47 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Guy Smiley Playlist

  1. Wow, those last two game shows are not hosted by Guy Smiley and the first one is not a game show.  What's wrong Sesame Street, you banned segments involving Cookie Monster or other Sesame Street stars as contestants?

  2. Error on Are you Smart than an Egg and The Crying Game Show. Those are NOT hosted by Guy Smiley. The Crying Game Show was hosted by Guy Smiley's rival, Sonny Friendly. Other game show skit I know of that are NOT hosted by Guy Smiley includes:
    Family Food (Richard Dawson)
    What Happens Next? (Gordon)
    Squeal of Fortune (Pat Playjacks and co-hostess, Velma Blank)
    Driedel of Fortune (Jeremy Miller)
    The NEW Here Is Your Life (Sonny Friendly)

    And yes, Sonny Friendly did meet Guy Smiley once on "What's My Job?" And I remember Guy Smiley argued with Sonny Friendly and complained in rage "THIS WHOLE THING WAS A ROTTEN IDEA! WHO PUT THIS MAN ON THE SHOW?!?"

  3. Guy Smiley is said to be modeled after game show host Jim Perry, who died tonight after a lengthy battle with cancer (11/20/2015). Perry was 82.

  4. And also, The Crying Game Show had a title logo of a sad yellow face with a tear in the eye with blue letters the reads "The Crying Game Show".

  5. Hey look it’s Forgetful Jones. I really loved him when I was a kid. Btw that’s crying game is rigged 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Love it. Now PLEASE post Guy Smiley's version of the song "Gone With The Wind"! One of my favorite Sesame Street moments of all time!

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