be in my hair so it’s
exhausted but we’re talking about we’re talking about one per Tom my number one
yeah it kicks off this week I’m super excited one there’s moisture is just
reason to go there unlike a lot of other festivals there’s good music starts into
the opening of the spring and I will tell you it’s probably something I
missed out on when I was younger I am just becoming a bigger fan of like a
fest you can just fest anything like a Renaissance fest I’m really honest but
I’m totally down to go I went when I was a kid did you know when you’re good it
was a field trip thing for us we took a field trip my dad ever took me school
trip ever ever going it’s like that time we try to do leher is this thing that
happens in South a little south of it and it’s the Renaissance Festival and
they just take this big campground and they turn it into like medieval times
like there’s like medieval times on a much larger scale everybody’s walking
around like they lived in the 16th a I think it sounds a lot funner than it
would be here’s like that sounds great like if you’re walking around like this
is ridiculous it would be for someone saying thank you my lord as soon as you
break character and like argh you aren’t getting too good the character you’re
not gonna walk back and be like my leash you know you’re gonna walk in there and
be like yeah yeah and then like sort of sort of blow it up and then you’re like
where’s the where’s the pup then you’re just sitting there getting
drunk in my head I won’t like be like we know I know no more show up just dress
up I will just dress up I will show up dressed up but then the true person
would show up and act like it no at that point you just you were just go work for
them you’d like open up your own little silversmiths shop in the corner and you
just you how do you make your money i opened a small silver shop at the
Renaissance Festival well I’m not doing well at all I’m actually here to ask for
money her sister and her husband went to the Renaissance Festival and they got
hammered because they you can get make this big turkey leg that you hold like
your crown character and you give this big mug of beer so they got hammered and
then we’re like they were adopted puppies there which I feel like is a
weird place to like run the Humane Society like oh there’s puppies around
and cats and whatever they should be everywhere it was like hey you love our
oysters would you like a dog right you like you’re on Easter
maybe you struck out that this is a year you get a dog a dog a labradoodle would
be perfect for you what high maintenance no thanks is a little bit fancier than
it really is is would be great because women love
they go crazy but then like when you get a hygienic
well I’m fine but baby I mean it opens up my dating pool but then you get home
and you’re just a dude I’m not buying a dog this year again too much to do I
gotta find a house huh so like this will be the year that I find the house so you
know you you thinking you thinking house you had Magnus has a before has had a
house he has been a homeowner in the past right and you get out of that
pretty good right I was okay we didn’t make it lose it was sort of a credit
building that Farris yeah I bought the house when I was in my early 20s and
then like the economic recession boom how’s he working his tank so I moved
into the house came around I had to get out from under it but no big deal lesson
learned build equity whatever my twenties but from there I’ve rented and
then moved in and with the last girl like Dave which you’ve heard me say I’m
single so obviously that didn’t work out so moved in to her house moved out of
her house and now it’s like time for me I think again Julie its own property
yeah okay I’m making Smith proud I should think about those those like like
the the colonists come here and like build your home like I’m gonna buy some
dirt and just or just take some dirt and just fucking chopping logs and just
stacking that shit up just rubbing mud all over the wall but I have like babies
and grow in the US of A Cana log day kinda like it
a log-cabin day right well I’m very good sweet though they have you seen those
things where you can buy log cabins and like come and build them before they
give you all the materials you hire a builder they’re like they’re true log
cabins is it like a tiny house it’s it’s not like a well they may pull up a
trailer and drywall it’s like one of those you know those little metal sheds
they they’ll put out in the back like garages or whatever yeah they bring all
the materials needed to build the Builder home you can do it yourself or
you can I think that’s a pretty sweet models by the way I think you just be
funny to see a bunch of just normal suburban houses like that you would love
my which one’s yours which one do you think is my going through the that’s why
I always think about if you look at these models I have and they’re made
more for like North Georgia and like the Carolinas since that works for mountains
um tennessee really but so she you see all these like sprawling like landscapes
and i just imagine like in my home i live in like a like i live in Decatur
it’s pretty we’re pretty close together and like you know you see in all these
windows there’s just beautiful vast in views and all this stuff but you see all
these great views and and then you know in actuality you’re looking over one
pine tree in your neighbors so it wasn’t a deep thought man yes no
so but I don’t think I’m gonna get a house I don’t I don’t think that I want
to I think they’ll be like in the shadow manner I think I went the whole day from
24 years old full-blown homeownership cutting my grass fixing the fence like
all of that stuff so I’ve had that first baby
anyone who tuned in right now just letting everyone know cutting grass and
maintenance of a home is a secret your parents for not telling you it’s awful
it’s awful and changing your air filters and just we got a leaky pipe and you’re
looking around be like he’s gonna fix it you you are fixing it leaking at me
being single that’s Jeanie look for I just wasn’t maybe what you’re looking
for but someone who like when something happens they handle it teeny if I was
kicking back Martha what are you doing oh stop they have nothing just changing
the water hot water heater I’ll be like all right job saying of powering 2018
over they what do you do your part that’s I just feel like I would be like
insecure know that I’m trying to say like their gender rules or anything like
that the start the point I’m trying to get like I personally would just be like
you should be able to do this why don’t you get your ass off the couch happy to
a tough part having her dude I be empowered baby you’re the best
I just reach in with her just wit her let’s be honest if I go over there to
that water heater I am going oh I’m going to fuck it up and we will not have
hot water forever if you go over there you come
over there we’re gonna have hot water and I will draw you a bath no qualms magazine no cause I don’t want
the whole shooting thing homeownership I’m gonna go like I think it’s a great
idea I think it’s a great if it’s like a stepping stone to like hey get some
investment property and then move on to a home in the future you know get all
good real estate that kind of thing it’s just so hard to sell you know like
you’re really kind of playing with some dice if you don’t have sort of a
strategy because you’re gonna be taking what you could be making in a rent yeah
you use em as that make sense yeah you have to find a condo that doesn’t have
any joy that says you can’t talk like this yeah my top choice or tricky
because you don’t want one but then you do want to control to an extent yeah our
neighborhood doesn’t have one but it’s fine ninety percent of time but when you
have Joe Smith on the corner with a thousand trucks that look like rape fans
you’re kind of like dude yeah you know come on sell them or get rid of them you
know the mange the whole apartment I just like sign something that says I’ll
take care of my shit but all these other motherfuckers because obviously I want I
got one for you so where you looking you’re looking like north to the milena
yeah playing like up there by like the top of the perimeter kind of deal
yeah so anyone who does know Atlanta Airport south
Elena sort of in the middle of the perimeter and then we have a big circle
road called 285 that circle all of it so he’s looking at the top
above Atlanta yeah well it’s closer to work for me but also that’s where I like
to hang out okay well here well here here’s my here’s my point
what about what do you think about Antipas the Amazon coming here because
rumor rumor has it and it’s supposed to sort of be the land around like Norcross
or something like that yeah those thing about how low that
lower your risk right you’re out there you’re gonna need a place like and
you’re gonna be looking just to have your place but then it could be just hey
home run as far as real estate goes right if you listening yes yeah I’m sure
you’re listening actually Decatur is looking pretty good I have point four
acre with your name on it Jeff you look great these days really working out you
transformed yourself I love your new clock use my mother’s house hunting is it’s
not a pre-approval process its they to me the tricky thing about it has been
like that this for some odd reason is like a self-reflection and so good
reflection himself and I guess maybe your home kind of is but I’m like what
does owning a condo say about me then I’m like some non-committal able if I
can’t even have two bedrooms because never sees like but you’re looking to
you’re looking white deep in through the first off let’s just go ahead and get
that out live work I’ll go down the rabbit hole you personally buy property
so there’s some commitment there obviously right but if you’re looking to
keep it because it’s a good investment like you can you know you pay a low
mortgage and then whoever will move into it looks like Emory area I always talk
about it because there’s always nobody new student yeah so you get something
hundred 150 get paid four to six hundred a month it easily can charge at least
eight that’s Lois crap you’re looking more
like 1,200 instantly you got an investment property and then you can go
and move on with your life into a home or whatever you decide to do or stay
there do you like it scope is limited you need some micro dosing later you get
that top floor is your drive down there so you look at this guy like be like
which one’s your buddies that one looks like Gavin there on the top gonna prime
unit looking over your domain that’s that’s my that’s the goal so I think
that’s we’ll see how that goes oh the realtor tomorrow to talk to see
how that goes other thing that I wanted to talk about
and we both watched this over the last couple weeks and we’re thoroughly
impressed is altered card ah classic I just have to say like right right now
reaction was your favorite part of the whole thing is your what’s your favorite
part and I’m the hope they don’t give me a you know a whole story just what’s
your favorite part my favorite part is when I’ll go first
okay action nudity there’s something to be say it just goes my baser instincts
I’m like a just looking pretty good over there there’s there’s a lot for the
ladies too you know and then it’d be like you know I really could go for
something blowing up oh shit they’re blowing stuff up too
I’m happy you know spoiler if you’re watching this it’s really bad to hang on
for three minutes but there’s this scene where they get this sister who turns out
to be the villain dip it right into spoiler
some spoilers maybe a little bit actually real quick
maybe the she thing you know they actually that was a completely different
light from the book and I read the books but I was reading about someone who did
read the books there you know you read those bliss I’m come oh you are it’s
right here and supposedly her relationship she wasn’t his sister she
was just one of the nine boys oh so that that whole thing was structured out and
sort of like Game of Thrones yeah you know I’m like do you think man make it
fun for me to watch I don’t give a crap or shit about the rest of it you know
you’re in a smaller so I love those Netflix shows too so all your carpet is
a new show on Netflix which is really popular it’s a kind of like sci-fi set
action thing like a space opera yeah jumps around like if you think like The
Fifth Element you ever seen that was a great Harrison of that comes home to
like Judge Dredd he’s got a good Judge Dredd to me was always trying to be oh
yeah yeah yeah hello that with some other elements that I would throw in
there because I had a lot of the sort of my you know putting mines in this other
places what’s something like that I’m not really talking about I can’t think
of the name of it though that’s gonna bug the shit out of me I can’t remember
that but so it’s on Netflix space opera space obviously kind of deal send the
future idea being that like your brain is trans poseable or your thoughts
yourself times the Heather stack yeah is all kind of on a cd-rom and a little
quick note that I think it’s awesome that is not a philip k dick movie right
he’s crying for everything so this is like an original I don’t know the
author’s name god bless you thank you for bringing me this awesomeness of
immunity I loved it I mean first time I love you never tell me how you like I
like it Phenom I read a couple of reviews that were like it’s too shallow
it could be so much more and to me that’s exactly what I didn’t like it
that’s why I did like it is that it’s in a world of 2018 where everybody’s gonna
be like an antihero I think I kind of is an antihero but everything’s gonna be
Walter White where it’s so complex not gonna go on this emotional journey no I
don’t have to do that all the time give me an E storyline show me some cool
stuff with some kind of like oh that’s a neat concept and then I go karate fight
and gimmick everybody and then everybody gets naked so yeah I guess like in that
sense you see everybody’s genitalia if somebody says sure than like 30 lines
you see them sure I’ll see you naked sir you’ve talked way too much so there’s
there’s a real spoiler if I’m getting critical about it started off like below
this before we go to formulas so the purpose of this is your mind can be
transported so your body is just kind of what they call a sleeve or a vessel for
your brain so as long as your brains kept intact like your body can be reused
recycled traded in trade it out and so what happens in the society is you
couldn’t think recycle yourself you could be somebody else also you can go
to prison for very long periods of time as long as your brain is intact because
your body’s like I remember now demolition you’re not gonna real death
really die it’s just yeah you throw it you throw it show turns and everything
yes no it’s on your hand what’s going on here
demolition man remind me a lot of yes it was almost the same plot yeah I imagine
the guy who wrote that watch demolition man it’s like I can do that I can it’s
like – Taco Bell and Wesley Snipes I’m gonna pair this up even though I love
what he’s Wesley Snipes yeah so there’s our hero has been convicted he’s been
like frozen and and freeze jail for 250 years and he is awoken to go and solve a
crime so like I won’t spoil anything other more that I have like who the real
villain is but it’s not really applied to his training so to your original
point like it is really about fighting and duty I think the best one of the
best scenes is where she’s got like ten copies of herself and the hot Hispanic
chick shooting or shooting all yeah but it’s like this gun fight between two hot
chicks one of them is naked ten times over but well played all for carbon
that’s a really bad way just you imagine you imagine getting that role you know
because there’s a lot of no names I didn’t know at least they’re right cause
you got a dude from Robocop and the house of cars I forget his name
Joel catch him in somebody that when you good I like that guy I do recognize the
dude from how about this guy’s the philanthropist we got is a show that got
canceled with some rich billionaire kept giving
money away and doing all this like crazy stuff and that dude and think that main
British guy that rich dude who was a guy named James Pell fight or something like
that yeah he was in the following he was but he but he was before they was in the
philanthropist it’s like it’s one season which it’s actually pretty good
following is terrible I started the first one I liked the actor to started
the first one of the first ones okay you like Kevin Bacon he doesn’t like it him
bacon okay we can’t we can continue this now I love Kevin Bacon but that’s a show
I’m looking at me like how do you gonna sustain this six seasons later I’m like
what’s going on the following season goes on for like at least three or three
to five at least I think it was like six yeah
cuz I agree with you like halfway through the second season I mean I’m
thinking like alright this is interesting quite a bit rich it goes on
and on and on and like you get you know you know what the following would have
been it was just like ahead of this the following was like two or three years
before somebody had the novel idea to just reset the whole storyline like what
happens with true detective right thank you yeah the following are like American
heart oh that’s a good point cuz you have like
a serial killer with the following and the next miracle of the following hey
guys really love to write y’all’s pilot that’s what I want so your favorite I do
I do agree there’s a part of it is like guns and titties but a little elevate
like I did I think you just might have written a title of a song you watch your
mouth on the sways and the classic that is Roadhouse there’s a monster truck
crashes I really like that okay so ultra carbon like sort of my two
cents on through the plot out grade I agree with everything he says for throw
it off awesome I’m like I’m man you know I’m sitting there I recommend it to you
and you caught up pretty quick cause you call them back like this was fucking
awesome thank you for the recommendation I was like you were welcome sir podcast
on Thursday midway through we got sort of a you know
they talked about the history of the other boys I’m still I’m still in slow
down between episode like what’s it like 10 episodes 11 episodes I would say
seven and eight the head good parts but those are long episodes to me somewhere
in the middle yeah you know right there at like right past the middle to the
before the engine I mean yeah they go back a lot of backstory but it wasn’t
fun that’s kind of my point I don’t I don’t mean ass titties or action titties
yeah or guns entities excuse me I mean more like it just it went it laid
out to me she had the coat the torture thing and I said cold torture scene but
that was fascinating like technology and explained it to me and then the
craziness and then the badass memo and you when when you know what happened
happened and he handles it go find out the details in between that episode
stretch where it feels like it all made sense it was good there’s a season to
this psychotic talk vague about it but like how it ended do you think their
season two yeah no I didn’t read that there’s three
books are not creator I don’t know what you just said to me but whoever the
creator of this is I heard say that he thinks it’s like a five season he sees
five seasons I wonder that one of their focusing agreement that’s great I mean
as far as net I mean I like a lot of Netflix shows they go on anyway like we
could talk about like you should watch dark it no I’m just saying the other
Netflix shows that like when they’re doing it right like outside of Game of
Thrones and billions which are my two ones I love from different networks game
with that was obviously being HBO and billions being Showtime I love that
freaking show but I’ve never seen through well you’re welcome
ax cap will you let me know let’s surround the wall axe capital there’s
not a lot going on outside Netflix for me as far as original programming and
like I don’t know what Netflix I think is he I get that surplus of cash and
they’re doing the whole Amazon model by just going into debt just thrown it all
out the content you know yeah and you love your car and
your clock yes no but the strategy you know the ten years of not making a lot
of money and put it all back into the product in the service yeah
Netflix doing the same thing they’re just owned it all back into the content
just spending millions to make health stuff there’s like I looked at the other
day on this on my cue I got like eight things and I watch a lot TV
you don’t start a podcast you’ll have a lot of free time that’s all I’m saying I wanted to get your take on and we’ll
talk a lot about this category because we’re both big movie busts plums talk
about the go to movies good bad movies especially bad real quick and I we
didn’t plan this but what’s your favorite bad movie ever
blood ruin it rains it pours actually but then not at all at the same time yes
right baby micro dose and then fix all the problems on the tree but going to
the movies we love the cinematic experience oh yeah love the whole nine
yards we have a MC loyalty card regal loyalty cards if there’s a movie those
are car B habit but we neither have seen what is the most pre-sold movie of all
time in the history of cinema neither of us have seen black panther yet but we’re
planning to go see it I think we’re both learn like some things Sunday yeah so
excited but we’re both excited and but what are you most excited about black
come on what do you to see this we’re just yep for the first and foremost
because I love and like racial tension comes to like a head and then I’m like
what’s going on here I must see this right and then be like what’s gonna know
this superhero movie did you just inject micro dose of action
and titties in the end of my arm I’m like what’s going on you know didn’t
read all this through the crazy stories of other people saying violence and the
people that are like having a movement and some of it’s not that I’m excited
I hear that reviews are incredible it looks awesome
the Black Panther was what the best part of was it a Fanny wars Civil War thank
you thank you one of the best parts of that all that
all that tech that goes around that so it’s like the Tony Stark meets African
culture I’m in yeah I mean I it looks good so let me give you a little quick
little fact that I found this was what’s interesting if you’re big like I said I
love superhero movies MCU all that stuff black panther sensor was it at the chala
no no his name’s T’Challa eh all right his sister is supposed to be the
smartest person in the MCU smarter than Tony Stark
smarter than like everyone Bruce Banner so if you’re going with the lore and
they’re giving her the credit of she’s the smartest person in there yes that’s
cool yeah me I read that outside I haven’t seen the movie yet so I’m
interested to see where she’s in there cuz I hear she kills it the cast kills
it and the last thing I’ll say is the the women protecting the king
I hear killed the rhinos I think they’re called right I’m excited about that too
yeah I think it’s I’m excited to see what Conda portion of this remote –
you’re going like the African version because I think it’s obviously it’s
underrepresented and you know they interview with like action movies you
see another representation there I think it would be cool to see just like what a
superhero in that setting looks like what that take on it is like we know
Tony Stark we know the hope this all this stuff happens in like a lab right
think what does it look like in front of a waterfall that will be really cool I’m
also very intrigued wonderful like you know let’s do all
that Tony Stark stuff in front of a waterfall I am I am intrigued to
actually go to the movies and see the experience for all the kind of suitor
that it’s causing for anything so many people who were like it’s just an action
movie chill out and like that type in 2018 or I think nobody to let anybody
have a moment if black people are like holy shit a fucking superhero movie for
us that I can dress like like or negative or something for Halloween you talk about fake news sometimes
they’re right and I’m not even getting into politics or anything like that it’s
just more like sometimes there’s so much people yelling in front of things like
where is it really gonna sit in that and that’s all I’m really saying about it
it’s like you know with all the narratives going on politically racially
you name it it’s hard to see where the baseline is these days that’s that’s
what would I call fake news so there’s so much laying on top of stuff that I’m
like what’s the opinion here I’m having trouble I kind of having trouble finding
a good source to even base an opinion unless I’m engrossed in something is the
movie about what think about like you take it like you’re your Google ticker
or whatever you use for your flip book or your Facebook news you’ve been
following a bunch of idiots talking about getting beat up then the whole
thing’s filled up I’m like this is an epidemic no it’s one guy that’s you that
humor your music case – oh yeah like right up my alley I’ve had my Spotify
you know the producer but I’ll have it ready for the review
yeah I like this because I’ve loved the soundtrack I want to see how it opened I
think it sounds great just listening where does this fit in the movie how
does it sound I hear I hear it’s like phenomenal with
it yeah it’s alright so with that kind of summing up number one yeah what was
your favorite part of it real quick let’s review our podcast my favorite
part was being able to appreciate that I I am a teacher tons and titties I
haven’t started my microdose I think we should find it there I need more more
guns and/or titties in this in the subject matter alright that was fun
no it’s fine guys thanks for joining us hope that you learned something or at
least laughed at us stumbling our way through our first
podcast thanks for being a part of the first one we’ll be doing these every
Thursday and we’ll be putting them out there either Friday or as soon as we get
them done how about that a consistent yeah thanks you

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