okay hello you to my name is Ricardo
lino and I’m a wheel addict, where am I well you’re at this is soul skate shop
welcome so this is an experience and I was supposed to be using two microphones
but something happened yeah so just get really close okay so here’s the thing I
mean Amsterdam I left yesterday South Africa and I was supposed to come to
Europe to drop a computer which is the computer I edit my videos and all that
yeah because I’m moving to Portugal in six weeks from now but I got to
Amsterdam and my bank the one that I kept the drop is not here so yeah what
we’re gonna do so I’m gonna do a little podcast right now and just talk about
skating I guess okay so of course that was the plan already yeah it might not
look as professional like we’re gonna make something yeah so Barry does if the
sound is not the best but we’ll make it work
yeah so for someone that doesn’t know you
yeah you do have a YouTube channel with this bill Yeah right yeah I actually
started the vlogging this fall so and since this year I’m trying to make a
video every week which is harder than I thought yeah I have a lot of respect
newfound respect for you like how many videos do you make every week depends it
does yeah I’ve seen that but like maybe even like for something that week
sometimes right for yeah and so I’m like doing one for me as a is stressful it’s
a lot of work yeah that was one of the reasons why is that
making these videos you know the truth it’s when you start doing it more often
yeah sometimes it’s also not good because you
also get in a habit and if you have better but it’s so good we have the same
time makes you faster yeah but it is what it is yeah I think
more important than just making something every week which is really
important to do it they are seasonably it is yeah to have a
goal in it oh for sure but I I have too many goals that’s more
like the goal is not and having a goal is not the problem I have too many
ghosts I’ve I have a list of topics that I want to do a video about and the list
is growing exponentially faster than the videos that I’m pumping out so I think
there’s that now probably for like a couple of years worth of topics that I
want to discuss I need to get a lot better at making videos first and it’s a
lot of work for me also because English is not my native language and I can
ramble ok ich in Dutch but I’m horrible rambling in English like I take too many
pauses and I screw up too many too often and then I have to do and you take and
the recording itself is just it’s a process but I’m getting better at it and
then making the video as well they’re like getting to know with the how the
program works and stuff I got you know what I do know for someone listening to
these they might not see themselves I just I have the topic and I keep on
talking and then sometimes just cut stuffs but yeah you cut stuff but I
don’t go back and like say it again again yeah
because it’s just it makes it so much harder yeah but you don’t want to know
how much I’d fuck up so I I misspell over miss pika speak out words all the
time and then yeah I just I don’t want to deliver that I want to have more like
a video that I’m proud of that I’m not afraid to share yeah but now on a
different topic which is still really it’ll be the same not about the editing
but you actually started doing a YouTube channel for this is soul in the right
time yeah reason the reason why I say that is
that a lot of people complain complained in the past yeah some of them still
complain about Rolla news oh yeah the truth is since rolling news died because
it really thought they died now yeah I saw that
rolling since Ronnie’s died everyone that is on YouTube they views what up
oh did it I never spoke about these so yeah and I realize it really did okay a
lot of people used to say that rolling news was generating good I’ve used for
whoever they were posting yeah it wasn’t really the truth is did you ever make
road news with the vlog or something on a lot of times they David I think the
name of the guy was David I don’t know his last name from France
he posted stuff specially when I did the skate talks yeah I of course yeah but
the truth is since rollin is died yeah a fuse went up like on each videos okay
that’s really because people are going starting to search for different ways of
consumer great content and that’s why I’m saying we as an example for you it’s
like a good time people always complain it if it was three four years ago would
be better depends on what you say it would be better
yeah well that’s also what happens when you get a population that that reaches
the age of thirty hour plus they tend to to think of the past was better is like it’s not just about not having
that many young kids doing it because it’s a fact but it’s also what you’re
saying like we always go to those early twenties yeah
I will also disagree on the the pessimistic views of the sport like what
you just said like that not a lot of young people are doing it this this is
not the problem having young people doing it like loads of young people
doing it it’s just our problem of how poorly we are able to reach out our
culture’s it to them and we should be more focused on that I was being real
when when you when you look at the support a few years ago and I’m not
crying about it I know it it every day and I’m perfectly okay with it but of
course we’re not going through the trendy wave of skating like it was in
the nineties were no because then we work that back then we were good at
showing our culture like people were affected by the culture but now people
are just skating and they are not identifying as a skater while doing so
and that’s the difference what do you mean well the well they’re not owning up
to the fact that they’re doing it they’re not it’s not a part of who they
are they wouldn’t put it on their resume in their hobby section they wouldn’t
some yeah but or the people wouldn’t be identified as such like if you see them
walking on the street you wouldn’t see like oh that’s probably an inline skater
just by how they dress yeah or they wouldn’t like seek out other England
skaters to socialize with or you know like all that all that culture stuff
that’s not there but people are skating a lot like just if you go to the full
know Park I see people skating there all the time yeah but also in the UK if
there’s the I don’t know the name of the park but there’s a big park over there
there’s people skating there and there’s like in every main capital in Europe
there’s like some central city park that people are just skating around in you’re
talking more about like skating in general not that much about like
progressive shit now for sure yeah I’m talking about inline skating in general
I know I’m not being negative about it that here is nothing to do with it I’m
perfectly okay with the situation that skating is right yeah I really that’s
that’s why I really enjoy the way that skating is slowly growing right now
because it’s like yeah I do okay tell that skating is grow yeah like
well what kind of reference do you have saying that speaking about South Africa
which is where I live yes you’re growing in numbers okay which
is the the best the best way to see it what kind of numbers are those like
where does I’m talking about when I first moved there mm-hmm I would
basically mainly sell aggressive inline skates yeah and those I keep selling
about the same which at first I thought it was okay but now these I keep selling
the same of aggressive inline skates but yeah urban or the recreational skates
then I said that could also be your part of the market that your because you
managed to get like a foothold on on Google and now that when people saw that
because Google inline skating they’d come to your store instead of some
others so that’s doesn’t maybe definite proof of the sport growing no I don’t
think so because when I first got there there’s also something when I first got
there there wasn’t really someone doing it doing it like there was there were
people are got a link skates but they weren’t doing it if not access yeah you
imagine there’s like there’s the guy that sells skates because the e wants to
make money so yeah you might sell skates but the next month is gonna be selling
cork to the winemaker yeah the guard cells cork because he loves it now for
sure huh and he loves the wine and he really
the wine that’s basically what I am not for the court yeah okay so what’s good
to have a store like that and definitely helps to grow into spoil I believe that
yeah I did you felt I’m just asking yeah even Amsterdam like you said to me that
shop started seven years ago right yes I was it before are the same it’s being
like just seeing people skating on the street that kinda level has been
consistent for a long time did you add like a shop in Amsterdam
oh you mean shop Weiss okay so yeah there was listened in this country you
have in you have in the like the five biggest city in the cities in this
country you have this kind of type of fun sports store and that they saw
inline skates and some skateboards and especially long boards and scooters and
wave boards and at least maybe or something stuff like that you know so
I’m like anxious sports stores yeah yeah yeah and there’s one of those in
Amsterdam yeah but of course if you go there then they have like just some use
D skate or something and but it makes these difference for someone to come to
a shop like this yeah well actually the reason why I started the shop is because
the other shop that was already here was not doing a good enough job because I
started the company by just teaching so I started to skate school when I was
actually when I was 16 I started teaching and buddy started the company
when I was 21 and in that period I just send my students whenever they needed
new skates I just send them to that store and then the students would come
back at the next lesson all like happy like a teacher I got these new skates
yeah and I was like oh no it’s the legacy and it’s three or four sizes too
big no and it cost you 300 euros oh no like it would just be horrible you know
for me and then I like I would have to deal with this student on way too big
way to a heavy skate that he spent way too much money on so I thought I can do
it better yeah and that’s why it’s not that’s why I
started the shop okay but you were saying like as an example in Amsterdam
you still see people and most of the cities there will be people scanning but
yeah I think like as an example and again this is not me being negative I
think I just want to be real being realistic yeah like for me it’s it
scares me a bit yeah to think that a city like New York yeah
doesn’t have an inline skate shop oh yeah that’s weird um see this that’s
why I’m telling because they have one they don’t know they have one with the
rimmel night and what’s the day even beta skate brand what was the name was
core of core yeah thank you that was the guy who owned the Sketchup as well yeah
no they did but it was know if it’s ever right like I know that nowadays we were
speaking with who was i speaking about I don’t know if you was with grant from
Rosie’s but it’s something that there’s in America a lot of places that there is
no yeah but America is different yeah it might be because of the online shops
selling a lot more mm-hmm yeah maybe maybe this but also it’s also there’s in
America there’s a big stigma around the sport I always tell people to start well
I’m I’m sorry I always tell people to stop rollerblading and start inline
skating because of that joke yeah I forgot I’m sorry okay so because it said
that yeah about two years ago almost in the beginning of my channel yeah I made
a video after speaking with you yeah and I know that you also want to make
something like that yes yeah what did you call to what we do is it inline
skating is it roller skating is it rollerblading
yeah I have some trouble with that because I would just have to look at
Authority I guess and that’s the fédération Internationale roller sport
and they call it freestyle roller now so we just made it might be have to go with
that just wipe it all off the table and start fresh I guess we keep on studying
it fresh every single time that I was wrong that’s what they did with the name
blading which I’m not saying it’s right or wrong I am well it’s just that it’s
just like first thing for me if you go back to the x-games era where you always
go back to the same but it’s yeah it’s just a perfect example when I made that
video in the same five seconds mm-hmm yeah and for someone that doesn’t know
yeah it’s confusing us but it’s just like the same guys speaking about the
big guys think about the same yeah probably two different names so forth
for a kid or for someone you know it yeah so that’s yeah so I keep saying I’m
not saying one or the other is right that the truth is all the skates are
here they haven’t the most core ones nowadays did them yeah why are they
called them blades yeah I just that’s why I’m happy with that decision of the
coming damn skates and that that’s the the basic argument that that’s the most
fundamental because there’s there’s there’s a couple of arguments going
around as for people to calling it one thing or the other because I asked I
made like a Facebook post and the responses were basically in the
direction of I have always called it this so I’m always gonna call it that
and I like it and I’m sorry but that’s not a that’s not a valid point because
if we would ever like if the goal is to have one name we will have to change
some minds so it’s a sacrifice yeah yeah so me it’s gotta be you or somebody else
and me as an outsider like I’m not you and I’m not the other person so I don’t
I don’t care which I don’t know which which one it will be
but like some of you will need to change their minds and if you don’t agree if
that fact and you’re out of this discussion because I want to talk to
people that have the goal of having one name okay so like that feeling I feel
this name or aspect this left out out of this discussion right just because you
like it doesn’t mean it’s right so then you’re gonna like search for
maybe for ”tis kind of thing so that’s why I actually said it as a joke because
the fierce that’s the governing agency around our
sport yeah but people might not know you know so they actually call it a role at
now and the way that yeah and I say it with because that’s that’s the way they
don’t call it rolling they call it roll ad no no it’s yeah but it’s french from
french yeah you could say roller maybe yeah but that’s not that they call it a
freestyle roller because it’s because the feasts is basically the biggest
competition right now at night in its least next to winning clash but yeah
they call it roller and then fierce the International Organization just went off
with that but the roller games yeah you’re gonna call it again because
roller freestyle what’s that the roller games when is like the only yeah yeah
but that’s it yeah but they inserted it from the wrong like because I think
basically any native local name doesn’t have the right to be the International
name so here in the Netherlands people call it skew letter in in Germany its
roll squirt no it’s a in Denmark its rolls quota in Poland
it’s Loki in this Portugal Spain in Italy you know this best for these
patinas exactly and then inside you in French it’s a roll dad and I I don’t
think that’s when I made my video that was one of the things that I said it’s
like I always give the same example of BMX the BMX is a BMX no matter what no
matter work no matter where no matter what it’s always a BMX first for what we
do because maybe because it’s yeah I’m sure old object the shoe and wheels
comes from yes exactly yeah yeah when people use we didn’t
communicate yeah people like to think that the skateboard is older than the
inline skate but it’s made because of him because you know that the first
skates ever worried man it’s good oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so then like
the any like local name should not be over international name and and I would
say that what fierce has now done like is against that rule because Scaletta is
not going to be the international name and so is rule air is not supposed to be
the international name sorry no Psygnosis no it’s just that’s the French
word for it and it’s just as wrong no I’m not saying they’re right I’m not
saying that you right or wrong yeah but there’s a lot of people that
keep saying that what we do is roller skating and when the first inline skates
I got yeah yeah when the first inline skates first came people say that they
were roller skates in line yeah other skate squats
yeah I’m fortunate with McLaren that makes a lot of sense traditional roller
skates yeah and but these are leeet’s patís is skate so inline skates
yeah um I actually think that and that’s that’s kind of I’m not on that wagon
like with mine how I would name it right now but if you look at it from a logical
perspective people that do ice skating which is the original skate it’s a
friend Hey no the thing is when I made my video about what we should call to
what we do I gave two points that I think they’re actually super valid yeah
one of them is what the companies that make the object that we yeah hold it yes
there is not one single brand at the outlet no I like there’s one brand here
that call it plates and that is razors no yeah but something I’m not really no
I really cuz sometimes you have to be consistent yeah so not even going to the
second point yeah if you call it blades when was the last time they did say hey
let’s go blading or let’s go so yeah for me it’s been a while because I’m off
that ship and then the second one that I the second point that I that I gave you
was we’re living in the era that a lot of thing is digital like mm-hmm
when you want to find something Google it yes so we look for the the word which
is the strongest and now talking about the word which is the strongest it’s
actually rollers like if you look for it says if you look for for the ashtag
roller holy it is I think it has over a million oh now I over a million posts
but under roller there’s a lot more things like
mopeds yeah it’s also a car yeah say it’s not distinctive now when you write
patinas in spanish that’s the second no the second is if the word in portuguese
petite hmm because i don’t know if you know but
like in portugal a roller okay like with quads it’s really big it’s really big
okay in brazil everyone call it the tinge to the skates and then there’s a
lot of different disciplines inside scaling they’re like figure skating they
do in line and quad okay okay i do like they call it petti street so all them
all the different disciplines of scaling they have the word change okay so that
makes it the second most used word in the whole world and that’s the the first
one that it’s really focused to what we do and when again like you just said i
don’t say that i’m not saying that we should call path each world wide it just
doesn’t make sense yeah exactly yeah yeah yeah just because it’s like a
lot of people like the amount of people using the name is not not the main
argument and you also made an argument about like we need we need to have a
strong name because they will have a bigger impact and how to choose that
name so it there’s there’s kinda like no authority except Noah you know let’s
just say there’s no authority that does just write it like that because there’s
the skate shops and there’s the events and they’re all calling it things and
different names and but basically anybody can change theirs most of the
like general users they need to change anyway because like the patinas or like
people are calling it skating or all they’re like more like let’s say there
are 10 different names 9 out of 10 will need to change the wheel will keep one
name so alright so these are the users then we have the skate shops and events
I think those like organizations they will go with the
current current of the naming as well in the end there’s no problem for them to
move you know the
there’s no big reason why we should take that into account but then if you look
at the brands and and the companies you made the argument that that they are
calling it like that so that’s the the way that we should call it I am making
the argument in a slightly different way I’m saying we cannot expel not change so
even if all the people in the world book will call the sport rollerblading I can
tell you that these probably proud Italians that owned the company roaches
will never call their company roaches rollerblades and that’s a slightly
different argument and I’m telling you they will never the same with k2 it will
never be k2 rollerblades Fila rollerblades powerslide
rollerblades this will never be that the thing that they are selling power slides
okay yeah I used to work with parsley with power slide we had a few we got
letters from rollerblade lawyers because forgetting the word power blades yeah
good and I know there’s there’s more people that had problems we don’t so I
don’t know I think like rollerblades fighted a lot of brands and I’m not
talking shit about them it is Wednesday they have the name so yeah but at the
same time they want people to call it skinny they don’t want people to call it
rollerblading mm-hmm so I don’t again I don’t I don’t know I don’t know the
word rollerblading just it will always be there you will I get worried we’ll
know what their specialty yeah because in general yeah most of the my American
friends are the American skin yeah they say like if if I call it inline skating
people think that I’m I’m skating in lycra so what what’s wrong with it
or they if when they say if they seem I’m skating people don’t know what they
talk about I understand that but then we explain it yeah exactly
right are they wrong I’m saying like I think I’m going in the same as you’re
just saying which is if we decide to call something yeah we need to actually
adjust do it that’s it it’s an adjustment that needs to be made for
sure yeah and again it will never change you know
like all these names like patinas and rollerblading and rolls quarter roll
shoe or skillet or they will all like stick around for the night if you’re
talking about decades like 50 50 years or something no for sure it will be for
sure I’ve no doubt for that it’s just a matter of like in on what ship do you
want to sit like there’s there’s a couple of like ways of calling it that
will that have no potential at all of ever being the single name of the sport
and there’s only one name that has a shot of being the one name that’s for
sure 100% inline skating so so so for me as a shop owner and I’m teaching kids I
wanna I want them to hear the name that has the most opportunity of becoming the
one name that that owns them all that that becomes the dominant name and even
if it won’t I’m at least not part of the problem in this mix of confusing in the
naming Department I’m part of the solution but you said something which
you said something about the brands that they will also need to adapt to whatever
we decide to call it now they’re one now the I’m talking about events not brands
okay but even the I’m going to give you a different example okay because you
said some brands will never that even yeah yeah but what I’m trying to say is
like brands have a really strong part in this how am I caught
why am i calling it inline skating nowadays there was the thought that I
was calling it lady mated yeah it was the time I was I think I just let myself
go and I was in there I’m not saying anything is no no this is wrong but
before I moved to Africa I went to Angola and while I Oregon I was trying
to him as a little documentary about my trip to Angola the guys from the company
Sabre sent me some some skates but they said it would only support the event if
that because there was supposed to call African blading experience no got it
we will support your project but we will only support your project if it’s called
something which is not blading yeah something else call whatever you want
which is not playing yeah you can inline experience because what we do it’s
inline skating yeah just get that another dinner they told me that there
was like about a 2013 and for me they’re like now in a few years later while I
was already in South Africa I was I was selling some skates
I already at the shop but one of the ways that I get to more people is using
a website called Gumtree which is almost like eBay but it’s I’m not saying that
was that’s what people should be doing or what y’all should be doing but over
there it’s different no I was telling you this before we
recorded it’s a different way to get to people with like entry-level scales and
all that and so because when I first moved to South Africa people only knew
the word rollerblading hmm so I put like powerslide inline skates slash brawler
blades yeah not rollerblade rollerblades yeah there was a guy selling rollerblade
skates hmm one of those core guys hey guys I saw sales korrok one day the next
days okay yeah you send me an email hmm with
someone that I actually know nowadays from rollerblade hmm see seed in that
email Wow saying that you better think that name otherwise you’re gonna get
like a court no I’m better from the court because you should not be using
the word rollerblade because I’m not using mobility movements but anyway yeah
for me there was the final eyeopener’s nice then I was called inline skating
but yeah for me was these two moments were really important gettin up but for
for a lot of people that means nothing is with goes but in the tongue and I
understand that might take a few generations like you’re saying yeah so
but also I think it’s a very particular that we as aggressive skaters I have a
problem with it this while and of course we can like out the feeling that like
our world is the world kind of like thing let’s get some carrots yeah I
might get a beer sometimes we forget that there’s like a lot of others sometimes we forget that there’s like a
lot of other types of skating and there’s there’s ice skating quad skating
and there’s other inline skaters of course and some somehow they I don’t
have this problem of with the confusing naming part because we even like tend to
shy away from using the words like like self-identifying as a skater I see that
within aggressive skaters that they’re like like they dare not self-identify as
a skater well there’s like loads of other like sub sports of skating that
don’t have that problem at all so so it’s like ice skating has like speed
hockey figure short track can you name a few others like it just probably I’m
probably missing like now there’s the rebel crest ice and like if you look at
the Instagram pages of these like top professionals they all just say like
rebel cross ice skater and like speed ice skater or like just they
would like maybe even this all yeah like partly it would even say maybe like just
world champion skater just like that and then same goes for quad skating just
like just go look at the top quad skaters within each segment of that
sport you have like you have Park you have Derby you have dance and then you
probably have like hockey and figure and speed or something and and if you look
at those Instagram pages they would just say like pro skater or something on the
page or pro quad skate or pro roller skater or like some something that makes
sense for them of saying it but it’s definitely the word skater in it and
then within inline skating it’s the same you have like speed inline skating
figure inline skating you have hockey you know ice skating downhill inline
skating slalom inline skating and if you look at those Instagram pages from those
people they just self-identify yes like I’m a pro skater world champion skater
or does any anything in that order and then somehow you come to this pocket of
aggressive skaters and we can like get elbowed out of that word and it’s the
weirdest thing while all of our cousins doing basically
the same thing skating are able to do it with pride
we get kind of like bullied out and I’d say maybe maybe having shared like
sharing a skatepark with other users that self-identify skaters naming namely
skateboarders something to do with that and I would say the best response to
that is just to own it just like other skaters do yeah you know what I
sometimes see myself on both sides of what you’re saying
I made some shirts for the channel and I’m just saying like we’re letting and
some people say like how you should make something like withdraws and people on
skates I want to use a shirt that shows that I was scared like but at the same
time I was like but I don’t know if I didn’t just
identify myself with such a big shirt with like hmm but I don’t know maybe
it’s not because of what you are saying it’s just because of a matter of taste
and maybe I’m going a little bit out of topic but it’s just like something that
just somehow made it click here mm which is just you wouldn’t wear a shirt like
this you know I like that one I like that it’s different
they’re like using a t-shirt that for me will remind me like the the 90s and like
those big drawers like cartoony or something like that I really thought I
would use it on the shirt even if I like cartoon a lot to like just drawing faces
and stuff like that and skates and stuff like I don’t know if I would use that on
a t-shirt but I don’t know if it’s if it has anything to do with my taste or if
it has something to do with the thing being on skates probably I don’t see then is the best
way to promote skating as having a t-shirt with a skater yeah or maybe like
um like a beanie like this with the little skate on it but that’s cool
that’s a whole different talk I said that’s like what I’m trying to say is
like or a belt I like that but I think it’s more like some some things are
minimalistic but they look really cool uh maybe it’s just a matter of taste
mmm I think it’s more about there’s the skater
mm-hm and there’s the the one that screams I’m a skater yeah you know
that’s that’s more like that uh yeah I do videos almost every day about skating
and all that but I’m not the guy screaming I’m like I skate yeah
if you come talk to me I’m that’s one of the first things that I’ll tell you yeah
for a living it’s the truth yeah like I don’t want to overdo it
maybe yeah dance that over screaming sometimes can
also be negative oh yeah that makes sense
it’s kind of like corny in a way or something yeah alright um I I just got a
package for you this week with some stuff should we talk
about that we can’t open it here we’re gonna talk about that now you want to
talk about the culture a bit more we can we’re gonna you can show me the old
model yeah those are the new one so basically I got a pair of these but the
new ones but we can show them here yet yeah we come okay we actually can I’m
not gonna do a review but we can okay okay that’s right I’d love to compare these two huh cuz
it’s the same size alright do that they’re different size same 42 so we can
compare to the length as well looks the same yeah I am I’m actually kind of
curious how cuz it’s not my size it’s your size I’m kind of curious how they
feel like life it feels differently yeah um the leather kinda feels the same as
well same like them and both yeah the materials do you think they are the same
exactly yeah and also it has they both have two double plastic because the
black isn’t it’s a softer type of buzzer yeah yeah you know what there’s a
different cut no it’s the same cut here yeah and I don’t know if it’s me but it
seems like the non ufs version it’s a bit lower
yes I noticed it’s lower hell of course it has lower smaller wheels too but yeah
so maybe the old ones better because it’s lower hmm what being Lord what’s
the thing it’s at one of the aren’t out sides it’s good to be low in the back
the logo is the same show the back yeah a little bit of a cut top um there’s no
fee cut it’s actually just expose its supposed to be a straight straight cut
puddin and but this plastic feels different though these one but here the
sound just tap it on the get it close and on the top of it like this seems a
lot more harder yeah yeah the plastic is harder yeah for sure they didn’t have
the memory buckle like then the sole place is bigger show the soleplate it’s
a big difference but still you could skate this you could still this is I
think this is one of the first skates that you can still ride on and and be
okay on because any any like if you if you have skates of dots that are one
year older like this is 97 or 98 98 yeah yeah so if you if you get skates from 96
that’s too old like they will not do a good job anymore but these are okay you
can still win any competition on those if you’re good enough yeah I mean yeah
what do you think few telemon’s now what do you think of the aluminum frames have
you tried any of them I know I only the big wheel aluminum frames but not the
Sola or the element 2 frames no haven’t tried them but also I’m not skating I’m
injured so I’m I’m not skinny I’ve been skating the soul is a lot mm-hmm
when I made my review I kind I never felt until a few days ago I
never felt that there were a bit slower on topside tricks yeah but I feel like
they’re a bit slower than a plastic frame and it’s not a complaint it’s
something that I really really need something that you get used to it
hmm and then I ended up thinking I’ve come that no one ever made or at least
not that I remember a plastic frame with the aluminium block because I actually
liked it the front sides in the backside there were a couple
there are aluminum blocks there would have been probably one for sure no but
I’m not saying aluminum block just in the center no guys I’m saying like the
whole part that you ride as an example when you look at the solar frame let me
get this off yeah what I’m saying you mentioned there would be a friend yeah
this is not a complaint this frame yeah even imagine if there would be a frame
that you would be grinding on plastic and the whole age block there’s there
wouldn’t be any plastic touching so does I have the I have the frame I have these
one I’ve been skating with the aluminum block and I love it yeah yeah it like it
all depends on what your angle is because if your angle is to grind the
best grind you can grind kinda I think maybe LME aluminum or metal wouldn’t be
your go-to thing anyway because at least like maybe it does well on coping I
don’t know I haven’t tried it but Dilys are curbs it’s should be obvious for me
that plastic so if grinding is like your main concern you’re not gonna go to
aluminum anyway I went to the medium I wanted to get some aluminum friends and
I even have the aluminum block it’s now seriously the the way that I see myself
skating in five years ten years hmm it’s doing simple tricks yeah enjoy oh yeah I
would look at skating almost like surfing yeah when you see like older
surfer you see the guy just going there for the filling and that’s exactly what
want to do its case yeah exactly the more the more I skate and when I go try
to go a little bit more technical and yeah if I try to go little bit bigger
well the injure is it something that I don’t want to deal with like my finger I
still love that feeling like when you grind like crossed like corner on the
ball yeah yeah with these frames I love it and even back slides I have the
aluminum major block the back slide feels so good does that because it’s I
don’t want to say it’s slower but it feels different so I feel like I’m
skating them on Majestics yeah and on the middle scape and on the new skate
feel like I can lean a lot not being scared that I’m gonna get stuck oh god
I’m not gonna not scared that I’m gonna slide out but I’ve been skating them
flat mm-hmm but on the other hand if I try to torques with this dude I made a
video the other day it was just I was just trying to full talk and full talk
about it’s one of those tricks that I used to do yeah since I learned them I
couldn’t promise but me full torquing with these videos I mean image block and
flat sixties so bad okay so frontside torque is an example I can’t um for me
personally I I go to the two extremes so I skate anti rocker
no no nine nine I skate 90s nah well yeah that that was a different setup
that I’m not skating that one anymore but like I just have my because that
wasn’t all round set up that I could do anything with right that was when you
saw me at ESPO last year now what I tend to do here in in Amsterdam is I have my
one aggressive inline skate that is anti rocker and they it it’s perfect for the
roster sell the shift shift yeah and then I skate when I go through the city
I just have an aluminum 90 millimeter frame which well actually right now I’m
skating worn down 90 millimeter wheels on GC 600 frame and they’re officially 80
millimeter but I have two large so you could bid you can fit bigger wheels in
it and this is a sink and go up to 84 yeah you could put 84 out of the box in
it I think yeah that’s cool but didn’t like it
nobody knows so I know maybe I’m the only one doing this option yeah yeah and
just because of my foot size I have a like a 45 44 foot size and I think one
of the biggest problems here for me as well selling skates and especially just
for the sport in general is that the frame lengths are not a thing anymore
and back in the day when we just had these skates here these beautiful
beautiful skates these are the roots of our sport and when they came out oh yeah
it’s better yeah and then before that of course the rollerblade tears lightning
which was basically the same thing if you if you got like a size 36 the frame
is really small and if you get like your size 49 the frame is really long and
that makes sense that’s the way it should be
that’s also what I try to tell my customers here when they walk into the
store because that gives you stability I have three questions for you but now I’m
going to the first one directed to like related today yeah I fully understand
what you’re saying but as the shop owner yeah doesn’t it make a lot harder if you
need to sell if you if you already have like 10 sizes of skates there’s more
than 10 those which is from the 36 to 249 you have 13 different hmm
skates just to have one model if there’s one model if you want to have it in all
size anything pairs of skates and then if you’re gonna
change the frame if there’s three more frame three size of framing it tree but
then if there’s three colors of those three size nine frames no I have for
sure what I’m trying to say like make it a lot harder for me I understand
what you hate sizes I’m sure you mean for the consumer for their ears watching
these but as a shop owner it’s like it’s a skater I don’t like it
what do you know about this case I don’t like it the whole time yes
I don’t like it you know I don’t like the the my feet the 40 41 42 43 for you
I don’t like it no I was like the the toe area it’s like row which is cool but
then it’s slippery there’s some things that I don’t like as much as it’s the
skate was made just to my foot but at the same time as a shop owner I love it
you know you do you know he can blame and thank for that
hmm you yeah well I wrote an email about like this long to Mateus I think it was
three or four years ago maybe and explaining him about yeah but like how
it is being a shop and what what you want as a shop and how power slices and
all the other brands are also not doing that
you know basically it was like the big argument for double sizing and at first
Matthias was like of course that that’s not we’re not gonna do that
but then later on I think maybe the same day or didn’t something that order he
told me he started to think about the email more and was like yeah that’s what
we need to necessarily tried it on the AOS and then it worked with the Aeons
and then now the whole power slide thing changed and the same with John I had a
pot like a Skype call with John once and I I told him about like there’s the
story about double sizing and it’s not the reason what you tell miss tests as
well it’s the same with intuition liners and all that but intuition liners
they’re not expandable and they still just resize and they can’t they work
yeah for me because I think I’m on the medium I think I’m gonna meet you and I
still through the human some people complained about it but I was not going
for let me see if I’m remember I was going
to ask you because we were just talking about the sizes yeah and the frame sizes
related to the boots but just I just okay I can answer your question about
like isn’t it annoying to have different frame sizes that’s a shop owner and I
would say no because the skates got me in as I complete and I sell them as a
complete anyway so and I just cannot sell somebody with a size forty five and
four times eighty frame that’s dis short it just doesn’t work it’s too unstable
so yeah there’s the part of having all that on stock as a separate product but
then just this skate itself has a stock frame on it and like that just goes in
and out again like that so there’s no extra hassle if it’s a bit bigger
framework it makes it usually fits like that’s that’s the thing like now I’m
gonna talk as the shop owner from South Africa because of you
you have this you builders in Europe if you need anything that you don’t have
stock here you can add me to three days as an example I needed these wheels they
got me the wheels yeah for me to get these wheels either I would need to pay
almost double the price to get of their flying yeah or I will need to wait three
months four days yeah so that’s the main difference of having like a shop where
there’s distribution oh I know say so we were talking about sizes and I don’t
know if you ever thought about skateboarding oh yeah the deck yes check
this you might want your board to be an 8.0 yeah inches yeah eight point
somebody wants this matter like that there’s different sizes of boards yeah
and people on carrados oh is it in focus I don’t know I hope it
is there’s different sizes of boards but like if there’s like a Paul Rodriguez
board hmm it comes in two sizes and that’s it
they’re not gonna make the board in every single size just because of this
the skateboard is one thing the board and it’s not in there sighs yeah what
I’m trying to say is I’m not saying this is right and please don’t judge me for
these two but imagine if like a company like powerslide that they have like 20
million different models I’m not saying this in a bad way they have a lot of
different models that people love the offer yeah it is the truth for shops
it’s hard yeah okay it’s the truth yeah skaters like to have more offer so I
don’t know I think it’s all so confusing Ferguson really yeah yeah but in general
you know it was online a lot like you are – yeah you see if there’s a new big
they come and complain oh the new color technology you know change something I
think Reza’s poor we need to get rid of that mentality that you need to change
something for it to be better because that’s what happened with the federal
light one had metal spacers and then the federal ID two was new and improved
because it didn’t have metal spacious so it’s safe wait maybe if I like three add
metal spacer so it was faster and it is I’m absolutely a fan of the metal
spacers but the marketing for the Fed lied to was actually that it’s lighter
because it didn’t have metal spacers so it’s like insane we’re at a point now
that the the skate is a skate this is a good skate you can skate it this is a
simple skate it’s a good skate it doesn’t matter that damn skate is a good
skate why wouldn’t we focus all that energy into our culture into our riders
into stuff that is as more of a shot of reaching outward and inwards in
ourselves as well promoting what we do yeah okay sorry William back to the
stable sorry skateboards they’re made in that way yeah they don’t need to make
this case like the Paul Rodriguez board doesn’t need to come for you
good side if you 18.5 that’s it it comes in to spare imagine if a brand like I’m
gonna give the them the damps case now as an example if the damn skates Alex
Brosco would only come into March yeah and small it wouldn’t come in a
medium and then the next year they could come in the medium whatever it’s just
like just it’s just the thought I’m not saying it’s right or it’s wrong but it
would make the investment from the shops and even from the brand a bit different
and it would be a different way to have more products on the market I don’t know
it’s just it might all be wrong I don’t think I really follow you on having one
colorway not in all sizes released on that part it’s it’s just I’m just giving
you the the skateboarding yeah boards example yeah we should compare it
skateboarding I’m not saying that yeah I’ll give you an example of some yeah
she’s done yeah I do I do have an another example like that it’s also
something that’s that I’m thinking about that we are as a sport are not doing
that other another industry is doing and as a shop owner I would really like that
and I think customers would actually in the end liked it more as well and the
only company that is doing that right now or has been doing it I don’t know if
they will continue doing well I think they will so that’s roaches roaches has
had what this skate they’ve had it for shoe long time exactly and then they
have the majestic black standing down in the corner and it’s unchanged ever and
it never goes in sale so for each like shell type like a cult or an SL or you
know having the black version being the unchanged black version so now what them
did and I in the same I had like a Skype meeting with John where I told him about
the double sizing you know so he did that so I’m thank you John for doing
that because I like it it makes it also more clear for
customers because then they know I’m a medium over large because the shell size
is the most important size in the same conversation I told them this same thing
have your basic color way and keep it forever or like for five to ten years at
least as a long-term steady badrock thing it doesn’t need to be in time
still ever and now I’m a the industry that’s also doing that is shoes so
compared to converse they have the all-star black and they will always have
it they have always had it and it will never go on sale and there’s new models
new colors exactly like yeah and now what what the dam has done they made
like a black version with white lace holes and now the old one isn’t in sale
and then and now that’s old why is why is an all-black she escaped ever old
when it’s exactly the same as the one with white laces but it’s all black and
it actually looks better but now it’s on sale that’s the creation thing ever for
me as a shop owner no didn’t no no no they’ve never had like a long term
investment into one colorway they should just have for the SL the cult and the
shift I would like them to like to see them having you think the one color she
is doing we do the carbon okay they bring the old black carbon
no they just bring it back but then they loose it again and then they maybe they
will bring her back maybe they want so like I try to carry all skates right but
but for the free skates for example I’m not now I pick basically the
good-looking ones and there’s a good quality of price range and you know so
but the big reason why I’m I will always be full of stock with the fr
skate because I can just buy it without hesitation of it bill like when I’m
gonna get me your skates in I’m like thinking like oh maybe this is an old
model again because if everybody now maybe in like two weeks it will go on
sale everywhere and and I need to put it in sale as well so
then it will be is always going to be there in the same colorway and never
have to put it on sale so it’s gonna make it to a good solid investment for
me to stock it and the same goes for this I will always have this in all
sizes on stock and if if the brands I’m telling you brands if you’re listening
please if you want to sell skates make the decision for for Sketchup owners
easy by having one stable model that is a solid release and then you can have
like other different colorways rounding it and doing your marketing on that so yes it’s something then see that yeah
but you weren’t a product developer kinda like for power slider for like
yeah that was a product that is Kenneth and Matthias yes Canada’s more people
hmm worldwide there’s more people that does it
hmm but uh I was like first some projects I was asked to help there was
there was one project it was the nikaya karma roller skatin hi thank you
yeah I was looking at the skates here you want to tell us a little bit about
this wall because when when I first met you haha you are the super slutty now
wouldn’t say a strong opinion but you were like really proud of having a great
time locating on when was this don’t usually go like now we did a match
in person but when we first started talking I um I I don’t know when we
first saw yeah bit it’s okay so this is all definitely started as an aggressive
inline skate bowling shop right and now we are not that now we also sell skates
to cruise around the city I love it yeah yeah meat is really important
yeah me too I mean that’s why I was I wanted to know why
they decide yeah as the grassy skating show only and then alright so there it
it’s in comparison with with a bike somehow people are able to differentiate
a BMX bike from a regular bike like regular people are able to tell like
that’s BMX bike and that that isn’t and if you if you take that look at inline
skating people are somehow this is suddenly I noticed this people are not
able to see the difference between an aggressive inline skate and a
freestyling line skate or a recreationally not inline skate but if
they would be able to see the difference you would have anymore
no no I’m just this is just the start of my argument so ya da da fak just hit me
because what I tried to do before thinking of that was to make aggressive
inline skating as strong as I could make it okay and then it makes sense not not
selling anything else because I only wanted to focus on this but as soon as I
realized that there’s no way to make it strong by itself because people somehow
cannot see it as a shepherd and it will give you an example of what was one of
the best not best buy/price or I love the quality of the escapists and people
didn’t but one scared that was amazing as an aggressive skate there was the
Riddler carbon free 72 skate the reason why I saw yeah it’s because that skate
can be used by a beginner and you would have a really good feeling with that
skinny and like when the a and 72 came out that’s an amazing skate for a
beginner I sell that skate for someone that doesn’t want to aggress is cream
every night inches on the hair because you’re very low to the ground and the
wheelbase is long that will give you a really good ride
the aggressive skates especially a few years ago the word the most horrible
ride and that’s where those kids were really really needed nowadays we have
frame like these yeah for sure like skating people skating flat yeah people
are actually caring about how they feel on their skates
mm-hmm but the truth is whenever someone comes to the shop and they want to buy a
first kit an aggressive skate in general for sure and that’s a that is true I was
just about to finish my argument so I’m gonna finish it I’m sorry because I
because I made a long boring story and you were like that’s boring I’m gonna
cut you off so I’m gonna recap but you were saying this you want to have people
have a skate that they can enjoy and that that’s a good valid point I was not
on that level I was just thinking about how can I make aggressive inline skating
as strong as I can until I noticed people will never be able to
differentiate aggressive inline skating from other types of inline skating at
the same as they do within bicycles okay so that’s when I decided the only way to
improve aggressive inline skating is to improve the overall image of inline
skating and that is what I’m trying to do now so I’m trying to only have skates
here in destroyit that look it and that are actually good and that when
recreational skaters that want to have nothing to do with the recipe and ice
skating leave the store that they’ve actually gained a part of the new
identity as an inline skater with buying it in what I would hope to be a cool
store and with a product that looks good instead of if they go to any other
recreational inline skate stores that have all the neon skates with neon
yellow neon whatever stuff and having it and it’s those store just loot just feel
really cold to me and then so they buy a product that doesn’t look good
and they’ll leave the store with their really cold and like it like I’m like a
ugly feeling inside so I’m trying to fight that in in this way okay yeah no
because you’re talking to a lot about the callers yeah and I work with a
company that makes a lot of callers I felt in a bad way
oh yeah yeah what’s the smallest skate that you sell here smaller size yes I’m not entirely sure I think it’s like
something like 25 26 and for the neuroses Orlando oh yeah
tits are really funny if you if you’re talking about sizing because it comes in
like to see all sizes kind of thing and but then the the smallest shell size is
not a is not available yet because it was all bought up by by stores in South
Africa because so that all the European stores don’t even have the smallest size
in this so now it just comes in I think no no South South America I’m sorry
so now we only have the 37 to 40 size which is not a particular innovating
size for an aggressive for freestyle skate to have so like it doesn’t feel a
hole in the market as you would like it to to be at the moment but the the
smaller shell size it’s is a good addition and what do you think of this
cage I have a lot of thoughts so I don’t know I cannot say it in one minute and
there’s a lot of aspects there’s a lot of stuff I do like and there’s a few
things that I don’t like on this particular skate because there’s
two version I like I think this is the better skate for a beginner but at the
same time it’s the 90s might be too long difference for sure that’s the main
thing like who comes up with first off I actually I know who comes up with it but
the idea of having a 90 millimeter frame on a
children skate this is insane probably three 90s would be a better option
yeah or not not 90s at all just because you want them to be as low to the ground
as possible you don’t want you wanna have four wheels four small wheels and
also with this particular frame so if you’re gonna have a 90 frame at all
don’t have one that has an extra pinky of room between the real and and the
sole so like hide wise it could actually fit a hundreds and then lengthwise it
need to be I know I’m just talking about like you want to have a frame that’s as
long as your foot and you want to be as low to the ground but on the celtic side
i’ve never really look at the frame the same way as I’m looking at it now when I
look at it from the side I somehow always thought that this frame was like
folded aluminium but it’s not it looks like a solid frame yeah it looks like a
solid is it 165 are you with us ufs yeah yeah that’s cool but the Buddhist is
good like it’s a strong hood it’s not weak like stuff it’s not brain is
amazing it could be much better than the Freestyle frame on the other question of
this game but at the same time I really it makes the skate to be easier so yeah
I don’t know if they’re cheaper they’re making Evaristo cheaper to bless with us
yes and the frame itself Astaroth on this gauge
I actually don’t know from the stuff in my head
sorry one six years on I should know but others yeah what else we got here talking about the
frame length so I think that again the the frame like should be as about as
long or maybe like a centimeters shorter than your foot and I think the options
of the frame length are too limited so I’m also happy that the beep oh yeah
they got the ground control 18 millimeter frame comes in two sizes and
that’s also because I had a conversation with with Andy about because I knew he
was gonna make this skate and so I begged him to like please if you have
the bigger size make it a longer frame for that because I just cannot sell like
a 4 x 80 near normal short real base to most of my customers here so I’m happy
that then he moved in that direction and I hope that like sub and powerslide also
start to do the same thing it doesn’t come on the stock skate yeah they have
different lengths but it on the stock skate always comes the same there’s an i
I still need to see evidence of that because I I’m searching for that frame I
haven’t seen it available and uh the Trinity skates yeah comes in – yeah but
then it’s like then it’s like yes ice or that’s act but it’s still not here so
it’s still not a lot a lot of friends the freestyles okay yeah frame which is
really so there’s like a extra short frame and a short frame but I’m not
interested in in that range so what is the skate in the whole shop the the
Majestic for sure yeah but it’s been like that for a long time already just
also the black majestic yeah a black one no better than the pro models and
everything you know are kind of the same I would say like within roaches like 40%
black one and then 30% white and then 30 of the blue one there the left I’m
actually sold out of the blue one now so but it will come back next week the job
yeah what do you think of Joe’s Joe just won the fees today the whole yeah yeah
yeah I like him leaving what I think about that yeah how’s the feeling that
I’m missing information just tell something about it um nobody you don’t
need to judge like in my opinion you know what what I really think about the
whole thing it was in the last two years maybe even more the first time that
skating brand and the skater this is something more professionally what I
mean by that is like he left the brand or the brand let it go up I don’t know
exactly what happened but there was a statement from both sides
when was the law and then it comes back I have a lot of respect for both those
parties yeah oh man I hate it that those all those
companies are just like shutting door slit like roller news now or there’s
been so many companies that’s showing that and there’s no statement ever ever
okay yeah you’re right Wow good observation so when people went
and started giving a lot of shit to roses for their post yeah at least I
posted it yeah because they open the door for them to do it yeah Nick we just
eyed it yeah yeah yeah yeah well kudos yeah yeah yeah I don’t know about I
don’t know what happened there it was a good time like having him under wrote
cysteine was a definitely worth something within I think roaches will be
fine they don’t as much as they need him they also don’t need him
a Reuters was already one of the biggest selling brands here in the store before
the whole thing happened with their branding so it definitely worked like
what they’re doing is working but I will keep selling roses and Rocha keeps on
and keep making skates so but before that I’m gonna ask you something about
roses yeah like do you think that what roses did in the 90s they’re still
getting the juice out of that two minutes yeah for sure yes it’s amazing
you know for sure I’m a hundred percent the amount of people that get to my shop
and they they say specifically I want a pair of resolution here too and it’s the
only brand yes that people actually like coming to the store oh you said roses
just the only brand that they’re like like is our conscious about that they
have Hannah still not the question about the question what did they do because
hmm from what I remember yes Portugal as an example they didn’t
do it like him like brands do it now this nowadays brands it’s the truth yeah
it was a different era and it’s are gonna be crying or anything like that
nowadays brands get surrounded by skaters as an example I work for a skate
friend yeah it’s an example back then I’m mad at me we always complaining
about businessmen including myself yeah about businessmen coming into this
world but the truth is and I’m not saying the good or is it bad
the truth is in Portugal as an example rose is that a businessman in front of
roses and that businessmen two closest to every single TV channel hmm to every
single sport shop I’m from a small town yeah my small town stole roses yeah yeah
is it because it was the businessmen I don’t know was the company that
powerful that every little Sport Shop know
I don’t know the truth is they made something there yeah I I don’t know if
it was straight from Italy that they were sending the information to all the
countries or or you would need to have a minimum like amount of knowledge to be
the DC but I don’t know what they’re but the distributors were like really well
Pete yes yes yeah that that’s my answers also as a brand there’s a couple of
things you can do really well so distribution definitely is one of them
you can have like great marketing let’s say them great marketing product okay
all right you know distribution so far it hasn’t been okay at all but they’re
actually changing some stuff distribution wise so I’m hope it will be
improved so I’m just I’m just talking about there’s like these think about
that unless I’m gonna first may finish my argument it’s a power slide for
example has like nowadays you have really good products branding in my
opinion not that good I mean at least they don’t have a brand identity that
sticks out but the distribution wise that they are doing the dead doing
distribution really well but they’re doing it in-house so they have really
good sales team and distribution team in-house but they don’t have that that
is really good is a local representative that has done a good job roaches as a
company is actually really really bad at distribution really bad by itself and
maybe they know it maybe they don’t but because they’re really bad at it
nowadays no they’ve always been really bad at it that’s edition but so their
solution their workaround solution actually worked so what they were they
doing as a solution to that is working together really closely with local
distributors that are not like their own company but are like a different company
that they partner with so in the 90s same thing what you what you told me
about Portugal just now they had like a local
representative that’s what happened here in this country as well it was actual
his name and the resistive business guy and but he was really good at the
distribution here in the country and he made roaches to brand that it is it’s
like I’m still still selling skates because of him thank you actual like
more than the the way that the product itself is differentiated between any
other products like it’s it’s all him like because he he yeah he put the
skates in every store and he meant like he made it all happen so it’s kinda like
their disadvantage turned out to be an advantage because they the the patch
that they put on it was a better patch done generally companies had yeah they
did you said something is about to change for the distribution we’re not
gonna say who’s gonna make the distribution for them or not but what do
you think that I think like I love what John is doing and I have all the respect
in the world are like okay like you were saying as a shop if you think like it
wasn’t working as good for you maybe needed help but one of his main selling
points as a brand at first was that it was all done in-house by him mmm
but now it’s about to change so yeah you think he’s gonna sell he’s gonna lose
that selling point of is all done by yeah I think no because people don’t
know about the distribution at all it’s not it’s not them they the customers
will not notice this at all this change so no cuz people used to buy skates
directly from John yeah or just from shops you would really sell to no I I
would I’ll be in contact directly with John and that’s changing that risk if
you if it scare one Subbaiah skate couldn’t buy it from John or John good
the shops he does both so you can buy damn skates on the damn skates website
directly from him but you can also buy it from a shop local shop like this is
all or yeah but then as a shop you buy it also directly from John and now for
the European shops at least that’s gonna change to it distribution company which
is a lot better because now if I want to have a restock I can just get it like
like that and it’s here the next day yeah yeah and but before when I would
get a restock from John it would just take a long time okay okay so one last
question yeah I bet you a teaspoon this time yeah we tested some wheels
oh and what happened with those other than making it I think they’re already
selling yeah I couldn’t feel it no me neither but I haven’t thought about it
even since that’s nice but it’s a long time this last year
it’s called seem bro so okay my and I told it back down I told it to them as
well so what it was it was a wheel with an internal brake but to make it for
them they wanted to do it external not in turn no yeah we did the the wheel
comes in a break yeah but you need to put your feet in a position yes that
make it yeah need to paint it externally okay so yeah so so this wheel has a
certain core that if you put the skating and certain yeah yeah and a very
complicated system inside but to like make the brake work you would need to
have a certain technique I would say all right so me as a teacher let’s say I
would have one student that has this type of wheel that enables this and I
would have the other without it I would still need to learn the person with this
advanced wheel to to use this braking technique that
requires it’s not intuitive enough so in that same time of me learning the one
with the advanced wheel I wouldn’t learn the one with the normal real the normal
braking technique so it ends up being the same so I would say it’s not an
advantage and it’s just more money I think they change the wheel my
feedback for demo was now you to stop you would need to put your wheel in a
position they have completely far really far away from the position that you
would need to stop yeah if they can find a way for the will to work somewhere in
between the way you really stop and the way you roll Pam that could be a
progression yeah okay so a couple of things have been tried in that area so
roleplay tried tried it with that cuff yeah and it had like a thing here and
then if you put the cuff backwards it’s pretty so I don’t know maybe maybe
that’s actually go on okay kids okay it’s gonna be it’s gonna be petted it so
it’s the ones watching progressive blocking system okay and it’s for kid
escapes yeah and it’s it’s just a screw that
will completely flow through screw that you can throw in front of your skate now
and then you write off this it’s obviously not as true but it’s like it’s
it’s a way for you to make your meal because when we’re talking about skating
being a motor action then you can do from three-year-old yeah as a
three-year-old what you want at first is not to roll it’s to be able to stand on
these things that we call skate yeah so you first need to deal with this yeah
for you to deal with is you need to block the wheels or
compress yeah we’re in the thick carpet so our solution is blocking the rear
wheel but then you just don’t like and expect kids to skate so progressively
you can unblock the wheel so that the wheel goes from not rolling to roll okay
freely you could also take out the space or something now I’m chucking like two
or you put in bad bearing Shores like anything else that will show but it’s
something that instead of opening this gate it’s really accessible yeah so when
this the kid first in the same session yeah I can have the kitchen from not
skating to say that’s really smart actually yeah it’s a really basic thing
but yeah you know i I’ve been teaching for 17 years and last week I made made
the new thing up because I had a new student and there was a girl she never
skated before she was a bit of her way and see it was just not gonna work you
know she was not gonna learn how to skate so after 17 years I finally came
up with a new teaching method and I just put one skate on her food and she could
have her shoe on the other and discover oh yeah I just feel the roll like that
yeah I was she was just I mean she still can’t skate but at least he was able to
like attend the lesson and roll around and practice a bit well otherwise he
wouldn’t have talked about the one foot skating did you ever went with skated
like that yeah I come from a small town and all we had was a halfpipe so we got
creative back then just put on one skate drop in and try to try to do that my
first skate again for the third time in this video
yes yeah I don’t know if you remember but these kids used to break here when
they first came out Haga if you had like if you had impact like
straw after a few times okay if you will need it completely straight if you eat
it like this and one of the sides with break toka nowadays completely different
I see that there are bridges and stuff like that mmm back then they did it so I
broke my skate and then I still had one good skate so for a few weeks
yeah yeah for a few months I didn’t that skates for a few weeks until I died just
have an option I only had one so it’s kind of with one skid that’s all I am
again I’m from here Tom and yeah I didn’t make that much money and then
until I had the money to buy another pair of skates which wasn’t which was
these then I ended up buying some k2 fatties mm-hmm but until I had the money
to buy my second pair of skates I actually that’s when I started quad
skating in ramps because its speed quad skates
anyway I guess that’s it today yeah yeah Thank You Man see whenever I could cure
them yeah okay I hope you guys enjoyed these one and if you stayed until now
well congratulations yeah idea what time it is at all hey congratulations to all
of you there watched it to know you’re a champion don’t forget to go and
subscribe to do this is Sol yeah I’m Cheryl I’m gonna put the link in the
description and that’s it yeah you got to do next let’s drink beer now thanks
for good thank you so much Cheers inline skating yeah okay


  1. Nailed it on the head there – all us 30+ years olds thinking it was 'better in our day'. Totally agree with Ivo there too about the not being good with newer generations etc.

  2. Also Ricardo – if your Sola's feel slower – clean them up! They get wax build up and ironically slow down!

  3. I like the idea of not changing skate just for a couse of "improvement". Like a roces m12 in black 🙂 Another thing, in my opinion dropping prices for agressive skates (in general) will help agressive inline skating. From my perspective 3 wheels skates using more material, more tech involved are priced similar as a simple plastic boot witch liner looking like nothing special. "core" agressive skates should be cheaper

  4. America’s also different because everything’s so spaced out. New York kind of feels like a European city, and some others do in parts, but most of the country you absolutely have to have a car—people live 15 miles from work, 5 from the grocery store 10-15 from all their friends… and all the sidewalks are narrow and poorly maintained

  5. Such a solid idea on the colour way. It’s so irritating when they bring a classic model out in all black and it’s a short run. Keep it as a staple and then release your wacky colours for the kids!

  6. What a dick! Ricardo tried to have a conversation, and you just argue about everything.. It's ok to have different ideas, but sometimes when you disagree with EVERYTHING it means that you are the problem… Inline cannot move forward with constant arguments. We actually got kicked out of Nitro Circus best trick competition just because of how negative and angry our community acted about our own sport. ( True story. They wanted to keep it for Chris Haffey, and Dave Lang. but the comments are all bad from inside our own community) It really pisses me off. I'm 32 years old, and I still love the sport, but I can't do it because it's a joke and nobody will skate with me…. Why should I learn a 360 top soul if nobody is around to have fun with me? Nobody wants to rollerblade/ inline street skate when nobody is around….. Sick of shit talkers. Either help the sport or move away. Sorry jaded shop owner. Try buying your own molds for boots or frames if you don't like it…. Oh wait, is it too expensive? No shit dumbass. Do you think these companies try to let you down on purpose? Maybe you should be thankful to companies like Razors and USD that keep trying to give you quality products, even though they make less and less profit. They stuck with us unlike Rollerblade, K2, Salomon… Let's see what Roces does to stay around.

  7. I do respect trying to find a name for the culture but I feel the rest of the world will call it what they call it… any-who, your videos are really good 👏
    Looking forward to sitting in on this conversation (stop chewing on the mic😂) -I’m grabbing a beer.

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