RT Podcast: Ep. 493 – Burnie Brings The Spoilers

100 thoughts on “RT Podcast: Ep. 493 – Burnie Brings The Spoilers

  1. I’m genuinely curious, almost four weeks after release, for people who are passionate about Marvel but haven’t seen Infinity War yet, what are the reasons you haven’t?

  2. First time back to a restaurant after a 2 week trek at a place called Philmont did the same thing as Miles. When you drink out of a nalgene long enough you lose straw capabilities.

  3. Have to disagree with Burnie on that.
    Mysterio is one of the dumbest COMIC villains… because his whole schtick is he's a MOVIE effects artist. Put him in a movie, and you can basically just tell the effects team "what's the craziest thing you've ever wanted to do, we'll write the movie around that"

  4. im happy he bleeped is since it was so nonchalant i wouldve heard it in the background – have it in my brain but only realise what he said in an hour and end up punchign poeple in public.

  5. Starbucks was ALREADY doing that "come in and sit, don't HAVE to order/keep ordering" except it was more an unofficial rule lol.

  6. Can't always hide behind the shield of it being a joke. A prank gone deadly can not be a get of jail card for the type of activity. This calling something PC or snowflake is just a retort/tactic taken to often by bullies wanting to remain bullies

  7. Now I just want to see Squirrel Girl and Moon Knight and whatever other whacko Superheroes we can pull out of the bottom of the barrel Get a movie where they all make a kinda of bootleg X-Force. Please comment on who else you think would be great in this group, it’ll be funny to read through them, but of course Squirrel Girl and Moon Knight are at the top of my list.

  8. I think that what Bernie doesn't get about Watchmen is that it really redefined the quality of a lot of comics, so by today's standards it might not seem as great, because lots of comics reach for that level, but it was revolutionary when it first came out

  9. I know this has nothing to do with the podcast but i was in party city and was looking at theme party supplies and thought there should be Red Vs Blue, or RWBY

  10. Took my headphones off to watch them talk about spoilers… I've never been so interested in what someone was saying watching Miles…

  11. I always love it when Gus closes the podcast and the control room fades out while Burnie is still talking. It's just funny to me the amount of times I've seen that

  12. I don't care about spoilers. I want to RT podcast to talk about spoilers. If the don't, they never will. They forget to talk about it at all in any of the following podcasts.

  13. when i saw the first micheal bay ninja turtle movie and there was the part where raph slo mo tackles a humvee some guy infront of me was like "HOLY SHIIIET" lmaoo

  14. Like 50 some minutes in I realised they must have never worked in customer service. All three places I've worked people have been worse that that. Ranging from a woman screaming in the little ceasers and threatening everyone, to people doing meth or crack in our bathroom at dollar general.

  15. My dad and I went to watch Alien Covenant in IMAX, but then "Brandy (Youre A Fine Girl)" started playing and we realized that Alien was being screened in the theater next door. I have no clue how my dad ended up getting tickets for gaurdians 2 but it was funny because there was a trailer for alien during the previews and me and my dad were like "That's so weird why are they showing a trailer for what were seeing" to people next to us.. They mustve thought we were nuts lol

  16. At 18:45 Burnie is talking about joe fixit. He appeared in incredible hulk comic 347 but he isn’t as strong as the hulk but he is way smarter, and all he wants is to be surrounded by hot women and wealth.

  17. I cant get enough of this crew. Every time Miles and Kerry dynamic meets Bernie and Gus dynamic its so amazing

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