Setup Your Anchor Podcast Profile Fast (2018)

Setup Your Anchor Podcast Profile Fast (2018)

Joining me today my name is Ileane and I
like to talk to you today about podcasting and there’s an application
that I’ve been using it’s called anchor you can find it over
at anchor dot FM you’ll find my station at that’s i l e a n e and I’ve been using the platform every day since the middle of
July so it’s been almost six months that I’ve been a daily user on the platform
so I’ve learned a few things and I’d love to share them with you today first
I want to tell you about a site that I’m collaborating with two of my fellow
anchor mates and that’s doctor Dan Davidson from the anchor talk show
actually it was his idea to do this website where you can find a bunch of
tutorials about anchor and also Avie Uniglicht and they call him dr. avie
because he is the tech guru over on anchor and between the three of us we’re
always answering questions and letting people know how to best use the platform
so that they can really enjoy themselves and so that they can be committed to
their show and their audience so we decide excuse me we decided to get
together and to put this site together and it’s called anchor boot camps and
you’ll find that at but today I wanted to start off
from scratch from someone who has heard about this app anchor or who wants to
start a podcast but they need an easy way to do it so let me give you a brief
overview of the anchor app how the anchor app works is allows you to record
five-minute audio segments at a time you can add background tracks to that if you
want to set a certain mood for your episode
if what you had to say is longer than five minutes that’s okay you can record
multiple five-minute segments and string them all together but one of the most
beautiful things about the app is the engagement in the community people can’t
call in to your station and record a 1 minute or less segment to give you
feedback ask a question or just to join in on the conversation on your station
so it helps reduce the back-and-forth with setting up interviews and all of
that now the other thing about anchor that’s important to know is that there’s
a 24-hour time line but I’m going to show you how you can make sure your
content doesn’t go away after 24 hours so now that you had a quick overview
there’s a lot more to say about anchor but for now I want to get to just taking
a look at the app and I’ve got some screen shares for us to take a look at so as I mentioned earlier there is a
carousel and this is the home page of anchor and you’ll see there that there’s
sort of a dial your station will be the first one on the dial and you see there
there’s my station so let’s look at the very bottom row you’ll see these icons
one is the home button then next you see the magnifying glass that’s when you
want to search you can search by user by topic and you’ll see certain featured
topics there and featured stations in the middle is a big old record button so
that’s the one you push when you’re ready to record your five minute or less
segments then next to that is the notifications button and that
notification just lets you know someone gave you engagement on your your segment
maybe they listened or they clapped because you can give people applause and
the app or they called into your station or you called into
someone else’s station and they published your call in so there’s all
kinds of notifications that you can get on that tab and we’ll come back to them
in another video so for now we went ahead to that very last tab there which
is the profile because this is a big problem that I see a lot of people not
taking advantage of their profile so let’s get the next screen share up okay
so here’s my profile at the top okay you’re going to pick your username I
recommend that you pick your own name or the name of your business or your
podcast but keep in mind you also can add an image and it’s just like profiles
on maybe Facebook or Twitter where you upload that square image but then the
app decides to show it in a round circle so remember that and maybe add a little
border around your image okay so pick a name that’s memorable easy to spell or
it’s your own name the next you see what your URL of your station is okay based
on your name so if you pick a two-word name then there’s gonna be a hyphen in
between let’s say for example instead of me just saying Aileen maybe I want it to
be Aileen Smith then my anchor profile URL would be anchor dot F M slash Ilene
– Smith you may not want that – it’s up to you now here’s a key piece the
description I see so many people on anchor they want to grow an audience
they want to get engagement they want people to listen to their segments yet
they haven’t filled out the description so people can’t know who you are or what
it is that you’re going to be podcasting about
you don’t fill out the description the description also gives you enough space
there that if you want to make sure people follow you on other platforms you
can add in your user name so for example and mine I mentioned that you can follow
me on Twitter and Instagram under the same handle that I use one anchor and
that’s Eileen ioe page then you also get a chance to link out to a nother
platform or a website or you want to maybe link to your YouTube channel if
you’re a youtuber or if you have a podcast already established outside of
anchor you can add that so that’s separate from the description you get to
add one link so I see people forgetting this all the time and these are people
to have their own platform somewhere they have a blog or they have an
Instagram that they’re very active on but yet they forget to fill out their
profile one other key element that’s coming right up that I want to make sure
that you know about your profile here okay you can log in to anchor with your
social media your Twitter or your Facebook however I recommend that you
don’t do that and that you log in with your email address there are several
reasons that you want anchor to have your email first every day you’ll get a
dot a daily digest now if they don’t have your email address they can’t send
you the daily digest the daily digest tells you how many listens you got who
your most engaged listener was what segments most people listen to so this
is how you know what kind of content is resonating with your audience based on
those daily digests and also your notifications that you see within the
app so having that email address also gives them contact with you if there
to support issue or when they release a really big update to the app they will
email everyone so and they don’t bother you with emails you get that daily
digest but they don’t bother you every time some little change happens or if
they have a blog post or something like that
usually it’s only a major change where you’ll get the email but those daily
digests are very valuable what I see a lot of folks do with their daily digest
when they see that most engaged listener they will give that person a shout out
what a fantastic way to engage with your audience and knowing which segment let’s
say you publish ten segments a day knowing which one got the most
engagement that’s also very very important
so although you’re going to log in with your email you also can connect your
Twitter and your Facebook which is great because you can share your segments out
to those platforms very easily within the app the next thing that I want to
talk about and I’ll skip over the music section just know that if you have Apple
music or Spotify on your phone you can connect those we’ll talk about those in
another video but the next section that I want to bring to your attention is
super important because even though you may have started your anchor show
thinking I’m just horsing around I’m not really serious about this thing remember
everything is on a 24-hour cycle if you want to save your content and even
though you may not think that when you first sign up eventually as time goes by
you’re gonna want to save your content because you’re gonna be in building your
public speaking skills you’re gonna want to be able to track your own personal
development on the app you want to turn on that very last toggle you see there
which is my station our five you want to make sure that anchor
keeps an archive of your station on a daily basis at the end of the day in the
Eastern time zone at midnight they will archive your station and you’ll be able
you will be able to go through in the app and still access your old content
that’s also a great way to repurpose content go back to some of those winners
remember I told you you’ll find out through your daily digest but the
winners are so maybe you go back to one from two weeks ago and air it again
because you’ve got new listeners in the last couple weeks right they didn’t hear
it or everybody that felt that has favored at your station didn’t hear it
the first time so you definitely want to have that option toggled on
so there you have it guys I am excited about this app especially for folks who
want to start a podcast just haven’t got up the nerve or think that there’s gonna
take so much time and there’s gonna be so much tech this is super simple all
you need is your own mobile device and something to say sign into the app with
your email address pick up your phone and start recording you will get
engagement with people on the app I’m sure you’ll see people on there that you
already know and what I’d like for you to do is to make sure that you come back
because I will be talking about anchor here also visit
that’s where you’ll find those tutorials you can get up and running I wanted to
make sure you know how to optimize your anchor profile and with that I’ll see
you in the next video or I’ll hear you over on anchor. Peace

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  1. Hi Ileane,

    Thank you for sharing, this is very helpful. I actually connected with you first via anchor and am engaging with you there too.

    I have a question about calling out on a regular phone number. I saw that function mentioned in some informational page on anchor, but, I am not seeing that option on my phone. Does this have to do with Iphone vs Android? Are there less functions available on android? Or am I missing something?

  2. Hello! I recently started a Podcast on Anchor but for some reason it has not been published to other platforms. Do you know why?

  3. Hi Ileane. Before I saw your video I signed up through my Facebook instead of my email. Is there another way to do it over?

  4. May I make a suggestion? Your profile metadata reads oddly. “Better Self” and don’t for the a. Reads like there’s an “a” in or missing from better self. Perhaps “Better self Ileane” + don’t forget the “a”. #justsayin

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