Sign Language Lessons: Common Phrases : Basic Sign Language for Telephone, Book, Radio

Sign Language Lessons: Common Phrases : Basic Sign Language for Telephone, Book, Radio

Hello! My name is Melissa and on behalf of
Expert Village, today we’re going to be learning some basic signs, words, phrases in sign language.
In this clip, we’re going to learn the words telephone, book, radio, car, and story. Let’s
start off with telephone. Telephone, take the letter Y, this is the letter Y, and put
it to your ear like you were talking on the telephone. Telephone. Telephone. Book is like
you’re going to open the pages of a book. Book. Book. Perhaps you’re looking of a telephone
book. Telephone. Book. Radio. You want to take the letter R of your alphabet and start
at your side and go to your ear like you were listening or you wanted to hear the radio,
or where is the radio. Radio. Radio. Radio. Car. Pretend you have an automobile steering
wheel and you’re going to steer that wheel. Car. Car. Story. Story; you want to go like
this and actually you’re going to interlink your hands. Story. What you’re trying to do
is if you were reading a book would you tell me a story is your lengthening. It looks like
it’s lengthening, so it’s many phrases or sentences. It’s a story. Story. Perhaps you
want a bedtime story.

87 thoughts on “Sign Language Lessons: Common Phrases : Basic Sign Language for Telephone, Book, Radio

  1. @dakota182 SEE and ASL are virtually the same thing just a little bit different SEE=Sign Exact English meaning signing every word that is said. ASL is signing whats most important.

  2. @pinapple4eva11. you are not right either. SEE is PART of ASL. You have it slightly confused. ASL is, in essence, short hand meaning that one Signs what is most important. SEE is Signing each sentence as is. I have been an Interpreter for 5 years already i think i know what I am talking about. I have learned from other Interpreters and Deaf people.

  3. @banerika, i have been an Interpreter in training for 5 years already i know that SEE IS PART OF ASL. It is commonly used up north like in New York. What does SEE stand for? Signing Exact English meaning IT IS SIGN it is signing EXACTLY what the person is saying.

  4. I have a degree in Sign Language Studies. SEE (Signing Exact English) is NOT PART OF ASL. It was developed in California schools to make it easier for hearing TEACHERS to communicate and thought to help deaf students learn English structure. It is based on how English SOUNDS (stupid concept) and was implemented in several areas of the country before any studies were done as to its efficiency. What happened was that deaf students did NOT learn English any better and then couldn't sign…

  5. im fascinated by sign language so i wanted to learn so i could help others. i am COMPLETELY new to ASL , so can someone who knows ASL fluently tell me if this is correct because alot of people are saying different things and i dont wanna watse my time.. please and thank you 🙂

  6. yall need to stop hating because there's different ways of sign language… its not only one way u noe…. so if u think u can do it better y dont u do ur on teaching

  7. they may be right signs there are different signs for the same thing. Different states, communities and generations have different signs. The older genteration tends to use older signs. Here in Tucson we sign cookie using our index and thumb to make a c and the rest of the fingers like fist then we put it up to our mouth like were eating a cookie. Most people sign cookie with an ASL C on the other hand going in a circular motion.

  8. @ilovemclean Well I've been learning for a month, and in Signing Time she does Mom and Dad differently. Mom is with your palm open and your thumb on your chin and Dad is the same thing but your thumb on your forehead. but I guess there are a lot of ways to Sign.

  9. This not ASL, but SEE. If you want teach sign language, stop pollute our beautiful language and teach ASL. Not teach sign if can't sign correct pure ASL.

  10. @jasminerox21 No, trust me, as a Deaf person and as an ASL teacher, this woman is wrong. She is simply copying signs from a book (and doing it incorrectly too).

  11. shes doing mom and dad wrong your suppost to have an open hand and press your thumb to your chin for mom and press your thumb to your forhead for dad, idk were she got what she was doing but thats not the correct ASL for mom and dad, plus shes a little to stiff she needs to loosen up and act more natural. its sign language not the robot. but other than the wrong way of mom and dad and her being a bit stiff she got the rest right

  12. There Are Different Ways to ign A Lot Of thiing And She Taught Us One Way The Other Way Is With Your Hand Up Like All Fingers and Touching Your Chin With your Thumb Same With Dad But On your Forhead Hoped I Helped

  13. There many be different signs for one word because there is different types of sign language, if you are learning asl you need to do the correct sign for that language.

  14. This is not ASL but a type of English sign. Just so you know… Take it from someone who is Deaf, this is a hearing method of signed English and not the complex language of American Sign Language. Learn from someone who is Deaf or a hearing person who knows real ASL and not a hearing rendition of our language please.

  15. I would suggest signing dad the way you think of it because the way they teach the sign for dad is a lot like the sign for horny….

  16. I am deaf since birth and ASL is my first language. I am from fifth generation deaf family. My whole family use ASL. I am ASL college professor for 10 years…it is horrifying that your sign for "mom" and "dad" are used as initialized signs.They are absolutely unacceptable. It is dangerous for people to use them that way because they are called "Signed Exact English", they are not natural language. For mom, use "five" handshape on chin, for dad, use "five" handshape on forehead.

  17. mom and dad can be signed differently. Today's most common way to sign them is making an open 5 hand shape and putting the thumb on either the chin (mom) or forehead (dad)

  18. Yeah I am not completely fluent, but I thought mom, and dad were different signs then what she claimed.

  19. I now know why more people dont try to learn sign language. if you do something wrong then you get blasted as being stupid. im suprised at some of the harsh comments ive seen here. there are sometimes more than one way to do something. this is true of any language and there are many dialects and colloquisms and variations. lets give her a break.

  20. What is is signing is NOT a dialect or variation. They are completely inaccurate and wrong. She made these videos for one reason alone – to make money. ExpertVillage pays people to make videos, so she looked up random signs in a book and is signing them incorrectly. Want to learn them right? I would suggest doing a YouTube search for "Westwood ASL Rob Nielson." As a Deaf, certified ASL teacher you can be sure my videos are accurate.

  21. People, PLEASE vote "thumbs down" on these HORRIFIC videos. Melissa Schenk does not know sign language and only made these videos to make money from getting views. If you want to learn American Sign Language correctly, Feel free to do a YouTube search for "Westwood ASL Rob Nielson." As a Deaf, certified ASL teacher, you can be sure that my videos are accurate.

  22. clorangeable–i disagree with your comments. People like her are plain charlatans, pretending to be an expert when they clearly are not. Sign language is used in four generations of my family line so I know she's not doing that right. Yes, you're correct about variations, dialects but they're still done incorrectly. I lived in 7 different states and I've been exposed to sign variations. This type of videos should be removed

  23. I dont mean to imply that she is correct in her signing but I know a some of these signs that have been questioned are true signs in a different sign system taught to small children. I only was speaking about the comments and that they are kind of harsh. im no expert, shes not either and I hope the comments here dont discourage people who would like to try and learn sign language. peace

  24. the only reason why I am learning this is because my dad's friend erick and his girlfriend has girl named Andrea and she's death and I wan't to help her so she understands me and I understand her

  25. Title of video does not match video. I need to learn the sign for "radio". Googling "ASL radio" just gives me podcasts and such.

  26. I think she is using older sighns, mabe. I know there are different ways to sign , depending where you are at. Different state or contry. And she might be using SEE( signing exact English). Just saying.

  27. WARNING: This lady does not know real sign language. Mom,Dad,and other sign language videos are wrong. You should go to Rochelle Barlow, Bill Varcez,etc. Please dislike all videos on this channel. She is wrong

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