SELF IMPROVEMENT *i need help*

SELF IMPROVEMENT *i need help*

Ooh, wow. So basically what happened today was that I woke up, and I was like: “I need to film a video today”. I was like: “Okay, I have some ideas” and then I was like: “Ok, wait, I actually HATE those ideas”. And then I was like: “Ok well, I could just vlog my day” because, you know, that’s what I used to do. For old times sake, today I’m just fucking vlogging today! The first order of business. All right, I need a new camera. Let me explain. So I’m a YouTuber, you know. If you- I mean- you would think that like I would have my equipment together. You would think that I would have all of the best equipment and that I’d be really knowledgeable about cameras. Absolutely not. I have three cameras. I own three, the one that I’m filming on and then I have two other ones. As of right now two of my cameras are broken. So the one that I’ve been using for like the past few months is this one, now this one’s fine, the only problem is that the knobs are coming off. It’s kind of just on its way out. Okay, then I have this camera. Some basic vlog camera. Only issue is that … It’s completely broken. I broke this one a while ago So this is not a shock to me like this has been broken for months. And then I have the camera that I’m filming on which is my like emergency camera It’s the exact same as this except for that it’s working. Problem is I don’t want to use this camera as my like consistent everyday camera because I like to keep it as an emergency camera. It’s kind of funny that I have absolutely, no filming equipment. Considering that I literally am a YouTuber. Like this is what I do every day. Okay, and I have the worst equipment. I want to like step up my game, like I want to get a good camera You know, I want to get a camera that’s like really fucking crispy. Like I want you to see every single acne I have and I want you to be able to count it. I want it to almost look 3D through the screen. and I want a really nice tripod because let me tell you, not only are my cameras broken but also … My tripod is broken. It’s a mess. It’s a Like basically all the equipment I have right now it’s broken. I thought it’d be fun If right now, we went to fucking Best Buy and we bought me some new equipment like let’s just refresh my YouTube equipment. I mean it makes sense. Like I should have good shit by now. I’ve always been a firm believer that equipment does not mean quality. Like I think you can have a great video and film it on your iPhone. I’ve filmed some great videos on my iPhone. Does having good equipment mean that your video is good? Absolutely not, but I think they can go hand-in-hand So let’s go to Best Buy. I don’t know what I’m buying yet. I don’t know anything about cameras. I don’t know what I’m even gonna get. Oh my god, I think I found the one. Oh my god, it’s fucking hot in my car. Oh, fuck. Help. Okay. Look what I just got! I got, the Canon EOS M50. So, I don’t know if this is good or bad, Um, I mean, it looks good. The guy at Best Buy said that this is a great camera and that it’s better than the ones that I’m using currently and that’s all I need to know also got two fucking beefy ass SD cards 128 GB. That was successful. I feel so good now that I have that because it just looks more professional. I think the quality is gonna be better. I think it’s gonna be a good time. So let’s just like Hope for the best with that. But now I don’t know what I need to do I’m gonna see if I can get a nail appointment Why don’t I get my nails in every fucking video? But like I really wanna get ’em done. Like you don’t mind, right? Maybe you do. I’m gonna call my usual nail place even though they’re kind of bad. Do you guys have any appointments within the next like 15-20 minutes? Okay, the reason why I like this place is because they always have availability. The only problem is that sometimes they say they have availability and then they don’t and then it’s like, ah fuck. What do I do? I just want to get my fucking nails done. Is that too much to ask? Oh my god. Imagine, imagine that. That was so annoying. My new camera would fucking never do that. Actually, it probably would. No! Hold on. Okay, we’re just gonna hold it then, I guess, and why are there people riding bikes in the middle of the street going 2mph?! Like, get out of the street! Okay, now I’m just irritated. I need a good fucking way to mount my camera in the car. It’s been too long of my camera fucking flying around this shit. Need to figure that out. For now, let’s get our nails done. Today is gonna be fucking crazy. What color do I get my nails today? This is a consistent issue. I’ve been wanting to get neon nails for a while now, but now everyone’s getting them. So now I’m like, okay, I don’t really want them anymore cause I want to be different. Ooh, maybe I can alternate between like two colors, that could be kind of fire. You know what, we’ll kind of cross that bridge when we get to it. I’m having a little predicament because I really want to go home. But the problem is, is that I’m getting my house cleaned right now because my house needed to be cleaned. I can’t be home while my house is being cleaned. I mean like I could go get food but like I’m by myself and all my friends are busy. So like that makes me uncomfortable, I do not, do not like eating at restaurants by myself. I used to be fine with it, now it’s not chill anymore. Also, I don’t even know what kind of food I would want right now. I mean I could go to like sweetgreen, that could be kind of yummy right? A good salad, right? I don’t even fucking want a salad right now. Napa get over here. You are gonna go stay with Emma for four hours. Yay. Come on, Napa. Time to be babysat by your fucking weird aunt. Yes, Queen! Okay, so I’m babysitting Napa for the next few hours. So that’s another fun activity that we’re gonna be working with today. Like it’s, Okay, it’s like my dog fix, like it’s so nice when your friends have dogs, that are like chill because then it’s like you get to reap the benefits, but then you don’t have to like actually own them. Also Napa just got a haircut and she feels like a fresh baby seal. So, really excited to be hanging out with her for the next few hours. But she’s so chill that we’re probably gonna forget that we’re even with her, but now that I’m like with Napa. I’m like, what do we do together? Napa, what do you wanna do? Napa, what do you want to do. Do you wanna go fucking like go to dinner like I don’t know. Napa, do you want to go get coffee? Okay, I guess that doesn’t sound good. Guys! Who’s ready for a technology unboxing? Wait, I need scissors. I’m so excited about my fucking camera. I just wanna open it up Also, I ordered two tripods and they just coincidentally came in today. So actually we’ll open these first because they’re boring. Yay, this one’s kind of crazy. Is it bendy? Oh, whoa Interesting, okay. So this one’s kind of chill. This one’s chill as fuck. Look at this bendy ass shit. That’s so fucking chill. I bought two tripods cause I was like: okay number one: you can never have too many and number two: I don’t know if they’re gonna suck or not. So like, if I get two then there’s a good chance one of them is gonna be like fine, although ordering like camera equipment off Amazon is like a really suspicious game. So Oh my god wait is this the exact same one? Wait what, you’re kidding me. They’re the exact same. What? I thought was gonna be bigger than the other one, okay, whatever moving on to the big guns. Welcome to unboxing. Alright, we have the lens. Okay Wow Okay, well we have to put the lens on though guys chill. Big moment, I don’t know how to put on this type of lens. What? Should I like look up how to put it in, or should I just like keep trying? That’s what she said Got it. I knew I was gonna figure it out. Let me put her on a tripod real quick just so that we can see what I’m gonna look like in public. Vlogging with this. Hey guys, welcome to vlogmas. You know, it feels really serious. I love it! Can’t really film anything with this yet because, the battery isn’t charged but like cute effort though. You know Still fun though. Look how pretty she is. Oh my god, she’s so hot. Te tenn out of ten, would fuck this camera. anna ou Should I say that? I’m really happy with my new setup. Like I feel like I’m really gonna like be a better Youtuber now like permanently. So this is what its gonna look like when film my videos now, moving forward. Looks pretty cool, right? You know, pretty cool. Hm, I don’t know? How do I look? Fucking perfect. Do I look like I just shit four times? Cause I did. Really, why? I – my bowels hurt. How are you feeling? I’m feeling like Napa. It’s actually the next day because last night, you know when I was babysitting Napa our play date just started like getting so fun that like I forgot to turn on the camera and then I went to bed cause I got like super tired from the playdates So, guys there’s some stuff we have to do. What are we even doing right now? We’re going to Target. Oh my god. Okay. Oh my god almost died. We’re going to Target right now to get a neti pot After Coachella, I got fucking recked, I got so sick. I literally was sick for like, what, like a week? It was fucking bad. Hated that. I mean, I’m good now, but I still have like a bit of congestion. I talked to multiple people and they told me to get a neti pot. So that was a sign to me that I needed to get a neti pot. I need to do a neti pot for my asshole. Do they have that, that’s called an enema. Also if you’re wondering like Emma why the fuck are you wearing makeup? It’s because I popped all my blackheads and then I looked really ugly Then I was like, I need to just like cover it up a little bit. Also my hair is so long. It’s to the point where I cannot style it anymore. Wearing it down is too long wearing it up, like falls down cause it’s so heavy. Okay Anyway, I’m sorry, getting into my own personal issues. I love Target! Except for the symbol, looks a lot like a nipple. Maybe the fact the Target symbol looks a lot like a nipple, is like selective advertising. Like, cause you know how like sex sells. They want people to be like, oh Target supports nipples. Excuse me, what kind of camera is that? This is a Canon EOS M50, I think. Oh cool. It’s a great camera, I just got it, literally yesterday. It’s great. Great zoom lens. Oh my god. Is it Easter? Oh, it’s Mother’s Day. Okay. So where the fuck is the neti pot, like where do you even find that in a place like this? Where? Oh my god stop, okay wait this one – why is this one like so much bigger? Oh, wait are these the same size box? Yeah, it was just tipped like this. Oh my god, why? I’m so dumb. I was like this one’s bigger. So I’m getting this. Pocky time. Recently, Amanda’s been obsessed with Pocky. She’s like been looking all around the store for it and we just have found it But we’re not going to tell her. Okay, we’re gonna try to find Amanda and tell her that they don’t have any. Amanda! Where is she? We found them but they’re out. They’re out. I’ll eat anything. So that prank just like didn’t work at all, that was just not even a prank. Mood. Oh I want veggie sausage. Hm oh! I love veggie sausage. They’re short. I’m literally getting three boxes. I love being vegetarian. Wait you have so many of those in your fridge. I ate all of them. No you didn’t. Yes, I did. Like what is it to you? Like literally? What is it, to you? If I wanna fucking buy a lot of sausage, like I can like do that. Alright, sausage king. Why am I like crying right now? Everybody’s so sensitive. Amanda, you attacked me. You attacked me. I was trying to help. You literally attacked me. Can we be friends again? Yes Okay, cool. Let’s look at the facts, everybody is being sensitive. I’m just trying to have fun. I know but earlier in the car when I said – oh no no no, you attacked me. I admit right now to being fully sensitive. This is what hanging out with women is like. I picked this up to show Amanda like: ‘you need to buy this’ and then I never put it back down. And it’s still in my head, I mean I guess I’ll buy it then. You’ve gotta be kidding me. That is too much power for me. Oh shit. That’s so fucking fun. Wait let’s see how fast I can go. All right, go! We’re timing it, we’re timing it. Dude, you’re a slow bagger you couldn’t even work at Aldi. I’m so quick, I’m so quick, I’m so quick, I’m so quick, I’m so quick, I’m so quick. Targets literally, Targets literally like: Emma please come work. Oh my god, wait, look at me. Welcome to vlogmas. I was so excited to go home. And use my neti pot but then Olivia was like no we’re going to an amusement park and then I was like, okay. It’s actually a carwash. Oh my god. I’m excited. I don’t do this often. Are you having fun? No, this is just giving me anxiety. This is like being in stranger things. This is stranger things role-playing. This is horrible I’m in the underground. It doesn’t stress you guys out? No Oh my god it’s getting loud. I hate carwashes. Oh my god, Napa’s like not chill right now, she’s like hating this. Amanda hates it too honestly. Carwashes are pointless. Is it societal, like, construct. You’ve definitely gotten your car washed before? Yeah, I’m part of society. So I don’t, okay, yea I know I get it. I don’t mind this. Have I complained once? No. Thank you. Have I complained once? Yes. Aaahhhhh. Oh geez. Looks kind of cool though, kind of aesthetic. Damn look at those water droplets? Okay. That was fun. Hopefully I get to do my neti pot soon. Let’s do this shit. Wait, this would be a perfect setup for cooking with Emma. That’s been noted. Okay, so I don’t know how the fuck to do this. My mom used to do neti pots, like literally every day. I don’t know why. Oh, she has a deviated septum. Here’s the pot. Awww. Okay, here’s a packet of something, kind of tempted to eat it but We’ll decide if that sounds like a good idea later. Where the fuck is the directions. Where the fuck, help, wait There’s literally like no directions. Do I need to fucking call my mom right now? Wait, why have I been looking at this for this long And not found the directions yet. Oh, I found it. Sorry, I just 240 milliliters of water. How the fuck am I supposed to know? So I guess I need to like boil water? Okay. It says 240 milliliters but like how do I measure that? Okay. I’m like not good at this, like I’m not an adult. Okay. Oh, yes Wait, I’m actually so fucking smart? Look at this shit. Okay, huh Queen! I was really good at chemistry, if you can’t tell? I’ll boil a little bit more just in case some evaporates. Yes, I am good at science. While we wait, let’s make a coffee because um bae, which is me. I am bae. Is like really tired and I have no energy. So I was thinking we could do a little something right here with this. You know, this angle sucks. I’m not good at being a Youtuber. I’m really gonna try right now. Like I have a great new camera Like let’s like utilize it. You know, why do I still have my fucking shoes on? Let me do my goth boots real quick, hold on. Oh shit Oh my god. Oh shit. Uuuuuaaaaaah. Wow Okay, so let me get this water a little bit less boily. I really hope I’m doing this right. I really don’t want to like hurt myself. Okay I’m fucking hurt myself right now. That was a mistake. Got a little bit of the solution in my mouth, hopefully it’s not poisonous. This is a chemistry experiment low-key. High school chemistry lab vibes. Now I’m getting PTSD. Okay, the problem is that the water Is like really hot right now. Okay, I’m gonna let it sit for a few minutes so that it doesn’t burn my nose. Aaaaaaaa. Okay, let’s do it. Is it working? Oh god, oh yeah, oh- Oh my god, oh, do I have a booger dripping? Oh my god I’ll blur it out for you, I’m sorry. I needed this. Getting all the Coachella dust out right now. I look weird as fuck. Oh my god, wow! That was like really fun, okay wait let me blow my nose. Oh Wait, I actually feel really good. That was great. I’m really glad I did that guys, try the neti pot. This is not sponch, ponch(sponsored) Thank you audible for sponsoring today’s video, as you can probably tell I’m sick right now. Reading a tangible book is not something I can do because I just don’t have the energy for it. So that’s why I’ve been listening to audiobooks on Audible! Audio books are great because you can listen to them anywhere, okay, like I’m saying anywhere like you could be like Anywhere, you know what book I love, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. They have that on Audible. Audible is unique and has an unmatched selection of audiobooks, original audio shows, news and comedy. Sorry, go to Or text emmachamberlain to 500 500. Start listening with an exclusive 30-day trial. One free audiobook of your choice and two audible originals sounds, like a good deal to me. I’m going to go back to bed now cause I’m sick. Okay, bye! Mwah What are we doing? We’re gettin Geordie Shored up in here! Gonna get so tanned, oh my goodness, we’re gonna get so tanned you won’t even recognize me. So, what are we doing? Spray tan. Ye ye ye, that’s what, okay. How’s it going in there? It scares me! Get the ac – get the bacne! Okay you can turn it off. How’s it going? I hate this. Now that Amanda is a Youtuber, what do you keep filming? I thought you were filming my ass and my ass looks really bad in these sweats. Turn around. No, it looks good. Really? Yeah. Wait, what did I need from here? Anyways. Oh eggs, and then I’m gonna buy pasta for tonight I’m gonna buy pasta for tonight. No, I’m gonna buy pasta for tonight. I almost just got duck eggs on accident instead of regular eggs. That zoom tho. Okay, that’s it.

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