Serial: Fall’s Best New Show is a Podcast?

Serial: Fall’s Best New Show is a Podcast?

ALEX: We are in the
midst of an epidemic. LIZZIE: Our entire
office is obsessed with the “Serial” podcast, and
now we can’t get any work done. MILES: Episode three? EARNEST: Episode five. MILES: Ugh! FEMALE SPEAKER: What do you
mean you’re not caught up? I have theories I need to
discuss with you right now. ALEX: I know. I know. I just– I didn’t
plug in my phone. I want to. I want to. FEMALE SPEAKER:
Always be listening. MILES: Tron, I’m gonna
need you in the conference room in, like, a few minutes,
if you can wrap this up. TRON: Miles, they haven’t
even talked about Don. MILES: Oh, come on. TRON: Like, where was Don? [MUSIC PLAYING] ALEX: If you don’t
know, “Serial” is a podcast from the creators
of “This American Life,” and it has quickly
become the number one podcast in the world. LIZZIE: Basically what it is
is Sarah Koenig, this reporter, is investigating a mysterious
murder case from 1999, involving two
teenagers in Baltimore, to see if the guy who’s in
jail for it actually did it. But get this– she’s
investigating it in real time. ALEX: That means she
doesn’t even though the end of the episode for that
week, let alone the series. LIZZIE: Nope, not a clue. It’s being compared to TV
shows like “True Detective.” And just like “True
Detective,” the rabid fan base is getting heavily involved
in the investigation. Only this time, it’s
real, you monsters. ALEX: And we’re about
to get into all of that. So if you haven’t listened
yet, stop watching right now. LIZZIE: Yeah. We have the link to listen
to the first episode right here and down
in the description. Click that, listen to all
them, and then come back. Don’t listen to the next part. You will embarrass yourself. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK. Now that we got those stupid
newbies out of the way, let’s talk about this. The internet is
having a conniption. I am having a conniption. I’m so excited. There are already two weekly
podcasts about this podcast, and there’s no shortage of crazy
conspiracy theories out there. ALEX: Oh, man. If you want some good
ones, read about the people that think Sarah Koenig
is the mastermind killer behind all of this. LIZZIE: Just, why? But there is also
some very useful stuff for those of you who can’t
get enough of the show. Like, there’s
actually this one guy who did two tours
about the location surrounding Woodlawn, from the
library and the park-and-ride to The Crab Crib, my favorite,
and the log in Leakin Park. ALEX: Mr. S. didn’t
really even go that far into the woods to pee. LIZZIE: No, I think
he’s not concerned about exposing himself near busy
highways or anywhere, really. ALEX: No. There’s another guy that
challenges the drive that Sarah does in episode five
based on the prosecution’s 21-minute theory. LIZZIE: Yeah. And somebody else even
created a live map of all of the incoming calls
to Adnan’s phone on January 13 and then matched the cell
towers to Jay’s rather sketchy testimony. ALEX: Oh, hey, spoiler
alert– turns out it doesn’t make any sense,
because the prosecution’s timeline is way off. LIZZIE: Actually, one
of my favorite things, though, is the weekly Google
Hangout with Rabia Chaudry. Alex, I have to ask,
who do you think did it? ALEX: I honestly think that
we’re not going to know, so it doesn’t really
matter what I think. LIZZIE: Yeah. ALEX: She is just a reporter. That’s all she does. And I think it’s going to
end like a lot of things do, where they’re just
like, hey, who knows? LIZZIE: I know, but that’s
the excitement of it. It’s because she’s
not a detective. She’s a really good
armchair detective, and that sort of makes me
feel like, well, anyone can solve it. ALEX: If you feel like
digging a little deeper, we have a blog post chock
full of resources, including everything we talked about here,
plus some surprises brought up by Redditors. LIZZIE: Yep, and we’ll be
updating it every week. We’ve got the link right here
and down in the description. But if you do decide to do
some digging in the deep web, please keep in mind that
this is a real case involving real people’s lives. ALEX: And finally,
what is MailChimp, and why can’t that
lady say it right? Next week, on YouTube Nation. EARNEST: [INAUDIBLE]. MILES: No, look, I have
a different timeline. So if you look at
those calls, right? No, no, no! [SHOUTING]

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  1. to be honest im sad to see how this channel has changed ;( i remember the days before a million subs when we played "first" and the weekely episodes were all about staring peoples uploads. and saturdays were on themes ;( please go back to that format

  2. It sounds like an interesting plot.  Also, this craze has shown how technology is revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

  3. Okay, I am back after y'all said to listen to the podcast first, I did… all 9 and now I am hooked. IDK if I like y'all for this or I should be upset… 

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