1. I like the video also think the shelves would be better higher up but that's just my opinion and I don't know what it looks like so just ignor me I'm small and unimportant ill go crawl back under my rock

  2. Hey Chase! I'm sick today so your video was a nice little smile time ☺️, thanks for being you! Also if I were ever to visit ur area coul I meet you? My parents are talking about taking us to canada and it would be cool to meet you! Also I prefer my shelves to be up high but I'm taller an my little sister takes my shit but ya that's hust my opinion. If you were to make a video infront of that wall then are you still going to be able to see everything is how I would go about that decision but ur apartment looks great! Ik how it is to have anxiety about stuff but sometimes if u look at a problem just close your eyes and take a deep breath 🙂 you got this homie <3

  3. For your shelves, wouldn't the "standing" bottom one be at the same height as the "sitting" top one? With one shelf up you could imagine what it would look like better.

  4. I think putting the shelves up higher would be better, because you're so animated when you can stand up and kind of walk around during your recording =]

  5. Shelves higher would give you more space in your room, and less likely to get in the way. but low shelves mean you could sit with them in the background. unless you have a stool in which case higher works too!

  6. Make the shelfs in arm reaching height so that you can have the perfect sex shop experience right in your bedroom;) plus I guess that would be somewhere inbetween sitting and standing heigh..

  7. I would put it further up, just has a more natural shelve ish feel??? I don't know what I'm talking about tho so??? Also good job on the organizing n stuff like that, your room doesn't look messy at all anymore, that must feel great

  8. Don't know if you will see this before you finish the shelves, but a way to see were you like them is to take colored tape and put it where you think you'd like them to go, and if you hate it, you can just move the tape until you love it.

  9. Chase, honey, I would watch you if you film in front of the garbage can! This may not help, but you don't need to stress out about the little details for us.

  10. Wow you got so much done! It looks great! Don't feel like you didn't get anything done. you checked something off your list. Be proud ;p Also i think the sitting down option would be good because then you can easily access your shelves without having to really reach or get a stool….

  11. Standing shelves sounds more practical. If you have them lower it seems more likely anyone can bump into them on accident.

  12. Standing I think…. sitting is a bit too low. Plus you're kinda all over the place during the videos and it's hilarious so standing is funny 🙂

  13. Lol every time I hear something I blame my cats. And higher up shelves will let you have more room under them to put  and hang stuff.

  14. Breathe amazing person. I vote for standing. Sending extra love and healing and good energies to you and your project. Not all of your decisions are bad. Believe in yourself. I believe in you!💖

  15. You should set the shelves up how you want to film. Do you like standing for that long or is sitting preferred. Love all the decisions you are making. Great choices!

  16. if you have the sex toy wall lower for sitting you could use a desk in the shot to help with demonstrations, but i think it would look less weird higher on the wall :/

  17. Chase you got this! Moving sucks, I'll be honest but literally once you're done you feel so accomplished it's like when you're depressed and you clean your room you feel so good. I'm proud of you chaseypoo

  18. Stop being so adorable! I turn on 1 of your vids and I spiral into a Chase video watching frenzy! You're awesome come to the US East coast bro!

  19. Hi Chase!! Just wanted to let you know that by watching you videos has helped me a lot. Your such a wonderful person! I've just been watching your videos about 6 months or more. I messaged you and put my number so when you're ready maybe give me a call? I have lots of ?'s and I also mentioned a little about me. Love you Chase and just hand in there buddy! Please, please call me or message me! I would greatly appreciate it so much. God Bless and kisses to your cat.

  20. "once i do it i can't change it cause it causes too many holes" hehehehehehehe i feel you. shove toothpaste in the holes you mess up on. youll be okay.

  21. do standing because they will be level when you walk in and I notice you don't like to sit down a lot when you take videos.

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