Sadhguru at IIT Bombay – Youth and Truth [Full talk]

Sadhguru at IIT Bombay – Youth and Truth [Full talk]

Sadhguru: Namaskaram to everyone. Participants: Namaskaram (Applause). Sadhguru: Well, why this Youth and Truth, how it came about? In the last thirty, thirty-five years that
I’ve been active with people, this is been a constant refrain, thousands of people ask me this question, “Sadhguru, where were you when I was twenty? You have come when I am sixty. If you had come when I was twenty
I would have lived like this, I would have done this, I would have done that.” I’ve been hearing this continuously, so I decided we’ll step out and meet all those people who are below twenty-five in this country
and also outside. That’s why this Youth and Truth. This effort is… See, what we call as life essentially is a combination of certain amount of time and a certain amount of energy. Time is passing for all of us at the same pace. If we sit, it passes. If we stand, it passes. If we do something, it passes. If we laze around it’ll pass. Awake, asleep, time is rolling for all of us. Only thing we can really manage is our energies. When you are youth, when you are in that segment of life
which is called youth, you are at the peak of your energy .(Laughs), This is something most of the youth will not realize till it passes (Laughs) that you are at the peak of your energy, life is not going to be the same way as years roll. So when this energy is at its peak which is the only manageable part of our life – time is not manageable, it just rolls – this is the only manageable part of our life when it is raging at its peak, if only if we bring a certain level of clarity
and balance in our life, this energy could become a
phenomenal force in our life. This energy could become a possibility
to unfold our genius. When I say our genius – every individual has a certain genius within them, will they find the necessary atmosphere, necessary attitude, necessary situation within themselves and around themselves to unfold this or not is the only question. Unfortunately, I could be wrong with my percentages, but unfortunately, I think not even one percent of the
human population managed to really let their genius blossom in their life because they all get concerned with
their livelihoods and other stuff. Very few people remain unconcerned and
explore the possibility of what can be done at its peak within themselves and around themselves. So it is only one percent. My endeavor is in this generation
if we can raise this to ten percent, we will have a brilliant world. We will have a phenomenal process
happening in the world because after all, the nation, the world, the society,
are the products of human genius. Whether we live as a mediocre society or
as a brilliant society is not decided by the masses on the street but
a few brilliant minds which come. If we increase the number and percentage of
those brilliance that brilliance to unfold in a society, that society will rage and flourish in a different way. In this culture that’s always been the focus, always individual genius has been the focus because ultimately that is the determining factor. That is why we are in the universities seeing how to assist you in this process,
not just learning engineering or technology, but how to unfold the greatest technology
that we already have, which is human mechanism. Thank you very much, for having us here (Applause). Moderator (Syed Saqlain): Good evening everybody! I welcome you all here to the
Youth and Truth program at IIT Bombay. First of all, I would like to thank Mohit Chauhan sir
for his splendid performance, he has infused so much energy in the audience here (Applause), round of applause for him. I would also like to thank
Isha Samskriti and Sounds of Isha for their amazing display of raw talent. It is been mesmerizing (Applause). My name is Syed Saqlain, I am a Ph.D. student,
first year Chemical Engineering. Sadhguru, let me just say, we are honored and blessed
to have you here in our presence (Applause). Now, without further ado .. Sadhguru: It’s a privilege for a uneducated man
to be in a educational institution, so (Laughs) (Applause)… Moderator (Syed Saqlain): It’s perceptive (Laughs). Sadhguru: I didn’t go there at the right time,
so now I’m coming (Laughter). Moderator (Syed Saqlain): So, yeah, without further ado I would like to commence this conversation
with your permission. Sadhguru: Mhmm (Indicating Agreement), please. Moderator (Syed Saqlain): Yes, so very often in lives we come across crossroads where we are compelled to choose
between two options which were equally pleasing, for instance, I just graduated my B.Tech this year and I had a few options, I had option to do MS in Cornell and John Hopkins University abroad or to do a Ph.D. here at IIT Bombay. My heart was leading me towards the US lifestyle but my brain told me that this is the right thing; a Ph.D. at IIT Bombay is the right thing for my career. But every time… and evidently I’m here at IIT Bombay but every night I… when I go to sleep I fantasize and I think about
how my life in the US would have been, how you know I wonder how it would have been. So when I am at such a stage, could you tell me what exactly this conflict of interest is, what should I be doing? (Sadhguru Laughs) Sadhguru: See, we must understand this, people are always thinking when
it comes to education, career, choice of partners, marriage, at various points
what is the best thing to do? Let me tell you – there is no best thing to do in the world (Laughter)! Really there is no best thing to do. Even if you take a very simple thing and
put everything that you have into it, if you throw yourself into it, it could become a great thing. Is it the best thing? No. There is no best thing because how do you decide what is best? What I am doing is best or what you are doing is best? There is no such thing. Is spiritual process the best thing or Chemical Engineering the best thing? It’ll be foolish even to ask that question, isn’t it? It is just that, if you throw your life into something,
it can become a great thing. So don’t look for best things because
you’ll waste your life. Always wondering what’s the best thing. People come to me, they’ve been married for
thirty-five years, have three, four children, “Sadhguru, I don’t know if I made
the right choice (Laughter)!” I said, “Well, it looks like you’ve been not thinking,
you’ve been acting. Four children (Laughter)!” So, till the end of your life you can go on thinking “what is the best thing, what is the best thing?” There is no best thing. Whatever we put our heart and soul into
and do it, it’s a great thing. It may be a simple thing in somebody else’s eyes but in our experience it’s a great thing and that’s what we should do (Applause). Moderator (Hiya): Hello everybody.
Namaskaram Sadhguru! My name is Hiya and I am a first year student here studying in the Aerospace department. Being a college student, we live in dorms and hostels. And we are surrounded by people day in and day out. And with people, comes opinions and ideas. So, for instance let’s say I go… I got up in the morning and I got ready for class
and I am about to leave and one of my friends joins me and
she casually comments that “Your hair doesn’t look very good today, like,
what’s wrong with it?” So, some of us are of the type that
we’ll (Laughs) rush back to our rooms and just fix it somehow, that might (Sadhguru Laughs) even mean that we are late for class but let’s say… I didn’t even do that… let’s say
I didn’t even do that but that thing would keep going in my mind,
like throughout, I would be in the class
but I’ll be thinking about my hair. So it is (Laughs)… others’ opinions and
ideas have a very deep effect. Although… although it varies from person to person,
the amount of effect it has, but how do we take the good out of it and
still not lose our individuality and uniqueness in the process? Sadhguru: Now (Laughs), in this world, more money, probably ten times or even hundred times more money is being spent on hair products than
on the brain products (Laughter). So it looks like a whole lot of people
don’t care what is inside, they only care what is outside. So, for those people who are in a
certain state of their life, where they need to intensely focus on something, very intensely where they need undivided attention to achieve what they want to achieve,
normally we shave their heads, you know (Laughs). So that they don’t have to stand in front
of the mirror every day. See, I don’t have to stand in front of the mirror,
every day I look the same. So I don’t have to check “how am I looking today?”. So, when you are focused on something else, certain things get less significance. How we look, is it important? Yes it is, to some extent it is important in our lives. But right now you are not going to walk the ramp,
you are going to the class, okay (Laughter)? So all you have to do is bundle up your hair,
tie it up on top of your head so that they can’t see your hair, they can just see the knot and they can see the size of your head, that’s a good thing (Both Laugh). It is not that one should not be concerned
about their appearance, of course it matters but where does it matter, where does it not
matter is something we have to decide. If it matters too much everywhere, I have seen people about twenty-seven times in a minute they do (Gestures). Why (Laughs)… If you’re adjusting your hair half the time in your life, what the hell are you going to do of any significance? I am not saying you should not have hair, I am not saying you should not keep it well, but if you are so concerned about your appearance,
obviously you’re a bit empty inside. If there’s some more stuff within you, you wouldn’t be so concerned about your appearance. Taking care of our appearance to
a certain extent is important. Well, if you are going into the films or
you are a model or something, you have to take care of it much more maybe, but for an engineer, if you are presentable,
it’s fine, hmm? Moderator (Hiya): And sir it’s not… it doesn’t end
at the appearances, it’s about the general opinions of life and about ourself. Let’s say anything about us that they have,
that people have, they somehow… Sadhguru: Whatever kind of opinions. Moderator (Hiya): …maybe behavioral traits
like somebody tells me “you speak very loudly” maybe… Sadhguru: Hmm? Moderator (Hiya): …”you speak very loudly
all the time, why do you do that?” Maybe… I mean it… it hasn’t happened with me
I am just giving an example. So, how do we take like it’s a
very causal comment… Sadhguru: I was about to tell you
your trousers are torn but I didn’t tell you (Laughter). There was a time when I lived in denims,
nothing but denims, okay? Only Levis. And because of motorcycling and all kinds
of things, they would get torn. We had to get it from United States otherwise
they were locally not available in sixties. So we used to patch it up. But now people are tearing it up and
then wearing it (Laughter). So obviously… obviously the message is
you don’t care a hoot what other people think about you. Let that come into every aspect of your life, you don’t really care what other people saying about it (Cheers/Applause). That’s the idea, isn’t it? The idea of tearing up a new pant and
walking is you don’t really care. But that’s not the truth with whole lot of people. How is it torn? Your pant is torn better than mine (Laughter). So, we’ve gotten into this mess essentially because we have not delved into what this
(Referring to Oneself) is. There is no profound experience of yourself. Who you are is a bundle of opinions that
other people have given. You are… If ten people say you are good,
you will become very good. It’s like this, you went outside, somebody told you, “Oh, you are the most wonderful person on this planet.” Then you are floating on cloud number what? Moderator (Hiya): Nine. Sadhguru: Only nine? In Tamil Nadu we do eleven (Laughter). So you are floating on cloud number
whatever and you came home, they told you who really are and suddenly
it’ll crash the cloud. Tch, floating on a cloud is not a wise thing,
you’re bound to crash, isn’t it? Hello? Floating on a cloud is not a safe thing to do,
you are bound to crash. So, whatever this floating on cloud number
whatever is not a good thing because somebody blows you up. I must tell you this. If you have to settle this within yourself,
one important thing is… this happened to me in a certain way (Laughs). My daughter started traveling with me when she was three-and-a-half months old, alone. So I am driving my little Maruti all over the country, this is the time when I’m building Isha Foundation and my right leg is always heavy. So I keep one hand on this little baby and drive full on,
on the highways (Laughs) going from town to town, various programs and stuff. So she grew up in many people’s homes, every… every week she’s a new home. I made one rule to all of them,
never teach the girl anything. You are not going to teach her ABC,
you are not going to teach her 123, you are not going to teach her “Mary had a little lamb” because I don’t care whether Mary had a
lamb or not (Laughter). Nobody teach her anything. So, because nobody is teaching her anything,
she’s all eyes and ears. By the time she is eighteen months, she is speaking three languages very fluently. Nobody taught her anything. I said no rhymes, no 123, no ABC, nothing! She grew up like this and I wouldn’t have sent her
to school but my schedules were crazy plus no company of that age group around,
she’s the only girl, so I put her into school. When she was around twelve, one day she came home little disturbed
because of what happened at the school and she said, “You’re teaching so many things to everybody, you are not teaching me anything!” I said, “Well, I am not known to do
these things unsolicited. Now that you have come, we could try something.” I said “See, this is all you need to know, you never
look down on anybody, nor do you ever look up at anybody.” Then she looked at me like this (Gestures),
“what about you” kind of thing (Laughter)? I said “See, if you look up to me,
you will miss me completely. If you look up to me, what will you do? You’ll take my picture and nail it into the wall. You will miss who I am. The value of who I am will be completely missed
if you look up to me. You have to just look at me for what I am,
for everything that I do. Not look up to me. If you look up to me, you know (Laughs) nailing is all that’ll happen.” So this is a simple thing, never look down on anybody, never look up to anybody. As simple as it sounds, this means you have
no judgment in your head as to what is good, what is bad, what is high, what is low, what is virtue, what is sin! You’re willing to look at life just for what it is. If you see life simply for what it is,
you will effortlessly navigate through life. All these things will not even be a issue in your life (Applause). Moderator (Gaganpreet Singh): I am Gaganpreet Singh pursuing masters in Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing in
CSRE Department at IIT Bombay sir. Sir I (Laughter/Applause)… ______ (Inaudible) Sadhguru: I am sure this guy is popular
out here, hmm (Laughter). Moderator (Gaganpreet Singh): Sadhguru,
I belong to land of five rivers and now wherever I go there, for all the able people I see everyone dreams of going to land of maple leaf
right now, that we call it Canada (Laughter). And when I interact with them, they have the one motive, we’ll go there, we will earn in dollars and send back and build… adopt one of the village, build roads, all hospital, schools. What is harm in it? Then I see soldiers, farmers, social activists, teachers who are working at grassroots level. So if I get opportunity because in IIT we’ll… we will get some good opportunity to go abroad and earn Canadian dollars or work here and whatever we can contribute in the tax, that is quite miniscule as compared to the funding
which we get from abroad. Which route should I take? Sadhguru: Oh (Laughs)! See, India is an ancient culture. An ancient culture means there are many benefits because there is immense wisdom and there is also a heap of bullshit (Laughter)! To sift through this bull and get to the wisdom
takes us some effort (Laughs). The five rivers are in a pathetic state (Laughs). Yes. And the land has been ripped through completely. So naturally people want to go elsewhere and
do the same to another continent. Well, Punjab was an important part of the
Green Revolution in this country, that’s very wonderful. But at the same time this grail… Green Revolution became relevant in our country simply because we were in a desperate state. We had every three to four years’ bad famines where sometimes millions of people died in the last century. But the last famine we have had is probably
1962 or 3(1963), after that we have not had a famine, we have had droughts, bad agricultural years. But no famines, no mass deaths at least. So it’s fantastic. But these were desperate measures what we took because to beat that situation. So we exploited the land in a certain way, which is not healthy long term but we did it because it was kind of
emergency for the nation. So now should I go abroad and send Canadian Dollars? I am not saying you should not go abroad. If you think you’re going to learn something better there, acquire some more skills than you can gather here. If there are possibilities or even if you
are going to work there. But don’t think in terms of you’ll earn dollars then
come back and build your village, that’s a long shot! Actually what we need in this country
is not necessarily dollars. What we need in this country is a corruption free,
clear, focused and dedicated people. That’s what we are missing (Applause). Money is there. We don’t really need money from outside really. It is just that, we are constantly busy working
against each other at so many levels, okay? Our energies are simply spent throwing things
at each other all the time. If i… If you don’t understand what I am saying, just turn on one of the English news channels and watch in the evening, how much energy is simply wasted, simply saying rubbish against each other, endlessly (Applause) (Laughs). And slowly we are losing all sense of civilization in this argument. We… (Laughs) We think we are debating – no we are just shouting abuses at each other and think we are debating. A debate means to explore, to use two brains
instead of one to explore something – that is a debate. Not… Simply throwing things at
each other is not debate. We can as… as well throw stones at each other,
instead of hurling abuses, at least it’ll end soon (Laughter). So, this is going on, immense waste of energy, no cleanliness, when I say no cleanliness, hmm, I mean a whole lot of people are
simply innocent of integrity. They’re not corrupt, they’re just innocent of integrity,
they don’t know what it is. Because we are a nation who are not controlled
by any moral code, nobody told us, “thou shall not do this or that”, nobody told us. But in this culture we managed ourselves by
constantly stirring up human consciousness in every generation. Well, you also come from the land of gurus because the idea is to stir up human consciousness rather than give you a set of morals that to follow. Because morals can be subverted by anybody. But when it arises within you, it’s a natural
expression of who you are. So, this has been the process, but over a period of time
because of invasions and occupations, this system of transmitting consciousness or
invigorating human consciousness, those systems have largely collapsed. Today anybody can read half a book
which is considered sacred, can become a guru and do whatever they want, all right? You have lot of them in land of five rivers
(Few laugh). Because this system has collapsed, people have not invested their life
into knowing something. They’re just reading half a book and trying to preach. Reading book and preaching was significant
when everybody else was illiterate. Now that literacy has grown,
you read a book and tell somebody, it doesn’t mean a damn thing,
they can read it themselves. So this is going to be… become irrelevant even in a school and college in the coming years. As technology develops, reading a textbook and telling them what it is all about will become irrelevant
in the next ten, fifteen years. So similarly reading scriptures and telling people
what it is has already become pretty irrelevant because everybody can read and understand
better than the preacher most probably (Few laugh). So, this process of “What shall I do? Should I go there and send dollars?” If you are going there to pursue something, it is fine. If you think there is some form of skill or education or knowledge or even a profession which is not available here,
you want to go there, it is fine. But you are going there to make dollars and
send it back, please don’t waste your life like that. There is so much to be done here. If you have integrity. Why (Laughs) I am focusing on integrity is,
this has been a scarce thing – I must tell you this. About seven, eight years ago, I was in United States and somebody told me, “Sadhguru, if you type the word spiritual on the net, every day over 100,000 people are typing
the word spiritual.” I said, “Is that so? That many people are typing the word spiritual?” Because I never typed that word (Few laugh). I said, “Type it, let’s see what comes.” So on the Google if you type spiritual, first thing that comes up is a spa in Mexico (Laughter). Second thing that comes up is a call-girl in
Northern California (Few laugh). She has spiritual sex, spiritual whatever,whatever. She knows the SEO, you know? She’s used spiritual in twenty-five different places
in her website, so if you say spiritual, she comes up (Few laugh). Then I thought this is a shame, for thousands of years anything spiritual means
people looked East, towards India. So, I said, “Let’s open a platform as the spiritual gateway to the world, India. So, all the spiritual whatever nonsense you have, everybody put their official page on one platform. If they want to put more they’ll have to pay but
one page is free for everybody. If the world types out spiritual, this big site will come
and every form of spirituality is there. People can choose where they want to go.” And we thought we will bring some kind of a standard “three things you must do, three things
you must not do”, when people from outside the country come to you. So I… for the first time… I had never met any spiritual leader in the country,
I’d never seen them, I’d never … shared platforms with them nor
I had visited their ashrams. I never had time for those things, I was just busy with what I was doing. For the first time I made attempt to meet a lot of people. Well, I met many absolutely wonderful people who are doing great work but it was also amazing to see that a whole lot of them are
completely innocent of integrity; they just don’t know what it is (Laughter). Really it’s incredible. If I walk into an airport or a golf course, I meet better men, who don’t know anything about spirituality but they are better men (Laughs). Just to give you an example, I am walking in this ashram of theirs… somebody, a big man. As an organization, they are way bigger than us. So I am walking with him and then I see some
nice trees in the ashram. Then I say, “You really have some nice trees, big trees.” He said “Ah…” without looking at the trees “ha ha, that’s our Panchavati.” I looked there, there were only four trees
(Laughter). Then I said, “But there are only four trees there.” He said, “Huh, huh, four, five, huh… you know
this four, five is all maya” (Laughter). Four… He is just… He is just surprised that I am
actually counting four. When he says five, it’s five. Four and five is all maya, you know. There is only zero and the infinite, in-between
all is maya (Laughter/Applause). So, whether it is politics or any profession including
spirituality unfortunately one ingredient that is really weak in India right now is integrity. If you think you have integrity, please stay in India, we don’t want one more to escape (Applause). Moderator (Gaganpreet Singh): I will, sir. Questioner: Sadhguru, I spend lots of time on my phone,
it’s ridiculous amounts of time. It helps me with my notes it keeps me updated
with my calendar and connected with the entire world but the… the more we depend on it, the more it replaces our menial task. Now technological advances are so steep and rapid
that it is predicted that one day humanity will pass through a
time period called singularity. It is that time period when machines will be intelligent
enough to devise machines which are more intelligent than them. And this will happen recursively. So my question here is do you think these technological advances
which are happening will ultimately cause mankind’s doom? Sadhguru: Not necessarily. See, you must understand – hundred years ago how many things we had to do with our body and today how many things we have to do with our body
has come down 10 000 percent. What do you think? At least. Because everything had to be done
using human muscle. Now if you press a switch everything will happen. You have seen in all those period movies
two guys will be standing next to a Maharaja and doing the fan. See, all those guys hanging there (Gestures), hmm? Like this so many things. Every time something new came people felt threatened –
who are doing that pankha job, they felt threatened their jobs will go away. Of course they’ve found something else now,
nobody is doing pankha anymore – like this you don’t have to worry, you will find
something else to do. If the… It is uncanny that you asked this question
because in the last… last one year I’ve been invited to various international conferences
to speak about artificial intelligence. I said, “Why me? I am a natural intelligence, why are you? (Laughter/Applause)… Why are you calling me to speak about
artificial intelligence?” Their whole thing is.. . these are all I’m talking about top level people,
scientists and others. Their whole thing is “Sadhguru, if this intelligence unfolds, if artificial if…” AI they’re calling, it we think Air India (Laughter) but “If this AI unfolds, we will all lose our jobs.” I said, “How fantastic, find a AI like that for me, so that I’ll lose my job and I’ll just live” (Laughs). Isn’t it fantastic if all of us lose our jobs and we are on a holiday for the rest of our lives (Laughter/Applause)? Everything we have to do if a machine does it, isn’t it great that human beings can use their intelligence and time
for creating something else altogether rather than doing menial jobs on a daily basis? If I asked you to go right now and… If I ask you to hold pankha for me because
there’s no… fan is not working, is it not a waste of your intelligence? Hello, hmm? Participant: Yes. Sadhguru: It’s good for me but is it not a waste of your life in so many ways? So similarly it’s a waste of life right now that
most people are thinking how to earn a living, how to earn a living. Goddammit, even a earthworm is earning a living,
a grasshopper is earning a living, a bird is earning a living, a… every other creature is earning a living. With such a big brain what is a human being
concerned about earning a living? It shouldn’t even be a thing. But right now human problem is, it’s not
about earning a living. You want to earn living like somebody else then there is no end to your life (Applause). You want to earn a living for this life
there is really no problem. “I want to live like you” now this is a problem. This is an endless pursuit. This is not going to end at any time. See, the most affluent nations why does a human being seek affluence, either a individual or a society, why do we seek affluence? At the first level it’s a choice of nourishment
that you can eat whatever you want. That’s a first step of earning money. The next step is a choice of lifestyles. Now countries like United States… you are only going to Canada, hmm (Laughter)? Countries like United States have a choice of
nourishment and a choice of lifestyles but seventy percent of US population is on
prescription medication. With such a choice of nourishment and lifestyles,
they should have at least if not the most conscious and wonderful at least been the healthiest population
on the planet, isn’t it so? Their healthcare bill is three trillion dollars. People estimate by 2030 their healthcare bill could be
anywhere around 7 to 7.5 trillion dollars. Already it is bigger than our economy. One thing that can sink that nation is the healthcare bill. So, just affluence is not going to help. So when artificial intelligence comes and does
all the things that we want to do, that we are no more concerned about earning a living
– every human being on this planet, their living is taken care of –
I think human genius will unfold. It’s a tremendous possibility. Of course fools who don’t know what to do
with themselves they’ll bum around, they’ll get drunk, they’ll get drugged,
they’ll lie here and there but a whole lot of humanity will come to
terms with it and fire up in a different way. I think its great times, we don’t really have
to worry about your phone. Can I tell you a joke, you’re okay? Participant: Yes, yes go ahead. Sadhguru: Because you look serious,
(Laughter)… A man came into the office with half his face burnt out. Show me the other side of your face. Okay (Laughs). So his boss asked, “What happened to you,why is your face
burnt up like this?” “No, no I just took a call. I attended a call.” He said, “What? You taking a telephone call will burn
your face like this?” “No, I was ironing my clothes” (Laughter). Phone rang, shwik (Gestures) (Few laugh). So, right now the problem is not technology. Technology is a tremendous enabler. I remember the time when
I was building this foundation. Like once in a fortnight or so
I have a telephone call day. When I stop somewhere on the highway,
that blue colored tin box, metal box, you’ve seen them – STD, local, international
whatever is written on that (Laughs) – so I get into those things and
start making hundreds of calls. But today if I just tell my phone it calls. Oh, I am glad technology is advancing. Life has becoming so much easier and better. But some people don’t know how to use it,
they are always stuck to it. Many people are getting killed using the phones,hmm? So many people are getting killed. So the problem is not of technology,
the problem is of compulsiveness. So many people are getting killed. See, it is still unfortunate there are so many children and people dying because of malnourishment. We have the highest malnourished
population in the world. But more people on this planet die because
they don’t know when to stop eating. Yes, compulsiveness. Food is not the problem, isn’t it? Hello, is food good or… good for us or no? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Food is good for us. But if you don’t know when to… if you start eating you don’t know when to stop eating, then it becomes a serious problem. The same goes for the phone, you start using it but you don’t know when to stop using. So, the problem is not technology,
the problem is not anything in our lives – fundamentally we are living an unconscious life. We are living a compulsive life. When you live compulsively, then
everything is a problem. There’s no one specific thing which is a problem. Everything is a problem. All the great wonderful things that come our way
become serious problem in our life simply because we do it compulsively (Applause). Questioner: Sir, in the Indian society when
something goes wrong for let’s say someone is not well, so there are three types of people
– ones who go to the hospital, then there are the ones who rush to the temples, and then there are the third ones
who rush to the astrologers. So we are actually taught from the beginning that inanimate objects and things around us
have the power to control our lives. For example, the… for example my
mother when… two to three years back told me to wear a ring which had a gemstone I still
has it on… have it on (Laughs) because of course because that’s what mom has said. Sadhguru: You need to take it off otherwise
the boys will think (Laughter)… For good luck you keep it in the pocket, if it’s on your finger they will think you are (Laughs)… Questioner: So that’s another issue to it
but… (Laughter) Other than that I really do not
understand like how can an inanimate object control so much going on in my life or in
anybody else’s or can it really do that, rather? Sadhguru: See, human life is made in such
a way, particularly human life. For all the animals, nature has fixed clear
cut path what they can do, what they cannot do. Their lives happen within… between two lines,
they cannot go below that, they cannot go above that. Within that they live. That’s why they look so sure and certain
and they are peaceful. Once their stomach is full, they are all peaceful. Do you see this? Hello? Are you on talking terms with me or no, hmm
(Laughter)? Do you see all the animals once their stomach
is full, they are peaceful. But human beings are thinking or they’re
being taught that peace is the ultimate goal of life. A buffalo full stomach he sits peacefully
and for you that is the ultimate goal, what a shame (Laughter). What a buffalo can do with a stomach full
of grass or whatever else he eats, you have to hold it as the ultimate goal, is it not
a shame I’m asking you? But (Applause) this is being taught like this
– peace is the ultimate goal of your life. But coming to more fundamentals – if you
are not peaceful today, can you enjoy your dinner today? Hmm? No. Can you just enjoy walking down the street? Can you enjoy the company of a few people
around you? No. If not ecstatic, at least you must be peaceful
to enjoy anything in your life. So I’m asking should it be the first step
in your life or the last step in your life. Such people will only rest in peace (Laughter). Now do other things have influence on us,
particularly inanimate objects? The gems and the diamonds and things like
that and also the planets. See the nature of the planet has a certain
influence on the life upon it. You will see on full moon days and new moon
days many animals behave in certain specific ways simply because they are influenced by
it. You know the whole ocean is rising, hmm? When ocean which is millions and millions
of tons of water is able to rise, when seventy-two percent of your body is water, you think it
won’t rise at all? It does (Applause). So, I don’t know if you are conscious of
it but in India most people are, not only in India, in… anywhere wherever there are
mental asylums and things they are conscious of it – on full moon days and new moon days,
people get exaggerated levels of disturbance in their minds. So people think new moon and full moon will
cause madness. No, that’s not the truth. If you are very loving, full moon day you
will become more loving. If you are very joyful, on a full moon day
you will become more joyful. If you are little crazy, you will get
little more crazy. Whatever is your quality gets little hyped
on that day. So those who are romantic they want
full moon day. Those who want to meditate they want
full moon day. Those who are little mad they don’t want
full moon day (Laughter). Essentially it’s hyping things up a little bit. Of course today there is another kind of textbook
science which is going on which doesn’t observe anything except what happens
in the laboratory. These people are going on saying this is all
rubbish, this-that. No, if you pay attention to your own body you will know
without looking up, without looking at the calendar, you will know when
is full moon day, when is new moon day by yourself. Simply if you pay suff… sufficient attention
to your own system because it’s visible in your system, certain behavior is there. But with a human being the problem is or people
seeing it a problem, any pro… any possibility if you do not explore that possibility, in
your eyes it looks like a problem. What is a problem is always a possibility, isn’t it? You don’t like it (Applause)? No, if you are not willing to say “yes”,“no”, something
you can at least say hmm (Gestures) (Laughter). What is a problem is always a
possibility or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: What is a possibility if you do not explore it, if
you do not realize what is the possibility, it seems like a
problem to you. So, do inanimate things have impact on you? Yes, if you allow it. Because this is the human predicament that
“who you are” is not determined by nature, it is left open for you. Left open for you means you are the only creature
on this planet who’s been given the freedom to shape your own life. Is it a small thing? This is a product of millions of years of evolution that
today after all these creatures from a single celled animal to…after
these millions of forms, here we are sitting – this is the only creature which can shape its own life the way it wants. Every other creature has to live by the lawsof nature. We can shape our own lives. It is this freedom that human beings are suffering. If you are suffering your bondage, it’s all right. If you are suffering your… freedom
you are a disaster, isn’t it? Hmm (Applause)? You are suffering your bondages,
you are chained to something, you are suffering that – understandable. But you are suffering because you are free – most human beings are suffering because they are free they are always trying to bind themselves
to something or somebody all the time because freedom scares them. Because freedom is a pathless path. Freedom is a open terrain, there is no fixed line. Because there is no fixed pathway, most people feel terrified. But the highest value in human life is freedom. Isn’t it so? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: In this culture… The highest value in this culture is not god,
not heaven – mukti, moksha, liberation, freedom is the highest value established that no matter what you do, you must seek mukti. You can do whatever you do with your life
but all that process should be towards your liberation, you must be moving towards
higher and higher levels of freedom on a daily basis. Otherwise your life is not worth it because you are getting entangled with the process of life (Applause). Even if you go to heaven, it’s an entanglement. See, I am sure before you joined the IIT –
you’re sitting keeping “Bombay”, right, I see (Gestures), hmm? Before you joined IIT when (Laughs)
you’ve written your ad… you know whatever entrance tests and stuff – only thing is somehow
“I want to get in, I want to get in,” because it… it’s like heaven, entering heaven. Tch, “No matter what I want to get in, that’s
the only thing I want.” After you get in, see how many problems (Laughter/Applause). I am asking you a simple question – being on this planet, do you have any proof that you are not already in heaven and
making a mess out of it (Applause)? Hmm, do you have any proof? Suppose you took off from this solar system and
looked down at this solar system, whatever these twelve – fourteen planets
and satellites and works, does planet Earth definitely look like a
heavenly body among all these? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Yes or no? So you are already on heaven and making a mess out of it and now you want to go to another heaven (Laughs). Yes, like he wants to go to Canada (Cheers/Applause). This culture does not value heaven,
does not value god, values only freedom. We want to be even free
from the creation and the creator. Mukti, moksha is the ultimate value (Applause)
because this is not a philosophical value, this is not a religious value, this is something
every life is longing for – only thing is most human beings are shortsighted that they long for it in installments. See, whatever people are seeking right now
– if they have nothing, they will say “If I get hundred rupees per day, Shiva that’s all I want.” That’s a prayer. Hundred rupees fell. Hundred rupees fine, fine, fine, three days hundred rupees fine, fourth day “Only hundred rupees, Shiva (Laughter)? What’s the problem with you? Are you so stingy? At least a thousand rupees a day.” Okay thousand rupee note fell. Is it in legal tender? Thousand rupee note? Hmm? Participant: Not anymore. Sadhguru: No, no, okay 2000 rupees fell (Laughter/Applause). I don’t want to get into trouble with that
(Laughs). “Where is thousand rupees falling for Sadhguru,
have… where does he have” (Laughter)? No, no, 2000 rupees fell. You asked for 1000. 2000 fell – “Wonderful Shiva, fantastic!” After ten days “Only 2000 rupees” (Gestures)
(Laughter)? It doesn’t matter how much it falls, something more, something more, something more, isn’t it? This is not about money. People think it’s about money. People think it’s about wealth, power,
pleasure,love, knowledge, No. These are all different currencies – essentially
you are looking for expansion because you feel suffocated. If we keep you in the same place for too long,
you feel suffocated, you want expansion – you want to be something more all the time. Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: Always something more. If I make you the king of this planet, not just Canada
(Laughter), if I make you the king of this planet
will you settle with fulfillment? No, you will look at the other planets,
you will look at the new galaxies. So, there is something within a human being
which wants to expand limitlessly. That means it wants to be free, nothing else. Looking at this carefully, observing the nature of the life within that it wants to expand in a limitless way, the only thing it is longing for is to become boundless. That means it’s seeking freedom. That is why in this culture we established the highest value is mukti or moksha which means liberation or freedom, not heaven not
s… because heaven is just another place. May be little better accommodations but same trouble after some time, isn’t it (Applause)? Questioner: Sadhguru, I can proudly say that
I am in the top institute of eminence which we now call heaven and (Sadhguru Laughs) every student who has come here has burnt himself
inside-out to come to this place and that can be said about each and every institute in India. And after coming to this heaven also our days
and nights are same, working very hard to achieve this so called aim. I want to know… but still our careers are not assured. We don’t know about our career. And we don’t know whether our dre… luxurious life of
our dreams whether we will ever achieve? Now when we say about the other aspect
seeing the politicians, most of them and rich criminals
most of them at least… almost fifth pass not more than that but they… they and their dependents all having a assured career. Sadhguru: But they don’t go to Canada,
they go to London (Cheers). Questioner: Yeah (Laughs). They go to London, yeah (Cheers/Applause) and citizenship of London is assured and at the same time, they are having best of luxuries. So, my point is education and working day
and night hard for it, is it worth for this society, where we have poorer graduates and richer illiterates? Sadhguru: Well, we must understand
literacy is on many different levels. ABC is one kind of literacy. On the street there is another kind of literacy. In the political sphere another kind of literacy. In the business world another kind of literacy. So, literacy is not just ABCD. That’s very simplistic way of looking at it. Somebody may not know ABC but
he is very literate with something else. And above all, you come to an Indian institute of Technology not for a luxurious life, because of thirst for knowledge, to know,
to become competent, to be able to create something (Applause). To be able to create something in the world
which has not been done until now, not to somehow a mass something at
somebody’s cost and live somewhere, wherever you think is luxurious. Look at their faces and see – do they look joyful? Well, they look like they’ve… been fed like pigs,
that you can see, but do they look joyful, do they look fulfilled, do they… is there some great energy about them? Do you want to live a life like that? Hello? Do you want to live a life like that, I’m asking? Please don’t ever seek a life like that
because all you have in this life is… as I already said in the very beginning,
this is just a certain amount of time. Time is going away. Since you sat here you’re about
thirty-five minutes or more than that, an hour… an hour closer to your grave, right now. You know this? Since you came here. Yes, all of us. Yes or no? Mortality is one thing that we’ve forgotten,
that is why we are thinking of all these funny things. Life is just going away if you really… if this sank into you, actually minute by minute, minute by minute, you are closer to your grave, it’s going to be over – so what will be the most important thing? How profound is your experience of life and
when it comes to activity, how profoundly can you touch life around you,
this is all that matters, isn’t it? Your experience of life is profound, when you sit here in your experience this is the most profound experience
because this is all that matters. The intensity and profoundness of your experience
when it comes to activity, what a difference can you make! You may not be thinking like that right now
but think through this, suppose you cooked something, do you ever? Moderator: Maggi (Laughter). Sadhguru: (Gestures) (Laughs) He’s an MSG
or something, hmm (Cheers/Applause)? No, no, no, not that MSG, I ‘m just (Laughter). What is that chemical, ___(Unclear) that’s all… Moderator: Monosodium Glutamate. Sadhguru: Yeah (Laughs). So, if you cook something, even if you make Maggi noodles and
you gave it to your friend, he’s vaak (Gestures) he spits it out,
do you like it? If he eats and says, “This is fantastic.” Then you say, “Ahh, nice” because
for even doing that two minute job… Its two minute, right? The ad says its two minutes,
I don’t know how long it takes. Moderator (Hiya): That’s a myth,
it’s not two minutes (Sadhguru Laughs). Sadhguru: Even for that two minute job
you want to touch that somebody’s life. If that guy spat it out, that’s the last time you are going to
give him those noodles. That saves his life, that’s another matter
(Laughter). So if you build something, let’s say you
built up a hall, people look at this and say, “Oh, my god, terrible!” and nobody wants
to come into this hall, you want to build such a hall? No, you want people to come and say, “Wow!” Yes? You want to write a book nobody reads? Hmm? No. You want to make a movie that nobody wants to see? No. You want people to see and
walk out with tears in their eyes. Yes or no? When you do something, you must understand this
– human activity is meaningful only in some way we touch another life. How many lives is the question. You’ve heard of Richard Bach? No? As a generation you never read Richard Bach? Nobody? Oh, I am surprised. In our generation, there was nobody who did not read Richard Bach,
please look him up. Richard Bach wrote a book called Illusions,
another one called Jonathan Livingston Seagull, it’s all about flying, his entire life. I was supposed to fly with him three years ago
but at the age of seventy-four, he was flying a small plane and he had an accident
and broke some sixteen bones in his body, so after that he is not flying (Laughs). So, his entire life was about flight and all
his books are about flight and how flight relates to our life. And in one of the books he writes,
“Of all the joys of flying…” (Laughs) I… I thought this is… after that I stopped reading him. After.. “Of all the joys of flying,” that
he eulogized all his life, he said, “the greatest joy is when you see another pilot and you roll your wings and he responds
rolling his wings, that’s the greatest joy” (Laughs) (Applause). After living an absolutely adventurous life,
this is the greatest joy because touching another life … always is like that. Whether it’s music or dance or cooking or writing a book or building something, everything is, because it touches another life, it matters,
isn’t it? A criminal does not touch other people’s life like that. You have two ways to live – that is, people
are … people are joyful because you are here, or people will be joyful because you are gone (Laughter). There’re two ways to live. Please, what will you choose? Moderator (Gaganpreet): First one.
Sadhguru: (Laughs) First one? People are joyful because you are here. Yes. Moderator: Yes. Sadhguru: Yes, that’s good. So, about somebody is living better than us, I am saying you should not even look how somebody is living because it’s a bloody brief life, believe me. Before you know what’s happening, it’ll be gone! You may not think so. Right now, you think you have a lot of time on your hands. But, if you intensely get involved in something,
before you know what is happening, life will be gone. Because it’s such a brief life! Have you noticed on a particular day, if you are very intense and joyfully
involved in something, twenty-four hours just (Gestures-snaps fingers) pass off like a minute? Is it so? Another day you are little depressed and looking
around at everybody, that day twenty-four hours feel like a eon. So, time is a very relative experience. Only miserable people will have a
loooong life (Few Laugh), because in misery time stretches itself. But, if you are living an intense and exuberant life,
poof it’ll be gone. Hundred years will be gone like that
(Gestures-snaps fingers) Shall I bless you with a looooong life? Moderator (Gaganpreet): No.
Sadhguru: No. Even if you live to be hundred, it should feel like you lived for two days. And that’s how it will be (Applause)… that is how it will be if you focus on
creating something worthwhile. But if you are looking at other people, “who is wearing better clothes, who is driving better car, whose house is better than mine,” if you look at this, your life is ruined. Because forever, somebody will be wearing
something better than you, somebody will be driving something better than you. Somebody will be living in a better home than you. Yes or no? Forever you will become enslaved to that nonsense. Don’t ever start your life like that. All of you, you are being empowered through education. You must think in terms of “what is it that I can create? What can I create in this life?” Don’t worry about how to earn a living with
so much education and this many cerebral cells. You think earning a living is a problem when
a earthworm does it ? (Applause) Moderator (Syed Saqlain): The Youth and Truth program
has such wide and intense coverage in the nationally and internationally that social media has been buzzing and
flooded with questions. We have difficult job handpicking
some of the questions. So, Sadhguru, with your permission,
I’d like to convey the questions to you. So, one Pradeep asks, “We are often reprimanded
for using swear words, it is nowadays used as colloquial slang. What is the big deal with using slang words
when I casually use it without intent?” Sadhguru: See, this happened – a nice catholic girl got married and went. After three days she called her mother and said, “Momma, I can’t be here with this guy. All the time he is using four-letter words.” Then the mother asked, “What kind of four-letter words is he using?” She said, “He is talking about cook, clean,
wash, iron…” (Laughter/Applause). So, what is wrong in using words? Essentially, what you’re calling as swear
words is largely today… We have our own swear words, which are very generic to our languages
and some are vulgar, some suggests certain intentions, some refer to our families and (Laughter)… and some are just simply poking fun at each other kind. But largely your swear words in English language
that you use today, are essentially picked up from America, it’s either toilet or bedroom,
okay (Laughs)? I must tell you this. This is way back, many years ago. Someone, a guest came from Australia. I’m talking about nearly forty years ago. A guest came from Australia and I am supposed
to take this person around in Mysore. You know Mysore is a touristy place. You are from Bangalore, hmm? It’s a touristy place. There are many places to see, so I’m taking
this person on my motorcycle. If I… If I ride hard, I hear in my ears “shit.” Then I think, “What if I brake?” “Shit.” They see something beautiful, “Shit” (Laughter). If they… the food is very spicy, “Oh,
shit!” I was thinking, why this person whole day
chanting “shit” like mantra (Laughter/Applause)? I thought maybe constipated, trying to invoke
(Laughter). Because what should be done in the morning,
whole day why are you dragging it through the day, hmm? Then I observed, they’re getting angry,
“Shit.” And they become little calm. Oh, then I thought, “Oh, it’s working
for them. I should not disturb this.” Because I don’t believe in disturbing anything
that’s working for anybody. If it’s working, let’s leave it (Applause). So, I just thought through this. See, we have look at the… looked at the
whole science of uttering sounds in a powerful manner, what it can do to your consciousness,
what it can do to your body, what it can do to invigorate your energy, many, many aspects
of this and then we say, “Shiva” (Laughs). With the necessary preparation, if I make
you utter this one sound, you don’t have to believe in any god or anything. Just the sound, it will blow your brains out. I can show you this. Then I thought, “Shiva” “shit” “Shiva.” Oh, we arrived at it scientifically. They somehow got it (Cheers/Applause). In… Even in Shi-va it is only “Shi” which
is the powerful part, “va” is a dampener, so that people don’t blow up too much. It’s like to balance. Well, instead of “va” they put “t”
(Laughter). I thought it’s okay, it’s working, so
why. Because, usually when they say… when they
keep saying too often, the “t” doesn’t come. They say “Shi.” So, even me, when I say “Shiva,” the “va”
doesn’t really come out, it’s just “Shi.” So, I thought it’s okay. What does it matter? Then immediately some people got very this
thing. “Sadhguru, you are saying Shiva and shit
are same (Laughter), highest and the lowest?” I said, “See, this high and low is all your
business. But as far as your mind is concerned, in case
your vocabulary is stored in an alpha… alphabetical order, Shiva and shit are close together. You cannot store Shiva here and shit here. You don’t have such a capability. I don’t know how it is stored in your mind. Suppose it’s alphabetical, they are
right next to each other. So you can’t separate them.” So the question is not about what is good,
what is bad, what is right, what is wrong – the question is will it work everywhere? If you keep shitting all over the place, is
it going to work for you (Laughs)? That’s a question. So, it’s all right among young people, you are saying “shit, shit,” everywhere. But, now it’s come to a main… United States, it’s come. Even the top administrators are uttering
these words, just like that. In the international community when they utter
such words, it’s finished in many thing… in many ways, okay? Not because of anything else, simply
because people are… You know if you watch this, some of these American movies and stuff, and stand-up comedians, they are making the whole sentence with one word. Yes? Whole sentence is just one word repeated in
many different ways. And they are eulogizing that. I am saying, to develop or to evolve a complex language, it took such a long time. It (it’s?) taken thousands of years for human mind. One of the most complicated things that we have come up with as a civilizations
in the world is, language. Language is not a small thing. That way in India (Laughs), we have 1300 languages. How much genius must have been there that right here, you speaking Marathi, somebody is speaking Telugu,
somebody is speaking Kannada, somebody is speaking Konkani. And for thousands of years, though you lived side by side, you maintained your literature, they maintained theirs, like this they managed. This takes a certain level of genius
to develop the language. Now, a language which had hundreds and thousands of words, you want to reduce everything to one word and you think it’s a forward step. I’m sorry (Applause). Moderator (Gaganpreet): Sadhguru, again… my next question is about the four letters. Love is in the air. When… Sadhguru: Hey, what’s…what’s happening
out here (Laughter)? Moderator (Gaganpreet): When people say that they are in love, they think they are in unconditional love, but still in most of the cases, it’s not working. They… it doesn’t lead to happiness. So Sadhguru, when is unconditional love truly possible? Sadhguru: (Laughs) When you say love, your experience of love means you feel certain sweetness of emotion within yourself. Either by looking at this person or this person or this person, we don’t know who stimulates this in you. It doesn’t matter who helped you, but essentially it happened within you, isn’t it? Yes? Did it happen only within you or was it in the air? I’m trying to clear this air (Laughter). Moderator (Gaganpreet): Combination of both. Sadhguru: Really? It was in the air? No. It only happened within you. Maybe what was happening
within you was so exuberant, you saw it everywhere. You are in love, you thought the flowers bloomed for you, the birds are singing for you, the clouds are moving for you (Laughter), hmm? All right, I don’t want to destroy all the romance, okay (Laughter)? But essentially it’s happening within you. It’s wonderful that you are experiencing such sweetness of emotion, stimulated by somebody. You are using the other person as a key to
open up an experience within you, essentially. I am asking you, why are you using a key when there is no lock, when there is no door, when there is no any kind of barrier? It is just that you are a push-start machine. You know what’s a push-start machine? If you have owned an Ambassador, twenty-five years ago, always you parked it on a gradient like this (Gestures) because morning, two people have to push it. Moderators: Yes. Sadhguru: If you park it like this (Gestures), nobody will come. Your family will not come out of the house. If it’s like this (Gestures),
somebody will come and push it. Now all the cars are self-start, many of them remote start. What does it mean? Technological upgradation! You are an institute of technology, all right? I am asking, would you like to upgrade your
technology that you are on self-start? If you wake up in the morning, you are overflowing
with joy and love and exuberance, by yourself – you don’t need anybody to stimulate you. Would you like to be a self-start machine
(Applause)? Moderator (Gaganpreet): Ji Sadhguru. Sadhguru: Then you must come to me, hmm (Applause)? Whoever is right now doing the love in the
air (Laughter), it’s fine with them. You don’t have to tell them anything.
You say, “All right, it’s okay.” But (Laughs), it’s very important
you are a self-start machine. Otherwise, after some time you try to extract
happiness from the other person. That is when these love affairs become tedious and horrible, because you are trying to extract happiness
from the other person. No. Life should be like this – when it comes to joy, when it comes to love, when it comes to exbe…ex…exuberance of life, you must be the source of this, isn’t it? You must be the source of this. Well, other things are shared in life. There are two ways to enter into a relationship. One way is because you want to extract
something from somebody. Another way is because you want to share something with somebody. These are two ways. If you are out to share, your life will be good. If you are out to extract, when they close the tap, it’s going to get terrible and nasty. You have seen people who thought they are absolute lovers, how terrible it becomes for many of them. Not because there’s anything wrong with
them. Simply because you started off on the wrong footing, thinking “this person is the source of my joy”. No, no, no. Joy or misery, the source is within you. Yes or no? Whether it’s joy or misery, the source is within you (Applause). It’s for you to decide. If you are a joyful human being, they will also want to be with you. If you are a misery, they will endure you for some time (Laughs). Shall I tell you a joke? Are you okay (Laughter)? Moderator (Gaganpreet): Please, Sadhguru. Sadhguru: On a certain day, Shankaran Pillai
was walking in a park in the evening. Sunset time, he saw a young pretty looking
woman sitting on a stone bench. You know the park benches? Moderators: Yes, Sadhguru. Sadhguru: He also went and sat down, settled
down on the same bench. After some time, he moved little closer. She moved little away. He allowed a few minutes and again moved little closer. She moved little away. Again he moved closer. Now there was nowhere else to go for her because she was at the end of the bench. She pushed him away. Then he waited for two minutes, just the sun to get to the right angle. Then he went down on his knees and he said, “I love you. I love you like I have never loved anybody in my life.” Tch, you know a woman is a fool for love? And the sun was setting. If it was middle of the afternoon, she wouldn’t believe a damn thing (Laughter). Sun was setting, the ambiance was right, and she kind of yielded. Nature took over. Things happened between them. Then he looked at his watch,
it was eight o’clock in the evening. He got up and he said, “I need to go, I need to go.” She said, “Where are you going, you said you love me?” He said, “My wife is waiting, I need to go” (Laughter)! So, I love you for a whole lot of people is like that you know, “open sesame” – you want to get something; maybe your needs are physical, psychological, emotional, financial, social or we don’t know what else. You have needs to fulfill, so, you use this mantra and it works. Half the time it works, okay? I am saying it’s important… it is important
you know the joy of being loving because sweetness of emotion is needed for you if you want to
take really big steps in your life. If you do not have sweetness of love in your
heart, believe me, if you try to take big steps in the world particularly in India,
you will end up frustrated and go to Canada (Laughter/Applause). In Canada you meet only moose in most of the
country, so, it’s okay (Laughs). Moderator: Now I would like to open the forum
to the audience so that if they have any questions they can ask Sadhguru directly. So, let’s… let’s start with the audience
questions for now. Questioner: Sadhguru, Namaskaram.
Myself Pratiti Sarkar. I am a PhD student here at IIT. Sadhguru, every time we have some submission,
me and my friends would plan in advance and we would try to stick to it but somehow, ultimately it happens that we end up finishing it in the very last minute. So before I used to think like why I wasn’t starting it early or
why I couldn’t finish it early but then I realized that almost everyone around me is doing the same thing and everyone is procrastinating. So, my question is then, what’s the reason,
why do we knowingly procrastinate? Sadhguru: See, the longing that you had when you wanted to get into the institute, you have not maintained that longing. Please sit down, it’s okay. You’ve not maintained that same level of longing. How badly you wanted to get in, if you maintained the same level of longing, you would prepone everything that you are doing. Slowly you slacken up and other things interest
you, education sinks down a little bit. If you are doing something that you really
want to do, will you prepone or postpone? Participants: Prepone. Sadhguru: Will you prepone or postpone? You’ll prepone. If love is in the air will you prepone or
postpone? Participants: Prepone, surely (Laughter). Sadhguru: Prepone (Laughs). So, in a way intellectually, knowledge is a love affair. It’s really a love affair. If you get involved, it’ll become much bigger
love affair than emotional love affairs. So, if you conduct your education like a love affair that you’re really involved, then you will always prepone not postpone. But if you finish too early, that means your faculty is not setting
you tight enough time (Laughs). They must set more stringent time because this is the time of your life where you have to learn how to stretch yourself physically, mentally in every possible way otherwise life will crack you when you go outside, unless you find a government job for yourself (Laughter/Applause). Otherwise anything else you take up in your life, if you do not know how to physically and mentally
stretch yourself without breaking, then life will break you somewhere. So, education time the time of being youthful is not a leisure time. Unfortunately, you know in… this may sound like this, little difficult for you but you must come and visit and see, how it happens. These children came and performed here
just now the Kalari and we have a Home School, all these are seven days of the week school. We have planned four to five days in a month as activity days, which the children won’t know. Someday it will be instead of academics it’ll be some other kind of activity but those activity days are more intense
than the academic days. When you are growing up, when you are young, you should not be thinking about leisure. Unfortunately this culture from United States
has come, what is that? TG… TGF, Thank God it’s Friday. So, if you are going to enjoy only weekends
and weeks you are going to suffer, that means you are doing something
that you have no love for. I am asking why the hell are you doing it? Why the hell are you doing something that
you don’t care for because it’s your life. Your life is just a certain amount of time. If you are doing something
that you don’t care for, that means you don’t even see that your life is precious, isn’t it? I am asking, is your life precious? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: If it’s precious, you must invest it in what truly matters to you. If you invested in what truly matters to you,
you will always prepone not postpone (Applause). You are also TGIF? (Laughter) Questioner (Lavanya): Namaskaram, Sadhguru.
I’m Lavanya. Thank you for coming to our campus today, I’m very excited… Sadhguru: Little, if you can hold it like this you know. Like you know you’ve seen Lady Gaga like
this (Gestures) (Laughter), hmm. Questioner (Lavanya): Is that good? Sadhguru: Yeah. Questioner (Lavanya): I’m very excited to
have you here with us. My question is when I was growing as a child,… both my parents were working and there were times I was feeling
lonely and very miserable. Although my parents did give their part of
comfort to me they there were times I was feeling lonely in the on the inside and what can our future parents or what can we do to our kids not… to not to feel the same way? Thank you. Sadhguru: Well, in India this is the first generation where women have stepped out to work professionally. Otherwise because we were largely an agricultural community, women worked, but in and around the house and if they went somewhere to the field, they took their children and went. So, always like you see ducks and chicken – if the hen goes behind that the chicks run, like that children were always running behind women. So, she… she was always doing her work and
still managing and attending to them and there was a certain cohesiveness to that. But today women are going to the office or
to the factory or to some other business, so they can’t take their children there. This is the first generation of women
who are stepped out, so in the society we still don’t have arrangements, proper arrangements where children can be properly attended to. That system, that facility and that arrangement
has simply not happened in the society yet. I hope it happens quickly because it’s very important. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a biological parent or somebody else but children need a loving, caring atmosphere, it’s very important. Just putting nourishment into their stomach
is not the only thing. They need some tending, attending to, somebody
should smile at them, somebody should laugh at them, somebody should do something with them, play with them – this is very needed otherwise children will grow up
little sick in their head. It is not necessary only a biological mother
should do it but there must be a committed person doing this, it’s very, very important for the child. Unfortunately in this society we still don’t
have those arrangements (Applause). Questioner: Namaskaram, Sadhguru. I want to know that when a student steps into
college, all of a sudden he gets… he or she gets access to huge amount of pornographic
material, which so far was off-limits for him or her and in the process he or she enjoys
that and as we said he experiences… she experiences heaven on earth. But… and we even have nick names for those
people how overdo it, they masturbate. We overdo it sometimes. So, how do we know how much of that is good
or bad and so can we have the truth about masturbation (Applause)? Sadhguru: Oh, looks like a popular question, hmm (Laughs)? See, we have a biology, we cannot put it under the carpet, it’s there. It’s best we address it for what it is,
but right now the problem in the world is because certain religious institutions in the world took this attitude that the very biology of the human being is wrong, because of this, culture started
hiding it under the carpet. Well, in this culture we never had it but
after the British came and left, we became more prudish than the British. But before that if you look at our temples, all the outside temple art is all pornographic, if that’s what you want call it. But we don’t call it pornographic, we are only talking about the
various dimensions of human biology because we don’t see it as wrong but we see it as the periphery of life. If you stay there only, you will stay on the physical dimension forever, you will not explore anything else. So, in the temple always it’s the periphery, you are supposed to look at that and understand it’s the periphery of life
and try to make an attempt to go deeper. But at the same time, not to be in denial of it – not to glorify it or not to be in denial of it is the most important thing. But in your college watching these things on the whatever your internet or whatever – people tell me that… someone told me I don’t know if these percentages are correct. When I was asking what is the content – I was trying to understand the internet and its content – what is real content on the internet? They’re telling me – you should know – they’re telling me seventy percent of the content on the internet is pornography. Is it so? Is it so, you must be the expert (Laughter/Applause). Is somebody doing PhD on it (Laughter)? They told me “seventy percent”, I said,“Seventy percent is unreasonable and
sick levels of pornography.” If it occupies a small percentage, it’s okay. Seventy percent of a technological platform which could do millions of things
unfortunately is pornographic. Just biology of life, it’s very unfortunate because once you come as a human being, your biology is not the front end of your life. It is one part of your life. This cerebral capability came so that your intelligence becomes the front end of your life and if you become conscious, your consciousness becomes the front end of your life. Biology is the front end of a bull. It’s okay for him, that’s all he knows but biology should not be the front end of a human life. It is part of our life, we are not denying it. So, at a certain stage in your life it’s like this – a ninety-five-year-old man went
for a medical checkup with his doctor. The doctor did a thorough checkup and said, “Hey, old boy, you’re doing great for ninety-five,
no problem with you.” Then the old man asked, “Doctor, but what about my sex life?” Then the doctor looked at him and asked, “Thinking about it or talking about it (Laughter)?” So, at different stages of life there are sometimes you only think about it and talk about it, there are sometimes you indulge in it. These are passing phases of life. How much of it is needed for you, you are the best judge but at the same time you came here
not to explore your biology (Laughter). At least you should have gone to (Laughs),
a MSc in biology. You shouldn’t be wasting your time in a technological institute exploring biology. Does it mean to say you don’t have biology,
you don’t have biological needs? You have, it’s fine but it must be on the periphery. It should not become the core of your life because it will reduce you in the sense – a creature which was purely biological
evolved into a place which has an intelligence of its own beyond its biology. See, animal intelligence works for its biology alone. How to get its food, how to get its mate, this is all its entire life is. If human intelligence also functions like that, you are bellying the evolutionary process. You are seeing how to go back, take the evolutionary process backward – not necessary. This does not mean you do not have a body. Body has its needs, has it, as there is physical hunger so there is sexuality. You have to address it in some way but to what extent, is your choice. But definitely it should not be the front end of your life, because you’re rolling back evolutionary scheme of putting your intelligence and consciousness in the front. Instead of that, you are putting your biology in the front (Applause). Questioner: Sadhguru I’ve been watching
your videos and they’ve really changed me a lot. So, today sir… Sadhguru I’m a guitar player and I’m doing engineering, I’m in second year. So often like… obviously my Indian parents want me
to have a study life. So, they sent me to an engineering college to get settled but they even support me for guitar but both are getting so hectic for me like I can’t keep my focus on one thing. Like when I’m studying, I think about guitar and all the players and music, and si… similarly when I’m playing I think about other things
and even social circles and all. I don’t have a steady mind and I can’t focus at one thing even if I try a lot. Even mobile is a very big distraction apparently. Sadhguru: So? Questioner: So, how do I focus on one thing at a time? Sadhguru: Oh. Questioner: I… I fear that if I give too much time to one thing,
I might lose or lack in other things. Sadhguru: See, human mind… (Talks aside) – Do I have a few minutes to answer this question? Moderator: Yes). See, the nature of human intelligence is such
that it can do many things at the same time as a process. When I say intelligence, most people are misunderstanding
intelligence as intellect. Intellect is your thought process, thought is just one dimension of your intelligence. Thought is only happening because of the data
that you have gathered in your mind. You cannot think about anything
for which you have no data. Isn’t it so? Isn’t it so? Isn’t it so (Stresses while saying)?
Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: You’re getting sleepy?
Participants: No. Sadhguru: Because usually we put children to sleep at 8:00 (Laughter). So, human intelligence is made like this. We… in… In the yogic way of looking at life, we look at human intelligence as sixteen parts. Out of these sixteen parts, we can for the sake of understanding, we can see it as four segments. These four segments are buddhi,
ahankara,manas and chitta. Buddhi means the intellect. Intellect, when it comes to your intellect would you like a sharp intellect or a dull intellect? You must choose, I’m going to bless you right now. Participants: Sharp. Sadhguru: Sharp intellect. So, obviously intellect is a cutting instrument,
it’s like a knife, it’s a scalpel. It’s good for cutting, if you want to dissect something, you need a good, sharp intellect but suppose you want to sew something, all you have is a knife. If you sew with a knife, you know what’ll happen
(Points to moderator’s ripped jeans) (Laughter)? You will leave everything in tatters but right now this is the way we are going about because our education systems are focused
just purely (on?) intellectual basis. This is a cutting instrument. If I want to really know you, shall I dissect
you? Hello? Participants: No. Sadhguru: I want to know you, so shall I dissect you? Well, some of you in your maybe pre-university
studies you dissected a frog and you were very excited how the heart was beating. The frog was not excited believe me (Laughter). It was looking at you,
“what’s wrong with you” (Laughter). Yes or no? So, intellect is a certain instrument, it is a cutting instrument, it can be used for certain aspects of life but unfortunately we are using it all pervasive because other dimensions of intelligence
have not even been touched. The next dimension of intelligence
is called identity, the next dimension of the mind is called
identity or the ahankara. Identity means depending upon
what you are identified with, that’s how your intellect will function. This is a knife in the front – this will always try to protect what you are identified with. You say “I am a woman”,
it’ll try to protect your gender. You say “I’m an Indian”, it’ll try to protect your nationality, you say you are some religion, it’ll try to protect that. Whatever is your identity, your intellect is always working to protect that identity. So, how we establish this identity consciously
is a very important part of education, which we have completely ignored today for which we are paying a huge price. In the traditional education
from zero to twelve is balavastha, that means just to play, eat, sleep. So that the body and the brain should grow
till they are twelve years of age, you should not try to teach anything, extract anything. From twelve to twenty-four is focused learning. This is called as brahmacharya,
discipline of how to learn. Learn is not just learning other disciplines, but above all learning about the nature of
my own human mechanism, my intelligence, my different faculties, how they function because if I don’t understand this (Referring to Oneself), I cannot really apply myself into anything. So, we always established this, you might have heard of this, there is something called as Aham brahmasmi
– at the age of twelve this is taught to a child. Before we initiate a child into education,
first he must take a universal identity that “my identity is the larger universe”. Maybe today I’m an Indian, may be today I belong to this religion or that religion, maybe I belong to this caste, clan or whatever,
but my large… larger identity is with the universe because education was seen as an empowerment. We don’t want to empower you
when your identity is narrow. Because all the crime on the planet, all the corruption on the planet, all the horrendous things that
people to do to each other is only because of limited identity, isn’t it? I can do it to you but I can’t do it to myself
because this is me, isn’t it? I can’t do it to my own child but I can doit to somebody else because this is mine and that is not mine. So before you are empowered with education,
which we seen (see?) as the powerful tool for life, first thing is take a universal identity –
unfortunately we’ve neglected. Because of this, today if you see the cutting edge of technology and science always goes first for military use. Yes or no? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So how to kill people, how to dominate somebody, how to destroy somebody – this is where our knowledge is going simply because we did not establish a universal identity before education came to people. So the third dimension of your mind is
referred to as manas. Manas means it’s a silo of memory. When I say memory, it’s not just what you remember,
your entire body is memory. There is evolutionary memory here, there is genetic memory here,
there is karmic memory here, there is articulate and inarticulate levels of memory, conscious and unconscious levels of memory, various dimensions of memory. We identify eight different forms of memory. Right now you may not remember how your great-great-great-grandfather looked like ten generations ago but his nose is sitting on your face, body remembers. Yes or no? Body absolutely remembers everything. So this memory is the basis of your intellect. If we take away the memory or de-link the memory from your intellect, your intellect will become without activity. This is one important dimension of yoga that we understood that if we… See if you want to continue the knife analogy, the intellect is like a knife, the hand that holds the knife is identity. Knife is useful or dangerous depending upon
not on the knife’s quality but the hand which holds it, isn’t it? If you are identified one way, this knife will poke you, if you are identified in a different way, this knife can save your life. So the same knife everyday saves lives and
sometimes takes lives, depending upon who holds it or which hand holds it. So, we de-link the manas with the intellect. Now intellect’s simply there without intention. So essentially yoga means this – to build
an intensity within you without intent. Right now I want to become an engineer, I want to become rich, I want to make money, I want to be this, I want to be that, you’ve become goal oriented. This is the fundamental flaw in the education system, we’ve become goal oriented. Because we want to get there, we are doing all this. We are like circus monkeys. Circus monkeys are like this – you show a banana and say “you do all those tricks, I’ll give you a banana”. So it will do all the tricks, banana. No banana, he will simply sit there. So, once you’ve become human, you should not behave like a circus monkey. It is not because of a carrot and stick that
you’re driving yourself because you’re seeing that what you are doing is of some consequence to you and to the world around you, that’s why the action. So if you de-link the knife and the hand and
the silo of memory, then your intellect will shine with sharpness. It will not be rusted with memory,
it will shine with sharpness. See, it’s like this, there are some people
who are (Laughs)… when you go to restaurants you will see and may be in some homes also
– you ask them to cut a mango, they will use the same knife with which
they’ve cut onion and they cut the mango and give you. You can’t keep it in your mouth, the sweetness of the mango is gone. If the residual impact of whatever
the knife has touched is there in it, slowly it will leave… lose its purpose, isn’t it? The same goes for your intellect. If the memory sticks to your intellect, after sometime it’ll become a useless intellect because it becomes a highly prejudiced intellect. So, the entire yogic system is about this,
to dissolve your identity and simply sit here so that your intellect will shine like a razor
without any intent. Intensity without intent, if it comes into your intellect, you can do twenty-five things at the same time, just like that, okay (Applause)? People keep asking me, “Sadhguru, you…you have been busy
the whole six months, not a day’s break, then how did you write this poem? How did you think about this? How did you come up (with?) this plan? How did you design this one and that one?” I have twelve, fourteen tracks running all the time, I just initiate and leave, they will run by themselves. See, when a computer is able to process something, if you feed and leave, it processes, isn’t it? Isn’t this (Referring to oneself) a better computer than anything that you’ve ever used? Hello? Only problem is, you did not read the user’s manual for this one
(Referring to oneself). You must read the user’s manual (Laughter/Applause). So just listening to videos is no good, we can teach you a simple practice. You start the practice of de-linking
the intellect from the memory at least for a few minutes a day. You will see your intellect becomes super competent
(Applause). Questioner: I want to ask you that what is logic and why it looks us logical means because whenever I start thinking means… it seems that yeah, yeah means this is logical and this is illogical. But when I do the maths so there is a ambiguity. So if it is logical then why it is not coming through the math or the second question is how to express (fumbles) myself? The feeling which I have don’t have words, so how to create words for my feeling that yeah what I actually feel and means how to understand the others that what is going on in me? Sadhguru: Okay.
Questioner: That’s it. Sadhguru: See whether somebody else understands what’s happening within me or not is not the issue. Whether I perceive what’s happening within me or not is the main issue. Whether this person understands me
or not is his problem. The question is what’s happening within me is it clear to me – this is the important thing. If it’s clear to me, whether I find words for it or not, doesn’t matter. About logical and illogical and the mathematics, even the mathematics is only logical to a certain point. That is why they came up with calculus, it’s quite illogical (Laughs). Yes or no (Laughs)? So because they want to explore
dimensions of existence which don’t all fall into simple logic, that is why we came up with mathematics or the type of mathematics that we are doing right now, which is not really logically correct but it articulates certain aspects of the existence. So, instead of worrying about what is logical,
what is illogical, life is absolutely illogical. Material is logical. So only handling material aspects of life
we have to be perfectly logical. When it comes to other dimensions of life,
it’s not logical and in fact all the most beautiful aspects of your life are not logical. If you… If you try to logically find expression
to every dimension of your life, you will feel silly. Suppose you fall in love with somebody and you write it in prose, you will look stupid. But you write in poetry, suddenly it’s beautiful because poetry allows illogical expression, prose does not allow logical… illogicalexpression. So you cannot do illogic in arithmetic or geometry. But trigonometry is there (Laughs), illogical So, in every sphere of life, people have understood that logic has its limits and they have found why… ways to explore life through means which are not necessarily hundred percent logical. Your logic… Your logic fits into this life perfectly well but don’t try to fit the life into logic, it doesn’t fit (Applause). Questioner: Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I want to ask that when we are roaming on the street, even the dog also not happy and we are also not happy… Sadhguru: Please hold this, little closer to you, yeah. It’s quite safe (Laughter). Questioner: mother nature give us a brain
but we are responsible for everything to take care of plant, birds but
we are not taking care, even we are not happy for our self and not we are keeping happy
to the mother nature. So what we have done for our life means is
our responsibility. Mother nature give to… responsibility to
a human, to us to take care of everything but we are not taking care
and not even we are happy. Sadhguru: Okay.
Questioner: Thank you. Sadhguru: I don’t know where you saw an unhappy dog, it must be a Mumbai dog (Laughter/Applause). Must be a Mumbai street dog where too many vehicles and
things are moving around, poor guy, he’s just surviving day-to-day. Otherwise dogs are happy
if their stomach is full. They are really very happy. Go away in the villages and small towns and see,
they’re just romping around happily, as long as they are well fed, they are happy. So, human beings also, not that everybody is unhappy. There are happy people and unhappy people.
– They always were. Still are. We are seeing how to increase
the percentage of happy people so that we can live in a joyful world. Tch, it’s out of my greed that I am incessantly active in the world because I want to live in a joyful world. But lot of people are looking like carrying a end-of-the-world expression on their face, as if the world is going to end today. Especially if the world is going to end today,
it’s time to be joyful, isn’t it (Laughs)? So, we are living irresponsibly for sure. For various reasons we are like this. For us in this country, we have an enormous culture, enormous. No nation on the planet has 12-15,000 years
of history and culture. This culture we can use to become wise and wonderful. But a whole lot of people use it in a different way. Because you said everybody is unhappy,
I thought I’ll tell you a joke. You okay? Participants: Yes! Sadhguru: It once happened, the Iraq the Iraqi ambassador to India,
met Shankaran Pillai (Few laugh). When people of two ancient cultures meet,
it’s bullshit time (Few laugh), always! “How our culture…” you know because we’ve got nothing much to show in the present, we talk a lot about the past. Well, we can be proud about our past but we can’t live there. We are proud about the past history of this nation,
the culture of this nation but you cannot live there, you can only live here. But this is the usual thing. So the Mesopotamian culture, big! So the Iraqi ambassador started off and he said, “Our culture is so great that we have excavated sites in Iraq where the site is over 2,500 years ago… 2,500 year-old sites and we found copper wires. It proves that we had telegraph 2,500 years ago.” Shankaran with a, “Haah, that is nothing! We have excavated sites which are 5 to 7000 years old and we found nothing, that means we had wireless! (Laughter/Applause)” Because we are engaged in debates like this, we are not taking care of many immediate things that we need to take care of – how to keep our street clean, how to keep our city clean, how to see that everybody is fed well, you know? We are not taking care of this because we are little in the wireless state. Thank you very much (Laughs) (Applause). So being in a premier technological
institute like this which hundreds of thousand students
want to get into this institution and barely a couple of hundred or three or four hundred people are getting in – is it?
Moderator: Yes. Sadhguru: So, getting into a coveted place like that, where even internationally the institution is recognized as one of the premier institutions not just in India, so when you are in a place like this, it’s my wish and
my blessing that you must really acquire knowledge. And knowledge is no good unless it is dispensed
with love and compassion in the world. Just pure knowledge without love and compassion,
without involvement in life around us, can become a very cruel force. Technology is the best thing that’s happened
to us and the worst thing that’s ever happened to us unfortunately. You have to make sure that technology is the best thing that’s happened to us in the coming generation. The previous generation… All of us have used technology in a negative way. Yes, we’ve made bombs, we’ve made pollution,
we’ve made terrible things. It’s for you to create a wonderful world
with the knowledge that you are garnering here. Being here in this premier institution, do not forget so many would like to be here but you are here, please make use of this and create something really fabulous for this world. Thank you very much (Applause).

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  16. This is altogether should be banned pron are banned on internet as they occurs aitomatically as ad even they got revealed from internet altogether and it is an offence to sell it or buy it so there are lot of arrangement had been done it upto you to choose right

  17. See brother life is not a playing guitar first decide weather you want to be a singer or a guitarist in your life and want your life a play or you want to had a reasonable balanced life which is full of sincerity and technology so its upto you what matter you most because playing guitar can be side by carrier but cannot be a main carrier

  18. And the SEWA should be your ultimate and only goal because you can enhance you talent only in the field of Sewa without unfair competition and valuing human values

  19. We have to appreciate all the students here, as they are ready to take knowledge not like nalsar motherfuckers

  20. this is the deference between a mediocre law collage and a good technical collage! but Joe is catholic…

  21. Thankyou Sadguru for this 'Youth and Truth' program and empowering the youth .
    Must say IIT Mumbai students are ofcourse undoubtedly the most intellect lot but was overwhelmed to know that they also showed
    that they are the most cultured lot.
    Thankyou IITians for setting a example for all students in India.Bless you all.

  22. Sadhguru talk is good but please don’t try to answer all questions. A person doesn’t have such potential. Make it simple.

  23. sadhguru you seem to be perticularly antagonising towards the sikh gentalman, please study history and crimes comitted on punjab and punjabies. very uncompationate of a guru

  24. Many congratulations for Youth and Truth… This has truly helped many youngsters to find a right path for their valuable future…
    I would also request you Sadhguru to please initiate similar programs in Corporates so that people can learn to tackle stress, pressure and can maintain work life balance…

  25. It's high time we give up western education system and embrace our holy texts and revive the enormous and most advanced knowledge hidden in it..we can be world leader like before.. Sadhguru should start the mission..

  26. I just wonder who are these 276 person Who dislike this video and I would like to ask them, what you really don’t like here ? ?? Love from Nepal sadguru ji

  27. Really nice. Thank you IIT Bombay and Sadhguruji. Loved the whole program. Lot of learning as well. Best Wishes. Only didn't understand how Calculus and trigonometry is not logical. Also Astronomy which is a profound science of observation and mathematics who has washed out Astrology as a pseudoscience. How Astrology can be considered as
    trustworthy in the modern era of contemporary sciences like Relativity and QM?

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