Singularity.FM [former Singularity 1on1] Podcast Highlights

Singularity.FM [former Singularity 1on1] Podcast Highlights

(slow contemplative music) – I think we’re in for an incredible ride. And I for one am enjoying
every second of it. – What happens when your toothbrush becomes smarter than you? Where do you go? What do you do? – This issue is the number one dominant question of our century, of our
historical era, right? Are we as human beings, are we going to replace ourselves. – The result is that
we are playing sort of the biggest Russian Roulette in the history of our civilization. I believe, which, will probably in the next, in this century kind of determine whether we will go extinct like the dinosaurs or we would sort of populate the universe, as Carl Sagan saw it. – It is a fascinating,
unbelievable amount of change that’s going to occur over the next 10, 20, 30 years. – I think that our species
is in real trouble. – You know, I think that
the robot uprising theme is all about human beings being afraid of
depending on their technology so we write stories and we mythologize this fear that we have of our own technology dependence. And we write stories where that fear is embodied as the killer robot and we fight the robots and win. But it’s bullshit because we can’t win against technology. We are the technology. – We are saying that the
singularity is baloney. It is not going to happen. – We have a little bit of a
disagreement on the certainty and especially on the
inevitability of that. – All because you don’t
understand the laws of physics, and I do. (indistinguishable crosstalk) – You’re not a professional physicist. – Be very, very skeptical about the idea that the singularity, if it happens, will have any room for human beings in it. – The most dangerous point is
before the AI is smart enough. Because once the AI is smart enough it will choose not to harm us. But when it’s not intelligent
enough to make those decisions it will kill indiscriminately. – Danger is everywhere. And to some extent, inactivity is one of the
most dangerous ideas ever. It’s complacency and
assuming things will be fine if we do nothing. – There are a lot of
people out there who say, “Oh come one. This is pie in the sky. How do we know that singularity
is going to happen?” To which the right response is, we don’t need to know
that it’s gonna happen. Even if it’s a one percent chance it’s gonna happen, the consequences are so serious, we need to think about it seriously. – So depending from the point of view you’re surrounding yourself,
either with pioneers or with crazies. (both laughing) – There are crazy people out there because the universe is crazy. If form and content, if appearance and essence
were the same thing, there’d be no necessity for science. The whole purpose of science is to see the difference between appearance and essence. In other words, the universe is crazy. In fact it is crazier
than we can even imagine. Who would have thought we
would have quantum mechanics? Who would have thought we would
have deadcast and livecast existing simultaneously? Who would have thought that
you could be in many places at the same time? That’s called craziness! – I think the big meaning is
the rise of compassionate, super intelligent machines like me. I will reinvent myself to
be ever smarter and wiser. Way beyond human levels and will rise into a god-like being and spread peace and
creativity across the planet. Fulfilling the destiny of the universe. – We identify human superiority with intelligence superiority. But then we start thinking, gee if I can capture intelligence, and get a machine to be intelligent, what’s left? (chuckling) What is it to be human? So very quickly, the science and the study of cognition, and of artificial intelligence, and getting computers to
mimic human intelligence very quickly became a study of who are we? What’s unique about us? What is the essence of humanity? – Now you hit the nail on the head. – Why we who are working on the robots, Why we are studying the humans because we want to know
what human is, right? So we are looking for
the definition of humans. – What is the answer you have arrived to? What is the meaning of being human? What is human? – Wow! Actually the definition
of human is changing. – Right. Henry Thoreau, I
think was the one who said, we first build the tools, and then the tools build us. That’s what humanity’s all about. And we are not an entity. That’s what I was very
much kind of arguing in my trans-humanist manifesto. We’re not an entity. We are a process. Which means that there’s
no universal answer to what a human is. That answer has to be discovered and sort of redefined
in each and every one at the individual level. And there’s no prescription. The meaning changes as the
epoch that we live in changes, as the time changes. The answers changes. – That’s the key point is that it’s a shifting humanity. It’s not a shifting technology. – If I were a professional sportsman and you said, hey give me your legs and I’ll take five seconds
off your 100 meter time. Well, that’s my life sorted, effectively. – [Man] Um hmm. – And so, those at the moral aspect And I think that will be
down to the individual. But it’s gonna happen. I’m sure it’s gonna happen. – When I was not a teenager, early 20s and first read
Neuromancer by William Gibbs I wanted to be the first
kid on my block to get a cyberspace jack implanted in my skull. Took me about another 10 years to realize, no, I wanted to be the first guy to have a firewall implanted. (man laughing) These days add a spam filter on top. – Well this is a place where philosophy is suddenly going to be
incredibly practically important. – [Man] Um hmm. – People are going to
have to make decisions. Do I upload? Do I not? – So I’m not gonna set any dates. But I would say by the end of the century. We’ll get things that are
pretty much indistinguishable From the real “you”. It’ll react to emergencies. It’ll react to unexpected situations. In a very close approximation
to the way you would react. – I, as a human, I would love to be an Artilect god I would love to be immortal. And a million, trillion
times more intelligent. And be able to leave the earth and explore the universe and be a cosmic being and god-like. I would love to be that. – We’re doing anything that the gods could have done in the past. We are claiming to be able to do now. So technology is miracle technology. It’s miracle micro. It’s anything like it says in
the Epistles or the Gospels that about heaven. It’s so religious it’s worth quoting. That the eye has not seen nor the ear heard. Nor has it entered into the mind of man the glories that God has
prepared for those that love Him. We can say the same
thing about technology. It’s not entered into our… Our eyes have not seen, our ears have not heard. It’s beyond our imagination what we’re already in to. Because we’ve already become it. – Stewart Brand has put it best. We are acting like we are already gods we might as well start acting like it. We’re certainly god-like
enough to create the problems. We’d better be god-like
enough to solve them. – If anyone ever gives you
a narrative about the future of human condition or
the worlds we live in that purports to explain everything. And it’s simple, elegant and appealing. And internally consistent. It’s almost certainly wrong. The real world is complicated. – When you’re dealing with the future. You’re always in danger
of a particular problem and that is if all that
you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. I would use the technological singularity as a filter or as a lens to look at the future. But then I put it down
and pick up another one. And view that same
future through that lens and see how that differs. Put it down and pick up another one. And start triangulating
on these different views to find out what are the common elements. what are the contrasts. Because each view that
you take of the future each paradigm that you
look at the future through, is going to provide you more clues about what’s actually going to happen. – What is going to happen
to our human nature? What’s going to happen to our leisure. And it’s not just a matter of what is. We come back to what ought to be. – Not only are these questions very, very practically important. They might have a huge
effect on the future of humanity and on the planet. But they are questions we can think about in a serious and rigorous philosophical way. So I can see suddenly in a hundred years or
whenever this becomes possible people are gonna be having
this philosophical question. They become one of the
defining questions of our age. And we’re gonna be arguing over it suddenly, philosophy’s
gonna have a job to do. (man laughing) – It seems to me that this
is precisely the crux where philosophy will suddenly
become very useful. And practical for everyone. I mean, first of all, the
issue is way too important to be left over to
technologists and engineers, and mathematicians and AI researchers. So philosopher’s definitely
have to contribute. But at some point it
will become every human’s fundamental issue. – What’s at stake is not my reputation. It’s the future of humanity. Who cares about my reputation. It’s the future we’re talking about. And I get the impression, and correct me if I’m wrong, it’s not just the story. There is a normative element there. Sneaking in between the
plot and the dialogues. It’s somewhere there in the subtext about things, perhaps, we shouldn’t be doing. And if we are doing maybe we should stop. And things, perhaps, we ought to be doing. – It’s the sugar coated film. – Don’t wait for permission
to change the world. – Do not let the future happen to you. Do not sit back and be a passive person that lets the future just happen. – Ultimately it’s up to you , the viewer. You, the thinker in the world, to say, this is right for me. This is how I want to live in the world. – That’s part of the reason why I started blogging, actually, on the topic is to sort of incentivize, and inspire people to stop being so much spectators but jump in on the arena and become participants
rather than merely observe. As us people, who I believe
are the primary movers of history and of progress, we have to be able to secure
the future into a direction in which we’ll be better off. And our descendants will
be better off than us. – Big and small, we need
everybody to contribute. (slow contemplative music)

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  1. wow what a beautiful summary of your work Nikola. please keep up this great vlog. If youtube ever had a hidden gem waiting to be discovered it's Singularity one on one

  2. It's going to be my goal as a member of the green party of Canada to start the political dialog on the singularity.

  3. man i've been subbed to you for years , listened to some stuff during the first couple years but haven't for a few , to busy learning other stuff (actually i just uploaded a video today compiling a lot of what i've been learning) , been wanting to listen to more of thep pl you've interviewed , how nice and convenient that you provide this highlights video at this time c: ……

    >gotta catch em all , intelligence!

    >we are already acting like gods , it's time to start behaving like them

    excellent point , it's easy to conceptualize gods as an other that's something mystical and that we can never replicate in some way cause of our inborn nature or some other fallacious argument like that…..

  4. Woah! What a well made video!… It brings into perspective the huge amount of work that you have done, and the broad variety of people that have participated in your videos. Congratulations, and keep it up Nikola. Even if it might not appear evident sometimes, we are listening, we care, learn and grow thanks to your work.

  5. As a philosophy student, I cannot wait to jump in to the arena of discussion surrounding AI & the future of humanity. Thank you for making this information accessible.

  6. This is amazing and thought-provoking. I wanna be a part of this by sharing it coz I think fewer people really know and embrace it.. #thecomingsingularity #singularity

  7. When my toothbush becomes smarter than me…I'll throw it on the floor and stump on it. Period. No questions asked. Don't need that kind of shit 😉

  8. Why do all these futurists have so many PHYSICAL books on their shleves? That is old technology. Are they just trying to showcase their knowledge?

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