Ryzen 9 3900X review, Radeon RX 5700/XT review, Geforce RTX 2060/2070 Super | The Full Nerd ep. 99

Ryzen 9 3900X review, Radeon RX 5700/XT review, Geforce RTX 2060/2070 Super | The Full Nerd ep. 99

go here yeah there you go
I am stranger things I I I never I watched the first episode of the second
season but it didn’t really catch me like the first season did so the intro
the first season my wife was getting too scared by the intro episode so we never
actually watched it but yeah that read the stuff Microsoft’s doing is pretty
cool yeah so so it’s literally Windows 1.0 that you can download
it’s called 1.11 it’s like it’s a fake version of an old retro you know windows
1 but with like glitches and stuff and stranger things the guys they did the
theme pack that’s what I’m talking about where it’s all like it puts retro sounds
on it has old-school look in wallpapers and stuff it’s pretty cool just came out
a few hours ago nice well we’re live and we’ve got oh man I’m
really gonna mess up this name past seniya Laur from Romania
my name is mr. garvey he see one one day you will figure that out and you will
actually understand Adam we got Big Mama in the house we got Anthony we got
Fernando zero games for mages with special city the emotion to radio
station with Fernando Martinez was by far the best and I still listen to it at
least once a month nice the Vice City was the one the one I
skipped I never ended up playing vice city playing all the other ones even one
and to the top down once those were fleming mm-hmm we got Patrick you got
Fred from Finland else what episodes and an end and a super friend of the show
just kidding Eleni ye ladies in the chat from from not here in San Francisco I’m
storing my Subway sandwich in her spot actually let’s see it it’s offering I’m
not even kidding about yeah no it’s true he has a Subway sandwich a vitamin water
and an apple in his belt clip this is 90 99 99 the
big 99 sorry we are not ready folks ranks yeah lock up well yeah it’s been a
very long a long month on the sleep to me but yeah same here have still not
over III and Computex and everything yeah it’s just been one rolling I’m
think all that nobody else is launching anything other mean it’s good consumers
but it’s tough for people gotta play I’ve still got another NVIDIA GPU that’s
I’m guessing I’ll be have to review for the lunch on the 23rd
20 80 super they said that out loud so I could say it out loud can there you go
that’s what’s up with the OPSEC over there they’re just like whatever forget
about it Danny we don’t care forget about it no they’re not nothing secret
over there anymore huh it’s not secret when doesn’t matter more
maybe Jensen’s just kind of giving up I don’t care just pull out there I got all
my stack of founders editions cards ready to go what have they can they say
whether the 10 20 80 supers have even gone out we can’t even say that they
can’t you can’t comment I wouldn’t say yes or no either way if I
had it or if I didn’t have it so if you did have it you wouldn’t be able to
confirm it even if you were aware of it mm-hmm okay
you’re just saying you’re assuming you’re gonna have to review it it’s been
it crazy I know it’s crazy people I I’m it it’s insane well we’ll kick this off
should we just kick this off now I don’t remember cup in a week yeah let me pull
the graphic and I am ready with the intro sorry
yeah my my allergies you come with me today whisky Omega says you can see your
2080 super box behind you oh yeah no you can’t over there some kind of green box there’s a bunch of boxes focus you can’t
tell bro I just you know looking for is just I’ll send
you a picture of my room later how my office I gotta clean it
hey maybe after the show all right let’s uh let’s do it already I’m just wearing
my nose blow my nose sorry oh yeah go for it
bread how was your fourth uh uh there was a bit more working than I would have
liked but aside from that I managed to have a great day and the fourth hanging
out with friends and family and then went camping this weekend which was
amazing camping so nice all right ready yes we’re ready okay already we’re gonna
you’ve got some hot stuff here you know we’re gonna have we need to work you up
on that stuff everybody’s worked up already worked up Monday after 40 here
we go in this episode of the full nerd Rison 3000 review radeon 5700 review and
geforce super review review review review the triple review developers
developers welcome to full nerd episode 99 our host
Gordon Mong with co-host Brad charkas hello Internet
Eleni he is not here today I have my Subway sandwich under seat but Adam
Patrick Murray is here controlling the vertical and horizontal I’m back and you
know what I did for the 4th of July we heard it to end the 4th of July weekend
having a birthday American I just want to say post yes happy birthday America
I went to the Alameda County Fair yesterday yeah yeah what do you like to
do with the fair Gordon ah well are you turkey leg kind of guy hmm you know the
worst thing I ever tried because you always try things thinking that can’t
get any worse but the they were fried pickles pickle fries I’m I never had
fried pickles dude fried pickles no no they weren’t fried pickles they were
fried pickle fries cuz I like pickles I like fried things you gotta be good
right well I’ve never had anything so salty in my entire life I don’t know
what happened with this person it was like they were like they dumped it and
then the top came officer I’m serving it anyway I gave it away I had like three
of em I was like I can’t finish this and I gave him away to some like you know
kids that were working the front they like yeah oh they’ll take it it’s like
oh my god this is so salty my favorite there though there’s there’s like a
barbeque place I think is like Bubba’s yes again that’s a good one yeah you got
to be a turkey leg guy Brad right I like turkey legs but for me to go to any time
I go to a festival or Fair anything is elephant fried dough fried dough
elephant ears oh I don’t think I’ve had that like fried cookie dough eye word
I’ve seen that just a big chunk of fried dough with sugar on it powdered sugar oh
I haven’t seen that I called it fried elephant ear well elephant ears is what
I called them in the South where I grew up up here where I live now they’ll call
it just fried dough fried dough like funnel cakes right that’s different
no it’s just like a plate of fried dough here I think we call that a funnel cake
I always like how we interpret different parts of America each other okay down
here it’s a fried elephants ear up here in Matthews’s it’s just simply fried
dough no the same information yeah people who don’t know I know we got a
lot of international in America it’s just nutso County Fair
is where you have it’s it’s it’s like a it’s like a stranger things episode of
just like everything you could fry like you could have fried laptop laptop
there’s the County Fair there’s usually at least one booth that says like like
bring your own food and will deep fry yeah deep fried butter deep-fried Oreos
deep-fried Twinkies cookie dough fig fig newtons every
single thing you can deep fry those you just take a whole county fair yeah hey
and this fried dough thing is this is completely different this I’ve never
seen this before it’s kind of looks kind of like a funnel cake kind of but yeah
it sounds like a funnel cake to me changing our life changing give you a
heart attack well you know what might be life changing Gordon it might be this
risin 3000 CPUs right yeah yeah so look at that he’s getting his back on track
it’s we I know but he’s excited to talk about I’m excited talking about it I
will apologize I don’t have 3,700 X numbers because I mean it was a tough
tough cycle and I mean we didn’t have a formal review video ready why did you
only have an unboxing you know it was it was a long weekend we didn’t have time
to do everything like we will have a formal review video coming up soon to
the birthday of the most powerful superpower in the world this is
important to us your folks it sure is yeah so you do have the review article
on PC WorldCom I’ll link it in the chat yeah if you go to PC world right now
it’s on the front page pretty much you would say that this 12-core I did read
the rise in 939 hundred X my reference GPU was a 2700 X and a also of course
its primary competitor the core I 999 drew K until of course eight core versus
12 core and as you can guess this 12 core 7 nanometre risin just it’s just
there’s very few things that you could say it lost at and probably the weakest
part of the CPU which I still actually think is is is actually a great showing
for it is this slightly slower in gaming so first of all we’ll get into if you
get into any encoding any 3d modeling anything that really
needs all those threads outside of things that really just simply love into
architecture it just you know 12 is more than eight right and it just simply
demolishes the core I 99 you K and every single rendering benchmark I ran of
course that’s where you’ll see your heavily multi-threaded and high
efficiency that I mean you get the best scaling out of 3d modeling it just
demolishes it it also wanted 3d 3d and also on in encoding so video encoding I
did a chief EC encoding I’d a h.264 I also did premier GPU encode CPU encode
3900 X clean-sweep there there’s not anything that it lost Wow just about
every single thing I ran there were a few things WinRAR as those never been
great on on AMD and again so for some reason a little worse here I didn’t get
into the memory benchmarks unfortunately I know there were some weirdness between
the single CCD 37 Jack’s and the 3900 X basically better performance out of a
3900 X in a 264 their memory benchmark I did talk to AMD about it and they said
well you know there are some things ADA themselves is it’s not necessarily it
may not necessarily reflect real-world performance we’ll have to see where
that’s sort of like lack of it has it does suffer a little bit and memory
bandwidth memory latency on naina so forget it out but I mean just everything
where you need CPU cores it wins I mean just there’s just nothing that it lost
and the more important thing of course we all knew that was gonna happen cuz 12
get rater than 9 then 24 is a lot more than 16 and 24 is more than 16 and the
bigger thing to me is the single threaded performance and also
performance on light loads that’s typically where Intel wins I mean they
have you can criticize Intel for being stuck on 40 nanometer for way too long
but you got to give it to Intel they have refined 14 nanometer and just run
the most performance you can out of that process it seems like they’re you know
1900 K is up at 5 gigahertz most of the time and the KS that’s coming out this
this fall is gonna be 5 across the board yeah and yeah it cancels give me 5
across the board and typically though hi clock speeds always sort of benefit
in tell but the horizon 9 3900 X on those light loads you know I was seeing
four six sometimes it was it was pretty you know it was actually dead even
slightly faster in some things and then actually we can pull up one chart I
always like to kick that off this first one
yeah well pull off that for certain so I can iron that wooden so that one is in
again this is Cinebench so it is not reflection of all applications but let
me tell you something there is no one thing you can run that is an application
of all performance but it’s just I like to get an idea of how the performance
how the CPU responds with the Cinebench score from one threads to the basically
the maximum amount of thread said that CPU has so from 1 to 24 on 3900 and from
1 to 16 on 9-inch okay and you can see is basically at that left side of the
chart where Intel usually stomps all over isin from thread Ripper to skylake
X 2 quinine they typically win on that left side of
the chart but with this 7 anomie in horizon 3900 they don’t give anything up
they don’t give anything up and then you get to that right side of the chart and
they just look you got we get more cores you get more bars let’s look at it as
percentage if we can go to the next chart Adam we sure can and I’m slow on
the take here whoops we’re all slow and it’s my nope wrong one man there we go
so this is as a percent change right I mean as you can see and I’m usually when
I do this chart on say thread Ripper versus ask I like extra versus Xeon it’s
it’s big negatives on that left side of the chart and you know big big wins for
rise in on the right side of the chart because more bars more cores but they
can’t hit those clock speeds they don’t have the IPC look at that it’s their
date even with core i9 which is a CPU that is really fast I yeah be the hater
all you want folks Cora 99 K was was the bard to be met on lighter loads right
real quick just to clarify people are asking about the
NCE on but PBO off you know can you just talk just quickly about why it’s
repeated that stuff on those yeah so so I reviewed as just as I did with the
nine hundred ki Randall with MCE off I noted that I still think it is unfair I
don’t care I’ve had arguments with people on the internet about it my main
argument against why reviewers shouldn’t ignore MCE off because people go like oh
well you need to set a baseline of performance well look here’s the
baseline if you’re a consumer and you buy a nine and you can you buy a
z-series motherboard it’s gonna have MCE on right auto anyway not necessarily on
which is a different state for the most part you’re gonna get five six maybe
summons sometimes 10% performance difference from that ninety 100k my
feeling is it’s not necessarily honest to a consumer because you’re gonna say
well here’s a zero baseline that I’m gonna tell you and then you sort of make
up fill in that blank now you know the consumer is kind of if you’re trying to
tell the consumer what they’re gonna get out of the box they’re gonna get an MCE
auto experience out of the box 99% of these motherboard then why’d you turn it
to on oh it’s off if you know your charts is on oh it’s off they’re all off
it’s probably just a no if you go back to it is it should be all no the church
does a MCE on oh then I gave you the wrong one cuz I did also include it with
MC e on because I won’t see for myself I should have given so much from
motherboard to motherboard – it’s not and that’s that’s the tough part I mean
cuz it is a that is a mother it is a motherboard determined you know how hard
they want to push it it’s basically four people don’t know MCE is multi-core
enhancement it’s a thing motherboard makers have been doing for god fifteen
years ever since core – and they ought to overclock these CPUs a little bit for
you so they all don’t do it uniformly but they all do it I don’t mind that you
turned it off actually there’s a lot of different ways you could look at it but
I like if you turn everything off like you did in this review then you can
count that as the baseline and just know that what you’re gonna get is gonna be
better in every case yeah but here’s one of the things too
I also test it with you know precision boost overdrive off
mm-hmm for what I saw I didn’t make that much of a difference with AMD so if you
be turned off PBO it didn’t it didn’t really hurt them the way it did hurt
Intel em so that’s good no no I think sometimes I think people are trying to
look for things to favor their brand you know yeah my feeling is still it doesn’t
matter there has to be some way to give people an idea of what they’re gonna get
out of the box I’m gonna I’m gonna bet every motherboards you can give you 5%
more and MCE Auto get money via 10% more somebody giving me 7% more but to
basically say it’s zero and then this is but it fundamentally bothers me because
that is not the performance you’re gonna see out of the box as a consumer it’ll
be five percent more right so what are you trying to do is reviewer I mean I I
don’t know you want to give the person you put their money down you know an
honest view of fourth they can get so that that bugs me doesn’t matter anyway
they still lose yeah I mean it’s beside that point that that it’s able to trade
blows on those single-core charts is like wow okay that’s right that’s great
yeah so I mean it just everything single-threaded light loads just about I
didn’t find I didn’t run any single test the outside of gaming where Rison nine
did not win I mean they just want everything and I’m sitting here looking
at the gaming ones and that is awfully close that’s effectively tied in csgo
it’s 15 frames slower per second but that’s at 355 frames per second versus
370 yeah and you know I mean I’m looking like a shadow shadows a Tomb Raider
you know with a 1080 so it’s bottleneck but with you when you run it with a
twenty atti fast the GPU can get you know maybe four
percent slower generally I would say performance versus ninety nine hundred K
which is a hell of fast CPU in gaming at 1080p with a very fast video card you
know I think probably I saw one percent sometimes dead tied to worst case far
cry 5 where was like 15% slower for far cry 5 just just runs really poorly
on rising interestingly I didn’t really pay attention that button it’s so close
I would say I know a lot of people I was reading you know forums and responses
and people were like oh you know the gaming is I’m bummed it’s it’s only the
same or slower to me especially when you look at the gaming charts that I have
versus the 2700 X yeah 2700 X which was the best AMD had for consumer parts up
against the 1915 to 20% slower at 1080p and that’s with a 1080 you’re not having
GP bottleneck if you through it if you through that’s when you’re you know the
GP is more of a bottleneck could be through an a20 atti I bet you like you’d
be even worse it’s almost and this is not this is not new 227 Derek just goes
all that back to 1800 X you know Rison generally was you know 20 to 10 percent
to 5 percent slower than then Cora 9 at low resolutions where you’re not GP
bottom like that 1440p it didn’t matter it just doesn’t matter in fact I didn’t
even bother to run the charts here I did run 1440p gaming tests what was the
point even with the 20 atti it was like there was no point in matter it didn’t
matter 20 AV tre these chips you’re all running
just about so what I find interesting looking over your gaming results is even
the 1080 GT X 1080 founders Edition at 1080p resolution it was still GP
bottlenecked like the CPUs they were effectively the same like for there to
be any difference in gaming between this new Radeon part resin part and the Intel
9900 K you have to be at 1080p resolution using like a 20 ATT I like
yeah $1,200 the fastest video card on the planet currently just is to see it
open up at 1080p resolution because if you move up to 1440 or 4k they’re gonna
be the same again so this is for the first time since horizon came out I
consider this them to be not technically drawn even with Intel but effectively
for all but the very edge cases drawn even with Intel and gaming yeah I mean
and at a cheaper price for performance so yeah and sure we have a slide for
them oh yeah do we do their price yet but yeah I just want to say I’m yeah
this is something very much people should keep in mind as they look at all
the rise in reviews today the gaming stuff is so close are you gonna give up
all that other performance for 5% $4.99 jerk a I mean especially for content you
know somebody mixes content creation in there yeah you know but maybe if
somebody’s just a pure gamer and has money to burn right yeah I think we kind
of hinted at that you know a couple weeks ago after they did the the
reviewers day I think it’s so close it doesn’t matter and they’ve sort of
achieved that and it was the one thing that I was just kind of like just kind
of buggy about Rison it was like the one thing that you said hey I’m gonna buy 97
2k I’m gonna buy 99 hundred K because gaming performance and that was fair
right now I think it’s so close I don’t know if I would I would do it you
certainly can you can justify it that’s fine but you know I I don’t think it’s I
think it’s a tie in gaming big wins everywhere else unless you’re for me
unless you’re like a professional eSports player who needs every kind of
frame high I couldn’t recommend a 12 core 24 thread effectively equal in
gaming you know that beats the eight core ninety nine hundred K in my opinion
well we got some piano chat saying a Steve from gamers and exes is still
recommending the 900k for the gaming chip yeah it is depends on how you
define it because I mean it is faster it is a bit faster but look at what you get
for your five hundred bucks either way is you got to look at is the whole
package in my opinion yeah I I can’t I can’t not not look at those other
benchmarks there’s I do more I don’t play gaming the games are not that
important to me that I’m gonna give that up so I would go for the 12 cores I do
think yeah 9 Andrew K is still is a great gaming part but before it could
really justify it now it’s pretty damn close I mean there is a winner yes if
you had to say which is the faster gaming CPU yeah night Andrew K yeah
but enough to justify you know I I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t agree with that
necessarily yeah you get what eight pure threads for fewer cores right in
exchange for that zero to whatever percent right and in performance at the
same time though I I do think people should lose sight this doesn’t mean I
mean that 900k you shouldn’t I I’m not saying that I do think like yeah if
you’re a professional cyberathlete yeah 99 3k overclocked who the hell’s gonna
beat that that’s a great CPU I also think if you need quick be quick sink
the ham breaking code with the latest version of latest version of ham break I
did an ATV seeing code which is basically a navy X load apparently
they’re using X to 265 rise in 3900 still wins beats up all over the 99 GK
and handbrake when you’re doing a CP encode but you know hey when I select
the quick syncing code it was something like you know 3,000 seconds on one
versus 3400 seconds on the other down to like 400 seconds it was like it was like
four minutes instead of a 15 to 20 minute in code using CPU was like a four
minute quick syncing code so there are really use case for okay I would not say
it’s like oh my god I would never buy one but it’s you gotta have a reason for
buying one now is the thing yeah you gotta have a reason and it’s it’s gotten
a lot harder than it did before this series of CPUs right 2700 X and I
know people people got all over my butt because I said nine hundred K was a
fantastic CPU when it came out people are like what 2700 X gives you so much
more performance for so much less money yeah but nine NGK give you so much of
other stuff he paid more you had to pay for more they charge exactly what they
thought was worth and if he needed it it was it was worth it right right now this
is not enough 2700 X versus a 99 GK I’d say you really gotta like you ever had a
very specific need for it it’s it’s really a tough it’s really tough
justification in my in my mind anyway I consider this like we hadn’t got to the
end yet but to me this is like this lunch is almost like AMD like dropping
the mic that like we just murdered Intel but but like hey we’re here
like we’re not the also-ran anymore like this DS that we have serious hardware
yeah yeah they really it isn’t it doesn’t feel like they’ve ever really
felt like there we can proclaim victory you know 1800 X was a fantastic cost
thing twenty hundred X fantastic cost 3900 X is clearly hey we’re in front yep
this is like what do you just this thing is so stupidly fast in all those content
creation a lot of video encoding I I just it’s a I think it’s a it’s a it’s a
total victory you know in the in the gaming is so close for most people you
can’t tell that I would think 3900 X just makes more sense
so MPC I you for and you get a cooler and the cost savings we should do that
costs cry I love the cost graph we have here it is
and that basically so I take the CPUs and this is not counting the latest
price cuts to 2700 X but I just look at how much each company charges for the
CPU going off retail as of I think about three weeks ago
and you could basically take all of the rise in parts and put them on one side
of that chart and put all the Intel parts on the other side of that chart
and it’s a cost per thread cost per thread sorry it is it does feel like I
guess it is actually a Monday isn’t it just clarifying for audio only listeners
for audio only listeners oh so it is cost per thread good good point Adam and
look the risin 5 2500 $12 per thread it’s just crazy right the lowest cost
Intel CPU that I’ve included on the lists Oh even the i-5 it’s just
interesting so the the core I 999 hundred ninety seven dollars per thread
and the rise in five twenty six hundred twelve dollars the rise in seven twenty
seven hundred thirteen dollars per thread Wow
rise at nine thirty nine hundred thirty seven hundred thirty-six hundred and
thirty nine hundred are all twenty-one dollars per thread and
they’re like it’s just like nothing the interesting thing I was like oh maybe I
forgot to include a core i5 no I did the core i5 9600 which is the best for an i5
it’s because there’s no hyper threading in thirty seven dollars per thread the
guys at gamers Nexus actually they made a point of getting the horizon 530 600
review out yesterday yeah and they said it just stomps all over there’s no
reason to buy a core i5 anymore they said yeah no I mean it’s it’s been tough
right i phi i’m i seven have been really tough justify except for high o’clock
gaming applications I guess yeah I mean you know QuickSync they’re still there
are still things that do matter yeah for ABS AVX there’s also Intel’s
got fifteen thousand people out there doing software optimization before Intel
Architecture they got that too there’s a lot of there’s still a lot of things
coming from Intel it’s not over until is not gonna they’re not gonna roll up in a
ball and go away this much as you know certain subreddits
think they’re not gonna go away they’re gonna come back you’re gonna come back
mean but right now today Rison 3000 pretty much just cleans the
clock on every consumer until the cpu it seems like and that’s the first time you
can say that in like probably fifteen years it’s been a long time this is like
a big day for AMD I can see why they’re very proud of this this you know it’s
it’s really interesting so I used to work for a publication where we only
reviewed high-end hardware the very best most you know every single machine was a
boutique system just beautiful hand-built
you know all that coolness and it went from I remember some of those days where
I went from like it was just all Intel Intel until for years and years and
years and then suddenly no one would send you an Intel box every single
boutique vendor like hey our customers want AMD we’re making AMD everybody
would push it it went on for maybe two years you would
not even see an Intel box you know nobody would say because are
you crazy I would not send you a Pentium 4 D right now
like I don’t do that right it’s just like and I kind of wonder if we’re gonna
be in that period where it’s gonna be all rising for a sustained period or
whether until it’s gonna come back and butt and have their you know core
architecture revision moment or whatever yeah yeah you don’t be interesting but
it just it is it’s all about it’s all about risin risin 3,000 did not
disappoint it doesn’t feel like there’s any surprises left because everybody’s
been talking about this for so long it it has actually landed and I gotta say
it has met everybody’s expectations probably exceeded some because I think a
lot of jaded people were like oh there’s no way it’s gonna be real but this this
thing is a real deal rise in 3000 is most significant CPU and I said on my
review since the you know k7 athlon the first
two gigahertz in Athlon 64 I mean this is like this is a big deal we’ll see
what they can make of it but damn well I’m probably I bought first gen rise and
that mentions on a few episodes before because of the upgrade feature and
looking at these results man I think I’m gonna spend a few hundred bucks and get
one of the eight core chips because that gain and gaming performance is a big
deal guys but we do have a lot of people in the chat who’ve been screaming to me
to ask about the boost clocks I guess there’s a problem with the with the
boost clocks with some with some people can you can you talk about that you know
I saw some chatter some people are saying that some of the biases that were
given to reviewers and some other boards were not hitting their full boost I was
seeing four six four five in some some of the tests I think the guidance that
I’ve seen is and I have to go back and check the download because once as a
reviewer you have to realize there’s a certain point where you can’t get Brad
will attest to this you can’t get 2/3 into all your testing and then have them
say oh you need to throw away everything you’ve done and start all over again
you’re sort of fully committed at a certain point so basically once the
review was done last week middle of last week I couldn’t come back there was just
there’s there’s no way to come back I think I did use MSI boards and X 570
godlike I think the BIOS updates that I saw people talk about today we’re some
of the gigabyte boards so I don’t think I’m not sure I’ll have
to go back and check the download site today to see if there was an updated
BIOS but I don’t think it’s gonna affect my score as much at all okay and I I
don’t know I if people are saying this is gonna suddenly make it run at higher
frame rates and games I’ll be just to see but you know we’ll certain people
will certainly retest it yeah and and I mean whatever gain that you might get
from it is is a good thing right yeah it’s not like it’s liking and we do
have some people asking about X 570 over on discord in sin diems asking about did
you notice any fan noise issues with with the boards that you were using for
the chipset I did not notice any noise I know that it’s probably a fear because
those little tiny chips at fans are something we haven’t seen in 10 years I
don’t think it’s a big deal because the amount of fans that are running in
modern gaming systems and then for my testing I had the the CLC’s going full
blast I test with the fans going full blast and I also have an external fan
blowing into an open case just to make sure that you know there’s no throttling
of any of the VR or anything I am kind of bummed that we’re getting
back to motherboard fans again because I mean like those aren’t easily replaced
if they if they you know give up the ghost and they’re not gonna make massive
amounts of them they’re not stock fans so it’s gonna be real hard to find
replacements if you have to but I think it’s worth it to get PCIe for and all
that jazz yeah plans to review a PCIe for SSD I guess so we do have we have a
standard test bed for reviewing MSS tees it does not PCIe for so we couldn’t have
run some numbers on the rising build we have in fact all the tests I did were
with a PCIe for SSD the course here is an MP 600 600 600 SSD it was every bit
you know it’s a fuzz on controller pretty much the same as were you seeing
on the gigabyte and it was it was pretty fast right 5 gigs read 4.3 4.4 writes
so it was a decently fast SSD I imagine that’s going to get better as we see
more improved PCIe for SSDs and controllers
and the nan it’ll get better over time for instance I fancy it’s actually funny
because I remember actually like damn the chipset panel doesn’t people don’t
remember the enforced motherboards that’s back when Nvidia used to make AMD
chipsets then some of those like the chipset fan died so you’d like you’d go
find another motherboard that wasn’t being used and you’d steal the chips and
fan all that I did talk to um acai and they said like yeah yeah they actually
did put a ten more attention in the chips I fan because they said yeah we
were wearing you know they get clogged with dust they fail they said they
relied on their frozer expertise from the Adam board side so the frozer people
kind of worked on the fan to make sure it would be better so that make sense
that’s pretty cool actually yeah we have another question from from
discord talking about risin memories or the memory speeds does running the ideal
37 33 megahertz versus 36 hundred megahertz affect performance enough to
worry if yes do you think that profile would be supported on x4 70 chipsets you
know I don’t think so I think they said what over is it over 37 33 goes if it’s
one-to-one right I forgot what the ratios are but there’s a certain point
where you cross it where you start running the Infinity fabric slower I do
remember one thing I’m just gonna rely on instead is AMD’s Robert Robert
Halleck was here a couple weeks ago and he Jesus it was that last week and you
basically said yeah 3600 it’s sort of a sweet spot you want to be at yeah so for
a while CL 15 you know people have definitely pushed it up into higher
speeds but I do know there was guidance from a sous as well as like yeah you
know 3,600 you know writing that range is kind of like where you start to see
diminishing returns past that so if you go back and watch that special edition
of the full nerd that we did with Robert Alec and Scott herkiman this literal
question was asked and Robert spent a few minutes going deep into
cast timings and stuff like that and say and 36 hundreds what you want
so that’s straight from the horse’s mouth
also a question that’s been lingering around for a while Gordon I think you
kind of already mentioned it but uh is is Intel screwed is a ninety nine
hundred K dead now you know know all those life-changing questions I don’t
think it is I do think the rumors of Intel cutting its prices I do think they
should really consider that I mean yep for me Intel’s point of view it’s like
what’s our problem we can’t make enough of these to sell and you want sacrifices
of them like we’ll just saw it with the higher prices if it slows down and makes
a little harder from their point of view it’s probably not that bad their
situation is they gotta get that ten nanometer process going they got to get
something got to get up this is the last stop I mean chaos is technically the
last stop for 40 nanometer but they desperately need something more to
compete with rising three thousand at this point yeah they need to cut prices
they need to get the ten nanometer it’s gonna be a really really rough year at
least for Intel till they get to their new process hopefully if the new process
for them if it works out it’ll put them on better footing but right now it’s
really tough for Intel the good news is that’s only desktop right yep laptops if
for consumers which is what we’re all talking about consumers there’s no
competition Intel rules the world in gaming laptops ultra portables like this
lovely HP here that’s not an apple I’m just I’m just trolling you they they got
to be getting worried about the server market before long we got Sepik chips
come out based on this though those those might turn some heads yeah so
there are an intelligent concern is not desktops because it is a fairly small
sliver of all computer sales these days there are more concerned about laptops
they’re more concerned about servers and they are gonna be defending the server
and laptops more so than desktops I do think they will come back at some point
with desktop and it’ll be a fight again because Intel Intel AMD fans hey you
know what you get to celebrate you get your parade all that stuff Intel does
not mess around I’ve been doing this a long time you sometimes you think you
put in two people think Oh Intel’s done right down the corner they come back and
they hit hard and they have path and perfect example we’re going
back to those FX 64 those Athlon 64 processors they basically they’re like
they wipe wipe the Pentium 4 from the high-end scene nobody would send
painting for machines anymore Pentium D machines it was all about Avalon 64 for
a year two years and then it came out with core right mm-hmm core was like it
was no joke and you you want to see a reset immediately overnight suddenly
nobody would send Athlon 64 machines because nobody wanted to get their nose
punched in everything was Intel it turned overnight
so that yeah prepare yourself for that possibility happening the different
situation is they can’t run away in process anymore you know Ami’s they said
this a couple years ago they said look every time the past we catch up to Intel
we grab onto them they’d slip out of her hand because they go to like Oh new you
know smaller process you know 32 nanometer and they just like they slip
right out of their hand again they’d be in front well Amy’s like they’re not
gonna really go anywhere they’re gonna go to 10 nanometer then what I mean took
them forever just to get there they’re not gonna beat us so that’s that could
be a changer right now we don’t know I can’t predict the future nobody knows
the future what’s gonna happen but I wouldn’t count Intel out but I know this
is Intel’s biggest challenge probably since Athlon 64 because they can’t run
away your process right nice couple more questions another one from the discord
about laptops from shinola with aim DS incredible TDP in their new CPU and GPU
do you think it’ll even be hinted hinting at plans on going into the
laptop market since it’s fully under the control of Nvidia and Intel where do you
think they’re gonna go do rise in 3000 do you think it’s gonna go into laptops
anytime soon oh I will definitely go into laptops and
I think that’s when we get real real competition to Intel Nvidia who
essentially rule laptops right now it feels like 90 percent of all laptops are
Intel Nvidia you get 17 here mean 7 nanometre rising you get 7 Anna meter
Navi into a laptop all bets are off well I don’t know how
it’s getting I don’t know but you know it takes a long time to make a laptop
it’s not just simply desktops are fairly simple machines next to a laptop there’s
a lot more going on in the laptop you have to be aware of but you know looking
at the power efficiency of these 70 nanometer parts you know it’s gonna be a
beast when that’s gonna happen I don’t know
I would think hopefully sooner rather than later but AMD is still a very small
company and to get all the OEMs to get all these designs and get into laptops
and there is a there is a crapload of stuff going on a laptop then there isn’t
on a desktop you have to get all that lined up you have to get it right out of
the gate I think I think Catherine if AMD was had the budget and was smart
they might want to consider doing something like Nvidia just did interest
in timing I guess with introducing Nvidia studio laptops
revolving around content creation because AMD’s parts excel at that stuff
and that would be a good way I think for them to try to get a crack into the
laptop market mm-hmm yeah go take him up with some old branding scream along that
on their end we got a question from a lecher row on the discord with the
release of PCI 4 would it be possible to see stuff similar to Intel obtained
extremely fast storage that can be used as RAM or swap area I don’t think that’s
gonna happen anytime soon because it just invested a decade’s worth of work
with micron into making octane 3d xpoint crosspoint media I guess if the
interesting thing would be like hey maybe with micron working with AMD they
could do it but I don’t think AMD has the resources to simply produce
magically replicate what Intel and micron have been working on for the
better part of 10 years I think ok it was a good one from comi
did Intel themselves makes into such a winner product did AMD work on Xen to
expecting to compete with 10 Intel’s 10 nanometer parts and Intel
under-delivered yep I’d be my guest looking at the roadmaps yeah let me it’s
like a perfect storm for AMD or you know they have a back to the future machine
because they always seem to lie on the perfect opportunity to ruin Intel’s
brain it’s amazing to me the were just in the situation cuz Intel can’t get ten
nanometer rework it looks like was it Ryan Smith the editor-in-chief of a non
tech did a tweet that I thought was really interesting over the weekend
where he was saying for years we’ve been saying it’s gonna take AMD coming up
with a roadmap and executing it relentlessly and for Intel to falter at
the same time for AMD to pull ahead and that seems to be what happened
yeah but the interest of nanometers 10 nanometers has just been there you know
the burden around their neck their albatross or whatever yeah well you know
even 14 they had problems getting to 14 so it’s really interesting I mean
they’re I think that’s probably what hurts the most
with this is Andy has a better process than Intel yeah for somebody Intel you
know people don’t realize this but in tell people you read it as arrogance
it’s because when you’ve been when you’ve been the champs for so long you
get arrogant right and they they’re no longer the champions of process which is
interesting you know like way back in the day there might have been once or
twice where they release new products on the same process technology relatively
close to each other I don’t know if AMD’s ever beaten Intel to a process
note before like that no they never have yes I mean that’s to me part of the
significance of this is like holy smokes AMD successfully arrived with a really
good chip on a really good process at the right time and that’s it’s just all
it’s all kinds of bad for Intel right now and it’s it’s just terrible because
what do you do I mean a lot of people pointing out the in the chat pointing
out the security flaws as well yeah you know I don’t know what happens so that
stuff happens I don’t know what to make of it night I don’t know whether the
security thing you know I you never want to brag about security because you don’t
want to invite the bath right people who like Apple does it all the time well
yeah I mean it’s like the whole thing is like is was OS n really more
secure than Windows No or was it because Windows was always located in a high
crime neighborhood and OS 10 was basically in a small rural town in Iowa
it’s like I leave my windows open all night nothing ever happens here see how
secure we are well why would I want to go break into your house and I oh I I
got this we got like we got thousands and thousands of homes I can break into
here when I run out of these homes are break-in I’ll break into your house and
I I don’t think it’s anything you were gonna brag about I think the security
stuff it hurts Intel the most right now that stuff could turn around in two
months we’re here at AMD you just you don’t know you never want it you never
want attempt that good point good point you don’t want to do that no well in the
YouTube chats asking should they wait for the 3950 X if you need 16 cars yeah
you need say if you really need that kind of like 16 cores and a PCIe for
consumer motherboard I don’t even know what’s consumer anymore these things are
$600 39 fanatics might be worth but that’s an important thing to consider
even though that that being in a consumer motherboard makes a big
difference to process so there might still be reasons to go to thread Ripper
because it does have the more PCIe slot to PCIe lanes it has it does have
platform advantages over consumer motherboards so if you’re waiting for
that depending if you are considering waiting for a 16 core processor you
probably have a reason for it I would say look at your workload and try to
figure out if it’s better to and wait invest in the consumer or if you should
just make the jump to thread Ripper yeah yeah there’s definitely if you really
need that lots of memory lots of PCIe even though it’s B sorry three and a lot
you know lots of storage then big big big sockets might be a better
alternative for you cuz you can oh you’re not gonna stop at 16 you can go
32 cores maybe there’s talk of a 64 core the Ripper this guy like XZ on also
excellent platforms pricier but you know also excellent platforms whenever the
next gendered Ripper does come out I’m sure it’s gonna be on PCIe force so if
that is a difference to you it might be worth waiting even longer yeah
Harry’s askin is game mode but if special on the 3900 x2d tribe came with
specifically I did not try game mode you know is interesting I remember one of
the slides of the reviewers day in and III they actually had a creators mode or
whatever and they’re like I wouldn’t pay attention to that so I did investigate
those modes they said it was left in for some reason in the in the screenshot so
I did not mess with it I I can’t go mess of it I doubt it’ll matter okay
gert tractor a couple more questions for the rise and stuff and we can move on
gert tractors asking is there any hint that the 7 nanometre plus chips after
this being compatible with the am for again you think they’ll stick with a m4
wait which which ships they the next-gen yeah i don’t think so i think it’ll be I
think we’re gonna I take the next chip so we’re gonna Argan be a big break they
made a really good point of like look we’ve given you incredible we’ve gone
from those early AP use – yeah – whoo 7 nanometre in the same socket and they’re
like believe us it wasn’t easy and they even had been trotted out the guy who
like worked on the socket engineering in areas like this wasn’t easy folks this
is we did it we pulled it off an incredible like I mean he’s really cuz
my question it was like well what did you give up by giving us all this
backwards compatibility would have been you know like because you you know any
engineering you got to give something up to get something and it was like well
that’s a really good question well it would’ve been cheaper we could done a
lighter this is my god seems like a lot of great things if they just left am am
for behind but they’d be working to do it for this one because they were
committed to it I do think am five they said it would
take a major change ddr5 would be perfect for that huh you know
unfortunately PCI six wrecks my whole mantra of 5p j e5 and ddr5 and am five
ring to it yeah and again sorry to do this again but
when we had Scott and Rob on the special episode of the full nerd last week or
two weeks ago someone asked Rob that and he went into much greater detail about
having a change or it might have been you who asked them about how they were
need to change the pin layout or it’d have to be a major upgrade like ddr5 to
make them leave am poor though yeah and you know it is it there was a certain
point where I know people love the backwards compatibility too but you got
a it holds you back it is again it was they were the fact of the world to make
it work was amazing but it also holds knock so you kind of like wonder what
could have been more if they had given it up and you don’t want it to actually
hold you back to have that socket to just be wedded to those to the to the
five percent of people who upgrade in the same board to mess it up for
everybody else and I do think ddr5 is a great time say hey by I wouldn’t be
surprised either way if the next jet if the next gen arrives and chips stayed on
a employer wouldn’t be surprised if they moved on I wouldn’t be surprised I would
expect a m4 to go away right around the time the AMD expects Intel to get his
ten nanometer process together yeah seems like that makes points yeah yeah
and then you have said 2020 right through 2020 so 2020 him rise in three
thousand will take us through you know at least Nick’s middle of next year I’m
gonna guess who knows at least next year so it’s not gonna go away immediately
but I don’t get to I’m just saying don’t get to Wed to it it’s like I have that
that beef against ATX I love ATX at the same time I do think people need to
think outside the box because it is holding us back at this point so and
then last question a lot of people are wondering about your review of the 3800
X 3,700 X but you know or are you gonna continue to to check out the other chips
3700 X I do need just to fire up now I mean I was concerned with the 12 core I
really want to see how that 12 core sings it does sing 3800 X it was not
sampled to any reviewers in the first round
hmm I don’t know why that is my guess is they want to stagger them because they
want to elongate the new cycle so 3600 except for Steve during it for up for
everybody and 3800 I’m sure will come in a later
cycle okay cool it’s bad to sound woe is me here but with all these products
launching on the same day and NVIDIA also doing the super the week before
it’s been a real you know a couple of weeks month for us
so if anything’s missing like that stuff like that it’s all due to time
constraints there are only so many hours in the day and all this stuff took a lot
of them yeah I mean luckily Brad did GPUs I did CPUs this time so some people
who are doing everything I don’t know how they do it yeah yeah that is that is
not see how a lot of people seem to be excited to hear about the 3,800 X yeah
so yeah a course a course higher TDP I imagine it’ll I suspect game he’s trying
to save that maybe you know there’s still rumors of a tank or Intel Park
maybe they think they can tune that up a little bit to be as competitive with the
tank or part I don’t know if that makes sense or not but maybe well I think you
can buy it now can’t you the 3800 x that was alright yep yep it just didn’t go
out yeah and a lot of people saying the you know I mean this seems to be a paper
launch anyway because a lot of people aren’t finding kind of products so you
know where they think that would I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s marketing
to play these days all the big high-profile launches like this they all
sell out pretty quick for the most part that won’t be surprised if companies
purposefully release certain stock levels so that they do sell out in the
first day or two and then half a week from that we start to see more I think
you know I I know people say it’s just you know they’re they’re saying paper
launch but I now haven’t verified if they’re real but I saw pictures in
Reddit of people standing in line at micro centers cuz you know yes there’s
still retail places you buy this stuff that it was like what is this a Black
Friday sale in November or something like this no they were like it was like
50 deep to go into micro Center like 7 o’clock in the morning and I don’t know
if they’re really Rocha know what that’s where Elena is micro center line I knew
it when they yeah I saw this unholy sir I haven’t seen people stand in front of
a store to buy something since windows 95 right that was that right it would
make the news people buy Windows 95 stand in front of compusa to buy it this
is people standing in front of a line in micro Center at 7 o’clock in the morning
30 40 40 deep it’s 7:00 a.m. I suspect they are
actually sold out because they actually got bought they weren’t like oh we only
made one kind of thing paper latches to me is like we made one this is like we
diac one nice speaking of micro centers if you’re by one and you do need the
thread ripper platform they’re selling in-store only their 12 core thread
Ripper tip right now at the second gen one for just three hundred dollars now
that this is that this is else well and it wasn’t a good 2700 review or a price
drop as well although if you got a PC world we did a post on this morning all
the Sega Genesis than they’ve ever been what’d you do
Brad yeah the 27-year – it was like 260 right yeah I don’t know where it is you
got to go to PC world to find that deal but to say yeah pretty good for 27 0x
yeah yeah that is a good question yeah boy 80 more dollars for 3600 well you
know not having that I think the 3600 might be worth it for me because I don’t
I hate buying the old stuff but to wait I don’t I don’t know if I could wait for
the 32 syndra you know if it’s been sold out and you have to wait for the next
cargo ship to arrive with it true yeah if you’re waiting all right well the
Rison platform was not the only stuff to get released yesterday Brad you you were
working hard on some Radeon cards right I have been working on many video cards
so yeah but Navi the wait is over though so Navi I should I think our hash tag
wait is over sorry I feel so old now I’m just like what is he yelling does he
mean the pound sign so yeah Navi is here in the form of the Radeon
rx 50 750 700 XT it’s actually been a pretty wild couple weeks for the
graphics card market because a week ago Nvidia surprised ish surprised ish
launched r-tx 2060 super in 2070 super for 400 and 500
effectively shifting performance uh patear so well you used to pay for five
hundred bucks and get a twenty seventy and now you pay five hundred bucks and
get a twenty eight seventy super and it performs like a twenty eighty basically
used to and the new 2060 super performs out of the twenty seventy used to almost
not quite but close so that happened last week in so last minute Friday
afternoon I was supposed to go camping at a certain time and I was incredibly
late because I had to write a news post and completely rewrite parts of my
review because before he’s radiant cards even launched AMD dropped the prices
thanks AMD J’s no that’s good that’s great for people who are actually buying
the cards I was appreciative at the time and know where my family were sitting
around like we’re going camping but uh so yeah so now the Radeon rx 5700
is three hundred and fifty bucks goes directly against the r-tx 2060 non-super
which is sticking around and the Radeon 5700 XT is four hundred bucks which goes
directly against the new r-tx 2060 super and both cards
unless you really want real-time rate racing are definitely worth it over the
geforce cards if nvidia hadn’t launched these super cards this navi pair would
have been lights out value like it would have made a big splash nvidia kind of
ruined that as Nvidia often seems to do mm-hmm
but these cards are still great value they’re great performing cards they have
all kinds of new features one of the most interesting parts to me is between
the new rDNA architecture in the jump to 7 nanometre AMD’s GPUs are not
power-hungry beasts anymore they are equal to or in the case of my tests with
the 2060 versus the 5700 the 5700 is faster than the 2060 and uses less power
so it’s actually more power efficient at least in that one test
then terrine so that’s a big change that hasn’t been seen in a long time
so yeah great cards a lot of the core I said less over two weeks ago when they
had this when you guys did this special edition episode and had the AMD guys on
a lot of people were complaining about the blower on the cards can can you talk
about the blowers and your experience with them
I sure can the blowers are a lot better than the blowers I envy is did before
they’re not unpleasant to be around the XT blow in particular gets hot it runs
at a full you know when straighten 486 degrees so the founders edition cards
are definitely cooler and quieter I would expect though to see add in board
cards have no problem they’ll be it’ll be great these blower style things if
you need to blow style car do you want them today I wouldn’t let that turn you
off of it because they’re not unpleasant like the Vega ones were okay
actually I just saw tweet this morning I think it was steve from hardware and
boxed actually we took a 29 TX cooler and put it on an avi GPU and under peak
load and maxed out at 67 degrees so that bodes very well for adding board cards
that are coming out at some point in the future well some that what I found
interesting is these cards support PCIe 4.0 just like so they can fit right into
the risin yes too many R’s horizon you know the X the
new rising chips and the x5 70 platform of support PCIe 4.0 this does well one
of the questions I had for Scott last week is will this improve crossfire
performance as it turns out these new Navi cards don’t support crossfire
whatsoever so that’s probably why he was a little
bit squirrely on that answer so these cards are still support DirectX
12 and volkens explicit multi-gpu modes which is good
that’s theoretically the future in reality they’re virtually dead
technology nobody no developers ever baked that in
and these don’t support cross fires so it looks like at least for now
crossfire multi-gpu is effectively dead on Radeon graphics cards I wasn’t able
because I don’t have a rising system resin 3000 system to test PCI for myself
however this weekend I went around looking for that and as expected or a
tech powerup tested gaming performance over PCIe 4.0 and as expected makes no
difference because modern graphics cards don’t saturate pcie 3.0 but II post fox
I believe is how you would pronounce it worked with wendyl from level 1 techs
and they did an awesome awesome like 30 minute video diving into the end coding
and decoding features the new encoder and decoder inside these Navi GPUs as
well as PCI a 4.0 performance and they say these things are monsters they’re
beasts so if you are interested in content creation benefits of PCIe 4.0 it
sounds like these cards kick all kinds of but they say it’s faster than the
2080 ti so yeah and that was also something they made a point of showing
off at editors say what’s there’s so much stuff I just lost got cool clothes
left on the cutting-room floor but they have a DaVinci benchmark that they show
like a K multiple multiple a case streams running on PC for kicking button
and then they’d crank the same card back to PCIe 3 you know what just you know
drop all kinds of frames so yep look like that is the one salvaging thing for
PCI you for for GPU at this point well they were testing different popular and
code like streaming twitch Tube solutions and according to the Evo’s Fox
video which I don’t have a link to offhand obviously but i retweeted it so
if you follow me on twitter go check that out you definitely should if you’re
into content creation it looks like a big step forward game wise these are
great 1440p cards the 5700 just stomps all over the RT x 2060 as far as
performance they’re equal as far as energy efficient see and that the 5700
has the full eight gigabytes of gddr5 six bit
bus so it has a much more robust memories configuration in that
identically priced 2060 so I would definitely recommend the 5700 over the
2060 I’m hoping to update our graphics card guide in the next day or two and
that’s what I’ll be doing the 2070 that 2070 the 5700 XT is a super interesting
card actually it it beats the 2060 super across the board which is identically
priced and in a lot of games it actually matches the $500 2070 super in three of
the games of the seven I think eight that we tested and what’s even more
interesting about that is the games that 50 750 700 XT performed so well compared
against much higher and video options are are in games that used to strongly
favor invidious architecture so these games shatter the Tomb Raider GTA 5 and
Ghost Recon wildlands they used to do a lot better on g-force cards that’s part
of the reason why I included my test suite because I try to balance out these
ones favor Nvidia these ones these ones are neutral and they are kicking butt in
games that used to kick butt only on Nvidia cards so the new rDNA
architecture is doing some cool things under the hood we have a question that
just came in from nori Thank You nori Gordon wasn’t the internet right
shouldn’t we have waited for na’vi better cards from AMD
instead of than buying into the twenty series last year I I don’t know I mean
honestly if you always wait it’s always gonna get better so I was think that’s
yeah you know I can tell you I can always be right because I can always say
if you just wait to yours it’ll get better well duh but I think that if
people were saying that rate racing was wrong and that they think that Nvidia
should never have come out with the original 20 Series there of the turn
cards no I I disagree ray-tracing has to get started somewhere ray tracing is a
real you know people have played some games
with ray-tracing say like damn it’s pretty cool right so it is I think ya
know I mean I’m like I’m not gonna buy into that I’m not gonna buy into like no
we should have just all avoided you know touring and waited for Navi I
don’t think that was I don’t think that would have been the right thing to do
forever what about the people who bought a twenty series last year and then the
supers are coming out oh my god no I mean maybe I don’t yeah technology
always gets better technology let me tell you something by that 2700 X
whatever twelve eighteen months ago you could have waited all the way for 3900 X
it would have been better well it just it’s always gonna get better I I don’t
think people should get all angry about it you get this is like this is like
this is like the day you the Wiis used to be with you buy your PC the day you
buy your PC it was outdated that used to be the same so now true what you wanted
to last for 10 years now and never I wish you could buy something and it
never would get better from like to make me feel better for my purchases but not
as somebody who actually likes the advances that that it brings you so true
it’s been a year at this point too yeah so I mean it’s it’s not like you
just bought if you just bought the cards like a month ago you might be a little
bit butthurt because these super cards and now Navi completely changed the
price of the performance ratio and the 350 to $800 price range you’re getting a
lot more for your dollars now that being said part of the reason why I like the
5700 ex a bit more than the XT is because the baseline r-tx 2060 does
ray-tracing but it doesn’t do it super spectacularly so it in it with the
neutered memory configuration and stuff that it has I just feel like the 5700 XT
is a better buy for most people that being said there are only a handful of
games that support ray-tracing right now there are however a bunch of big-name
franchises that are getting them they were a bunch I’ll announce that III
doom eternals getting it the new Wolfenstein game cyberpunk
watchdog legions so it is gaining traction but it is still in the infancy
I can see both I’m not surprised it also that’s these
Navi cards lack dedicated ray tracing hardware and as well as variable pixel
rate shaded which is new technology that was in the Turing GPUs both of those
technologies are being supported by Windows DirectX 12 api’s right now but
you got to keep in mind that AMD completely overhauled this architecture
for these cards so to completely overhaul its architecture and get
everything lined up and get these where they’re at now and then start adding all
these extra stuff into it it I’m not surprised that they chose not to support
ray tracing now that I see how fundamentally different the underlying
GPU structure is of these okay we have a lot of people asking about the anti-lag
feature have you tried that out I have not been able to try it out personally I
have a big description of it inside of my review which is also on PC worldcom
shameless plug again time constraints I’m hoping to get into both Radeon
anti-lag and Radeon image sharpening this week but Radeon antilog is pretty
interesting basically it tells the CPU to slow down so that it lines up better
with the GPU and effectively it can shave a frame a frame or two off the
input response time which for a lot of people you’re not going to notice that
if you’re playing high refresh rate like we were talking earlier eSports games
where every second counts like it you know the extra two frames could make a
big difference in the middle of your tournament if your thought so yeah so
I’m hoping to check that out later this week and let you know you know hopefully
measure it you know objectively and both subjectively tell you how it feels but I
haven’t been able to test it out yet I forget what I was about to say so well
on the on that same tip RM in our disc discord
asking are those features available for the rx 500 series with the new drivers
or is it just limited to the 5000 series one second and I’ll tell you I have this
right here so it works for older cards in direct x11 games for ideon anti-lag
if you’re using a dx9 version of when the eSports game you’re gonna need the
new graphics cards okay so and that’s is out right now the new Radeon image
sharpening needs the new rx 5700 GBS that won’t work on other hardware okay
but there’s a lot of great like this this is a very encouraging release for
AMD like they’ve cured their power problems they’ve got great efficiency I
wouldn’t be surprised if they have even more room to shift pricing down on this
if they needed to but this is these are great releases for AMD the the sinister
eyes on YouTube I was asking did you check the encoder performance on na VI I
heard it beats but to Titan V’s according to window from level 1 tech
yeah I haven’t had a chance to look at encoder performance Dakota performance
that’s what I was talking about if you go look at your video yeah he worked
with window for all their coverage they basically work together like Gordon and
I did because Radeon and Rison in PCI 4 and X 5 70 and all these SSDs coming out
is a lot of work for anybody so they work together and he did an excellent
long video digging into that so you should definitely go check that out
Eve EP OS Bo X look for that on YouTube huh does that work for you I know we’re
just hardware nerds here Adam but we’re not a video nerds uh-huh and I often
hear that you know you move to GPU encoder QuickSync encoder over CPU it’s
this has been said for a long time that is it is inferior to host base CPU
encoding do you think that any any encoding work should also then come with
very very close inspection image quality inspection by a video expert
because you can have one thing make it I can you know I can do a quick sync in
code in four minutes instead of 14 minutes but if the quality is not the
same does it does that gonna matter you know I mean isn’t that a big part of the
I mean I would say it definitely is I know on the machines that we run here
and on my home machine or like when I when I render out on a laptop
I usually don’t see anything that just like jumps out at you I I bet that I bet
there would be differences if you really pixel peep but my guess is that they’re
they’re you know within just slight variances and especially I mean at the
end of the day we put it up on YouTube you know and it just gets compressed it
to crap anyway so they’re like I I think for us making web-based content it’s
probably not as a big deal but yeah if you’re in like Hollywood or something
neato and it’s gonna be shown on a projection then yeah I think they would
care for sure sure then they would have to be looked at a
nurse go for it to really be yeah yeah or you know I mean there’s so many ways
you can approach it yeah I yeah so something just to point out that
ethos Fox video that I’ve mentioned like eight times now because it’s great he
did do pixel peeping so he did look real close at the image and there is a
difference I think he was talking about Radeon image happen at the time I think
he else is a different coding stuff be said effectively they’re effectively
similar when you’re running in real life yeah okay what’s interesting to me about
Radeon image sharpening is like when we had Scott on here the other day
it’s basically achieving the same thing as DL SS it’s letting you run at 1440p
upscale to 4k and then Radeon image sharpening uses algorithms to smartly
apply filters to areas that got blurred out from anti-aliasing and upscaling it
sounds super interesting actually and that is kind of setting the path forward
for their rate rates and ambitions on a software level now but also giving you
benefit or upscaling which i think is much more common these days so radiata
image sharpening is very interesting I want to dig into it a lot more soon and then we had a question from Tommy
about overclocking they’ve seen reviews hitting two gigahertz so there’s a lot
of headroom for AIB cards or you did you do any of the overclocking or trying
anything out I didn’t have time to do much overclocking we typically don’t run
overclocking in our based reviews of stuff because we want people know what
to get out of the box that being said AMD was having some
severe issues getting wot man working correctly they gave us I think we end up
with three or four different drivers where they said if you mess with what
man there’s gonna be messed up okay this one might be a little bit better okay
here’s this one and it wasn’t until Friday evening where we got to find a
one where they said this should be working great now so I didn’t do much
overclocking because I wasn’t gonna invest more time into that when you
can’t reliably trust the results necessarily so it might be sent I look
back look at in the coming weeks but it’ll take priority behind things like
Radeon the image sharpening for me so I’m not sure go look for someone else
for an overclocked video basically is what I’m saying can I ask you about game
game boost and over the boost game game clock and then the boost clock did you
were refining because I know that they said that game clock is where they would
expect most games to actually give you the clock speed were you finding that
and looking down a lot of the games you’re running that’s pretty good these
cars for these cards at least yeah it was pretty is right in that ballpark I
expect it to be much higher with Adam board cards as the person was just
saying those numbers remember are tuned specifically to these reference cards so
I’m not surprised they were pretty spot-on I expect them to go much higher
to see much higher game clocks if you want to call them that in Adam board
cards in Moran yes a one more major one from captain Kern on discord
our X 570 performance compared to Radeon 700 I heard somebody earlier comparing
it to what was it I can’t remember yeah so here’s the thing you don’t want to
buy a Radeon 7 anymore okay well its are just gonna say yeah
the somebody else said asked is is getting a Vega card maybe better price
for performance you know because they’ve they’ve dropped some prices like what do
you think it’s complicated Radeon 7 M less you bought it for content creation
purposes that really need that 16 gigabyte buffer that you don’t get out
of our RT X 20 80 you can’t buy a Radeon 7 anymore because
it is $700 it’s very closely matched by the new 20
70 super which is $500 and the radio an XT doesn’t quite match up quite as well
but in a lot of games it does and that’s $400 so don’t buy already on 7 per game
it anymore Vega has had some awesome sales recently
where I think we saw already on 56 going for 250 bucks 230 bucks recently and
that’s great but I think the stock levels are starting to get down because
I was keeping track of those all last week to see street pricing for Vega and
it was $400 for Vega 56 in $500 for Vega 64 just like on launch day and those are
no goes at that price either get one of these Radio Radeon Navi cards instead
Wow so I thought the Radeon 7 will be the 28th II competitor but it still is
the flagship it is the thing is the 2070 super is $500 and performs most of the
way of a 20 80 now so hey wow this new in the past week and a half between
these new super cards and these Navi cards like the price to performance
ratio is utterly drastically different than it was a four week and a half ago
and it just left all the Vega cards ruined in the wake you shouldn’t buy a
twenty eighty right now either there’s a new twenty eighty super coming out later
this month if we review it maybe we’re gonna tell you you could buy that but
right now don’t buy a 2017 on super don’t buy a
2018 on super don’t buy a Radeon seven ine thing Vega look at these new cards
instead Wow why don’t we switch over to that super section and you can tell us
exactly why you shouldn’t alright so yeah I think it was July 2nd embargoes
lifted for the GeForce r-tx 2060 super in 2070 super and like I said earlier
they’re both effectively shipped in the performance tiers down a pricing notch
so the baseline RTX 2060 is sticking around at $350 with six gigabytes memory
rate racing you shouldn’t buy it you should buy already at rx 5700 instead
this new r-tx 2060 super is $400 and it’s basically 95% of what the $500
2070 is so you’re getting 2070 performance for $400 now from the 2060
super which is great that’s real great obviously the rate trace of performance
all that stuff they put more streaming multi processors in there so rachael ray
tracing performance has also gone up conventional game performance has also
gone up it is basically 95% of 27b for $400 now so $100 price decrease which is
great if these cards launch to these price originally like if these RT these
are what I wanted to see at the original RT X series launch that’s what they are
now the RT X 2070 is essentially not quite as close to 2080 performance as
the 2060 super is to the 27 t but it’s awfully damn close you’re basically
getting almost the 2084 $500 now with the RT X 2070 super there’s way too many
numbers going on right now my slow down but yeah but so
shifted so again you know much more performance for your dollar now it’s
killed all the cards we just talked about one of the interesting things
about the 2070 super in particular it’s a switches to a whole new GPU it’s not
just a bigger version of the I think it was GP 106 or tu 106 I forget but it’s
the next it’s the next GPU up what was the 2080 GPU is now in the 2070
super as well and you know obviously that’s what gives us performance
benefits but also changes some fundamental aspects of the card the
original 2070 was on a smaller PCB and you know only needed a single 8 pin
power connector and didn’t support SLI now that the 2070 super is using the
step-up GPU that was originally in 2080 it’s a full size card
it needs the 8 pin and 6 pin power connector and it does support SLI now so
that’s an interesting product level change but yeah so these cards kick a
whole lot of but they both I gave them both 5 stars and there’s Choice Awards
because now you’re getting 2080 level performance which was a seven hundred
eight hundred dollars for five hundred dollars now which is 1080i in
performance – right so yep so finally we’re seeing 1080 TI level performance
start to drop what is it three or four years later finally it’s been pretty
crazy graphics card market but yeah those cards kick-ass AMD’s new cards
kick-ass there’s a whole bunch of pricing shenanigans and Wars and AMD’s
kind of claiming that it was playing 5d chess and arranged this thing to bait
Nvidia into setting the higher prices so they could lower these prices they’ve
never said that out loud they’re kind of were implying it via various tweets and
stuff but whatever the case may be that 350 to $500 graphics card range is
amazing right now and you’re getting a ton more performance I don’t I don’t
understand because there’s so many priced stratifications I and you know I
had somebody question me like why would you buy 5701 the 5700 XT is
$50 more and it’s like well if you haven’t got 50 bucks you ain’t gonna
fifty bucks right but I do wonder like where the hell do you pick right now I’m
gonna try to play this game with you Brad so like okay I I want I have three
hundred and fifty dollars to spend three on me starting at 300 work should I buy
300 you’d have to get you can’t get that as three-fifths no it’s 1660 GI them
right 1660 TI hands down assuming that the thing is graphics cards this
generation are getting so fast I really strongly believe you have to plan around
your monitor now cuz if you have a 1080p monitor and you’re happy with it you
don’t even need to spend the 260 or 280 bucks on the 1660 ti you spend
significantly less and get plenty of frames for your monitor that’s right so
I mean that is probably you’re right people should start they playing single
monitor 60 Hertz 1080p what’s in ground floor to get basically across across the
board very high to ultra settings at 60 frames and up what a win I would I would
probably recommend the 1662 most people at this point the 580 if you find it on
sale though the Radeon rx 580 it’ll Stu do 60 with pretty decent graphics
settings and a whole lot of games you can find that on sale for like 150 bucks
these days right but if you want a little more oomph get further down the
road than a 1660 that makes more 16 C okay sixteen – sixteen sixty if you’re
playing on a sixty Harris appeared play 144 Hertz 1080 I’d get Suzanne 60 TF
brain so most people you only over by four your GPU if if you’re like oh I
want to take this thing out for six years or something right yeah that’s the
rest you know alright so let’s move up to 1080p 144 hertz
1660 Ti kicks a lot of butt at that if you want ray-tracing you might want to
start considering the art TX 2060 but in my head now that the 2060 super is there
for 50 bucks more it makes it real hard to
by the r-tx 2064 a whole bunch of reasons as nerfed memory for 50 bucks
more you get so much more performance but then you’re starting to talk about
you know a 16-6 TTI is 280 bucks and r-tx 22 ste super is 400 bucks and
that’s if you want ray-tracing ya 1660 Ti is a good 1080p high refresh
rate is that we just asked for yeah yeah yeah high refresh rate yeah 20 60 would
be if you want the you may want to play with rate racing lb at at lower
qualities yes for because there’s less performance ok 1440p 60 hertz 1440 27
inch panel umm 1440p things get bunched up a whole lot with all these new cards
we recommend good options here Radeon rx 5700 for 350 bucks would be
the cheapest one I would strongly recommend that that gets really good
performance and like I said its memory configuration is much stronger has 2
gigabytes more capacity wider memory bus than the RT X 2060 non-super which is
still around so I would definitely recommend the RX 5700 as the go-to especially because once you start
bumping up to 1440p you use more memory so get the one one more memory the 5700
XT and 2060 super are both options as well if you want to get a little bit
more performance or if you want rate racing in the case of the 2060 super if
you want to go high refresh rate 1440p gaming those those cards could do it in
a lot of games but if you really want an across-the-board high refresh rate
working for DP gaming you’re gonna want the 2070 super now okay and then don’t
buy anything right now that cost more than $500 unless it’s the 20 80 TI
because the 20 80 TI is staying where it’s at and videos that messing with it
everything between the $500 RTX to what
70 super and the 1080p I don’t buy because that new r-tx 20 80 supers
coming out in a few weeks and we gotta see where that land I wasn’t gonna ask
his snarky ask questions like what about what about turn attr actually actually
somebody said that in the chat 1080 TI still works really well for 1440 yeah
you know what I want to go before I ask that question I’m gonna go see how much
it costs a new egg and Amazon guess how much a 1080 TI costs how much it’s a
thousand dollars new 2080 TI no what about a reefer refurbs they were
just like here’s a 1080 TI EVGA FTW three gaming 879 dollars
Brad would you recommend I buy a 1080 TI for 800 and a $79 no and you should turn
over your buying decisions over to your fiscal accountant me that for 12 years
that’s just no yeah I’m the 1080 TI prices have not aged well
I clearly whereas they go away yeah yeah like look either is the very top card on
Amazon 1080i EVGA card is fourteen hundred and forty eight dollars okay so
that hey you know what maybe somebody’s got money to burn you know they’re
really like that architecture I don’t know where does that leave the 27 so 27
t is like 2070 and Vidya actually we asked them about that the briefing
before these launched earned me and they expect that 2060 to stick around Nam
super I’m talk about non super card right now the 2070 is gonna go away
because the 2070 super whomps its but the 2080 is also gonna go away because
presumably the 2080 super is gonna whomp its but for the same price oh so the
Nvidia product stack is going to be three hundred and fifty dollars six
gigabyte RTX 2060 $400 RTX 2060 super $500
RTX 2070 super $800 RTX 2080 super which is coming out on July 23rd and 2080 Ti
is still up there kicking butt Oh easy isn’t this 2080 super gonna be
gets so close to that 20 atti people in your belly what I want to spend that
extra money for you know I I don’t 28th let’s see I guess you’re right we have
to see but I just kind of like if every single car gave you the next cards
performance at the previous cards lower wrong they’ve already released specs for
the 2080 super some technical spend some high-level stuff it’s not gonna match a
full twenty atti but it should go much faster than the base 20 80 yeah so we’ll
have to see you know and I’m gonna bring this up because I you know I don’t get
to play with the high-end stuff like Brad does anymore GPUs but I on the
other end I don’t have a 12 core I did 20 atti testing for the CPU reviews
because that clearly Mike my 10 80s were not holding up I have 3 10 80s that I
use in the test rigs and like I could not believe how fast that 28 et I was it
was just with these high-end GPUs oh my god it was it would the 1080 I’ve always
considered to be a wonderful card and it’s an excellent card it’s just like
year that’s gonna give you warm memories for a long time but after playing with
that 20 Ti I was like holy smokes at 1080 it’s just a piece of card it used
to be you know five dollar carbon I think the 2080 Tower was like 50% faster
and a lot of things it’s like huge difference holy smokes besties knows old
like what is it Memorex I think it was commercials where the dude was sitting
in the chair and just everything blown by that’s what’s like using a 20 80 TI
yeah but I’m just kind of like I think because I never got to experience it but
I’m like why would you ever complain about the 20 people cup really they were
really unfair to the 20 atti it feels like I mean I’m 12 over girls is a lot
of money but damn that thing is just smoking fast I think it’s I don’t what I
don’t like about the 2080 TI is how Nvidia handled it with the founders
edition because it said hey this is a thousand bucks better decisions gonna be
1200 bucks though because we give it a 5 percent overclock or whatever but
founders Edition pricing effectively sets the floor so I mean now these days
you can sometimes find $1,100 20 ATT eyes but they’re still most well
over 1,200 bucks yes so I mean that was my issue with it
I find it very interesting that these new super cards the founders edition
models aren’t gonna be overclocked and they’re all gonna cost baseline our MSRP
so they’re actually reference cards again oh so the the exception of the 20
the ATT I that’s still gonna be 1200 bucks they’re not messing with that
that’s just weird right cuz that last round the founders editions were
overclock they were the +1 cards now they’re just the zero cards again which
is where they’re all are supposed to be the baseline but now they’re gonna all
I’m just still at that 20 ATT I just like damn the thing is but if you were
hoping now and you didn’t buy a 20 80 because you’re like that’s still the
same performance as the GTX 10 atti but with ray-tracing which is a valid
complaint the complaint I had when it came out now you get that performance
for 500 bucks in the r-tx 2070 super so no more complaining Brad officially you
cannot complain internet about that I am not complaining about it whatsoever 350
bucks 500 bucks we’ve had 4 graphics cards launched over two weeks now and
life is good if you were in that price match yeah TM Tech is asking do you
think they’ll release a twenty atti super they gave no indication of that
whatsoever they were there like the GTX or r-tx 2080 TI is still at the top
that’s all they said about that yeah that’s pretty fully functional
implementation of that GPU I don’t think they could add much more
to it without rolling out a new GPU and part of the reason there they say that
they’re able to get the price is so much lower and shift these performance tears
down a notch basically is because you know it’s been a year now since our
txseries was introduced so they have efficiencies building these chips so I
wouldn’t anticipate them rolling out a whole new chip just to make a 28 ETI
super when AMD at this point is not even coming close to 28:28 ETI levels of
performance yeah it’s not even surprising they’re gonna do a 1080 super
because effectively AMD does compete against the
28:20 atti it’s so hard using it you just compete AMD’s new chips like I said
at least in a few games they are very competitive with their $400 Radeon XT
with the $500 2070 super so insistent wants that middle ground to like if
you’re gonna get a 4k gaming chip and you don’t GPU and you don’t want to
spend $1200 I’m guessing the 2080 super is gonna kick all sorts of s okay 2070
super just like the 2080 just like the GTX 10 atti
they can do 4k it’s not great you can’t just hit max and just play every game so
I that’s where the 2080 super is gonna fill that notch right now is the 2080 TI
and guessing the 28 super Oh get a lot closer to it – mmhmm yeah I feel like
we’re only halfway through the year and are our best best of 2019 episode later
in the year is gonna be pretty crazy it’s especially for the GPUs but
everything I mean it could just yeah yeah I don’t hand out editors choice of
words very easily but of the four graphics cards that released over the
past two weeks three of them got it it’s just huh
it’s amazing more 5700 XT didn’t okay so 57 it didn’t in its current form
if it was an add-in board card I probably would have been much more
likely but it does run hot it’s a little bit louder you know it’s just the
implementation I think that’s holding back to 5700 XT but the base 5700 and
the two supers all three got yep good time if I gotta break my back and you
know delay family vacations to review things I want it to be stuff like this I
don’t want it to be garbage this is all great stuff really I had to delay my
modification I was I did – I literally ran benchmarks ran out the door came
back random after vacation and ran some more it’s just like it would have it
would have stunk for like that stinky part right there just like that’s what I
we’ll run our games coverage that’s the thing people don’t understand they’re
like Oh reviewing games for a living must be awesome it’s like yeah it is if
you’re playing you know Grand Theft Auto 5 but it’s not when you’re playing 60
hours of game that’s gonna get one point five stars
I haven’t although somebody I’m in it brothers no you might not say for work
analogy of what it’s like to review games now everyone’s gonna say I’m
really interested to see what AMD does next with our DNA I’m looking forward to
see if this was just like the mid-tier I’m curious to see if they can scale our
DNA up and actually like this takes it to Turing man like these cards are great
I’m curious to see if they can scale it up it gets a Terry it even further hmm
yeah boy I don’t know what’s left I mean it’s it’s only July what else can they
do right but I mean I swear to god it feels like got the KS part coming out on
the CPU side yeah we got the 2080 super 90 x 39 50x I wouldn’t be surprised if
we have a thread Ripper at some point we’re gonna get the rest of AMD’s
product stacked the rest of this year I mean this is just the mid-range cards
they still need the Polaris replacements they still need the higher-end
replacements I’m real curious to see this is a crazy year there were rumors I
had heard at Computex it until I had something coming too but they delayed it
mm-hmm but competitor 2 thread reports what I
had her turn rumbles up so that could pop up to I just and then next year
Nvidia is gonna go to seven nanometer Intel’s gonna launch its first graphics
cards good times it’s a good time to get into the building right can I can I
really ice what I love too is the is in all the maneuvering I know people think
that I’m you’re a little skeptical of the of the 3d chess the price cuts
you’re like I don’t think it matters either way yeah so I just I I really
feel like the maneuvering between the three cuz there’s now three people three
companies competing that the maneuvering has gotten more gameofthrones like than
ever before it’s like if you move here we move there but we know you’re gonna
move there so we’re gonna move over here but you know we know you know we’re
moving here so then we’re gonna I think there is I know it’s crazy but I do
think there is some validity to it sometimes because I wouldn’t be
surprised if they were actually playing 5d chess I’m not saying they are aren’t
who knows but for them to make that announcement on Friday and then have all
the vendors and retailers launch at the correct new pricing as planned on Sunday
would take an awful lot of management so they might have been playing 5t chest
this whole time with these prices yeah you’re right yeah cuz how do you just
suddenly redial up it I think because they also they’re also managing not only
are they managing competition with Nvidia they’re managing leaks with their
vendors so there’s all kinds of different things at their pride and then
it’s just the days of where somebody said we’re coming out with a part in six
months here’s our roadmap in the lands there at that price though it feels like
those days are gone it’s I was literally told that well I don’t want it to say
too much I was told that one of the large companies this is the pricing is
set at the very last minute and we’re talking the head honcho in top gets
basically the menu the options here’s what we do here they put their check
mark and they go with it and then they tell if they go out on that stage and
they tell you five minutes later because there’s no other way to manage the the
leaks because leaks really do ruin a lot of things for there’s strategies and and
there’s also they’re trying to feel out what the competition is doing so I don’t
know anymore it’s it feels like we’re in a in a brave new world as far as the the
maneuvering over five years ago or even two years ago I have also heard that
story from a couple different people yeah yeah a couple more questions Brad
any indication of Navi coming to laptops have they talked about that at all no
they haven’t Amy hasn’t talked about mobile implementations of any of its new
stuff yet its launch in desktop first to shift gears for a minute one thing that
I wanted to mention that didn’t really fit into any of this talk because it’s
not it’s coming out in the new Radeon software release Radeon chill which is
their software to basically in scenes that are mostly static it dials down the
framerate to save power use and it can be very
at that like you can save a ton of power using radio and chill and it doesn’t
really noticeably impact your games in most situations I like it a lot
they’re adding new technology to that for all existing Radeon graphics cards
and it will now automatically detect if you’re using a 60 Hertz monitor which
the majority people are and it’ll dial back even further because until now it
defaults to the low end of 72 FPS and a high end on and 44 FPS to set when it
goes static and started I know that power usage so now they’re adding
technology to make it aware 468 Hertz frames and they configure the things
around there and it says AMD claims it’s up to 2.5 more power savings than before
especially in eSports style games so if you have a Radeon card regardless if
it’s the new knobby ones when the old ones and you like radio and chill and
you have a 60 frames per second monitor I would recommend going out and trying
that out you think that’s something designed mostly for upcoming laptop
graphics cuz power savings is radiant chill was designed because AMD is GCN
architecture to stay competitive with NVIDIA they really had to go beat the
beast with a lot of energy so they were using software tricks to dial it back it
won’t be such a big problem with na’vi but if you can get it and it doesn’t
impact your gaming performance might as well use it yeah you know it’s a little
crazy is and this goes all the way back 15 years ago but if you this PC friend
was telling me this and I tested it years and years ago but you and I’ve
seen YouTube videos where if you are playing very strangely a very low-end
low resolution or a low graphics quality game but like an 800 frames a second it
will use a crapload more power than playing a game at 4k with ray-tracing
and all the fanciness turned on it’s really kind of weird I’ve been testing
it recently but I imagine anything that you’re seeing with this this good stuff
yeah all the reason like I would be surprised if Radeon kill introduction
and Vega using HP m2 in fury extras and HBM – those are all
power-saving metrics because their power French city is flat-out sucked recently
but with navi in our DNA and seven nanometer
it’s right on track with turing so AMD deserves a lot of kudos for that I
imagine a lot of the proper savings are from ditching a GPM – right I mean it
was never really a Jew is more power efficient than GDP our six is it really
yeah god I guess it was just simply Vegas that were you don’t let you son
they get a lot of juice during it yeah and for the chip itself and you could
only make graphics the entire graphics card consume so much power if you don’t
want to get left out of the place so switching to HB m to let them do that
right okay I don’t think they ever officially said that that’s just me
speculating no that makes sense though yeah we have couple more questions
this one’s from Brad from wings cancer on our discord now that we’ve seen Navi
on the the the PC side do we have any indication of what that’ll look like on
the the next-gen console side those are I mean one the architecture kicks all
kinds of butt and I am much more excited for the consoles now that I know that
our DNA is a great step forward there’s such custom implementations that we
can’t know for now you can’t once they start releasing more specs about you
know how many what are they called on AMD the Streetman multi processors like
all the under the hood details you we could look at these and draw comparisons
to the new consoles but until those come out we can’t really tell and they are a
custom implementation cuz like the next-gen consoles are going to have ray
tracing these don’t so at the moment no once they start saying yeah we’ve got X
amount of you know graphics clusters an X amount of you know shaders and stuff
like that then we’ll be able to do a lot more but I’m much more excited with them
now that I’ve seen and tested our DNA in action it seems like a great GPU
architecture yeah I mean I think these next-gen
consoles are gonna be really nice for college players I mean this can be a big
it’ll be a big hardwork jump for them right I mean really I mean CPU and GPU
side great stuff I’m against seven nanometer in video parts next year and
Intel you know what I want in aim DS if they listen to this thick and I hate me
for saying it because I’m sure they’re new Rison 3,000 AP use that lunch today
are great compared to what is there before that being said the riots and ApS
at lunch today have 12 nanometer rise in last gen and they still have Vega last
gen next year’s risin AP use if they jump to these new rise and 3,000 cores
and Navi are gonna be smokin yeah yeah and the more significant part of that I
think is 7 nanometer horizon 70 nanometer Navi in a laptop it’s gonna be
a whole different ballgame when named the ABS out when they finally get these
laptops out with 7 nanometre parts I think it’s gonna be it’s gonna be good
for laptop buyers because competition you know makes gives you better things
consumers so it’ll be good a lingering question from Steve Anderson on YouTube
thank you Steve they do not do content creation would you recommend they
replace there are seven 1,700 with Verizon 3000 series I’m considering I’m
gonna speak from my own personal experience we after reading Gordon’s
review and some of the other reviews on the internet because I’m a firm believer
in being as informed as possible when you’re spending hundreds of dollars on
things I’m personally planning on gravely into
my wife to ask her to allow me to buy like I was saying that one of the eight
core rise in 3,000 chips because of the big increase in gaming performance so if
you game a lot especially if your game at 1080p
it might be worth spending the money to upgrade that being said I still find
that rising games alright at the resolution that I play at often it’s
more graphics bound than CPU bound so if you’re playing at 1440p or 4k
it’s probably less worthy of an upgrade if you don’t do content creation yeah
and I would say yeah the old rule which still holds is if it works you don’t
don’t okay I mean it never makes aimed in telling a vidi happy but if it’s
working for you you don’t mind it don’t upgrade because it always gets better
that’s rule that always sticks around but that doesn’t mean go on the internet
and girl I should have waited two years you should have told me not to buy this
it’s not a worse and not what we’re saying
yeah couple more questions Dennis was asking Gordon when are you gonna replace
your uh your PC at home your Xeon god I need to write it’s not a minute yeah I I
forgot I am I really need to I’m just too lazy I’m just too lazy you don’t
want to what you do I think it’s a slow-ass 1080 because now it’s it’s not
slow when you put it with a decade old Xeon though yeah that’s true just like
it’s really sad but like my eight core Xeon like I swear God like I know I know
that a coffee lake or a rise in three which is even if you’ve been a second
gen rise it would probably kick its ass all day it’s just kind of funny but
again the like the rule we just mom what do I care what I’m doing it doesn’t
matter so I I don’t think it matters I would probably upgrade for the other
reasons like you know I need I’m still on sad asses because USB yeah it’s on 79
there’s just like so many USB ports or gets getting all funky it’s like you’ve
got this car the engines great transmissions gray half the windows
don’t roll down lights don’t turn on you know it’s got a leak couple leaks and
everything I had a wagon like that yeah it’s feeling like that it’s like uh
would be nice that was actually the big difference would I the reason I shifted
I built a new PC and went to Rison was because of all those extra things now I
have and being me drives and stuff like that yeah isn’t it’s just so it’s just a
nice it’s like getting a fresh new car smell and everything works and it’s nice
you get modern standards so I don’t know not yet one day
all right and then my last question this is kind of to both of you also from
Dennis what did you guys do for the last month to not burnout from work stress
any special diet anything like that I am burnt out from work stress my shoulder
hurts my elbow hurts I have an exerciser ate right in like two or three weeks now
and I need some time off nothing I just worked until because I
had to and I kept working because I had to yeah it’s the same thing I agree it’s
just like you have sort of a choice but I think the thing is people who work the
side of the aisle you just sort of like you you’re in it for the excitement like
everybody everybody likes to complain like oh my god all these parts this is
like the worst in da butt oh my you just love it cuz it’s exciting it’s like any
news junkie or any hardware junkie it’s exciting to to be a part of to see you
know we’re basically written worth we’re here to cover it and they have things to
cover is exciting so it sucks but at the same time we get off on it too so it’s a
really horrible vicious sort of thing especially because like I said these are
great products if they were what I wound up doing the last couple weeks actually
is just I live in the middle of nowhere with a great view of mountains and like
my brain after work couldn’t even like handle watching TV I would just go sit
outside and listen to music mm-hmm look at the mountains and stuff yeah hmm well
I’m just trying to give like some of the bad products yeah hey guys 64 I also had
to crunch a lot for and I was mad about it at the end but vague at 66 being 56
being good boundless stood out because I Gordon says it is cool to have these
things that nobody knows about and you know it pushes stuff forward and you
want to be like oh everything’s gonna be different in a week yeah you’re in it I
think there is definitely a time when there was no competition like the 69 50
the the ten core Broadwell ‘part a $1700 170 knowledge and 23 dollars it was it
was fast it was better there are a lot of cool
things like the turbo boost you know 3 whatever so yeah in yoga but
it was just sort of like I guess it was like it just felt he was in a vacuum and
he needed something to offset it and it’s more exciting now than it was
before so that was just sort of like you were killing yourself for CPU that
competed with another Intel CPU and that they you didn’t really want to compete
so they price them so crazy that it didn’t even matter because they were
just sitting around like the Maytag you know repair person waiting for somebody
to come along and now it’s exciting again so that I mean wasn’t a bad
product it was definitely overpriced but you
know he was cool so you still got the witness sort of like the height of kind
of the diamond so one thousand spray ten core CPU to say that name and that
wasn’t that long ago which is no it was not so that I wouldn’t say bad product
but a bummer all right well Gordon what well you take us out
it’s been a long show so much has been talked about uh and there’s a chance
yeah yeah I know in a kitchen I just say I love it this is awesome it’s gonna
change again next year and twelve months we’ll be looking back like holy smokes I
can’t believe we thought this was what so that’s my prediction but check back
next week for your fix of PC talk on the full nerd for audio listen if subscribe
to us on iTunes Google Play and stitcher saying questions and comments to the
full nerd at PC world comm every time you do we get a little extra sleep
thanks for coming I’m going on with Brad Sarkis don’t buy ready on 700 Murray’s
can hit go buy a really cheap refurb 1080p i yeah might be good for you
cheap kidding it won’t Oh

61 thoughts on “Ryzen 9 3900X review, Radeon RX 5700/XT review, Geforce RTX 2060/2070 Super | The Full Nerd ep. 99

  1. I love the ending to that Navi cards discussion. These Radeon cards basically eliminated 6 other GPUs in terms of value.

  2. I think what Gordon was trying to say was: Ryzen is the better value over the i9. If that's the case then its hard to disagree.

  3. The only reason to get a 9900K now is if you plan to do extreme gaming OC benchmarks and post the extra very few fps on-line for brag rights.

  4. Maya animators (animation, not focused on Arnold rendering), unfortunately single core clock speed is still matters the most to Maya, a stable 5.1Ghz overclock on the 9900K will still be the fastest experience. Maya is still better tuned for intel, sigh. Arnold or C4D folks, wait on Threadripper or the 3950X, you give up a bit of performance on the animation side but make up for it on the rendering side.

  5. Stick with 5.2GHz 8700k or switch to 3900x?

    My workloads are 70% gaming with 30% production (maya/photoshop/Vegas movie studio)

    Looking at various reviewer's numbers, the productivity scores are epic and wipe the floor with my old i7, but even at 1440p it still lags behind in gaming (I game at 1440p/120hz on a 2080ti ftw3).

  6. Im so very confused im not a computer guru. but every review everywhere amd comes close to intel in gaming and blows them out in productivity. I find it really confusing that people arent talking about the strongest talking point on all of this. not only are they the best value per dollar chips but they are using new technology 7nm this is the 3rd gen ryzen but the 1st gen to use 7nm chiplets. your comparing it 14nm chip in its 9th generation that has done little to advance technology and no one is talking about it. also pcie 4.0 everyones like no graphic card will saturate 3.0 so why bother with 4.0 its not so much as usage comparing to advancing technology AMD isnt just selling with the ryzen 3000 a cpu but a promise to continue advancing the technology something that intel hasnt done they just keep boosting channel frequincy on a 14nm chip and as long as they were number one they had no reason to change there business model just boost up a couple cores and slap a new generation number on it.

  7. You made me fill good about my 3900x purchase I mainly game but its a 3440×1440 with a 2080ti and i was debating hard between the 9900k and 3900x. I just couldn’t pick a 8 core over a 12 core just for 2-5% at 1440p ultrawide maybe more in certain games far cry im talking to you

  8. Its funny i was looking at an old 3770k review and seeing Intel’s roadmap is funny 10nm was at 2014 or 15.

  9. I'm the comment 101. People if you're going to do gaming only like me the 8700k or about still pretty good no need to do a upgrade for me.

  10. Better be careful, the following channels have said their going after people who are not honest about AMD, "The Good Old Gamer, Moore's Law Is Dead and Not An Apple Fan". They have stated they will be coming after anyone who doesn't show AMD in honest way.

    P.S. These channels are heavily AMD biased. Do not believe them when they present opinions disguised as facts. They want to be fact checkers so I'll let everyone know some facts about them.

  11. Well, if you don't want to change your GPU every 2 years, you can overbuy and let it roll. I overbought a 1080 at launch, 3 years ago and it continues to run 1080p60 on ultra today. I just need a 2080TI performance because i upgraded to 4k but the 1080 will still last untill 2080TI performance is reached at 500 bux.

  12. Every other review I’ve seen/read said that the NVenc encoder “stomps all over” the new AMD encoder. 😐

  13. So much shill in Brad. The Super cards are what nVidia should have released in the first place. And he praises them like the second coming. This is disgusting.

  14. The birthday of the most important superpower in the world.. Now now, have u deepfried ur brains on one of those picnics 🙂

  15. I have one fucing nagging question, why is the chipset not one of the fucking chiplets, so it can go under the CPU cooler? backwards compatibility ain't worth this much hassle!

  16. when threadripper 3rd gen releases its going to be like intel put your mouth over the gutter and hold still while amd jumps on the back of your head

  17. AMD promised 2020 – I fully expect at least one more generation – either Zen 3 (I wish!) or Zen 2+

  18. base (so yeah lower clocks) 2080 ti from EVGA is $999 https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=11G-P4-2281-KR

  19. Fried Dough is different from funnel cakes, Funnel cakes are through a funnel and stringy fried dough is pretty much flat like they fried a pizza dough stretched out. The big part of them here in the northeast is the toppings. Esp if its more local restaurant they will do local berries or maple syrup

  20. have you turned HT off, to simulate similar levels of security? 😉 3900X seems like a perfect choice for streamers,light content creators. To me, a 3600 or maybe 3700x is enough.

  21. for me amd's cpus and gpus are still disappointing sadly. in terms of cpus unless ur doing high work loads and strictly content creating then yes its godly but for people like me who want best gaming and also workloads the 3900x is lacking in gaming versus the i7 9900k also its cheaper then the 3900x. in terms of gpus the amd launches are pretty bad when you have still no response from amd on the 2080, 280 super or 2080 ti. especially when you have amd to be cost per performance i have yet to see amd do a gpu like the 1080ti. its better to wait and see intel and nvidia response and what amd has in store in September and new gpus. the hype is mediocre and amd maybe just barely matches intel and nvidia. sorry gordon for me to justify 50 dollars more then a better gaming cpu when workloads tho loses to amd its still not bad in terms of workloads. also you conventionality forgot to say how higher cost the new x570 boards cost plus the MB fans are a fatal point in failure. sorry but all the praise is still false hype.

  22. when the commenter asked about the 5700 being locked i think he meant that its locked to not go above 1800 to make the 5700 xt look bad. and it does seem to be the case. so the guy talking here either didnt know what he was talking about or just avoided the question on a technicality. locking stuff down is intels gig

  23. As far as motherboard fans go, I do feel like we are in a different era now. Mainly because of the rise of small electronics. Like I have 3d printers and they are all 30, 40,50mm fans and even big boys like noctua make fans that size nowadays

  24. ordered my 3800x with an ASRock x570 Taichi and a 5700 50th anniversary edition gpu. way too excited for this weekend to build!

  25. 2015 gtx g1 970 gaMER gpu (the best 970 near enough Alot of money but felt great price. 300 uk pounds.
    2017 gtx 1070 amp extreme (great card felt overpriced, this was the cheapest one for one of the best. 430 uk pounds
    2018 gtx 2070 amp extreme (price just not acceptable for what was and to me still is the mid range card) 550 uk pounds
    Where is it acceptable to nearly double the price of gpus in 4 years. For me im not paying 300 pounds fopr a 1660 ever.
    As a pc enthusiast i havent built a new system for years cause of this and other price increases, though its really gpus now that hold me back. I will build one more pc and if gpu prioces dont come down ill run my gpu to the ground and move to console gameing. I love my 1440 x34 monitor but these prices are out of control.
    I also personally feel there are to many cards. there should be 4 a low end none gamer gpu, a low gamer, a mid range and a high end. Instead it feels like nvidia are bining their gpus and takeing away the honey that used to be the lottery oc card.

  26. Timmyjoetech was first to the add in board coolers on navi, hardware unboxed came out a few hrs after, same thoughts at almost the same time

  27. Man who buy 9900k and 3900x to play game at 1080p. I have a I7-5820 and rx 590 and i play at 1440p granted not with everything max out and im still getting over 60fps…

  28. Geeez, if you add all the mitigation patches to Intel cpus they fail. It's apples to oranges until you add the patches.

  29. Intel runs 315 fps, AMD 300 fps and you will still have people saying see! AMD sucks at gaming! Do people really not understand how this works or are they just fanboys? I have built nothing but Intel for many years now because they were the fastest at the budget I was willing to spend and that's how I always go about picking hardware I could give a damn about my CPU being Intel or AMD you make a good chip ill buy said chip. That being said i'm very happy AMD is finally bringing it to Intel I hope they go to war with each other trying to one up the next because us consumers will reap the rewards.

  30. Even if you only game, you still do other things like 7zip or winrar and AND spanks intel

    Also streaming!

  31. Great collab guys! My X570 Taichi, 3900X and my 2 Corsair MP600 Gen4 Nvme drives are en-route =) Might consider upgrading to the 5700XT from my limited edition Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 56, when the AIB custom gpus come out. Still on the fence though.

  32. This show is so boring. The format seems dated. I don't know who you guys are. But no one is coming on to watch a PCWorld broadcast. We come on for the tech no your useless opinions.

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