S03E09 Emotional Freedom – Soul of Islam Radio Podcast

S03E09 Emotional Freedom – Soul of Islam Radio Podcast

Welcome to the Soul of Islam Radio podcast with Ahmad Sakaamini and Ihsan Alexander The time for the Islamic Renaissance is now. May the peace, the mercy, the blessings, and the light of Allah be upon us all. My name is Ahmad and I am a physicist, a poet, and deeply committed to the reawakening of the human mind and heart through art, science, and spirituality. Ihsan is a spiritual coach committed to spiritual awakening within the Muslim community and beyond. He is the creator of several leading-edge coaching and online
training programs designed to cultivate greater awareness, spirituality, and success. You can learn more at his website: ihsanalexander.com And you are listening to the Soul of Islam Radio podcast. It is a program dedicated to sharing the deeper dimension of Islam and supporting your
personal growth and spiritual development. Again, I’m Ahmad, and I am excited, delighted, happy, and thankful to be here with my good friend and dear brother – Ihsan. Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi ta’ala wabarakatuhu. Welcome to the Soul of Islam Radio this is Ihsan with my dear friend and
brother Ahmad bidding you all a warm welcome from wherever you are in the
world. May Allah’s light and blessings, grace, guidance, and protection be with you all.
This will be an extremely important episode and we’re happy that you’re here
to join us. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala guide us and guide you. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Bismillah. Now today’s podcast will focus on a very important matter of the heart. We often find ourselves and others in emotional turmoil and instability. The methods for
treatments are sought in the wrong places and the real causes are usually never
addressed directly. Now the real possibility of introducing emotional
stability in one’s life is the inspiration behind this very episode. We will take the
opportunity to reflect on the importance and reality of the heart, the connections
between spiritual states and emotions, and the answer to the question we propose:
What is emotional freedom? The topic of emotional freedom is an
essential it’s a very valuable very important topic especially for us as
Muslims who are striving for personal excellence in our daily lives. And more
so than just in our daily lives but in our perpetual states of being. It’s
important to remember that the goal of Islam is freedom and it’s about freedom from everything other than God. Freedom from everything other than Allah subhanahu wata ala. We as Muslims, as believers, as followers
of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam and of all prophets of Allah from Adam (AS) to Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus to the Prophet Muhammad SAW – the last and final
messenger lived a life that is based in service and servanthood to Allah
Almighty, the One, the Creator, the Lord, the God. We serve none other than Allah
Almighty and this is the meaning of la ilaha il Allah The first and foremost commandment
from the beginning of time. That thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Allah is speaking… that you shall worship no idols, no false gods before Me. But then you should worship purely and sincerely Allah Almighty alone. The ultimate false god, the ultimate idol is the self. It is the ego, the human ego. The mind-body. True freedom is
freedom from the self and in this episode we will discuss how emotions
relate to this topic will cover will discuss what emotions actually are where
and how they arise how they become triggered how they are largely
unconscious and automatic based on environmental programming and also will
discuss how to progressively transcend turbulent emotional states to attain
freedom will discuss the goal of Islam what it means to be free of creation and
truly in service to the Creator will discuss the nature of the Neffs the self and helped us get the Neffs the
purification of the self is essential to a true whole complete and balanced the
experience of religion this is a very important topic of
discussion and we sincerely hope and pray that it will give you great value
and improve the quality of your practical life as well as your YouTube
channel divine destiny in a long line is divine presence the essence of who we
truly are resides in sight of the heart period
that’s it the purpose of our entire existence is
to journey within to unravel the beauty of the one who sent us all in motion to
remove the veil they stand between us and notice that he mercy there are a lot
of pain can and cannot be quantified its magnitude and its reality are beyond the
imagination and the understanding of the human mind it is through His mercy that
we human beings have been given the tools necessary tools for this spiritual
journey without his mercy we would be spending lifetimes chasing nothing this
so it happened for the way either way this low level in knowing of Islam and
for the opportunity to know him heart contains the secrets of Marin the
secret of the universe and the breadth of a loss of power down from the art
true knowledge is derived true love is experienced and expressed in the truth tired he is witness who are away but
nothing this given the chance to know everything and because of this we must
treat every passing moment with the seriousness contemplation reflection and
care every moment is a step taken and every step taken can either
bring us closer to the path or deviate is away from it to cultivate awareness
of every passing moment we must be aware of the heart within panel I D heart is a
constant reminder beating the essence of the journey and purpose of our existence
so the condition in the state of the heart takes priority over everything and
everything you know we pay so much attention to the mind we live our lives
on the fast lanes of intellectual pursuit we spend our energy feeding the
cell from the world and we give little or nothing to the heart we in essence
neglect the heart in comparison to what we do for the mind physically and spiritually speaking
without the heart the body dies the mind’s ability to function is totally
dependent on the heart and even with knowing of this very fact we still push
away the obvious a panel of human being is indeed sets however and a weakening to the
truth is not only a reality but a possibility for everyone or without this
we wouldn’t be here and now and it is here and now that we need to begin
carrying paying more attention and taking care of our own hearts the heart
is the throne at the Kingdom of our beings the throne of a lot of hand towel
upon which he was is and always will be a lifetime is an opportunity to orient
the heart along any direction the choice is up to us to control these names of
the law we must be aware of our choices in be aware of what goes in through the
doors of the heart now we are told of the two doors doors of passions and
desires should go ahead and show at the doors are open but can be open towards
one of two thinks the illusions of the world are the realities of the law it’s
that simple and because of these doorways the
orientation of the heart you can plug in which is pointing to what goes into
those doors will settle in until the very heart begins to reflect the nature
of whatever it is that it is housing it is just like how the condition cleanliness and state of a house
reflects the tenets that occupy it so if we are not conscious of what goes in we
slip into state of unawareness until the heart begins to suffer from wherever it
is that is lingering within it one of the ways we can tune in to look for
simpson’s and those symptoms manifest in all sorts of emotions in this is where
the heart of this episode comes in the idea of an emotional freedom is the
heart houses whatever we put into it we can experience anything from rage anger
fear sadness joy discussed trust sheen and your pity emotions are not always a
bad thing and the ideas not to be free emotions either but you know we motional
freedom is simply means to be in control of one’s emotions to be in control of
what passes through the doors of our cards for the other way around we would fall to emotional enslavement
already become slaves to the passions and desires of the world emotional freedom is to have a wariness
is to be grounded and stable with every passing moment Wendy world occupies the
heart we are then controlled by worldly emotions in the winds of the self but
when the heart is free from the world we then become closer to a lot and he
motioned to serve us in every situation we find ourselves in emotional freedom
simply freedom from the world and nearness to Allah so what exactly are
emotions we’re so used this term into the
experience of emotions that we may take for granted what emotions actually are
and how they affect us perhaps one way to define emotions just to say that they
are the biochemical experience of the physiological reaction to our thoughts
then repeat that we can say that emotions for the purpose of this
discussion to be accurate or the biochemical experiences of the
physiological reaction of our body to our thoughts there are literally the
physical manifestation or energetic experience of the quality of our
thoughts are specific thoughts on conscious or subconscious thoughts for
example if something happens that your mind interprets as deserving of anger as
something that is bad but it qualifies and quantifies as bad and you become
angry if something happens the mine has been conditioned to interpret as good we
get happy would become happy though even this experience of happiness is fleeting
it’s very temporary and we cannot hold on to it for example if you were to win
a contest or attain a goal to become happy new home new car whatever maybe it
causes happiness and joy excitement in the system it’s a physical it’s a
physiological and biochemical experience literally chemicals are flowing through
the bloodstream triggered by the mind triggered by the experience that makes
us feel happy because of the nature of such an experience that can’t be it
can’t be held it can’t be contained in so no goal is never enough any goal attained ultimately leaves a
vacuum in experience afterwards enhance the insatiable hunger and thirst for
duniya we base our goals and our lives upon attainment of more will never be
satisfied because it will never be enough important point here for us for the
Muslim for the believer for the spiritual seeker seeking truth awareness
awakening enlightenment the presence of a law for the human being seeking
freedom we must remember we must know that external circumstances cannot
define who we are or how we must feel to be limited to such a state to be limited
to dependence upon do in such a way to form appearance illusion and ultimately
the world of test and trial is to be dependent upon something other than a
lot it’s a form of CO dependence and islam is about independence to
developing dependence upon nothing other than a lost soul who transcends space
and time transcends due to be dependent upon external circumstances to tell us
how we should feel and who we are is a failure to realize yet the truth of the
fact that there is nothing other than God that there is no god but God that He
law dependence upon external circumstances and conditions dependence
upon results in the victim mind set this is a state of disempowerment which leads
always to suffering to unhappiness to despondency depression in negativity the
Muslim the believer the one who truly believes in a law is independent of
doing so free and not a victim because their Lord is Allah the Lord have mercy
the lord of compassion the lord of the strength and light Greece goodness and
success now know that when we speak about emotions that emotions are based
on interpretations of events there based on describing meaning to intense
experiences and as they are based on program how we’ve learned to interpret events
and circumstances in the world to meet a certain things the true servant the law
is independent of the rise and fall of the turbulent tide of emotions and there
is a beautiful story of one of the Companions of the Prophet SAW can help
illustrate what this is about what this means once the Companions of the Prophet
saws home is close companions or sitting with the Messenger of Allah saw some and
every time a man would walk by the Prophet SAW someone remarked that is one
of the inhabitants of Paris allies given that man glad tidings of joy in doing
he’s already been given glad tidings of paradise this was a very high rank very high
station for a companion for a human being to have been told before even the
day of judgement he has already entered into paradise so the companions were
always curious what was it about this man and one of the Companions of the
Prophet SAW decided to seek deeper into the secret of this man and he went
knocked on the man’s door and asked to be as guests and then of course welcome
him and his companion of the Prophet SAW said I’m sad and slept in the same home
with this man for several nights he was observing what is this man doing
differently and we are not doing that the Prophet SAW said was given him as
said he has been given glad tidings of price and he’s looking in is not seen
anything that he can see as extraordinary after three days or so the man asks you
know you’re welcome your my guess i’m happy to host you but is there something
I can do for you and then the beloved companion for profits or so said to him
that the Messenger of Allah Salam said you are one of the directors of paradise
one of the inhabitants of privacy been given glad tidings of gender and i’m
looking and i cant figure out what the secret is what you’re doing different
that we’re not doing you’re not playing anymore than us you don’t stand in prayer in during the
night of the week more than us you might rise to more than the rest of
us what is your secret answers there are three things that I do every
single day that I remind myself every day before bed I forgive everyone and
anyone of anything they may have wrong be anyone who has been unjustly wrong
but I forgive them and ask Allah to forgive them number two I say to myself that if
tomorrow morning the host the world comes together and gives me the wealth
of the world makes me their king you will not change my state it will not
change my street and number three if by evening they were to come to me and take
it all the way introduced me to poverty to that I have
nothing you will not change my steed a disappointing campaign of the profits
was understood this was a true servant of Allah completely independent of doing
you totally free of external circumstances and conditions the world
could not define him he had returned to his fifth letter is true self is true
identity as a servant of nothing other than a lot in the day of provinces when
I looked at the soles inside the Minot your Lord all the schools are firmly you
are Lauren Beale Los true view our Lord and then we came to doing it for got in
fact made false idols false cars for ourselves of doing this man in particular had
returned to that state of perfection independence dependent on nothing other
than Allah his emotional state was not dictated by what happened outside of him
in this is the goal of a slump this is the goal of Sufism of the soul of the
purification of the officer become so pure flight of the self that you
transcend you’re very self and so become free of the self this is what it means
to be his servant of Allah a true servant of Allah to become totally
entirely ultimately free of everything other than Allah spent all these
spiritual path of development within islam is about cultivating greater
awareness greater independence from the from the south from all the
influences other than Allah and this is the path that leads to the true
realization true self realization into metaphor knowledge and experience of the
divine presence a lot better than its beautiful where you said you know what
does it really mean to be free to attain true freedom to be free of the world
have nothing but a loss of habitat you say more words and I feel inspired to
tune into the physical world to perhaps get a deeper understanding or maybe even
shed light on the connection between the heart and emotions that we feel so let
us imagine a container box container or a box is ultimately a physical object
and any physical object near or on the surface will be much larger object like
our planet earth will always experienced a gravitational pull and because it is a
box we can place other objects into it if we were to fill up this box and we
wanted to exert a force of this box moving from one point to another this
box with Dan fuel a stronger gravitational pull become much harder to push remove this
box from point A to point B you know physically speaking if I had a very
large box filled up to the top I would have to exert a force maybe after some
time would start to feel exhausted I would have to take breaks to catch my
breath feed myself to maybe get more energy and
continued and in the same way this container this box is just like the
human heart the spiritual heart the heart has to be 35 everything but a lot
of time in the same way that a container box would experience a gravitational pull
the human heart if it is full of the world will also feel a spiritual
gravitational world tours the world towards the dunya and then goal the
purpose of our lives here is to move from one point to another from point A
to point B from our birth towards our death in between those points we’re
moving we do not control time we are moving along the dimension of time
without any interference from our end a lot of Patiala is in complete control
and as we move we have to be aware of what we put inside of our arts now in
the same way that we can place objects into a container if we were to please
the world inside of our hearts it would start to trigger certain emotions we
would begin to feel the weight of the world in the way that we can tell is by
looking for symptoms those symptoms do manifest in anger or jealousy or or fear
or sadness and so forth and guess what I’m truly trying to say is that if I
want to feel something if I want to feel something towards someone if let’s say
for example wanted to be angry towards someone the only way that I can actually
feel this have this motion is to contain it inside of my heart I can be angry
towards them without having anger inside my own heart it interesting is that when
you were old enters settled in occupies die-hard it pleases us in or maybe takes us to an unstable state
will become very unstable and due to this instability we begin to feel all
sorts of emotions in the secular world this is treated via drugs right you know
when we’re feeling all sorts of emotions from anger to to sadness if left
untreated spiritually we end up falling into much more states such as depression
and anxiety and nobody the goal the purpose is to really transcend the
gravity of this world physically we can understand what that
really means but once we have that understanding physics we can get a much
deeper understanding to what it really means spiritually gravity was to pull
things towards it but a lot saying transcend that because only through
transcendence that you can actually reach me they can actually truly
experience reality altogether you know how much of life is circular we we are
born in a state of purity the Prophet of Allah saw some said all human beings are
born into fifth row and we lose that our heart becomes filled with everything
other than that pure light of a law that ultimately or return power to a law is
to return to that state of it I took the profits are some say that all human
beings are born into fit in this state which is basically a blank sleet and he
said that is environmental programs that we learn to process information in lose
that state of innocence that state of perfection and clarity through our
environment that we develop a sense of self where this identity gets reinforced
and where we begin to identify with a conceptual sense of self that you go
also referred to as the cell from the Arabic enough’s enough we then learn to interpret how to
interpret events based on that ego pieced identity which really is nothing
but a mental construct its primarily psychological member now we are born in
Islam in a state of a slow we are born Muslim which means that we are born in
harmony in at peace with all that is it as a result of the environment that we
find ourselves in the were born into this world in doing you and the
reinforcement of an ego based identity separation results and when we are
separated psychologically conceptually spiritually from all else the underworld
then is seen as a threat and this is a fundamentally flawed paradigm where we
begin to believe that we live in a hostile universe we begin to operate
from a state of being at war with what is in this is the opposite of the goal
of Islam it’s a state that is literally out of Islam out of harmony out of peace
serenity surrenders emission the goal of Islamist to return to that state of
harmony peace serenity submission in oneness with all that is this is my
comment will I have attained a trait that station where they’re so
surrendered that they are in harmony with what is their friendly with what is
literally they’re known as the Friends of God means their friends with the
divine will of Allah there is no resistance and their beings there in a
state of surrender unfortunate normal human condition is out of the state of
surrender its out of the state of a slim it’s a state of resistance at the state
of rebellion in because we’re surrounded by egos throughout our lives as children
as inference we developed this egocentric world view this paradigm in
these models and pathways of thought everything becomes about me everything
is about the story and the drama of me it’s all know if she see this creates
enormous suffering in the world in our personal lives and in our collective
experience and its totally unnecessary it must be
transparent and again this is the goal of Islam and its only be on this whole
thing we can discover and reach too long mighty a loss of her at all must be the
center of our lives not ourselves emotions serve a purpose there of
valuable tool they’re meant to be a valuable guidance system but when we are
unconsciously driven by our emotions when we unconsciously identify with them
we are essentially the sleep unconscious and we are not free we become does a
slave or slaves to the physiological vehicle of the soul the mind and the
body and that’s a plus all the hard and not in control the mind and the body are
we must essentially unlearn what we have learned we must undo the ego and return
to purity to clarity to that blank slate to that Federer in only then is choice
actually possible only then can free will actually be exercised otherwise we
are fundamentally we’re essentially the unconscious reaction of programming to
our environment if I would say I am angry I am clearly identifying with
anger I’m defining myself as the emotional experience of anger you look
at this at a deeper level in Angry is not to be angry to say I am angry is in
reality not an adjective describing our statement we are describing ourselves as
anger we’re identifying with emotion and this is the loss of self it’s the loss
of consciousness it is essentially unconsciousness it’s becoming lost in
the dream in the matrix not awake so the question is are we are
you a servant along her servant to yourself this is the ultimate question
this is the ultimate test in this of life to transcend the self and to
truly become a servant of none other than Allah Almighty Allah don’t wanna to
truly become Abdullah is only possible beyond the self as human beings as a
emotions are a natural part of our experience but the question is are we
driven by our emotions are we driven by these unconscious patterns and modes of
thinking of behavior of interpretation or can we transcend them can we truly
become independent can we truly transcend ourselves and truly become
free to skip the knife’s the purification of the self is about this
it’s about purify ourselves of our very selves it’s about returning to purity
innocence clarity to fit through does discovering truth and reality beyond the
veil of interpretation beyond the filter of the Eco the goal of islam is to again
learn to see clearly to see truly to live life unfiltered also said the Prophet SAW
said beware the vision of the billion for the sea with the light law true
vision clarity and have true sight to perception that is our goal here is full
of reminders and we are reminded in the Quran that a lot of hand highly created
the engine and engine man in the unseen beings courtesy of worshipping a lot of
Antalya programmed us to worship he created us to worship it is interesting
in that in that he says worship he stops he doesn’t say that I created men and
Jen to worship he just says worship the panel I we came into this world like
brother and said in his State of the State of purity essence of that it means that we came
into the world facing a law along with our could be sure we weren’t we weren’t
aware of it we didn’t have the awareness we just wore you know when you look at
babies you look at little children ages are just like everything else and
through life we be developed this self-awareness and we begin to identify
with something called the self and then we begin to slip into states of four get
from this state of unawareness but going back to that we came into this world to
worship by shifting away by changing our complete and orienting our hearts
towards the world we go from worshipping Allah span Tala to really worshiping
ourselves everybody is in a state of worship even atheists who say that they
don’t believe in God but everybody is in a state of worship in in a time like
this in a world like this a secular world he apex of worship
became worship of the self the collective consciousness all of humanity
has driven itself to a state where all of humanity now is worshipping in self
feeding itself everybody now is some kind of God with a number of followers
via social networks Facebook to Twitter instill by reminding ourselves that we
came into this world for the sake of worship we have to ask ourselves what is worship
when is it but total surrender in obedience we either
surrender to a las pantallas and obey everything that he puts in front of us
are we surrendered to ourselves and obey ourselves winds of this self emotional
freedom is freedom from the world emotional freedom can be experienced can
be attending the US it’s interesting how many times awareness comes up in these absence
awareness is so important awareness gives us the window again says
division it gives us the bus see you can actually see to to treat every passing
moment with seriousness awareness gives us a window into the realm of the unseen
it brings us closer to the truth the truth from which true knowledge is
directly and through awareness we can begin to identify the aspects of
ourselves the faults the traps that we put ourselves into to find whatever it
is that brings up these emotions within you know alternately these emotions the
the state of instability that we go into only a consequence of the world inside
of our hearts it’s really tricky that’s why we feel for all sorts of emotions
once the world and turns in their lives in occupies the heart as it moves around
as he shifts around inside we are so laid back and forth between anger sadness jealousy envy and
whatnot emotional freedom is freedom from the mind are you said he’s free the
mind he was free of self he was free of ego no emotions control his actions his
behavior weariness and because he was truly free
and it’s hard with free of the world that he was able to transcend the
gravity of the world both physically and spiritually which is why we know that I
Sally salon was able to walk on water you know the miracles of his beloved
profits are not just for us to to be in states of wonderment and they’re
actually trying to teach us something to show is the possibility of potential
that exists inside of us how many of us find ourselves in or even taught by our parents or the
community that these are profits you’re different you know where all made of the
same matter physically thrown made of the same self and will need if the same
breath panel on the scene and because we’re all the same we all have to see
potential should step profits were chosen to be prime examples for us prime
examples and be prime example is Muhammad SAW said that he is the true
definition of Muslim he is the Sufi he is indeed one was able
to transcend both space and time he was truly free of self no emotions control
him a lot was the only one the only thing that killed his heart he didn’t
feel an attachment to the world attaching it to a law through these
attachments with a lot when can you feel the love real love good experience love
has instilled the power of reflection inside of the hardest go to that court
has been given to every human being and we take it lightly if we can just sit
alone 15 minutes and reflect reflect on the meanings on the on the way that
every profited lived his life on their miracles on just one I promise you
because I promise you because because a lot behind Dallas as if she just to
reflect a lower open doors to ease into world that you can’t even imagine
emotional freedom is beyond the freedom that we chase in this world physically speak you know we go to the
west to experience freedom to move beyond that is beyond democracy is
beyond things that we are familiar with from day to day emotional freedom is embedded in the
goal of our existence of the purpose of our existence and in a way emotional freedom is just a new lens
through which we can look through the truly understand what it is we are sent here to do so what are some
specific suggestions on transcending emotion on Itanium emotional freedom and
freedom from the self it’s about awareness and it’s about awareness being
aware of this and to do this we must learn to develop what is known as
presence which is only possible through stills University in clarity Muslim to
become still and quiet anchored and routed into the mine presence when we’re
still we can learn to dissociate from the emotional experience with you learn
to look at the emotional experience and identify it and so transcended emotions in this way at this level of
this caliber a really unique to humanity and animals experience than us and in
the hollywood screen discusses it describes how he taught him he saw the
names to identify the manifestation of experience within the physical world and
that the Angels had no knowledge of this one of the deeper meanings is that all I
was teaching enemies but the deeper aspects of himself even his emotional
experiences sages and mystics throughout time have understood that the physical
world is in many ways a reflection of the human being of the human so to the
human being is the microcosm of the macrocosm and that the very physical
world animals plants everything or really any manifestation reflection of
the inner reality of the human soul the characteristics of animals for example
in beings and other creatures are are manifestations of human qualities so
in a las 11 meaning of this verse over these verses of the Quran which he
taught anomalies on the names of experiences of such things is that he
was showing the Angels almighty was showing the angels that human beings
have access to a range of experience that even angels do not have access to
that they cannot possibly comprehend that is only possible through the human
self the human you go human f’s and the Angels their new that
humanity had a potential that they could not grasp and they understood then the
potential in the possibility to transcend the south to transcend the ego
and so attain a range even greater than they greater than the angels to
transcend emotion to transcend the south to become free to truly become friends
to become independent dependent internally number one we must develop
you must develop the ability to become still to become quiet and to know what
it is like to be in a state of presence we recommend always had least 15 minutes
per day minimum of meditation warmer aqaba a presence practice they can in
which the mind is surrendered still hold me and surrendered instant for more
detailed instructions on that you can always visit islamic meditation dot com
but simply being present with your breath and relaxing you can learn to
still and quiet the mind and at least 15 minutes per day in this in this morocco
is a central number to get in the habit of asking yourself how do I feel you
have an emotional guidance system will let you know if your thoughts are out of
alignment with the truth identify the emotions named them you can
see you can say to yourself I am feeling my being is experiencing anger my being is experiencing joy I’m
experiencing fear I’m experiencing frustration in identifying the emotions
you dissociated from them you separate from them trainer to say I
am angry but rather I am experiencing anger I’m experiencing fear and in this
way you create some space between you and the emotion and then in that moment
practice your practice in the daily practice of meditation and thicker you
learn how to become still now it’s time to apply that practice to practice that
practice so call center so we relax surrender come you’re being detained
transcendence perform a firm the truth remember there is no god but Allah spot
on that and nothing in doing your Lord all truth flows from this and then
simply breathe process release and let go of some time and you will get clear
you will get pure this is purification purification of the self from this is
really an islamic we’ve been given incredibly valuable spiritual practices
in spiritual guidance that leads us to the highest aids have experienced the
highest rates of development and ultimately enlightenment and awakening
this is not just a formal ritual beast religion or set of beliefs it is meant
to cultivate a reality in a state of being within us that is fundamentally
transformative islam is ultimately about attaining the state of Assam and that is
what it means to be a Muslim here at school of Islam radio it is and always
be our goal to support you in your personal development and spiritual
growth towards excellence towards a truly happy and successful
life this is only possible through true spiritual development bless you and us and close keep us up on
the street and always leaders forward to our development towards his divine
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that wealth is not decreased by giving you anything you can give will help you
help us continue with his project that will help us to develop this project
continue to take it to the next level $5 $10 $20 $50 or more whatever you can
give will be recompense smile on my team has promised and will enable us to truly
takes office on radio forward if you are a consistent listener of souls on radio
you know that we have never before ask for your support and now we are nearing
the end of season three but now for us to continue and to take this program
even further to make it even better to provide even greater value we need your
help and support and so we humbly ask whoever you are wherever you are shows her support give us your support show us your life insurance that you
believe in this work and in this message help us to support your community we’re
in this together together we can change thanks we can change everything we can
rebuild our room upon the light and excellence in beauty was meant to be
based on we can again attract the divine blessings and support a lot of my D and
it’s time for us as a community as a number to support the awakening of our
community and the revitalization and rebirth of our team and our religion our
way holy unless it is low the divinely revealed prophetic power this is your
chance to help us and support us in making a difference so please visit
Seoul of Islam radio.com and give us your support bless you support and protect you and
your loved ones and increase us all in understanding was the light and love his
opponent other leaders to a new reality a new world he knew possibility where
Islam is against seen and lived as the normal placid and beautiful way of
living it truly is the height of was so I wanna come with my brother and said
this is a labor of love we love doing this we’re happy that we’re doing this
to us this is a beautiful opportunity and to be able to connect and share and
reflect the beauty of us parents had low what more do we want to we think you
again for your love you for your support for continuing to listen to the sort of
Islam radio and recommending it to you or your family and friends and for
spreading the word over the Internet please continue to do so and in sha
Allah will create openings into bigger opportunities child this brings us to the end of this
episode we think a lot of point out for his blessings for inspiration and for
this beautiful opportunity thank you for tuning in these make sure to like us on
Facebook and subscribe to this podcast on iTunes so visit Seoul every slam
radio.com and give us your support and with that
the peace and mercy of the place

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  1. Subhanallah. So glad I found soul of Islam. Thank you brothers May Allah SWA bless you for speaking the truth about the true religion. Allahu Akbar

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