Shoot QUALITY Videos with a Webcam!

Shoot QUALITY Videos with a Webcam!

– We’re gonna run through how you can shoot
professional-looking videos just using your webcam including a ton of simple tips that will easily improve
your webcam quality when you’re recording on
both Mac and PC right now. (electronic music) Hey it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business
and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button. And all the links to everything
we mention in this video you can find linked in
the description box below. So let’s jump into it. Webcams are an awesome low-cost
super flexible camera option but they’re not just
great for live streaming, with the right process
and a few simple tips, you can easily shoot high quality videos just using your webcam. So that’s what we’re
covering in this video. So let’s jump in. To begin though, it’s a good idea to have
a bit of an understanding on some of the limitations that
most webcams have out there. And then we’re gonna look
at how you can overcome them for best results. So typically webcams in general
are pretty bad in low-light. They’ve got poor audio. They’ve got poor autofocus. They’ve got poor colors. And a lot of them can have
flickering or a strobing image depending on the lights that
you’re using in your scene. Lots of them are also way too sensitive with the exposure or the brightness and the color adjustments. So they can be constantly changing and adjusting throughout
your video recording or throughout your livestream. So now we’re gonna look at how you can fix these things to get the best results
out of your webcams. So to tackle the first one then with webcams not being awesome
in low-light conditions. The answer really is to
add more light to yourself or to your scene or to both. So if it means opening up the curtains to get more light in through the window, if it means adding more
lights to light up yourself or to light up the background. You really wanna have as
much light as possible. Typically what happens with webcams when they are in low-light conditions is they’ll either drop the frame rate giving you a sort of motion
blur or pixelated image. It can also make the image more blurry and not have as much clarity in it or it’s gonna go the other way and try to brighten it up and give you a really
grainy or noisy image. So you really wanna get
your lighting on point here but it really isn’t that hard. The priority should be
on lighting yourself or whoever is gonna be on camera or whatever the focus of the video is, light that or them first. And then use whatever other
lights you’ve got left over or available to light the background. Now if you want a full lighting tutorial, our lighting recommendations, I’ll put a link up in the card now. But yes, focus on lighting
the priority of your video, yourself first and then
the background second. So we’ll tackle the next one then which is the audio. Yes, webcams have really
bad microphones built-in. So the recommendation is not to use one and to use an external microphone
or a separate microphone. The one that I like and the one that I use is the Rode NT-USB. But there’s others out there too from brands like Apogee, like Audio Technica and Blue. Any one of these are gonna
give you far better audio than what you would get from just using the
built-in webcam microphone. So to fix all the remaining
issues for best results you wanna be using software
to control the camera and to lock all your settings down. Now depending on which webcam you’ve got and whether you’re on Mac or PC, using the supplied software
that came with your camera can vary a lot. But typically Logitech
provides a pretty good amount of control for your camera if you’ve actually installed the software which surprisingly a lot of
people will plug in their webcam and never get around to
installing the software. It’s actually something that I would strongly recommend you do. Also, typically on the PC side, the software does
generally have more control or more options than on Mac. But if you are on Mac don’t worry because you can get third-party camera control
software like Webcam Settings which is an amazing tool
that doesn’t cost much. But it’ll give you full control and in some cases a lot more control than what you’ll find on the PC side. So once you’ve got your
lights and your audio set up, then you wanna tweak
and refine your settings for your webcam inside the software that either came with the webcam or the aftermarket software
to control your webcam, to dial everything in. Now the first setting
that you wanna adjust is the anti-flicker or the flicker region or frequency for the region
that you’re filming in. So if you’re in America
that’s 60 Hertz or NTSC. If you’re in Australia or the UK then that’s PAL or 50 Hertz. So that’s gonna help you eliminate any flickering or strobing
from any lights in your scene. Next up, if you’ve got the ability to turn on or off backlight control, for best results I would
suggest to turn it off. But some people may not have this option depending on the software
or the webcam they’re using. Next you wanna adjust and lock down your brightness or exposure. And depending on the
software that you’ve got this might be called exposure. It might be called gain. It might be called brightness. You might have a combination
of the three of them. But the idea here is that
you’re setting this manually and not leaving this on automatic. So that if you move or
something moves in your shot that your computer and your software isn’t going to make your
shot brighter or darker to constantly adjust and
compensate for any movement. Now there really is no
right or wrong with this. You’re really dialing in these settings to get the look that you’re after. This is a creative process. This is a creative tool as well. So you can use the settings to dial in the shot that you like. But make sure that they’re on manual so they’re not going to adjust. The next setting you
wanna disable from auto is your white balance or
your color temperature. Now this is typically a slider and when you slide the thing one way it’s gonna go more blue and go the other way it’s
gonna go more yellow or orange. Again this is personal preference but in most cases you’re
probably gonna find that it’s almost around the midpoint. Once you’ve locked down your white balance then we can look at the color
vibrancy or the saturation. So we can either add more
colors or amplify the colors or you can take some out, depending on how much is in there. And the last major setting that you wanna be locking
down is the focus. Again kicking it out of auto, using the slider to adjust it on you or on the focus of the video. So this way if anything changes, if you lean forward, lean
back just for a short second, it’s not going to go out of
focus and stay out of focus and ruin your recording. So now that you’ve got all
of those settings dialed in, in most cases it’s gonna
save those settings so that next time you
might reboot your computer, it’s going to pull back up
those same settings for you. But that might not always be the case. If it’s supported, you might also wanna
save different profiles so you could have a profile with all of your settings set
for filming during the day. And one set for filming at nighttime where the brightness or the exposure might change a little bit. So at this point you’ve
got everything set up to have good audio and a
great looking video feed coming in through your webcam. Now from here the only last place that you could have quality loss is depending on the
software that you’re using to either livestream
or to save your videos directly to your computer. Now without going into all the different live streaming software, all the different recording
software that you could use to save or broadcast your webcam, as a general rule you wanna make sure that you are broadcasting or recording in the highest quality possible for you, for your computer or for live streaming, it’s gonna be based on your
internet speed as well. So wherever possible, have these set to the best
quality for the best results. So that’s how you can set everything up to create professional-looking videos just using your webcam. Now linked onscreen is a video covering off on an eight
step checklist for filming before you hit record. Make sure you check that one
out and I’ll see you soon.

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  2. Last week I went to get a new webcam and was bummed out because they were out of the Brio, but being a man who gets quite impatient with patients I picked up the c930e and I couldn't be more than happy. The picture is on point the whole time and I use my own mic and then I found out that do to my distance to my wireless router my upload speed would not have guaranteed a 4K upload anyway so I believe I lucked out and it's a darn good camera

  3. Thank you for this video. I purchased the Logitech C922x pro last week and couldn't figure how how to adjust the lighting. Come to find out like you mentioned, most people don't download the software. The packaging doesn't mention the fact that we need-to download anything. There are so many things that are plug and play these days that we just think they are going to work out of the box. Great content. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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