RT Podcast: Ep. 465 – Trailers Spoil Every Movie

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  1. Lol! "A liter of salt water". Go to the hospital for dehydration Gus and guess what they put in your veins MOST of the time? Salt water. 0.9% normal saline.

  2. You treat burns with lukewarm water, it delays burn progression and increases skin survival. Expecially if it is a serious burn, cold water could send a person into shock and favor burn progression.

  3. I generally like the podcast but hate whenever something about science/nature/health/math comes up because damn these boys get the most basic stuff wrong. Saltwater (sea water) is way saltier than your blood Gus!

  4. I still think it’s funny for that pin pack they’ve talked about the funhaus logo looking like a swastika but then they make the pin look like the black sun which as I understand it is a German pagan symbol

  5. my friends brother was going to a college in vegas at the time of the shooting. He often rode his bike to/from school late at night and rode his bike right past the concert as the shooting was happening, and he switched colleges after that because it was really traumatizing for him to watch

  6. As a person who has beaten Cuphead and enjoyed it. I have to heavily disagree with Burnie there. I know the game is not a great cup of tea for some people because of the difficulty but it is a game you progress and learn just like any trial and error game (I'm sure you can think of any particular series). But I will say this, to say it's impossible is bullshit to me.  Playing 2 seconds and putting it down is not a great excuse to me, I say getting past the tutorial and beating the Root Pack boss fight would be enough for me to say you tried to get into it. But that's just me.

  7. 33:12 She didn't die solely from drinking too much water; it was because she didn't piss and kept drinking so it shocked her system.

  8. I'm wondered if you are going to get a Psycho Bunny shirt, why a black polo. That is something I can disagree with someone liking something. Not Cuphead.

  9. Omg i just wanna lecture you guys on fluid balance and hemodynamics! Ahhhh. Burnies the most right. You need a balance of water and several electrolytes like sodium potassium calcium etc. And if you dont have them (or you have way too much) you can die

  10. The explanation I heard for the bump in sales for those weapon attachments was that people thought they were going to be banned or become hard to acquire legally so it was a "get it before there gone," situation. I don't no much about the stats though.

  11. When Gavin was complaining about the end of Breath of the Wild I couldn't help but think of Ocarina of Time. It does exactly the same thing, and it was actually one of my favourite things about the game because you can have endless electric tennis matches with Ganon after.

  12. Two girls fighting and they drink more wine and bond and stuff and realize they hate all men (at the company) LOOOOL so one of them was probably Barb XD

  13. When Nat appeared on screen, my jaw dropped. How many gorgeous women do they have working in the offices? Barbara, Ellie (who looks like a younger version of Ashley), Becca and now Nat.

  14. "Guy just randomly shoots 4 people while he's driving"
    You're basically describing a cop, but that doesn't make the headlines.

  15. I'm triggered. Burnie, Marvel makes more successful movies sure, but you're out of your mind saying Marvel is better than DC. Two completely different arguments! For instance the actual comics DC is producing right now are amazing!

  16. the salt can increases concentration outside the cells which meas that less water moves out of your cell via osmosis

  17. Name one good movie that was spoiled by its trailer. Any director who is incompetent enough to spoil a movie in a trailer is incapable of making a decent movie anyway.

  18. I live in Vegas and there is tons to do??? Git go hiking, camping, rock climbing, go to any of the malls. It’s very much like any other city with the added bonus of the hotels and stuff the giant convention center the car shows you can go to every other month or so. I don’t think that girl gets out enough

  19. 6:30 "Wow what a great feature" You wanted a heat map though? The heat would be shops and the deku tree and thats it. That'd be dumb as hell

  20. I'm extremely sorry, but I have to vehemently disagree with you Eric. I saw Iron Man 2 in the theaters four times, so I'm afraid you've just dropped a couple of notches in my respect book

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