Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic Review / Test

Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic Review / Test

greetings earthlings i’m back with a review of one of my favorite microphones that i have ever used so today i’m reviewing this guy the shure sm58 if you are interested in this microphone it’ll set you back about a hundred bucks as per usual link in the description and for this video I’ve connected the mic directly to the scarlett solo with the input gain set at 75 percent I will do no post-processing to the audio but I may boost it in post so make sure to check the lower third for more information now let’s go and talk about what comes in the box obviously you’re going to get the microphone you get a microphone clip which does come with a 5/8 to 3/8 inch microphone stand adapter you get a zippered pouch to carry everything and you get some documentation which I no longer own as far as the build quality in my opinion this thing is the gold standard this thing is built like an absolute tank you can find videos of it being run over by a semi-truck or being used as a hammer and it still works after it goes through all that torture the body is all metal and the grille is metal as well with some foam on the inside to help with the plosives as far as specs this thing has a cardioid polar pattern a frequency response of 50 Hertz to 15 kilohertz a sensitivity of negative 54.5 decibels and an impedance of 150 or 300 ohms now I’m just passing the microphone between my hands to demonstrate the handling noise of this microphone because it is such a staple in live environments on stage now I’m spinning around the microphone to determine what the actual polar pattern is and how the audio changes as we move around the microphones capsule now I’m banging on a keyboard with cherry MX blue strictly behind the mic to see how much of my voice versus how much of the keyboard it picks up one foot away from the microphone do feet away from the microphone and four feet away from the microphone now I have the microphone connected directly to my Mac using an XLR to USB cable I just wanted to include this test because I know people will ask about it but I do not recommend this method of connecting a mic to your computer at all I just wanted to include it because it will save me from answering questions in the now I have the mic connected to a cloud lifter cl1 and then into the scarlett solo and this is a mic activator which is a device that I recommend to anybody who’s serious about recording and really wants to use a dynamic microphone and what it does is it takes 48 volt phantom power and turns it into about 25 decibels of clean gain so this has allowed me to drop my gain on the focus right down to about 40 percent so it’ll give you a much cleaner signal and make it easier to work with and post and do all that [Music] this mic is great I think that if I had to pick one mic this would be it so when it comes down to it I just love this mic and if you couldn’t tell by the song if I had to pick a single microphone for you tubing podcasting and just demoing out music this would probably be it so in terms of pros this thing is just insanely durable so you don’t have to be overly protective of it in my opinion it sounds really nice especially on the voice because that is what it was tuned for and lastly it just has really nice noise rejection so if you’re using this in a live environment or a noisy environment it should perform well there and then in terms of cons it just has an insanely low sensitivity so you will have to drive your preamps pretty hard like I already mentioned the scarlett solo is set at 75 percent and I’ll probably have to do quite a bit of boosting and post as well so if you’re looking for a live microphone a podcast microphone or even a studio microphone this thing in my opinion is amazing and I 100% recommend it just keep in mind you need to be right on top of the microphone in order to get the best sound all right guys I guess that’s going to do it for today if you found this video full and it’s particular helpful thumbs up gotta suck thumbs down if you want to influence the gear that I review next head over to geeks rising comm slash podcasters and vote there if you want more videos just like this subscribe by clicking the logo beneath me also follow me on all the social media stuff links at the bottom of this screen and I will see you all on Friday thanks for watching bye [Music]

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  1. Why is connecting to the laptop directly not recommended ? besides the obvious increase in latency, any other reasons ?

  2. I wish more videos were like this. Short and to the point but very informative. Loved the way you did the demo of the mic. Didn't take 10 years because of annoying filler.

  3. Personally, I love this mic for its durability and reliability but I do find it sounds a little dull. I much prefer the tone of the Beta 58a or E835.

  4. i dont sing i only plan to mic acoustic and electric instruments. guitar/percussion/flute/sitar etc. im torn between the sm58 and a affordable condenser mic any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  5. Might get this to replace my Neewer NW-700. I think it might pick up my keyboard less and sound sweet as hell. I shouldn't need that mic activator thing as my pre-amp already has it built in I think. I have an ART proffesional tube mic preamp (has a glowing vacuum tube inside). And among other features it has input gain, output gain, a +20db button, phase reverse and phantom power. Its an entire analogue system and plugs into my motherboard (which has a complete isolated circuit inside with no noise at all) really good quality as its a premium motherboard.

  6. I recently purchased the Scarlett solo and the shure sounds great when you're monitoring it but on the recordings it sounds god awful,you can hear static.I had the snowball from blue and the recordings sound 4 times better.

  7. Sir im using sm58 in windows using xlr to usb but it is not working to i need to connect it with audio interface

  8. I want to open YouTube channel for my covers.. Confused between these mics: Blue Yeti, Shure 58, Akg Project studio P420, Presonus Audio box,Focusrite Scarlett solo, M-audio M track 2×2.

    Which one is best suitable for YouTube videos? I was also planning to start prank videos, so can you also guide me best mic for that?
    Anyone's help is highly appreciated!

  9. Hey we'd like to get mic arms for our SM58s. Any recs? Most decent booms are rated for mics that are over 1.5lbs (over 600 grams) , whereas the SM58 is only ~300g.

    Any recommendations appreciated!

  10. I stream on twitch and unfortunately am unable to boost in post. How much did you have to boost the signal? If I were to get a cloud lifter with this mic, would I be able to avoid that? I currently use a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD and an AudioTechnica AT-2020 but would like to change to a dynamic mic to suit my dynamic personality (kappa). Thanks for any advice!

  11. Just got mine… I have faith it's great, I just have to learn to work with it still. I also have Behringer C-1 Condenser, but the noisiness was just icky. I was able to deal with it with X-noise from waves, but sometimes it's just annoying to do that so I got the 58. I was thinking maybe the SM7B but, A i'm a cheap ass and B, I heard Bono records with a 58 so hell yeah

  12. I have exactly the same set shure sm 58 + scarlet solo and at the moment when I set the gain at 75%, I do not catch it at all, the light is off, I have to raise the gain to at least 90%. It's kind of weird. maybe someone could explain to me if I have a problem?

  13. I ended up buying the SM58 for my streaming rig because of this video. This mic is a damn beast! I'm using a Scarlett 2i2 and he's right, you've got to boost the fuck out of this thing. I'll definitely be picking up the Cloudlifter once I have some more money. So far though, this mic is freaking great.

    I'm using Streamlabs OBS for my Twitch streams and I have a few filters set on the audio including a light noise suppressor, a mild noise gate, some light compression and about a 12db boost and it sounds very close to broadcast quality.

    I worked as a TV and radio news anchor/reporter for about a decade and I'm very picky about how my microphones sound and for $100 you absolutely cannot beat this mic, it blows away my ATR2100 USB.

  14. Hey I am getting this noise throughout my recording I am using an SM58 and NI audio 6 sound card…can u suggest me any idea what is wrong this this

  15. While attending Full Sail back in 08’ they were like “uh yeah you can stir paint with this mic and hook it up and it will still work”

  16. I'm having to turn up the gain knob on my audio interface up to 80% or more to get enough gain to hear myself. Would a cheap preamp like the behringer ultragain mic100 help give me a boost so that I don't have to turn the gain up so high on the interface?

  17. I really know nothing about microphones but I'm thinking of getting SM58 just for singing for fun/recording. But do I need to get it with a cable and a mixer or can I just get the mic itself?

  18. Why does your 58 sound better than mine with no processing? Literally have the exact same setup yet yours seems brighter….

  19. Which option would you personally go for, if you had to choose?
    Samson Q2U on USB? or
    SM58 on XLR to 3.5 mm to decent USB sound card, like the good old Sabrent?
    Which one, do you think, will give the best result?

  20. Hey there I wanted to quickly know … does this mic really cut out well for professional CD cut vocal recording. Also does this go well with classical/opera vocal recording

  21. I’m new to I guess purchasing microphones. I’ve had usb ones but others I’m not sure. So for the sm58 what will I need to have it connect to my computer.

  22. how does it do, in a wet inverionment? i have very bad accoustics in my living room, which is also my studio.

  23. You are hysterical! Love it! Also thank you I'm trying to build a home studio and found this really helpful!

  24. I have to disagree. I am not a fan of this mic for singing. 🚫🎤

    It sounds like I have a sock in my mouth. Muffled and lifeless. Low output. 😔

  25. Does anyone have a problem with this mic and discord? (using a focusrite 2i2 as audio interface) It often sounds too low even with input volume turned all the way up. Also the voice sounds like a robot too often.

  26. I need a new mic…to put into a Cajon. This is overkill. I should go with a POS, but it will be a backup mic. It may not see the light of the day inside the Cajon, but I'll know it's there.

  27. I just go home after leaving my local Goodwell, found two microphones there, (wasn't looking for them) but happened to run across them , they looked fairly brand new ( to my surprise ) one was the SHURE SM58 and the other a AUDIO om2. at 6.99 ea. So I just though I'll come home a look up reviews and comments on Google and YouTube. To my SUPRISE, I found I hit THE JACKPOT, it's like I won the lottery ( I wish)but was STILL extremely excited.

  28. Thank! I didn’t understand half the words, but in the end it became clear that I am the happy owner of this microphone) Tell me please, will the behringer umc22 sound card be suitable for shure sm58? Or is it worth taking something expensive? I'm from Ukraine)

  29. This mic is great but the plosives suck. It needs a pop filter or use a different position talking into it.

  30. If you want a clear visual/audible sight of how the SM57 sounds, check out a studio recording done:

  31. this is the perfect mic to use in my home where I got 9 aquariums (with pouring-water filter, air pumps) moreover, 3 dogs, 4 love birds…
    A mic for such a pure zoo!

  32. Pensé que estabas hablando en español until you sang
    omg wtf if going is wrong with me 🙁
    btw nice review

  33. Can you please compare the 20$ Superlux TM58 to Shure SM58, people says that its the Chinese Copy of SM58 and that its of good quality

  34. Thank you so much for the detailed review! I was torn between the Shure SM58 and the Audio Technica ATR2100. Definitely chose this one after your review. Plus, the humor helped. Thank you for a great video! Keep up the great work!

  35. This might be a frivolous question, but, if you/he doesn't use an XLR to USB for the youtube video, how does he record the audio for the videos? Does he record the audio to something else and then add the audio to the video?

  36. Il fait parti de notre offre. un incontournable

  37. I bought it today, did some testing, pretty impressive, nice clarity, especially with processing. Does it really perform that well in studio, do you think its quality is quite enough for a professional music record?

  38. "Thought this video sucked thumbs down"
    Wow, that's the first time I have heard someone say that in a video.
    Thumbs Up

  39. I love my SM58's. First time I used them was when I was 15, on a music tech course funded by the YMCA. I went further with my education, but in my home studio I always use a SM58 for vocals. I will have to try using a 58 on a guitar cab.

  40. I have a slight hiss with this microphone. Even after connecting with cloudlifter n then to dbx286s. My interface is zoom h4n pro whose audio levels I have put at 0. The recording is loud n clear but how to remove the low hiss in the background?

  41. I love my SM 58. Have had it for years and used it as a touring singer. Now I am using it for streaming and live videos. It didn't cost me $100.Yes, it was more. I don't have the manual anymore, either. What boom arm are you using?

  42. is it possible to connect scarlett directly to mirrorless camera? So the camera will capture audio from this mic? I really don't know about that and i want to upgrade my usb mic. Thank you

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