Sales Wolves Podcast | Episode 135 | Arrogance VS Confidence

Anyone that’s having that question within
their own life like, “Am I coming across as arrogant or am I coming across as confident,”
really needs to boil that down to does this person that I’m sitting across from right
now, does this person that’s listening to my me right now, does this person that I’m
interacting with, do they know my intent or not? What’s up everybody? Welcome to the Sales Wolves Podcast. As always, I’m your host, Tyler Jack Harris
and I am a Sales Wolf. This is Episode 135 of the Sales Wolves Podcast
and I’m going to come at you with a with a quick one, but an important one, and that
is arrogance versus confidence. And the way I want to start off this conversation
is on the basis of intent. Because really, it’s the intent that will
determine whether or not you’re a confident person or an arrogant person. But other people don’t always know your intent. Right? So when another person sees you as being confident
or arrogant, it’s based on their opinion on the things that you’re doing: the way you’re
talking, the way you carry yourself, because they may not know your intent. And so what they see as arrogance really may
just be confidence. And so I think an important factor of determining
between, or distinguishing between or being one or the other is going to be in letting
people around you know the intent that you have behind the things that you’re doing. And so like myself, like I’m a very confident
person, I haven’t always been that way. But I can tell you right now I’m at my most
confident that I’ve ever been. But I can clearly see how that can be perceived
as arrogance from someone that doesn’t know me. And by doesn’t know me, I mean, doesn’t know
my heart doesn’t know the intent behind the confidence, doesn’t know what I’m actively
pursuing with that confidence and the things that I’m trying to achieve with that confidence. It could come across as arrogant. I mean, if you took a random 30 second clip
of any video of that I’ve done, I can certainly understand why someone would say that I was
an arrogant person. Because in that 30 second clip, they’re not
getting to know who I really am and they don’t get to know the intent behind what they’re
saying is arrogance but ultimately is it’s just confidence. And so I think anyone that’s having this question,
and this is a question that I got one time on a live Q and A which really, you know,
created this idea of this topic of this Sales Wolves Podcast, anyone that’s having that
question within their own life, like, “Am I coming across as arrogant? Or am I coming across as confident?” really needs to boil that down to does this
person that I’m sitting across from right now, does this person that’s listening to
my me right now, does this person that I’m interacting with, do they know my intent or
not? And if they don’t, why? And if they don’t, how can I get that across
to them? How can I convey to them what the intent,
what my intent is in the level of confidence that I have and what I’m doing right now,
in the level of confidence that that I have, in the conversation that we’re having right
now. I’m extremely confident when I talk about
things that I know. I’m extremely confident when I’m talking about
things that I’m passionate about. Not so much in the things that I don’t know,
and the things that I’m not passionate about. And so when I’m in conversations with people,
random people, friends, family, but people that maybe I don’t even know when I’m talking
something I’m passionate about what I’m talking about something that I know, like the back
of my hand, it’s always going to come across way more confident. And at times that can seem arrogant, unless
you are communicating in a way that shows your intent through your language, that shows
the heart behind why you’re so passionate about those things or why you know so much
about that topic. If we’re talking about, you know, working
out, I can sit here and talk all about the things that I know about working out. But until I talk about the heart behind it,
and the intent behind it, that I want people to figure out the way that works best for
them with their fitness and their workout routines and their nutrition or, you know,
the fact that you know, my, you know, confidence in working out and talking about working out
comes from this belief that I have that it carries over into all the other areas of my
life, in my relationships and that, you know, I want to be the strongest man that I can
be for my wife, and I want to be here, you know, for a long time so that I can spend
that time with my daughter, and that can be here, you know longer and have a longer life
with her. And it’s weaving in that it’s that intent
it’s that the heart behind those things that weaved into that conversation will turn that
person from perceiving you as arrogant to just “oh, this is just a confident person.” Because man, they know what they’re talking
about. And man, they’re passionate about this thing. And it flips the script. And so I would challenge you guys, audit your
conversations, audit the interactions that you’re having with other people and truly
take audit of how are they being, how am I being perceived. A lot of times the way you’re actually being
perceived is different than the way you may think you’re being perceived. But start taking close note to how people
are reacting to the things that you’re saying to them. How you know, what people are saying behind
your back. What people are saying to other people about
you when it comes to those areas of your life. And then getting down to how can I convey
to that person the intent behind my confidence so that they don’t think that I’m arrogant. And the last thing I’ll say is, some people
are just always going to say it’s arrogance, overconfidence. Some people are just going to find you arrogant
because they lack the confidence themselves. And so anything that they lack, when they
see in others, they’re going to talk down about that thing. And in this conversation that’s always going
to lean towards arrogance, overconfidence, and for those people, I don’t think you need
to spend that much time convincing them because you know your intent, you know your heart
and at the end of the day, that is what’s most important. So with that, guys, this is Episode 135 of
The Sales Wolves Podcast. As always, I’m your host Tyler Jack Harris
and I am a Sales Wolf. Howling.

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