SCOM0845 – Overcast for iOS – Preview

(SCO transition music) – [Mike] Hi, this is Mike Schmitz, and welcome to another
edition of ScreenCastOnline. This week, we’ll be taking
a look at Overcast for iOS, a very popular third-party podcast player. Overcast is an incredibly
powerful podcatcher with many incredible features, including the ability to strip
silences from audio files in an effort to decrease the
amount of time that it takes to listen to an episode without
making the audio sound weird or distorted. We’ll be diving deep into Overcast today via the iPhone interface since that is historically
the primary place that people download
and listen to podcasts. We’ll look at the numerous ways you can discover and download
podcasts in Overcast, we’ll show you how to navigate the well-laid out Now Playing window, create playlists for the episodes that you want to listen to, upload files with Overcast Premium, setup Siri shortcuts, and much more. Let’s get started. (SCO transition music) First, we need to instal
Overcast from the App Store on our iOS device. From the App Store home
screen, tap on the Search tab, and then type in Overcast. This top search result is the
one that we’re looking for, so tap on that. And this first option
with the orange logo, this is the application we want. Tap on the download button to download it to your iOS device. Because I’ve downloaded
this app previously, it’s already associated
with my iTunes account, so I have a download button
instead of the Get button that you would normally see here. Regardless, tap this button
to download the application to your iOS device. Once Overcast is done
downloading, tap the Open button, and the very first
thing that we have to do when we open Overcast is either login with an existing account or create a new account in order to store our episode information, our settings, and our recommendations when we go to add a new
episode to Overcast. You don’t have to use
an email and password for your account for Overcast, but if you do, that will
allow you to sign in on other devices and
keep everything in sync. If you’re just gonna use
it on this single device like your iPhone though, you can tap Create New Account, and you don’t need to enter
any personal information. If you’ve used Overcast
on an iOS device before, you may see a pop-up which says
that it found a sync account on one of your other devices. If you want to use that account, you can tap the Use Account button, but in this example we’re
gonna start from scratch, so tap Ignore, and then tap on Create New Account to go straight into
the Overcast interface. Overcast will ask you if you
want to allow it the ability to send you notifications
when new episodes come in. You can customise this
on a per-podcast basis, but you do need to make sure if you want to receive any notifications that you tap Allow right here. That’s just a quick preview of one of this week’s
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