Samson G-Track Pro USB Mic & Interface Review / Test

Samson G-Track Pro USB Mic & Interface Review / Test

greetings earthlings I’m back with a review of a brand new microphone from the folks over at Samson so today I’m reviewing this guy the Samson G track Pro which is the second iteration on the G track series from Samson if you are interested in this mic it costs around 150 bucks I’ll link it down in the description down below for this review I have my microphone gain set at around 30% I will do no post-processing to the audio but I may boost it in post so check the dooblydoo and full disclosure this microphone was sent to me by Samson for the sake of doing this review now if you’re wondering what the difference between the G track and G track Pro are the G track Pro has a much improved build quality where the switches feel better and it just all-around feels much sturdier it comes with a metal desktop stand you get a higher recording resolution of up to 24 bit 96 kilohertz the instrument input is 6.3 millimeters instead of three-and-a-half millimeters and most importantly it has multiple polar patterns now let’s go ahead and talk about what comes in the box you’re obviously going to get the microphone you get the pre-installed desktop stand you get a microphone mount which does not come with a 5/8 to 3/8 inch adapter you get a USB cable you get some documentation and you get a card to download motaz audio desk software as far as the build quality this thing feels like it could be used as a freaking weapon it has an all-metal body a metal grille a really nice amount of weight to it the desktop stand is massive and heavy so it won’t move around on your desk but it does not offer any shock absorption so it will pick up any bumps on the desk all the switches on this thing are very nice and clicky the mute button unfortunately doesn’t have much tactile feedback so you need to pay attention to the light and the dials are a little bit loose but it’s nothing that I would be too concerned with on the front of the microphone the first thing you’re going to find is the polar pattern selection switch this allows you to switch between figure 8 or bi-directional cardioid or omnidirectional polar patterns in the center you’ll find an LED light which will in if the microphone is muted unmuted or if you are clipping then on the right you have the mono or two track selection switch mono just mixes the mic and instrument down to a single track while two tracks sends the mic and instrument to two separate tracks so you can record them separately and process them individually in the middle of the microphone you have a microphone mute button which is pretty self-explanatory this is followed immediately by a microphone gain control then an instrument gain control for the six point three millimeter input on the back and the last thing on the front is a headphone volume control on the back you have a monitor on/off selection switch which allows you to turn on or off zero latency monitoring then you have a three and a half millimeter headphone jack which obviously gets zero latency monitoring and you can also hear the playback from your computer as long as you set the G track pro as the audio output then you have a six point three millimeter instrument input and on the bottom you just have the USB port as far as specs this thing has a cardioid bi-directional or omnidirectional polar pattern it has a frequency response of 50 Hertz to 20 kilohertz a max SPL of 120 decibels a bit depth of 16 or 24 bit and a sampling rate of up to 96 kilohertz now I’m on the cardioid setting which mainly picks up audio in front of the microphone this is going to be what you want to use if you’re the only person talking into the microphone or if you’re at all concerned with background noise now I’m on the bi-directional setting which picks up audio in the front and in the rear and rejects audio on the sides this is the setting you’d want to use if you’re interviewing somebody across a table or anything along those lines and now I’m on the omnidirectional setting which picks up audio 360 degrees around to the microphone this is the setting you’d want to use if you’re recording a conference room or any large number of people scattered around a room now I’m on the cardioid settings spinning around the microphone to determine what the actual polar pattern is and how the audio changes as we move around the microphones capsule now I’m on the figure eight pattern spinning around them to see what the actual polar pattern is and how your voice or audio source changes as you move around the microphones capsule and now I’m on the omnidirectional settings spinning around the microphone determining what the polar pattern is although it is omnidirectional so we can hear ourselves all the way around the microphone a man I got these cheeseburgers and a keyboard with cherry MX blues right now I’m about one inch away from the microphone to illustrate what kind of proximity effect you’re able to get out of this microphone now I’m about one foot away from the mic about two feet away from the mic from the microphone now I have the G track Pro connected directly to my Windows 10 PC I didn’t have to go download any drivers or anything it was just plug and play for me my input gain is set at around 35 or 40 percent and this is how the microphone sounds in this setup so now I have my sound at around 30 percent I’m gonna go ahead and drop the gain to 0% and slowly increase it so you can hear what kind of noise is generated by this preamp 25 percent 50% 75% and 100% and here’s just a quick demonstration of how you would set this up to record both a guitar and your voice and whatever dog you’re using right now you can see that we have three channels set up you can ignore this third channel right here for now the main thing we want to focus on are these first two channels which are both set to mono now on the microphone I have it set to two track which is what is necessary if you want to record your guitar and your voice separately input one is going to be for your microphone and input two is going to be for your instrument input in this case my guitar and on that channel I’ve just throw in bias amp which is an amp simulator onto the track to give you an idea of what this guitar would sound like through an amp so if we go ahead and play the guitar a little bit that is well I may be drowned out by the guitar a little bit it may be a little bit loud but this gives you a general idea terrible guitar playing a little bit out of tune but it gives you a general idea [Music] I don’t know what to do when I don’t have a thing to sing for you so I just make rap up and no one really cares about me so at the risk of sounding like a broken record regarding samson products I really like this microphone in terms of pros this is just an all-around good sounding microphone it’s very versatile in terms of the multiple polar patterns as well as the instrument input it offers zero latency monitoring it has pretty quiet preamps that mainly picked up just a room noise you can record up to 24-bit 96 kilohertz it has a great build quality and on top of all of that you get some free software and then in terms of cons this microphone is not great at background noise rejection to some with all these switches and dials and may get confusing and the bi-directional and Omni settings lose a little bit of quality in terms of frequency response but I will admit it’s not half as bad as some of the other multi pattern mics I’ve tested in the past so the conclusion I have on this mic is very similar to the regular G track it sounds fairly natural on singing on the electric and on the acoustic as well as spoken-word with a boost in the treble frequencies for added clarity additionally the added polar patterns are a nice feature if you’re on a budget and you want to record meetings in a professional setting or if you just want to goof around with some different polar patterns while you’re recording some music so in conclusion I think the group that this mic would really excel for would be musicians on a budget because not only are you getting a good sounding microphone but you’re also getting an interface that records high res audio for a relatively cheap price alright guys I guess that’ll do it for today if you found this video full and interesting your helpful go ahead and give me a thumbs up if you thought it sucked thumbs down if you want to influence the gear that I review next head over to geeks rising comm slash podcasting cast your votes there if you want more videos logo beneath me check the discord server link in the description and I will see you all later thanks for watching bye [Music]

100 thoughts on “Samson G-Track Pro USB Mic & Interface Review / Test

  1. how is your sound so clear? I just got my G Track Pro 2 days ago and it sounds very muffled and quite. I hope I fucked up somewhere and it's an easy fix, otherwise I will have to return this microphone.

  2. which one would be better for vocals, this g-track pro or the audiotech 2020usb+? they both are priced at 150$ on amazon

  3. I just bought this mic but I think its defected because I sound deeper than I usually do this is very frustrating because it was new I did many test on audacity and voice recording aslo I have to unplug and plug in to make things sound normal if I don't unplug and plug in any audio I hear will sound deep or heavy

  4. Wow, what a wonderful review, especially when compared to your prior review of the original G-Track GM1U. This one sounds much richerdeeper (the original has a thin sound), more sensitivelouder, and has a much quieter preamp! Too bad the omni pattern sounds badweird and the bi-polar drops some of the richness. Great job Samson, and Great job, Podcastage! Thank you! 🙂 Subscribed 😉

  5. Hey bro can you recommend me a cheap boom arm that can hold this and a good pop filter pls. I was gonna go with the blue yeti but I think this is better. It will cost me alot more but it would be my first mic ever so if you have a better recommendation for an upcoming youtuber and streamer that would be great. Thank you and i love your videos

  6. hi please answer. is the instrument jack on the back of this a stereo input and when recording in 2 track mode does it record mic track 1 in mono and and inst track 2 in stereo for a total of 3 channels? thank you

  7. Hello I am using behringer c1 u and also watch your tutorial about that but I still have low volume issue and pop although I am using pop filter

  8. Thank you, Nice Review
    Please, Can you tell what is the best
    Rode NT-USB
    G-Track Pro
    Also, What is main difference between them?

  9. @podcastage I was wondering how this mic stacks up against studio grade microphones such as the Rode nt1a? I like the price and versatility of this product but I would like to have a top notch product if I am putting money and time into it. For professional use am I being too cheap, or can I get away with this without it sounding budget?

  10. I found my mic! Thanks for always making great reviews! I was back and forth between not spending a lot on the Neewer NW-3U or investing in this and getting better audio. After listening to them both side-by-side I decided this is the mic for me! Everything about it just screams "YES!" 😀

  11. Has anyone been able to find a shock mount that fits the Samson G-Track Pro? I've tried out a few from Samson, and the G Track Pro is too wide for all of them.

  12. Almost everything Samson makes is great for the price. I bought a pair of their studio reference headphones fully expecting to be disappointed. I wasn't. Best cans I've heard south of $150. They only cost $30. Their dynamic mic with the interchangeable capsules is fucking awesome at $40 as well.

  13. I bought the G track Pro it didn't come with the microphone stand bracket only came with the desktop stand am I missing something

  14. According to Samson's email reply to me today – this microphone is NOT actually a 24bit / 96kHz microphone. On the off chance that this is a technical support training issue, could you please confirm (in windows sound) that it is actually being detected at 24bit / 96kHz, either single or two channel? There also do not appear to be any kernel mode drivers.

  15. Thank you for this review,I gifted this ,I was looking for something all in one and easy to use. This helped me.I would recommend this.The sticker is on the box outside.

  16. Do you know where to find the serial number on the G Track Pro…. Cant find it……Cant download software without serial number… Please help. Thank you.

  17. I really like your review.. people are considering that I should do an ASMR videos … and with this review I'm considering purchasing this mic.. Also are you a Greenday fan? lol.. your playing guitar and vocal singing has a similarity to them.. I like it. Thanks again.

  18. Hi I purchased this microphone and expected the adaptor to put it on a boom arm in the box but sadly it didn’t not come supplied. Any information at all on what adaptor I need to purchase as I cannot find the information anywhere? Cheers

  19. There is no adapter for a normal microphone stand in the box.
    Some websites have a picture of it, but it's not in de box and I can't find a shop where to buy it.

  20. I was trying to evaluate this microphone at Best Buy and could not decide if I should spring for it, but your review prompted me to go ahead and go for it. Wow! The audio quality is much better than I was expecting! You know how Amazon usually has a better price than the store? Well in this case Amazon wanted about $40 more that Best Buy, so I got it at BB for $99.99. Thanks for your review, which was excellent! Subscribed!

  21. Hey! I need some big help! I got that microfone, but the holder for micstands wasnt included, where can I get one for the G-Track pro?

  22. I don't like the treble boost. Is there a mic you can recommend that gives a richer sound? I am used to using a handheld mic while emceeing, so this is definitely a different sound. I want a desk mic with gain control that sounds full, not tinny & has a usb interface. I'm looking for something like an old Turner +3 desk mic with a manual key, like what I used to use for HAM radio…anyone?

  23. I’m interested in getting one for music and vocals. While this video shows a microphone stand adaptor is included, reviews of those purchasing them find they are not.

  24. Never had a problem with my Audio Technica 2500. But beware the Samson G track pro. I just bought it, and I'm pretty confused. The stand that comes with it does not adjust for height, and if you use a different one, it could fall over cuz it's real heavy. If you try singing to a background track, everything sounds all slowed down, and your clipping light on the Mic will go off like crazy while recording on Audacity. Any suggestions on how to fix this, or should I just take it back to Best Buy?

  25. i have this mic, and it feels like i really need a pop filter compared to this video? Am i using the mic wrong? I can really really hear the air and everything

  26. Mine did not come with a mount, I don't want to use a shock mount as I use mine for streaming and that would interfere with visuals. Can't find one online to replace it and don't know what size the threads are to buy one aftermarket. Any help would be great!

  27. Hey I’m having problems with mine. I just got mine yesterday and I set everything up but it’s lagging really bad. There’s like a delay between when I talk and what I hear in the headphones. I need help.

  28. Does anyone know of a boom arm/ shock mount that is compatible with the weight and other specs of this g track pro mic?

  29. if a line-in is plugged into the 1/4" input, can it be heard through the headphone jack?.. for example, i have a surround sound headphone device.. could i plug that into the 1/4" input and hear the game audio through the headphone interface on the mic?.. if i can do that, since im also looking for a headphone amp.. then sold

  30. Damn… I just want something that's USB, has good background noise cancelling (for keyboards, mice etc) and that has a mute button, how hard could that be eh? Freaking impossible…. >_<

  31. I’m trying to find a good streaming mic that won’t pick up my fan/ac noise in the background. The fan is usually set to low but my ac I have no control over its noise. It gets super hot in my room so it’s a no no to turn any of this off. I wanted to get this mic but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to adjust it so it’s less sensitive while streaming. Any tips or advice would be very appreciated

  32. You should do a fan test in the background to show how well it can limit noises like that and how far away stuff like that is what worries me especially when your spending money on it.

  33. People who are defending the Yeti are not paying attention to Samsons specs. Compare the two ans Gtrack wins.Samson records with better tones and its great for singing.

  34. Just bought this mic today, windows 10 can't get windows to find it . So I got this for $100, however i only need it for chat and video games. Would you do this or snowball ice? I have best gift cards only reason why I dont get a modmic 5.

  35. Hey im getting a real mean buzz on the figure 8 and omni settings, got any advice on what settings i shud tinker with or mic programs. Or am i sol and need a new mic?

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