SECRET Origins Of Underwear! (7,000 Years Underwear Evolution In 7 Minutes!)

SECRET Origins Of Underwear! (7,000 Years Underwear Evolution In 7 Minutes!)

Where Did Underwear Come From (The Evolution
of Underwear) [0:00:00]
[Music] So, let’s start things off the most interesting
style of underwear in all of human history. What am I talking about, gents? The codpiece. So, the origins of the codpiece are interesting
because it was a total accident. You see, in the 14th Century, most men didn’t
wear underwear. The only guys wearing underwear were those
with money and they were wearing it to protect their outer clothing, they wore a very simple
linen loincloth. Now, the fashion trends at the time encouraged
men’s of means to actually wear stockings a.k.a. pantyhose. Now, these stockings were in two pieces, one
for each leg and these trends went on it moved higher and higher up a man’s legs. Eventually, these stockings went up so high
in a man’s legs they were connected at the back right above the buttocks. And what this did is it overemphasized attention
to the genitals. And, at this point the codpiece was created
to help cover up the crotch. But, something funny happened at this point,
somebody decided, you know what? Why cover this up? Let’s celebrate a man’s crotch. So, for the next hundred years, we saw codpieces
shaped and padded not to conceal, but to emphasize a man’s penis. They had metal codpieces designed for suits
of armor. Seriously, if you go to the Tower of London,
you look at King Henry VIII’s armor, you will see this huge codpiece. In today’s video, gents, we’re having
fun. We’re talking about the evolution of men’s
underwear. So, let’s start things off by going to the
Garden of Eden. Let’s look at the fall. What happens? Adam bites into the apple. He realizes he’s naked, Eve realizes that
she’s naked and they went to cover themselves. What did they grab? A fig leaf. Fig leaves on average about 8 inches long. That’s going to be fine for most people
most guys out there. Well, really would a fig leaf would that give
any support? No. Let’s – what was truly probably the first
piece of underwear? The loincloth. We go back 7,000 years, archeologists have
found leather loincloths which actually did a pretty good job of giving you support. And this takes us to the core point of why
was underwear invented. Initially, it was about to give a support
and to protect us because if you’re out there hunting, if you’re out there moving
around in vegetation, if you are out there being active, you do no want – you know
you don’t want the boy – twig and berries to be out there flapping in the wind. A loincloth, a simple strip of material that
passes between the legs and goes around the waist is going to do a decent job of keeping
everything in its place. Now, the first civilization that made it really
clear that underwear was an important garment in their day-to-day lives, the Egyptians. In 3000 BC, what we see on the Pyramids is
that they wore loincloths. Now, over the next thousand years, there were
many other civilizations which started using the loincloth. We see a pop up over in Japan, we see a pop
up over in Hawaii, but the Egyptians are credited being the ones that really put it on the map. Now, the funny thing about underwear is that
we went thousands and thousands of years without really any innovation and then, in the last
hundred years we have had tons of innovation. Now, one of the coolest innovations that I’ve
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with the best deal you’re going to find out there. I love this company, I’m proud to support
them. Go check them out. So now, let’s go to the Middle Ages. We talked about the codpiece, but closely
with the codpiece was the braies. And, the braies was a very simple codpiece
that basically held up it was attached to the loincloth, but the idea with the braies
was to provide a bit of modesty. But, if a man had to urinate he needs to take
care of business, it was something you could just drop down and then you could, yeah, get
done what needed to be done. Now, something big happened in the 18th Century
and that is we saw the spinning jenny machines and we saw the cotton gin. All of a sudden, being able to produce and
mass manufacture clothing became a possibility. You see the reason underwear was so simple
up to this point is because everyone had to pretty much make it for themselves or it was
very costly you would hire someone to make one off pieces. [0:05:02]
Now, in the 1840’s, 1850’s, 1860’s, we saw underwear little bits popping up here
and there, but it was in 1868 that we saw the union suit pop up. Now, the union suit was a one piece front
buttoning garment that would extend all the way out to the wrist all the way down to the
ankles and actually had a back flap. Now, from the union suit, we actually saw
the evolution of long johns which got their names from a boxer, John Sullivan who used
to wear them in the ring. Now, when you look at the union suit, you
may be wondering why did they make it so complex. Well, don’t worry because in 1874, they
came out with a jockstrap. Now, what’s interesting about the jockstrap
is the inventor, C.F. Bennett, he had a bike company and that’s what he was focused in
on. And, as a biker he realized, hey, he needed
some support, so he created the jockstrap to actually help fellow bikers and that turned
out to be something that just sold really well. So, it was in 1935 that men’s underwear
as we know it really started to take off. There’s a company, Coopers Incorporated,
they came out with the jockey shorts also known as the wide strap over in the UK, nowadays,
known as the tidy widy. When this hit the market, we’re talking
tens of thousands were sold immediately. And, by the way, that company eventually became
known as Jockey. Now, in the 1930’s we saw another modern
classic introduced the boxer shorts. Now, similar to the widy tidies, boxer shorts
started off as simple white cotton garments, but eventually we see over the years that
they’ve evolved they’ve really taken on a wide variety of colors a wide variety of
styles, but really the boxer shorts have elastic, they’ve got a very loose fit and they were
really for the guy that maybe wanted a more modest look, he wanted something that maybe
he could wear in and around the house and not be showing off his whole package. In the 1940’s we saw innovation in underwear
all of a sudden go to zero. Why? Because we had World War II going on, all
of a sudden we’re rationing things. So, all the rubber that was used in the elastics
of the waistbands was pulled out. We actually took a step back in 1950’s,
60’s, started to see a little bit of innovation here with different materials, but it was
in 1980’s that we started to see things picked up. So, let’s talk about boxer briefs. In the 1980 movie, American Gigolo, Richard
Gere wore boxer briefs and all of a sudden, millions of people are exposed to this new
style of great-looking underwear and all of a sudden, they started flying right off the
shelves. This new style was basically taking the silhouette
of the boxer and basically slimming it up. They were able to leverage new materials that
were now made available and the boxer brief was born. And, what about bikini briefs? Well, gentlemen, there are some parts of history
that I will choose to forget. So, what video to watch next? Check out this one, ten life and style tips
learned in the military. I talk about my time in the United States
Marine Corps, some of the tips some of the tricks that I can share with you guys, the
rest they’re top secrets I can’t share everything. No, just kidding. I have a lot of fun in this video. Go check it out, guys. I will link to it down in the description. [0:07:58] End of audio

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