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  1. If you're looking to get started on your path to financial freedom I'd recommend reading the books below. I wouldn't have been able to get out of debt or make this video without them. Let me know any other great resources that have helped you…

    The Total Money Makeover: https://goo.gl/jg55WS
    I Will Teach You to Be Rich: https://goo.gl/B1iES2
    Money Master the Game: https://goo.gl/e23iZZ

  2. Just read a book called Unscripted. It’s better than that crap, you don’t have to be 70 in order to have a million dollars.

  3. Think of it, in this way:

    How would you be living life without the need for money? Money not being a problem, or Money not even existing?

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  5. Last year, I came across this video and learned so much. This is how I learned how to do spreadsheets to budget my expenses and savings. Because of this video, I was able to kind of get my shit together and was able to save some money. I'm happy to say I met 90% of my savings goal for half of the year and since I started, have been more conscious about how I spend my money and what I spend it on. 🙂 Thank you for the amazing content, Matt! 🙂

  6. Ah I wish I could make all of you believe that money doesn’t really buy happiness. I have enough money thanks to my family but I am clinically very, very depressed. It depends on the person and yes, having money makes some things easier but believe me, it does not make you happy.

  7. What is this? So in a word, to have financial freedom and do not think about money, you need to have so much money to pay all debts and save almost a year salary just in case? How? You can do it if you won't spend any money, and will it from a canister, or you need to have a lot of money to do all steps, but if you have that big amount of money, why you need Financial freedom? lol

  8. im on O.W i only make 400$ per month
    due to the ways my brain is wired i cant work
    saving moiney for anything is impossabl;e
    cuz i have to still eat every month sadly im forced to use food banks

  9. the 1k down votes are people with money who doesn't want people without money to know the secrets on how to save money lol

  10. Holly shit, Americans are dumb, you can study in Europe at some of the best colleges in the whole world at 1/3 of the cost it takes to study in America (USA). And plus you would have a great life experience.

  11. So… save money? That's your whole thing? Save lots of money? What if you're only making just enough to live on, without any extra? I don't have any debt, but I also save so little that it would take 15 years to save up 6 months of runway. What's your magic paper cutout say about that?

  12. I've watched your videos before but something was different about this one. It made me wanna sub to you, which I did. So, thanks for the video and congratulations on a new subscriber! lol

  13. so basicly i just have to pay my debts and save some money to have no money issues. i actually would like my time back for this.

  14. I have 23 different bills every month – his spread sheet looked heavenly 4:46 Ahahaah that list is missing Flex Spending, PyCharm, Loans, gas, YouTube Red, Starbucks (shoot, for got – my list is now 83 Ahahahaha)….

  15. Thanks for the advices! Just did an Excel with all expenses and now I can just check where I need to cut! Good work!

  16. 401k? Mutual found?wtf. Debt is not always bad if you use as leverage, and you say 10k =1m in50 years, did you calculate the inflation?, you need real money books start with less I don't know Robert kiyosaki even Donal trump books 😂,

  17. Pretty repetative just like many other videos. Most of your videos are highly original, this one is an exception, you can do better…no new content that isnt available in 10000 other channels.

  18. Just finished Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover! Very quick, light, and informative read! My goal is to have $5000 saved by the time I start college next year.

  19. while everthing is correct….but u forgot one very important step, be charitable because God knows better than u…whatever u give wholeheartedly with kindness, God will make it 5 fold, 10 fold…..
    i used to be extremely poor until i start to donating ….n then everything turn 360 degree….
    im not very rich now but at least i able to get out from poverty to financial stability with everything i need and abundance

  20. Money dosent buy happiness…but it sure the fuck bought me an Audi 2019!!! Now im broke as shit…hahahahaha.

  21. This example of your quality video + amazon links + Patreon (~2000 Paterons @ a minimum of $4/mo each!) shows a nice blueprint for amazing passive income. This is far more valuable than most other videos on the subject. Did I miss any other income streams? Oh wow.. Also with The Amount of subscribers you are making good money with YouTube. This is very encouraging, yet feels very far out of reach…

  22. Ok, this isn't 1980. Where the hell can I find a 10 percent compound interest retirement fund??? Put a link!!

  23. My biggest struggle with finances is digging up $$$$ i hid in my closet but theyre in a different currency and exchange rate is terrible. Sigh

  24. i'm 18 got away with my first semester of college debt free but that's it Have $2,100 in "oh Shit" money and $150 in total

  25. The only step in my opinion is to start creating multiple sources of income. Diversifying the portfolio rather than putting all the eggs in one single basket.. nurture it and repeat.

  26. Speaking of organic fruit/veggie prices, pro financial tip #1 should be: Don't buy organic fruits and veggies. There's no benefit to you, you're just spending more money.

  27. 6:30 it's worth noting that due to inflation, that ~1.2million dollars would have about the buying power of $850k of todays money, due to inflation.

  28. Steps to financial freedom: Create videos with obvious advice like "dont buy lattes every day" and "save money" , get a good haircut and ask people for free money.

  29. One of very videos with financial tips that kept it real and truthful.
    I have older work colleagues (50-64yo), all of them earning same money but they are sooo different at managing money.
    They earn not much more than average wage in this country. Some of them are going paycheck to paycheck, barely spends money on hobbies or culture, they are saving monthly wage for nearly a year. And then there are some who are always doing something, they can easily afford their quite costly hobbies, culture, abroad holidays, new car,… and still are able to save money. Those two groups are on same wage (for very long time not just recently).
    Thing is as soon as you pay off all of the debt and have own place to live – than even average wage gives you a lot freedom – basically you only need to pay food, energy bill, maybe commute and maybe some sort of council tax. That leaves you with quite a lot of money left in your bank account.
    If you are in one many countries in the west and middle of Europe – you can be easily earning average wage/salary – something like above 2000Eur nett. You pay for food 250Eur, 200Eur for energy and other bills (some kind of city tax, phone etc.), maybe 200Eur for commute to work and you are still left with something like 1500Eur each month. So yeah when craving financial freedom you must get rid of debt and accommodation expenses.

    I honestly can't wait to this. I do have emergency fund, I don't have any debt, l have my runway. Now I have to finish my house (which should not take long and I do have half of the savings for it) and start a retirement fund. Then I would like to start making small constant amount of money just to cover my necessary monthly expenses (food, energy bills, insurance, phone, city tax) so all the income from work is for my fun, savings – that way I do not really need to worry about keeping my job and it should give me even more stability.

  30. Saving up for your retirement by putting your money in a company that was not around 30 years ago is not the smartest way to go, this is how many people lost everything in 2008

  31. Amazing content Matt! Really appreciate the great amount of effort that you make to bring us quality videos!

  32. Step five : Start a business or add value to people doing something you love , what is the point of all this if I have to wait till I'm 60 to taste full freedom

  33. I'm set for life.. yes sir, financial freedom baby, I have 1.2 million US, yeah took me sixty years of saving. I used to walk to work up-hill both ways, in the snow with no shoes. Yep them were hard times, never finished school, terrible at math, teacher would yell out "hey!! Bat!!, what's 2+2?… ah…22?, what a stupid bastard, he would say under his breath…but I didn't quit, no sir, I spent 7 years in second grade, but you know what, one day teacher yelled, … oh I was ready for him this time, … he yelled "hey Bat!! what's 2+2?… ah… 22? what a stupid bastard. ..OK folks I have to go finish counting my millions I'm going back to counting my pennies, I have one more jar to count…1.3 million pennies, 1.4 million pennies… yep, I'm a millionaire.

  34. I think that’s the one thing I’ve done correctly so far: I have an emergency fund. I’m working on a retirement fund at 22 years old but blundering through it without really knowing what I’m doing…
    Getting a credit card however was probably the worst thing I’ve ever done and introduced me to unnecessary debt. Now I have that and student debt. In the type of person who sees I have money and needs to spend it. Tip for those like me: use simple bank. It hides the money you can’t afford to spend so you’re not tempted to spend it 😅

  35. The age of compound interest was over 20 years ago.. I dont know why people keep mentioning it.. Stocks dont make much any more and all of the pension funds dont know where to put their money. Inflation rate is about 2-3% and the conservative rate which you get by investing in stocks and bonds is also about 2-3%

  36. Yeah, that's right start a 401K, I guess the financial crisis of 2008 taught you nothing. 401K's are a joke, no one should start one for any reason. Better to pay off your debt and work till you drop. Or pay off all your debt and be able to live off your Social Security. I intend to be able to live off $800 a month. F#ck a 401K or anyone who preaches you needing one.

  37. If only the stock market was as same as the one in Gta 5

    damn invest and sleep

    check your money then sleep
    then hang out with lamar
    come back home you made 50000 bucks from the 50 cents you invested


  38. I clicked on “The Era of Upgrades” and I accidentally skipped it onto this video. I thought that the intro was the intro of the last video 🤦‍♂️

  39. For the latest 25 year S & P 500 has approximately 7.5 % yield. Plus do not forgot about taxes.
    30 % in USA if I am not mistaken. So it is not so beautiful as it could expected.

  40. To finally realise that I can actually pay this off and not increase my debt by spending money I don't have is liberating. I mean it is the simplest idea: spend less money than you earn. But in practice it is harder. Still, I am motivated now! Wishing everyone good success and determination to get their finances in order 🙂

  41. In short terms, the key is as long as you manage your money properly, you wont have issues with it.
    Great video.

  42. One rule Im putting down for myself as I get older is "Don't Buy Useless Stuff and Only Buy Things You Need or Going To Use Often"

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