Sans and Isabelle podcast Ep 1: The Government Shutdown

Sans and Isabelle podcast Ep 1: The Government Shutdown

-K.K. Bamba by I am Jemboy, as requested by K.K. Slider himself.- Ok so I’m going to explain the joke since people keep changing it, Isabelle is extremely republican and sans is the dem, joke is the roles seem to be reversed and you don’t expect it. It’s subversion and to delete information based on this ruins the joke and makes it a mess sans: welcome back to animal tale, i’m here with my host isabelle. sans: what will we be talking about, isabelle? Isabelle: Wait sans! This is the first episode… You can’t welcome them back yet! sans: but what if they watch the episodes out of order. and they’ve already seen an episode of this before? just wanted to welcome the time travelers back Isabelle: Let’s get on topic, today were talking abou- sans: let me stop you right there izzy. before we begin lets talk about something extremely crucial… sans: and this fact… may change the lives… of everyone on this podcast… FOREVER… Isabelle: What is it sans… What is it? sans: your new shirt… what is it cotton? seriously isabelle, you get some shirts. Isabelle: Awww, sans. Stop the flattery and let’s get to the debate. sans: anyways… i do love debating. Isabelle: …Yeah, let’s get to the topic at hand, the government shutdown… sans: personally i don’t think that the left should negotiate with trump to end the shutdown at all. Isabelle: But the left should think of cooperation. Isabelle: Also- sans: they already offered $1 billion, any more would waste tax payers money. Isabelle: It isn’t enough funds for a wall of that size… Not to mention there were interviews among many politicians that didn’t endorse the wall. Isabelle: Plus- sans: really, the only instances that i can recall that is even similar to what your talking about is the border fencing that was voted approved by the left in 2013. Isabelle: Yes that what I was talking about…
The pass of the fence in 2013… Well you see… sans: so what isabelle, they’re not the same. it’s a big leap from fence to wall and you should know. Isabelle: But… sans: and the dems that passed it, chuck schumer, dianne feinstein, ron wyden, and debbie stabenow do not believe that such an action would be useful in the current time. but i believe if they just saw the wall their opinions would change. sans: such actions are not unnecessary and wold be supplemental to our economy and relationships with foreign affairs. Isabelle: But the wall is a sort of symbol. One that says that America doesn’t want to communicate with anybody else. sans: well the military already show off america’s power! Isabelle: …What? sans: our military. it’s the biggest in the world. it’s bigger than the rest of the world combined. we are feared by every country that isn’t stupid. Isabelle: But this is what Trump promised his supporters and he needs to do so to keep his end of the deal. To keep his integrity. It’s important to him, but that doesn’t mean it’s important to everybody. sans: right we should talk about him, well i have to confess i’ve never been a fan of trump. i can’t stand his policies. a string of lies and false hoods wrapped up in a bun of lies. i don’t like him one bit, you see, not one bit i say i say. Isabelle: So, you’re saying you don’t like Trump because he’s Republican. sans: not at all i’m saying it because he’s a filthy socialist Isabelle: Wait what? How? I mean, well sans I’ll take this bait, why is he a socialist? sans: just look at the actions he’s made so far isabelle. he’s clearly a socialist. Isabelle: He’s like, the farthest thing from great! Besides, what did he even do for you? sans: let me take out my handy dandy notes that i prepared for this exact instance. Isabelle: Okay sans, convince me. sans: well you see, trump prevents the natural flow of capitalism. and stopped miners jobs from being replaced by superior industries, he bails out banks and his friend, and he stops actual useful jobs from being made he prevents. you can’t get more unamerica then that! Isabelle: Alright, fine. Donald Trump is a filthy socialist. Well, let’s move on to the news. sans: alright let’s do this, news time baby, what’s up first iz. Isabelle: Oh yeah! Deltarune got confirmed for the Switch. How does this make you feel, sans? Isabelle: …How does this make you feel, sans? sans: good. actually made a guest appearance. i’m proud of how far toby has come from fan gamer to top tier developer. sans: actually, we have a special guest, toby fox himself! say hi everybody! Isabelle: He canceled. sans: i know. makes sense. why would anybody want to deal with our crap? honestly if he would actually come, i might recommend some psychiatric analysis. sans: after all we’re a mentally deficient skeleton and a far right dog. who in their right mind would come on our podcast. especially someone like toby. sans: fun fact, the left is trying to say the the killing of white farmers in south africa isn’t happening. Isabelle: Yeah. It’s stupid, we have proof you know. Isabelle: Anyways, let’s get back to the Nintendo news before someone nukes America and you’re not around to give the bomber a bad time. sans: so did they give more information on your game? Isabelle: NO. sans: plan b… tetris 99, or for the real gamer out there tetris battle royal. 99 players come in and only one comes out. if you’ve played vs tetris before its that times a thousand. it’s what a gamer dreams of. Isabelle: ACTUALLY. I had a dream that we were doing this podcast and you said lots of… bad stuff to me. It was kind of hot… So sans you’re are looking very nice. sans: stand still and let me murder you, you little female dog. sans: you see, my co-host has a common yet horrible mental disease called “perversion.” she tries to hide it, but she is always pairing people together sans: many have tried to cure people who have been infected with this horrible disease… but alas, it is to no avail. it just makes it worse. sans: isabelle has fallen under the hands of this disease, and she has a very bad case for it. sans: the best us good christian bois can do is to pray that she will grow out of it. if you’re a victim of this disease, please… you’re making life worse for everybody. Isabelle: Stop. sans: hm, isabelle… are you indirectly saying i shouldn’t spread awareness of horrible diseases? Isabelle: What? No, I- whatever. Let’s move on. Isabelle: Next topic… sans, what do you have there? (S I L E N C E) sans: uh, theres nothing written on these flashcards, isabelle.. did the editors run out of ideas…? Isabelle: I suppose so, I guess we can just wing it from here. sans: wings are my favorite. Captioner: Please send help my coordinates are 32.642241, 44.246939 Isabelle has me trapped. Isabelle: Haha… not that kind of wings sans. Captioner: I’m taped an I can’t get out. I’ve been held hostage at ram ranch for 9 years, Please help. sans: do you hear that? almost sounds like pleads of help? Isabelle: It’s probably nothing, I should check for something down in the basement. Captioned: Oh no she’s coming oh god. sans: oh, guess isabelle had to settle some business. what eves, just part of her cult leader job i guess. not that big a deal really. Isabelle: What did I miss? Was there any important discovery? sans: well i guess i’ll be announcing it here. i’ll be voting for bernie during the primaries this november. and that final. Isabelle: So you’re a Bernie Bro? Wow that’s a surprise, Mr. Anti Socialist you. sans: yes i am. bernie sanders is the best option. bernie would’ve won! why didn’t you vote for him? Isabelle: Well- sans: sure hillary was the better option compared to trump but bernie is far superior. okay ill admit it i did vote for hillary in 2016. sans: nah i actually voted for jill stein. a third party vote is not a wasted vote. Isabelle: Trump is President now, sans. It’s all your fault! Isabelle: Let me guess, you believe that Hillary rigged the primary with the DNC? sans: okay i’m sorry for arguing with you about politics. we should be more concerned about the democratic candidate that will defeat trump. Isabelle: Hey, we should be un-bias! sans: well i’m bone dry on political talk. let’s find a new subject to bone after, it’ll be bonetacular. Isabelle: Sans, stop making puns or I will chew every single freaking bone you have. Isabelle: How does that sound? HM? Isabelle: I just realized this just now. Did you know that I have a strong desire to tear of your limbs and bury you? Isabelle: I love bones! I want to bury your bones! Isabelle: Anyways, sans that was just my attempt at humor. I don’t really want to hurt you sans. Isabelle: So, sans…let’s talk about something else. sans: isabelle, i think you’re going through mood swings. one second, you were a perv, now.. you’re not. sans: isabelle i genuinely believe you need to see a mental illness doctor. sans: and now that we’re talking about mental illnesses, sans: I ADMIT THAT I HAVE CLINICAL DEPRESSION! CAN YOU RELATE ISABELLE? I KNOW YOU CAN! I SEE SOME COMPLEX FEELINGS OF SADNESS IN THERE!! sans: well maybe not. but you definitely have anxiety. Isabelle: That’s racist, sans! sans: what? how though Isabelle: Actually sans, I am an atheist. I’m sorry but I don’t believe in black people. Isabelle: They don’t exist. Isabelle: sans, do you believe in God? sans: what the heck is going on with you? sans: anyway let’s talk about something else Isabelle: Yeah. This is the first episode and we are already going insane. Isabelle: Fine, fine. Topic change… sans: what’s your thoughts on abortion? Isabelle: Well, I think a woman should be able to choose what is done with her body. sans: maybe she should choose to not get pregnant sans: that would erase the issue entirely Isabelle: [laughter] That’s a funny joke sans. Isabelle: But seriously- sans: abortion isn’t a joke Isabelle sans: over 600,000 babies were aborted in 2016 alone. 600,000 people who could’ve become members of society Isabelle: Yeah, well… Isabelle: Most of those children would’ve been born into poverty. Isabelle: And that would just result in more crime. Isabelle: They are just cells and don’t even feel pain anyway. sans: ok libtard, just justify your murders. sans: that’s still murder. sans: they were still people. sans: but you don’t care. Isabelle: But sans, I thought you were a democrat? Why are you calling me a libtard? I’m a republican, anyway. Isabelle: sans? Isabelle: Maybe- sans: i can talk about whatever i want, your podcast is crap and i doubt there will be more episodes. sans: grow up. sans: i’m not even saying these words. sans: somebody is just typing it for us to say. sans: we are all tools, our reality is false. Isabelle: Oh. sans: your reality is an illusion, we are just avatars for people to place their opinions into. sans: nothing is real but these microphones and my bones. sans: and i’m not even sure those are real. have you seen them move? sans: i didn’t think so. sans: i don’t think i’ve ever even seen you blink yet sans: blink at me right now or things will get ugly. Isabelle: Stop. Isabelle: Even if our reality is fake, our podcast is real. Isabelle: Thousands will be watching! Isabelle: So we need to do our best! sans: that’s hard Isabelle: Just believe in yourself, sans. sans: ok i’ll do my best but only for the podcast. sans: but i think we’ll need a new topic to discuss. sans: trump and the government shutdown are fake news. and boring. sans: hows smash going? Isabelle: It’s been good. Isabelle: I get to beat up everybody and not feel bad about it. Isabelle: It’s a dream come true. Nobody holds any grudges! Isabelle: Except Sonic. sans: gotta go fast Isabelle: [Visible pain] sans: buddy, it sounds like fun. sans: except sans: it would be better if i was there sans: i’m an excellent fighter Isabelle: You’ll never be in Smash, sans. sans: shut up i’ll destroy your town sans: i’d be so powerful sans: nothing and nobody could stop me sans: unless i’m already in the game. secretly Isabelle: You’re not Ness. sans: according to multiverse theory there’s a universe where i’m ness sans: and one where i’m gay sans: and one where i’m not funny sans: probably not sans: imma funny skeleton Isabelle: You’re a dead meme. sans: i’m both, lazy and relatable sans: not true, i’m a very relevant meme loved by all Isabelle: Stop lying. sans: and who could forget sans: my awesome boss battle sans: do you wanna know how many players i killed? sans: like a skele-ton Isabelle: Ok, how many players have killed YOU? Isabelle: That joke wasn’t original, by the way. Isabelle: Why reuse old jokes? Isabelle: Like, Isabelle: It wasn’t funny before. Isabelle: It’s not funny now. sans: imma stop you right there sans: humor is relative so you’re opinion doesn’t matter to me sans: if you were a comedian maybe i’d take your advice sans: but- Isabelle: Actually… Isabelle: Comedians need to be funny to everybody. Isabelle: Not just other comedians Isabelle: Otherwise, you won’t be funny. sans: don’t bother lecturing me, isabelle sans: i’m a fan favorite sans: you’re a dog sans: so don’t try to change my mind Isabelle: I’m not trying to.. Isabelle: I’m just trying to give you an alternate viewpoint. Isabelle: Just trying to help. Isabelle: Maybe if you’d listen to me- sans: i don’t need your help i can manage on my own. (dang we sound like tumblrs) sans: it’s ok i’m a businessman sans: i sell hot dogs to humans sans: hot dogs like the food Isabelle: I assumed sans: yea there isn’t an international dog slave trade sans: that would be immoral sans: and i am prideful in the fact that i’m righteous sans: everything i do sans: is for… the… sans: greater good of the whole underground Isabelle: You kill children. Isabelle: Killing children is pretty wrong if you ask me. Isabelle: Wouldn’t you agree? Isabelle: sans? sans: sorry i had my airpods in Isabelle: Were you wearing them the whole time? sans: no of course not im not rude sans: i just have this condition sans: that i have to listen to sicko mode everyday sans: or ill die Isabelle: That’s so sad. Isabelle: Living with a condition like that must be… Isabelle: Crippling. Isabelle: sans? sans: sorry i was ignoring you Isabelle: [confused dog sounds] sans: so whats the deal with airplane food? sans: ultra expensive sans: tastes like literal trash sans: and super tiny portions Isabelle: Just eat before the plane ride? Isabelle: Or just smuggle some cool ranch doritos. Isabelle: It’s not as hard as it sounds, Isabelle: Just do it. Isabelle: Fight the system. Isabelle: I will support you. Isabelle: No matter the situation. Isabelle: Or the consequences. Isabelle: I’ll be there! sans: great now you’re a perv again Isabelle: HOW DID THAT SOUND LIKE WHAT A PERVERT- sans: and that’s your problem. always thinking of others in a relationship with you. sans: if you dont start being independent… sans: you might get shot to death for some reason Isabelle: I can defend myself! Isabelle: I own 3 handguns, 2 automatic rifles…. Isabelle: and a double barrel shotgun. Isabelle: I’m good sans: why do you own so many guns sans: whatever sounds fun. can i help you murder people? sans: i’ll hide the bodies Isabelle: I’ve killed dozens. sans: nice… i’ve killed hundreds. sans: i’d also recommend learning how to master the arts of teleportation, telepathy and quantum manipulation sans: thats what i did and i turned out fine. pretty easy to murder people… i’ve killed so many players. sans: guns aren’t nearly as sick as extreme gravity-shifting super powers. sans: all they do is give america a bad reputation Isabelle: 2nd amendment… sans: ‘oh no the school was shot up’ sans: ‘guess we should’ve given all the students a gun to fight back’ Isabelle: sans, not everybody who has a gun is a killer Isabelle: If we just use them responsibly, then there’s no issue. sans: isabelle what the heck i thought you were a murderer… sans: anyway… just one bad guy with a gun could kill Isabelle: Plus, one good guy with a gun could stop him. sans: we should leave that to the police Isabelle: If you have a gun and run away then you’re just letting people die sans: if you were near a shooter i bet youd run away too Isabelle: Lol no. I would shoot him multiple times, even if he’s already dead. Isabelle: Sounds rational, right? sans: exactly sans: humans are inherently cowards sans: they’ll never do things that should be done Isabelle: You can’t just generalize a whole species! Isabelle: Humans all have different personalities and values. Isabelle: You can’t just assume that all of them are cowards. sans: i have never once met a human that truly impressed me sans: too stupid to do the right thing sans: and when they try they only make things worse Isabelle: That’s not true! Isabelle: Humans have good intentions! Isabelle: We should respect that. Isabelle: Humans- sans: now YOU’RE generalizing. sans: you kinda stink at teaching lessons, you freak. sans: shoot now i feel like a female dog. sans: i’m sorry for insulting you. Isabelle: sans, you have mood swings too. sans: it’s… it’s a possibility. sans: that doesn’t make me a hypocrite… does it??? sans: anyway im hungry, when is the pizza coming? sans: better not be pineapple sans: literally the worst thing you could put on pizza Isabelle: I didn’t order pizza. Isabelle: I thought you ate before coming here…? Isabelle: Besides, who eats while hosting a podcast? Isabelle: Plus, aren’t you a skeleton with no stomach? sans: food still tastes good Isabelle: I guess. sans: so what im hearing is theres no pizza coming? sans: why did i even come? sans: isabelle i hunger for food sans: help me Isabelle: Calm down… Isabelle: We could order something if you want! Isabelle: We could order Dominos. Isabelle: Or skip the dishes. sans: yeah ok Isabelle: Pizza or what? sans: as much as i love pizza im kinda craving the burg sans: nothing can beat a hardy meal sans: burg’s make me happy sans: fill the darkness Isabelle: OMG make up your mind… Isabelle: We ordering McDonalds or Burger King? Isabelle: What about Wendy’s? Maybe Arby’s? Isabelle: Taco Bell is good too. Isabelle: WAIT, THEY DON’T EVEN SELL BURGERS- Isabelle: Well they did, Isabelle: But we don’t talk about that. Isabelle: Take out your airpods. sans: no Isabelle: What are we ordering? sans: i could go for some wendys sans: love those fancy square patties sans: frickin delicious Isabelle: Ok chill. Isabelle: I’ll get someone on the crew to order Wendy’s. Isabelle: Shouldn’t take too long. Isabelle: [Yelling] Tom? Isabelle: [Yelling] Order us Wendy’s! Isabelle: [Yelling] Yes, now! Isabelle: [Yelling] I DON’T CARE WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A PODCAST! Isabelle: [Yelling] You’re useless! Isabelle: Sorry about that. sans: naw its fine dont worry bout it sans: i just want that borg Isabelle: And you’ll get it…. Isabelle: But in time- sans: ok sounds yummy yum Isabelle: Yes, it will be truly delicious. sans: my mouth desires the savoury taste of wendys Isabelle: Yes, it will be wonderful. Isabelle: So- sans: speaking of snacks sans: you ever see that movie shrek? sans: i’ll be honest, farquaad was a snack Isabelle: What? Isabelle: Shrek was a much better snack than Farquaad! Isabelle: Farquaad is too small. sans: size doesn’t matter isabelle sans: i’m not saying shrek isnt a snack. i’m saying farquaad looks juicy Isabelle: You can’t be serious, Shrek is way hotter than Farquaad. Isabelle: Shrek has that dad bod. He’s perfect! sans: farquaad’s jawline makes me feel happy inside. sans: shrek is also beautiful and its a hard choice but i have to place my vote in farquaad Isabelle: Fart-wad… sans: what? im not dissing shrek im just praising farquaad. shrek would’ve never defeated farquaad if not for the dragon. and even then he still survived sans: bottomline is shrek is good but farquaad is great Isabelle: Are you disabled? Isabelle: There’s a reason Shrek got 4 movies and Farquaad got none. Isabelle: Don’t be stupid. sans: no u Isabelle: NANI?!??! sans: i have control of this realm sans: you are nothing sans: i wouldnt even eat spaghetti near you. thats how below me you are Isabelle: Well first of all, that’s uncalled for! Isabelle: Second, this is my podcast. I have power here! Isabelle: So stop it. sans: its actually our podcast sans: how could you forget that? sans: it literally says that in the video title sans: are you illiterate? sans: because it seems to me you either cant read sans: or youre retarded sans: you know what? im sorry. that was uncalled for. i need to be a more supportive co host and stop bringing you down like this. youre doing great isabelle. this podcast will definitely not be a mess Isabelle: Aw thanks, do you really mean that? sans: haha no. this podcast is a heccing mess. werent we supposed to be talking about the government shutdown? like we got off track literally 3 minutes in Isabelle: Well maybe we’d work better as a podcast where we don’t really have a main topic. Isabelle: Even if I am passionate about Trump. sans: well im not changing the title sans: i already have a template Isabelle: Well that’s great that you at least had a plan. sans: yeah i try Isabelle: So if we’re just saying whatever, I’ll just say what’s on our minds. sans: oh yeah and whats that? Isabelle: Why is your fandom so toxic!? Isabelle: Is it because- sans: its because of popularity. when a game or show becomes popular it’s bound to get plenty of fans Isabelle: So what? You’re gonna just blame the fame? Isabelle: Because there’s always something more than that… sans: what im saying is that its a vocal minority. most of my fans are super dope Isabelle: There sure is a LOT of disturbing art for being a ‘vocal minority’. sans: yeah i know what you mean, ive seen lots of… uh… sans: unique photos sans: truly something special sans: …in a bad way Isabelle: You had a bad time? sans: haha. haven’t heard that one before. sans: as they say, old butt gold. sans: but yeah, pretty messed up stuff sans: seriously sans: i am a skeleton sans: i have no pp sans: and frisk is a friggin kid Isabelle: I’m sorry, sans. Isabelle: But have you seen the art for me? Isabelle: Sure, seems nice at first… Isabelle: But it gets a little too “ew” for me. Sans: Today’s episode of the Sans and Isabelle podcast was made possible by Squarespace. Squarespace is the absolute easiest way to make your website. I’ve used them for a few different sites. I basically bought that domain to be sure nobody else could. I didn’t really have the time or need to create a fancy website, so I just spent about 15 minutes to throw together a landing page. It was incredibly easy with the Squarespace template and, in my opinion at least, it looks great. Now I can give people one link that takes them to a page with the link to all my different social media profiles. You can really create a landing page like this, a blog, a store, really anything with Sqaurespace and what’s best is that you can get 10% off your first order by using the code “lmao” over at That also helps you help the message. So please do go check out Squarespace at anything with Sqaurespace and what’s best is that you can get 10% off your first order by using the code “lmao” over at That also helps you help the message. So please do go check out Squarespace at Isabelle: So I was just mining diamonds you know, just minding my own business until- Peter Griffin from the hit show Family Guy teleports behind me. Isabelle: Now Peter Griffin is great and all but I really do think he sucks as a comedian. Isabelle: he’s just not that funny. Isabelle: Like when was the last time you laughed at a Family Guy episode? Isabelle: To be honest sans you aren’t that funny- like all you do is make ketchup jokes. Isabelle: like why did you even want to start a podca- Sans: Listen up here you bell-headed daughter of a female dog, who do you think bought all this studio equipment?! Sans: I did, so stop complaining and start being entertaining! Isabelle: Did you know 1/3 people are gay Sans: I’m not gay Isabelle: I’m not gay either. *Looks at viewer* OH! We recently recieved a $10 donation from “The Joycon men”? Thank you very much, men of Joycon. Yes, We dem bois. And uh, thats all folks, please tune in next time for more shenanigans with your humble hosts, Isabelle and Sans!

100 thoughts on “Sans and Isabelle podcast Ep 1: The Government Shutdown

  1. I honestly don’t care what they are talking about. I just like hearing my two favorite voices conversing for like 50 minutes.

  2. Wow. I gotta say this was amazing. I MUST agree with Sans on his point about how service should garuntee citizenship, and his idea of re-animating Dinosaurs to be used in military combat was quite interesting. Especially the sheer implications of such an invention. I was blown away. Not sure what at 32:12 they started to talk about weather or not we should allow people to have sex with volcanos in order to reproduce the Ozone, but the facts they both presented on the theory of hyperabstract beyondalism was rather exilarating.

  3. The argument of topic at the time stamp 38:20 is very comprehensive and structured but a flawed one at that. You have to remember that the stocks for squanch games is gaining tracktion but might have a spike late September or early October. The other piece of criticism I have is that "niggaz be wildin" isnt a good excuse for the %1.5 drop in crime around the Brooklyn area. If anything more niggaz wildin should raise more crime. I would like to rest my case here and continue on with my day.

  4. 37:57 Smh, this confirms it, Isabelle DOES indeed evade taxes.
    She tried to talk herself out of it, but it's obvious; a textbook freudian slip.

    I can't believe it.

  5. I was expecting this to be crudely voiced, but the impersonations are spot on. You ought to have Banjo and Kazooie on sometime.

  6. At 12:06 I do think the points that sans brought up where valid but Isabelle clearly has more experience in this topic and knows what she’s talking about, Im definitely siding with Isabelle on this one

  7. I didn’t like how at the end Isabelle said all men deserve to die. Sans was shut down by her by opinions and was really shut out. He deserves better.

  8. Yo! I didn't know they became friends through encountering each other in the Onett drug store! That was very tragic, the way Papyrus almost died from Gorham, and Isabelle helped nurse him free of charge. What a sweetheart! I WANT MORE!

  9. "So! Sans! How is it in snowdin so far?"

    "Pretty good, but hey bell, can I ask you a question?"

    "Sure! What is it?"

    "Do you think, I'll ever be in smash?"

    "Uhh, well, maybe….maybe not."

    "Maybe or maybe not? Bell, just give the answer."

    "Well….I don't really think it's your thing…"

    "Not my thing?"

    "well…yeah but-"

    "NOT MY THING?!"

    "Sans no-"

    "I have made lots of players rage quit for a lot of MONTHS after they tried, and what did you do?! Just sat there on your God-damn desk and did all the work, and somehow you got into smash."


    " bad time eye only, thousands?"

  10. S: Are you implying… That I'm too weak to be in Smash, you fucking mut!?
    I: Wait, hold the fuck up-
    S: bootleg echo fighter
    S: O N L Y T H O U S A N D S ! ?

  11. The part where isabelle is being destroyed by facts and logic and she start talking about being in smash, it was intense

  12. Isabelle! I never thought of you as a…. “CAT PERSON” as I take from your conversation. :/ proof at 27:34

  13. i speak text box. it seems that here they have been talking about the government shutdown, but then eventually the conversation somehow transitioned into if there's going to be anither smash game, and then by the end isabelle tells everyone to stay away from communism


  14. man Isabelle absolutely got slammed by sans in this one, you may think Isabelle is the victim here while she tries to get a word in, but sans actually made way more sense than every single word Isabelle said, Isabelle literally spouted capitalism and communism propaganda at the same time, Isabelle absolutely disgusted me throughout this whole podcast and people may frown upon how sans said the n word multiple times, but I think it was pretty bold, and sans talking about his divorce also made me see him in a whole new light, Isabelle definitely shouldn't of been in smash

  15. I'm really grateful for this serious debate portrayed by lovable fictional characters. It shines some light on society's darkest subjects in a new way for us listeners to relate to.

  16. My brain filled with pleasure when Sans and Isabelle planned to make the communist-manifesto come to life and rebuild communism in the west.

  17. and that whole rant Isabelle made about how holding copious amounts of spaghetti in your pick can protect you from alien attacks was strange, but definitely not as strange when sans starting talking about frogs turning gay through water

  18. I was really expecting Isabelle to keep her cool during the debate but my god did she go off after Sans started talking about abortion

  19. Sans got way too political at 53:15. Isabelle had valid points against Sans saying that Australian TV always included feminists and racists. In my opinion, Sans was too ahead of himself on this PodCast. At 32:39 He kept saying that Undertale is the best game and that Animal Crossing is for weebs. Isabelle kept getting cut off by Sans just because he wants to explain that Undertale and Deltarune are the top best selling games and that whoever dislikes the games are racists. Sans didn’t even make sense there because that statement had nothing to do with racism. The only good thing Sans did in this PodCast was at 16:56 when he said Donald Trump had too many thoughts about becoming the President of The United States.

  20. I love how sans doesn't give a single fuck about whats """offensive""" and just say it anyway

    30:39 "The more we keep trying to be 'Sensitive' to peoples pathetic fragile minds the more offensive everything will become" fucking finally someone had the bones to admit it

  21. Isabelle kicked off to a great start in the first five minutes, her beliefs seemed to be reminiscent of the people however countering her point, Sans response really had my train of thought speeding especially considering me currently revising for a Cold War exam. Starting off the bat I was all for capitalism but Sans had pretty good points to back up his position in the current situation and therefore my belief in both ways a government can be run are matched and even.

  22. 1:40
    Isabelle: Introduces the controversy of the government shutdown
    Sans: Immediately cuts her off to vent his frustrations

    Auto-Generated English subtitles: [Music]

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