RT Podcast: Ep. 478 – Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders

100 thoughts on “RT Podcast: Ep. 478 – Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders

  1. I really like Tyler’s process for going on dates but damn it when he said the super bowl was boring it broke my heart. That game was crazy till the very last second.

  2. As a pitbull owner, I'm honestly disappointed in Tyler's story. A dog is a dog no two are the same. My pit is loving, energetic and playful

  3. yeah i agree with that statement i never did care for laugh tracks. i watched big bang theory with out the laughing, forever changed my perspective on shows like i grew up watching Seinfeld

  4. Man I was really disappointed when Tyler was the host because that means the podcast is going to get cancelled soon.

  5. I feel so bad for Blaine. Like yeah, the sad-at-the-bar thing is a pretty skeezy move, but he's clearly embarrassed by it and it keeps coming up.

  6. I'm going to cut Tyler giving dating advice out of this and show it to my kids when they are older. I wish I had Tyler as a mentor when I was young.

  7. More Tyler and Blaine on podcasts… doesn't matter who else… Tyler himself is hilarious but the mindfuck of him AND Blaine is just almost too much. ALMOST.

  8. I have that same ghost thing like Blaine describes at my childhood home but its a bald guy in striped pajamas. You are aware of it but it isn't alarming.

  9. Nice tactics RT putting Lando & Han in the thumbnail instead of anyone on the podcast so people will still click on the video.

  10. Don't get me wrong I wish it was the normal crew but I thought this was a really good podcast and I think it was a good combo of people altogether… They're the same age for the most part so they can relate to each other… Found out each other is to words! Lol, like this comment if you get the reference!

  11. All sports fans suck but it really sucks when an entire city is being generalized. I should be used to this being from Philly but I guess Rooster Teeth surprised me.

  12. why did the podcast start with an ad? usually they tell us what all the sponsors are, then start the podcast, then have have the actual ad somewhere in the middle

  13. To be honest, i was unsure about the OG cast not being around but i think this was a pretty solid podcast! Had a couple of laughs and i liked it. Nice job Guys!

  14. Blaine, if you did a Dash Randor fan film,. I would be there in a heartbeat to help you out. I have worked on films, commerical, and shorts for little over 5 years now and a fan of Star Wars since I was 5 years old. I think a fan film would be fine to make, as long as it is recognized by Lucasfilms and becomes canon. That way you have officially made a Star Wars movie with nobody able to dispute that. Anywhere in the world dude, I am there.

  15. "Somebody who was very gungho for the other person. Or the person who might be our President right now.". Ahhh. I see. Tyler doesn't enjoy a good victory story… I also greatly dislike the fact he plays up the angle of a murderous male when discussing a girl asking you to their place to pick them up, when in fact the woman could be setting you up for an ambush, to steal from you even kill you. Women can be predators too Tyler.

  16. Why did fans hurt Tyler so much, thinking he has to apologise for a new podcast cast? New casts are nice, a good way to both give the regular crew a break and for us to get new views, and stories. this was a good and enjoyable episode!

  17. This is my second RT podcast. The dude in the middle with red hair and glasses is such a huge douche he makes everyone else on the panel seem like a douche.

  18. sometimes i see these rt podcast in my recommendations and every time i see the video has a lot of dislikes, i click on the video to see if chris is on the team that week, and sure enough. lmao.

  19. Am I one of the few people who like nearly everybody on the podcasts? I think I skipped the 2 people ones but that's about it. Also the Jessica Nigri one with lemons was kind of boring. She's hot, but I just listen to them when doing work and I just couldn't get into it.

  20. It's called the city of brotherly love. We love people from Philly. Everybody else it's just a toss up if when you're in Philly you get mugged or not

  21. Tyler knows Alexa doesn't actually know all that stuff right? It's literally just a search engine designed to take voice command.

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  23. I like Tyler, he's got a good character and personality. That said, the hate he has for Philly is absurd. Don't understand the hate. Especially after all the good they do

  24. I love how Tyler hates on Philly fans, if he was in the city after the NFC championship game or the super bowl he would realize that was the happiest place on the planet

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