51 thoughts on “SELF IMPROVEMENT *i need help*

  1. Omg when she was in the car wash she said it was like stranger things and she “I’m in the UNDERGROUND “ ok um 😐 it’s the upside down

  2. I judge that she should think. Why..? because everybody judges.. to get a lot of chlorine and spray it all around. In her apartment or wherever she lives. Lil bit of mist might just clear up her zits..

  3. Emma does your coffee pot not melt the ice as it goes into your cup? I’ve tried to do this before and the ice always melts /: serious question

  4. So Basicly I came From Antonio Garza and on one of Antonias Videos Sayt Somone in The Comments Antonia is Funnyer Then Emma so I Came Here ( I dont Know her so)

    I watched This Video And I must Say The Comment was Right

    Not even Emma
    Litteraly None
    Be ever Funnyer than
    Fight me

    Thank you for Listening

  5. like serious, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? you need a BOYFRIEND to MAKE OUT WITH. I mean come on. step your game up a couple more notches.

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