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  1. Hi Brian, I am a person from Panama. Just a guy that has been following Sinek for maybe three years now. His message has always resonated with me. But this is, and I need to stress this as much as I can, the best interview made to Simon, where we can really see into the core beliefs of Simon and, at the same time, see our own core values disrupted in a good way.
    Loved it. I would like the interview to have subtitles in spanish so I can share with my friends that do not speak English. If you allow me to, I will do it for free! Love the message.
    Can't thank you enough.

  2. I got a hold of Costa coffees brand manual and there first page has Simons why what how diagram in it

  3. give us new examples and paradigms away from the old stories! Engagement, productivity, trust, today!

  4. I loved this interview and Simon's Start with Why ideas has changed so much about how I'm building my businesses and building my team. Thank you for making it happen 🙂

  5. Fantastic interview by LondonRealTV.

    Really drew out some magic insights from SImon that revealed the price he had to pay to be qualified to say the things he does and be the Leader he is. For instance speaking for many years about Starting With Why before ever being invited by TEDX to speak.

    After following Simon's teaching from the very early days, you have both inspired me to take action with renewed vigour – LIFE IS SHORT!

    Thank you

  6. that awkward moment when you realize that you are GE employee and you refer this link to your coworkers… 🙂


  8. Its too bad that you are not sharing the full video on youtube. I hope you can stay true to your why and change this to make video accessible without having to go through the hassle.

  9. It is also odd and bit insulting to have Brian read the entire BIO instead of having confidence to read it by talking to Simon in his eyes. Too bad Brian.

  10. It is also odd and bit insulting to have Brian read the entire BIO instead of having confidence to read it by talking to Simon in his eyes. Too bad Brian.

  11. False advertising – FREE FULL EPISODE. NOT REALLY! Brian, you are doing such a good job of conducting these interviews. I wish you learn from these leaders and not keep these secrets or paid stuff. Very disappointed by your cheap tactics and false advertising.

  12. This guy is amazing! This is similar to thoughts i have always had, this is the positive change i have been waiting for someone to organise and explain.

  13. I love London Real and what you've created with this YouTube channel. But with that being said here's some constructive criticism: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Save the London Real Academy Stuff FOR THE EVERY END OF THE VIDEO. I've seen more than one video where you occupied the first 8 or 10 minutes with London Real stuff and you almost lost me. I honestly believe you'll get WAY more views of you Try to trim the intro down to 2 or 3 minutes max. Other than that, you're a great interviewer

  14. I'M glad I get to watch 50% of these without having to sign in and sign up 🙂 fantastic people! And to get up close and personal with the ideas, the conversations, the gestures and all of it. Thanks for the hard work put into all this and sharing it with the rest of us 🙂
    Greetings from Norway! 😉

    Iv'e been with you for quite some time Brian!! 🙂 But I prefer lurking in the shadows ^^,

  15. Whoa now that he mentions it, I can really hear the britishness in the accent. Always wondered what that twang was!

  16. Brian I love how deep this interview went with Simon.

    Appreciated his revelations from Afghanistan. His views on millennials. I've watched many interviews with Simon. I love the trust environment he describes.

    I think the reason why so many ex forces struggle adjusting to civilian life is that the culture shock – from brotherhood to corporate – must be a kick ass challenge.

  17. is where to sign up to london real (it's free). I just submitted mine and watching the full episode atm.

  18. Great interview. I don't think efficiency and innovation are exclusive. As an engineer I've learned that failure is the most likely outcome. In light of this we must learn to fail early and fail fast. We must be prepared to determine why there was failure so we can learn from it. This is efficient failure so we fail ourselves to success!

  19. He wants to live in a world where people will love their jobs and be fulfilled? not gonna happen ever because the world needs people to do the boring jobs to help the world operate and run. Who's gonna help run petrol stations? somebody has to do it.

  20. This is one of those videos where you genuinely wonder how even 1 person could possibly be clicking the dislike button. This guy is so right.


  22. 24:30 Sinek mentioned that General Electric was bailed out in 2008 and its stock price became highly erratic. And yesterday, GE was kicked out of the DJIA (to be replaced by Walgreens) after having lost 55% of its share value in 12 months. This guy is doing his homework.

  23. Thanks for wasting the first 10 minutes of my time. Had to hop off my treadmill only to flip the interviewer.

  24. "Let's put an infomercial before this interview". So you've interviewed Simon Sinek and Gary Vaynerchuk and still you've learned nothing? You want people to pay for your interviews? The first 8 minutes of the video is useless and provides no value. Made it seem like a snake oil salesman type of video. Joke.

  25. BIBLICAL ~ I ♥ it !!
    Because I too am a realist!
    It's my vernacular and so many appreciate this empathetic message.
    However, some who are the closest to me, are irritated by this insight…WHY?

  26. Coercing people onto your email list by only making half of your interview available is not progressive man, it's the same tactics that the old establishment uses, not the new. It's totally inconsistent with the very progress that is featured as the main focus in your interviews. Don't forget your why, bro! 🙏🔥

  27. Watch the Full Episode of Simon Sinek on London Real for FREE only at

  28. The beginning is very confusing because Tony Robbins says never ask why, ask for example what is my purpose of going this, all the self development "experts" are like different diets, there is no one diet that fits all!

  29. Thank you so much! This was the first time I watched Simon. I fell in love with his message and who he is ! One of the most amazing interviews—ever. His message is soulfully stunning and incredibly vital. Brian Rose you rock! Oxox Mira

  30. I want to live in a world where the vast minority of people obsessed with doing, keep all the work done for the rest beings who frankly merit & deserve rest after all this competitive rat-race, wars, suppression, lies & force that has taken away all human creative intelligence & real willpower for good. . I want to live in a world where all the work is done & if something more is left to be done, here is already the new technology to act. Starting with Why We humans must work in such an abundant firmament called Earth of the trees & flowers & all these treasures we call fruits wild honey & so much more ?

  31. Thank you Brian and Simon awesome interview my IT company are just starting to do this 👍 everything gets a why? It great previously everyone didn’t question it we just did it and wasted time and pissed of customers with koi agendas now everything gets a why and it’s making positive changes and it’s also great to see the non creative people who don’t like change leave because there’s egos can’t handle the why. Thank you great 45 mins for me personally.

  32. Before I even knew about Ted, or Simon or all these hot-blooded speakers we've kind of heard about, I came to a epiphany in around 2014; the result of anything came down to what your Vision is, what Knowledge it needs, and what Network it must thrive on.

    The funny thing is, what Simon says here about the Who accurately describes what I mean about Network: the people, places, and engagement you create with those in your Circle of Influence (Team, Partners, Friends, Family), Concerns (community, institution, authority, etc), and Posterity (mass audience), though this was really in part to the years I've taken to piece the many facets of that realization together.

    Content and people like Simon and this channel are what has allowed me to grasp a clearer understanding of that part of us we so desperately need, and I'm thankful to you for making this possible so that I am able to watch it today.

  33. The dangerous thing about this idea is that although it's beautiful in theory, in practice so much stuff in society and in the world happens just because it needs to happen, not because there is a major WHY to it all. So this "finding your WHY" is a major step that most people are not going to be able to take. To give an example, a friend of mine became a millionaire recently, and what he did was that he sold some kind of appliance to restaurants (that he himself created as he was just found of using tools, etc) but really it happened by complete chance, as he was poor and working for these restaurants, and just came up with the idea of this appliance which then became a major hit with restaurants and his patent was bought out for 1 million. This guy did not really have a WHY, he just lived life in the FLOW, without care, worked hard, and stuff happened to him. I think getting hung up with a massive WHY can be counterproductive. For example you might dream of being an engineer who wants to save the environment or design the next computer, but if you dont have the aptitudes for it, you will fail and end up in boring jobs.

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