SAS University Edition (Download and Install) [2018]

hello everyone and thank you for
clicking on my video today I’m going to teach you how to download some free
statistical software named sass and we’re gonna install it on your computer
so let’s go ahead and get started you can start by going to google and type in
sas university edition okay pretty simple here just get free
software okay next we need to choose which environment we’re going to be
using I’m on a Windows machine so I’m going to choose Windows my machine does
meet all these requirements but you will need to check double check that you have
those as well you meet those requirements as well alright and this is
the four step process that we’re going to follow today first of all we have to
install virtualization software if you’re not familiar with that it’s
software that you can install on your computer that you can then install
another operating system into a computer within a computer so that’s that’s very
common in industry and in a lot of academic environments specifically we’re
gonna be downloading let me move my mouse back up we’re gonna be downloading
VirtualBox from Oracle ok next thing and but this is probably the longest step is
downloading SAS university addition it’s a 1.7 gigabyte download next after we
have it downloaded we’re going to import it into the virtualization software and
specifically at this point it is it’s called an appliance and then the last
step is to actually start using the software so let’s scroll down the page all right we need to get the
virtualization software so download virtualbox for Windows this usually
takes about a minute on my internet connection let’s look at some choices
that we have we can pick the version for Windows host like I said I’m running a
Windows machine today so that’s what I’m going to download if you are on a Mac
you’ll want to download the OS X version a VirtualBox and then same for Linux if
you’re running Linux download this third solution here okay so it’s downloading
now as I mentioned take about a minute downloading the SAS software that we’re
going to download as I said it’s 1.7 gigabytes and it actually takes about 30
minutes here so I’ve already downloaded it because I want to try it out before I
actually recorded this and this should be downloaded as it says here about 30
seconds and I find it interesting that a program that will host another computer
is actually so so small it’s surprising to me it looks like it would be a or it
seems to me that it would be a very large package to do that but it’s not
we’re getting to the end here now okay it’s downloaded and it’s gone to my
downloads folder let’s get out of this window here alright we need to follow
these two steps over here now we need to at any place on their computer we need
to create a folder named SASUniversity Edition and that’s one word no spaces
that’s the university edition and for those people that are using Linux and
maybe for those people on Macs you should probably take care of when
you install that for or not install but create that folder you should probably
pay attention here because some of the letters are uppercase and some are
lowercase for that folder named SAS University edition after you get in it
it installed I keep saying installed and I mean just created you need to put a my
folders again with no spaces all lowercase within there so you’ve got the
sass University Edition then the sub folder my folders so not too complicated this is file manager here on my Windows
machine and you’ll notice straight onto the C Drive I have created that folder
of SAS University Edition and then within that I made the folder named my
folders ok I’m back on SAS dot com and I’ve scrolled on down the
screen a little bit from where we were it says get SAS University Edition you
do have to have a SAS profile no big deal just sign up and you’re set then
click on the download link and save it to your downloads directory again 1.7
gigabytes in size so this is where we would click
okay I’ve downloaded as you witnessed VirtualBox and then because it took so
long to download I cut the video there for a few minutes and downloaded the SAS
virtual appliance that we’re gonna use so let’s go ahead and move these two
onto the desktop I’m gonna cut those out of my downloads folder that’s where they
download it to let’s put those here on the desktop let’s go ahead and run
VirtualBox this is the installation GUI VirtualBox
not actually the actual VirtualBox that you’re going to end up running so just
gonna go through the regular installation process here okay just to
get next a few times and the default for all right I don’t like having a quick
lunch shortcut unhighlight at this one okay so this looks sort of aha – warning
network interfaces bla bla bla no big deal I’ve not had
I’ve installed this on several computers now and I’ve not had any trouble with
networking so I’m gonna go ahead and proceed with installation okay when I
have a user account control box pop up I don’t think that I can actually show
that to you because this recording software just will not see that user
account control is just boilerplate sort of stuff on Windows and it says do you
want to allow the following program to install software on this computer and
then it says the program name is Oracle VM VirtualBox and so the answer to that question is
yes okay I don’t want to start VirtualBox
right now I just want to finish you’ll see that file now has an icon and ends
in dot OVA let me just prove that to you here click on properties it and yeah it
says type of file open virtual format archive OVA all right so let’s head back
over to the SAS website I scroll down a little bit okay let me increase this
window size a little bit all right so we’re gonna launch VirtualBox do file
import appliance and that’s when we’re gonna get that dot OVA file we’re gonna
import it we’re going to make sure that we have the OVA file I just showed you
that and then you easily just click import then over here a little bit more
detailed and that’s where the my folders folder comes in at and they should go
ahead and do the importing SAS university edition first and we’ll come
back over here and do that okay so here’s VirtualBox and what I’ve
noticed is that this is not very clear on where you want the virtual machine to
be stored at when you actually get it up and running so we’re gonna put it in to
that SAS folder that we made a few minutes ago I’m actually gonna go ahead
and move this out of the way I’m gonna cut this off of my desktop okay so here I am in downloads I want to
go here to see that’s where I put the SAS University edition that okay so no
big deal I’ve just moved it somewhere where it’ll be out of the way all right
so let’s launch VirtualBox with our a guide launch let’s do the importation file import appliance okay so no big surprises yet let’s go
ahead and do the import the download completed or the
importation completed successfully so now let’s go over to the right side and
let’s deal with the my folders okay you can see that the the directions are here
I’m gonna move them off to the side so I can see them and you can watch me do the
work okay select SAS university edition virtual app and then go to machine
settings and the navigation pane select shared folders go over here and click on
the plus so we can add one and we choose other and as you can see
it pops up somewhere we know that we need to go to SAS University edition my
folders select that folder specifically here read-only should not be checked
again it should not be checked and auto mouth should be and if there is a box
that says make permanent you want to go ahead and check it too but we don’t have
that option okay click OK click OK again next step we
want to choose SAS University edition it’s already selected and then we want
click start okay so I’ve got a black box there for
just a minute and then it went to this screen and I think it does take a minute or two
here I’m gonna go ahead and not I pause the camera for that because I I’m
curious as to how long it will actually take on this computer okay now the way that you get to SAS
the way you start up the GUI for it is that you actually do it inside of a
browser and you have to go to this funky email not email but URL here it says
HTTP colon slash slash localhost colon one o o eight zero and not a big deal there
localhost just means this computer so instead of having an IP address or
something like localhost is always the machine you’re sitting at and
looking at right now so let’s go ahead and I’m going to do this inside the
Microsoft browser okay so here is localhost 10080 after that : and you can
see we have a nice screen here tells us that check for updates didn’t complete
let’s not worry about that right now let’s just start SAS studio and see if
it actually runs okay so here we are we’re up and running
I’m going to go ahead and end the video here and if there are any questions that
you have about this installation you have any hiccups while you’re installing
it please leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you on that I’d
like for everybody that wants to use SAS to be able to do so and so again or not
again but if you do like the video press like if you’d like to subscribe to my
channel ke5 PRL please do so and I really appreciate it and I hope to make
some more of these videos

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