Russian Language Podcast

Russian Language Podcast

hi friends with you max and today i
went up to the skyscraper yes here it is very, very nice and I have for you two news, 2 messages in the beginning I want to thank you all
my youtube channel is about one year old it’s fantastic, it’s very cool that you
watch this channel that you have subscribed to this channel, that you leave
comments – it really, really helps me make my videos better and better and better and,
of course, a special thanks to all those who financially supports this channel!
Thanks you all, guys! so there are two news … the first is one of our subscribers and just
nice guy, texas ranger a real Texas ranger he did
deck of cards, set of flash cards for anki. anki is a very
known program and I think everyone knows about it but if you do not know what it is then I
I will leave a description of what anki is below this video so he did a set of the
flash cards and these flash cards will help you to practice, practice Russian cases!
yes it’s a very, very useful thing be sure to look at the description
Well, the second thing, the second thing is my podcast! Yes,
finally I started my podcast! and you can subscribe to it so you do it
right now at this link below. You can find my podcast and listen to it and subscribe
and what I want to do in this podcast… well, in this podcast I want to speak clearly
I want you to understand everything that I say and learn new words, and get used to it,
to Russian speech, real, to natural Russian speech
I hope it will be interesting, friends. If you have any questions, requests for
about a podcast, about videos, then leave them here in the comments!
I read every single comment, yes, and big thank you once again!
This year, or month, or even two days is not It’s important when you subscribed… thank you! see you soon!

33 thoughts on “Russian Language Podcast

  1. thanks Max, your videos are the best materials I've found for learning Russian. I have tried the podcast and it already looks very useful!

  2. Max, I really like your videos. I always look forward to new videos from you because they are perfect for my level. If I donated money to your PayPal link, does it matter which currency? Also, is there an amount you are trying to reach?

  3. Thank you for​ the video. I am listening to your podcast now. I really like even though I don't understand everything.

  4. I am sick right now but I'm relaxing myself by listening to your podcast about sickness haha.
    At first, I thought I was not going understand much without a text but I'm really surprised and super happy that I understood almost everything just by listening :)) And most of it it's because of your help, Max!
    I'm one of those who has no idea about Anki but if it's gonna help me with cases I'll definitely give it a try. Thank you, Mark!

  5. Макс, ты так вовремя начал подкаст. Я как раз думала, куда бы мне скинуть записи историй, которые я начитала, пока было время))) использую твою идею с Anchor, можно?

  6. hi max
    i understand you , very well , with a little help of the accompanying text. Your videos are very helpful and interesting.
    i wait for the next.

  7. Привет Мах
    В Франции, я никогда увидела люди купался в реке зимой. Я слабая я не люблю холодный , боюсь когда ветер дует
    Спасибо для подкаста

  8. макс как ты соскучаю по тебе когда я смотрю твое видио .дашь мне надежду и пафос .. и я хочу предложение и вопросы о собеседование пожалуйста

  9. Just listened to "Got a cold etc.." -for 1st time. I was surprised to find that with concentrated listening I can understand 99.9% straight away. And also pick up some interesting new words in the process.

  10. Спасибо большой Марк, ты молодец! 4 гола назад у меня был друг которые использовал anki чтобы изучать японский. Пару лет назад я тоже использовал anki для помоч с немецкий но к сожалению я бросал немецкий обучение. Теперь буду начинать подежи с anki. И огромная спасибо Макс за твое работу и твое помош!!!!

  11. Max: do you know why I follow your videos? 1: because I want to learn Russian. And 2: Because you seems to be a really good person, which is the best you can say about someone.

  12. Ура! Услышала первый подкаст и мне понравился (или мне понравилась? Забыла 🙂
    I like your relaxed style and the pace was just right for me.
    I didn’t know a few words like запустил but I guessed the meaning based on context. You also repeated it a few times so I could remember it and look it up after.
    Продолжите пожалуйста! Большое спасибо 😊

  13. Привет Макс, а где ссылки вашего подкаста, я не нашла в этом видео

  14. Очень впечатлен вашим подкастом и флэш-картами Anki. Большое спасибо Макс и Марк!

  15. OK, so here is my feedback…Firstly THANK YOU! for making the effort to do this. I don't know what financial help you are getting, but I am sure it does not cover the cost, and I like it when people do things on the internet without thinking only "what can I get in return?" The internet was created for free sharing, before commercial interests took it and turned it into one huge shop. Secondly, I will tell you my process. I watch your video 2-3 times with english subtitles, I play any bits I dont understand over and over again, maybe 20 times. I then forget all the words and feel like giving up because I am so stupid. I then download only the audio from 5-6 videos and burn them onto a CD which I play in the car, over and over again, and I find that there are some words that I just do not get, so I go back to the video and look at the subtitle. It takes me weeks to get anywhere. Then I promptly forget the stuff I have learned two months ago. SO for me it is painful and slow and frustrating. What keeps me going is that your videos are interesting and funny and you are always so positive. Apart from Darya, who I guess you know as you shared a video once, everything else on Youtube in slow russian is so full of grammar (and I don't even get the cases in English let alone in Russian) or is strings of boring words we are supposed to learn in our sleep, or is just a front end for an expensive language course. Thirdly, at my slow slow level, what has been most useful has been videos like the story of Sam , with the words in both languages, and Wilson, and the Chinese stories. Don't get me wrong, your blogs are great, but the videos where you ask lots of questions reinforcing the words over and over again in slightly different ways are the most useful. Hope this feedback helps and do keep this up. You are the only person adding new slow russian content at the moment.

    Oh – and I am still slowly editing a video of nothern people that I will one day invite you to put some words to…. and there is one question I asked you ages ago that you never answered. Who is the totally awesome guitarist – with banjo and maybe uke who plays on some of your videos? Good music is also a help when you have to listen to something 30 times to get it into your thick head and it would be great to find their music.

  16. Привет мах спасибо за ваше всем видео и у меня просьба, мне надо проктиковать чего вы посоветуете ? Это не читать это должно быть говорит

  17. please, teach through novels and melodrama. But, please the subtitle should appear automatically on the screen written by you, the translator is so confussing. as you do on tprs. thanks.

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    I really appreciate it, it means a lot!

  19. Круто! Поздравляю тебя, молодец! Подкаст, это очень интересно.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  20. Hi Max, I’ve been learning Russian since October 2018 as I’m visiting St Petersburg in July. I love your videos they’re really helping me to get a better understanding of the language and the content is always interesting. This is the first language I’ve learned since leaving school 40 years ago and I’m practising every day. I like the English translations at the bottom, they help me to connect the words I don’t know with the ones I do.

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