Sean Carroll: Space Travel is Crucially Important Long-Term | AI Podcast Clips

– Are you excited by the thing that Elon Musk is doing
with SpaceX in general, with the idea of space exploration, even though your species
is young and impatient? – Yeah, I do think that space travel is crucially important long-term, even to other star systems, and I think that many people
overestimate the difficulty, because they say, look,
if you travel 1% the speed of light to another star system, we’ll be dead before we get there, right? And I think that it’s much easier, and therefore, when they
write their science fiction stories, they imagine we can go faster than the speed of light, ’cause otherwise they’re too impatient, right? We’re not gonna go faster
than the speed of light, but we could easily imagine that the human lifespan gets extended to thousands of years,
and once you do that, then the stars are much
closer, effectively, right? And then what’s a
hundred-year trip, right? So I think that that’s
gonna be the future, the far future, not my
lifetime, once again, but baby steps and then. – Unless your lifetime gets extended. – Well, it’s in a race
against time, right? A friend of mine you actually thinks about these things said, “You know,
you and I are gonna die, “but I don’t know about
our grandchildren.” I don’t know. Predicting the future is hard, but that’s at least a plausible scenario. And so, yeah, no, I think
that, as we discussed earlier, there are threats to the earth, known and unknown, right? Having spread humanity
and biology elsewhere is a really important long-term goal.

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