Sennheiser MK4 Mic Review / Test

salutations people of Earth um back with a review of another Sennheiser microphone so today we’re looking at this guy the Sennheiser mk4 if you do want to pick this guy up it will set you back around 300 bucks like always I’ll throw some links down below and also I am connecting the mic direct to the 2i2 2nd gen with 48 volts on and my gain at around 11 o’clock not gonna do any post-processing but I will boost it in post so check the doobly-doo to see what I did Lee did got it right that time now let’s talk about what comes in the box you get a very nice padded carrying or storage box you obviously get the microphone you get a microphone mount which does have a 5/8 to 3/8 inch adapter already installed and you get some documentation then as far as the build quality I know I am starting to sound like a broken record here but it’s because mic build quality is pretty standardized but this thing feels pretty good it has an all-metal body a metal grill a good amount of weight to it and it is a bare-bones microphone there are no switches or any features on this thing it is just a microphone but on the bottom you will find the XLR port then as far as the specs this thing has a cardioid polar pattern a frequency response of 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz a sensitivity of approximately negative 32 decibels a self-noise of 10 DBA and an output impedance of approximately 50 ohms now I’m speaking into the MK 4 spinning it around to 90 degrees to show you the off-axis coloration and rejection we’re continuing around to 180 degrees to show you what it rejects from the rear continuing back around to the secondary ninety degree position and we will continue around to zero degrees again now I’m typing on a keyboard with cherry MX blue to show you how much of my voice first how much of the keyboard it picks up now I’m right on top of the microphone to show you the proximity effect of this thing about three inches away from the microphone with the steadman pro screen 101 [Music] senator I’m really liking this microphone [Music] now this part of the video is gonna be pretty difficult for me because I couldn’t find much about this microphone that I don’t like in terms of pros this thing does have a very nice and subtle coloration I do rather like the off-axis coloration as well it did a respectable job in terms of background noise rejection the self noise on this thing is pretty good it’s not the best but it is pretty good and it does have a really nice build quality and then in terms of cons I couldn’t really find anything I didn’t like about the performance of this microphone so I will say I just don’t think it’s a very good looking mic so as far as my overall thoughts I was actually very impressed with this microphone on the electric guitar it wasn’t necessarily exciting but I think that’s a good thing because the microphone wasn’t over boosted in any frequency range I also thought it sounded incredible on the acoustic guitar with a nice full body and then a lot of shininess on the top end which is very airy and open sounding for singing I also thought it sounded pretty good if not a bit on the airy side and then for spoken word I think that’s where this really shined it had a really nice amount of clarity without being harsh or shrill or having too much siblings and the thing that Sennheiser annoyin do best that proximity effect of that silky smooth proximity that when you get right on top of the microphone you get that really smooth low-end and you got that clarity on top to even it out a bit I really loved it for that so would I recommend this microphone absolutely like I already said it’s very difficult for me to find any kind of flaws with this thing unless you’re somebody is specifically looking for a dead flat microphone or you have an aversion to broad presence and treble boost if you don’t fit into either of those two categories then I think this is a great all-purpose microphone to add to your arsenal if you’re recording electric guitar acoustic guitar singing or spoke in a word especially for spoken word if you’re looking for that sennheiser neumann sound but you’re not willing or able to spend seven hundred or a thousand bucks all right guys that’s gonna do it for today if you enjoyed the video thumbs up hated a thumbs down want to influence what I review geeks rising dot-com slash podcast did go cast a vote there while more videos like this go ahead and click the logo beneath me and click the bell button next to my name down there you can also check out the discord server link in the description and I will see you all next time thanks for watching bye [Music]

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