RT Podcast: Ep. 366 – The Intern Incident

RT Podcast: Ep. 366 – The Intern Incident

music* *Roosterteeth Podcast Intro Music* [Gus Sorola] Hello everyone *nervous laugh* [Gavin Free] Where’s the intro? [Blaine Gibson] Where’d it go? [Gus] Welcome to the Rooster Teeth Podcast [Gus] this week brought to by Casper, Trunk Club and Warby Parker, not brought to you by the Podcast intro. [Barbara] *nervous laugh* Get fucked [Gus] This week we got- [Gavin Free] I didn’t even have time to take my penis out and put it away again. [Gus] We got Gus, [Gavin] *relaxed, chill as heck* Gavin [Barbara Dunkleman] Barbara [Blaine Gibson] *rushed* Blaine [Gus] and Gus [Gus] So, uhm, Burnie was supposed to be with us but he was on a flight that got delayed so we, we got Blaine, so we upgraded. [Barbara Dunkleman] So how does it feel to be replacing Burnie? [Blaine] You got the B-Team, [Gus] We got [Gavin] Where’s he flying from? [Gus] Dallas [Gavin] Coulda’ driven [Gus] *questioning* Could of driven. I don’t, I dunno man [Blaine] How long, Hey Gavin, how long is the drive from Dallas? [Gavin] (tongue click) *unsure* When I went with gus, it was like 3 and a bit hours? [Blaine] *checking* Yeah? [Gus] We drove together? [Gavin] To Dallas? Yeah we did. [Gus] For what? When? [Gavin] How do you not remember, Gus? [Gus] *confused* wheh!? [Barbara] *sad* awh, [Gus] We drove? [Gavin] We went to the checkstop [Blaine] *victorious* OOO [Gus] I go to check stop every time, was it for like a convention? Yes. I huh don’t remember. Zero, zero memory of this [Blaine] That’s good, [Barbara] Thats real good [Gus] Was it for like a uh, c, uh, convention? [Gavin] *in quiet victory* Yes, [Gus] Okay [Gus] I don’t remember, I’ve zero memory of this [Gavin] It’s where you wrote in soap on the mirror, when you, when I left. [Gavin] bah ahah, what happened to your memory. Are you its was Gus and not Geoff? It was Gus. Or someone else? [Barbara] Are you sure it was Gus and not Geoff? [Gavin] It was Gus [Barbara] Or someone else? [Gus] What could of possibly happened to my memory I thought he stopped drinking? Yeah that’s over now Gotta say it was Acorn in Dallas, in 2006 Akon as in the musician? good one no that was a concert for Akon nah it was a convention I cant open this, I was going to drink this here here Gus I’ll do it have Blaine do it it’s a sign you going to do it? do you want to try? well look at that, gimme that now i can get drunk its way less cool that was really easy I stole this from Bethany, she had, someone gave her this bottle of liquor and it looked interesting to me you stole her liquor? yeah we we’re shooting a million dollars but out here and we had to stop filming because we heard champagne bottles popping in the other room it was fucking Bethany yep cuz were. popping champagne? your popping champagne, and it was like I shit you not 10.am in the morning fair play. what the hell. fair play to Bethany I think it was uhh RTX tickets going on sale that day so they had something to celebrate yeah very nice i uploaded a video today, we can celebrate that hey lets pop this bottle of, what is is called? Chur lan Liquor? I have no idea its made from in the town that my family’s from in New Mexico that is a tomorrow ruiner it’s a sign i need to drink it what’s what’s it called muh moo moose-cow mus cow muscow mule mosscow mule Patrick and I were talking about Moscow before the show miss cow? muscow you talking about Moscow? or something else Yeah what the fuck are you talking about? you talking about the place in Russia? or not no no no the alcoholic stuff to uh the death of the liver should i put some mocha chino? oh wow this wow beghehe wohoho it does not smell good it smells like you gobbed on your own face how is it? it’s not bad its uh kinda peppery its um, its like a tamarind oh man i gotta try im going to take my jacket off why does it, its hot?! its really good why is it hot? its kinda like fireball but its got a different kind of spice yeah its like a smoky like a ancho chili it’s going to warm me up oh yeah. I hate fireball. it’s like liquid chili I don’t think i could uh but yeah that’s rough it leaves your throat. Bleghhh. kinda sore how much would you give me if i shot it? well they gave the guy $5 before the show to eat a dog biscuit, so I’ll give you a buck if you drink that how much to eat a dog biscuit? so people don’t know this if your a sponsor you can watch this live as we tape it and before we actually go live with the podcast for 15 minutes before the podcast starts you get a control room camera and today the control room gave the intern $5 to eat a dog biscuit can we get them on camera? could we could we get a wave from them? i don’t know if we can cut back to that camera once the show starts you know we can do is. Oh I’m sure we can. we can talk out how we were really hungry before the show yeah that uh the perfect segway yeah, take it away. there he is! oh there he is yeah there he is so were were all waiting. Ashame. there he is that guy. $5 dollars have some respect for your self before the podcast starts we typically get food in for the cast and the crew that way people don’t have to leave to eat since we work so late and um this week normally I see him shaking his head and hes like no don’t do this hahaha in the past we used to, we used to always get to eat e-side pie but there’s been a revolt in the control room and they dont like e-side pies anymore yeah but I like em it’s like diabetes I do too so they went and they got In-n-Out and were were sitting here waiting talking on the couch it was like half an hour after it usually goes up and I like interrupted a meeting to come over here and we just waited, waiting with Tim the whole time you cant’t tell but back in that direction is where the bay doors are Brian rounded the corner every person before that we were like watching and so all of us were eyes on Brian he he turned every time the door would slam we’d be like ooh is it it? and the door slammed and it took forever for the person to get to a visible thing

100 thoughts on “RT Podcast: Ep. 366 – The Intern Incident

  1. OMG my grandpa when at a restaurant will put on a pair of glasses then another pair of glasses then pulls out his phone and go to camera then zooms all the way in then looks at the menu. its so ridiculous that we just got him a magnifying glass and he also uses that to order.

  2. one day i would love to intern at rooster teeth just because it seems like a lot of fun. well its work but its fun work. That's it next year i will apply to be an intern. although i may not get hired just because i would rather play games and hangout with friends and that im a bit shy in front of new people.

  3. @23:55 Or Gavin could always leave a radio on in his room and turn the volume down so it's very low and he can just barely pick it up when he's falling asleep. I do that since I need noise to fall asleep, and it works well.

  4. ok i cant get this of my mind, what is going on with that picture right besides the red vs blue picture? :p

  5. I don't mind Blaine. However, I do feel like he constantly screws himself over with the storys he tells. Then he always complains about his public image afterwards

  6. Fabio! Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I work there and some people don't ride it because of that incident.

  7. Two summers ago the intern tripped and gave me a concussion on his very first day. I was out for two and a half days, and when I got back it was fairly amusing just how ridiculous his apologies got.

  8. 1:45:00 i am homeless and i completly understand u guys as i am uncomfortable with the crazy homeless myself.

  9. what is the music when it shows the credits? I'm almost addicted to listening to it. help please

  10. Imagine you become a tree after death then in another life or something you go back to the tree duh duh duhhhh

  11. You guys started on making red vs blue, and you guys didn't understand about what Gavin was talking about with 4 wheel steering, look at the warthog in halo.

  12. I feel like people would still have to have licenses to have self driving cars because what if something goes wrong? You have to drive it yourself. So I don't know but yeah…

  13. on Gus's story about the China elevator story, I've seen so much stuff in the news in China of elevators and escalators accidents like malfunctioning with em so if ur ever in China just use the stairs. And in other countries like I have family in the Dominican where it's not uncommon for the power to go out in buildings like apartments and people being stuck in the elevators but from what I heard so far they were able to get out. But never try and go out of a elevator when it's halfway between floors and the doors are open cause when it's not lined up with the floor it doesn't have that um function to open back up if there's something blocking the doors

  14. Roosterteeth should do a 9/11 podcast this year and say where they were, what they were doing and how it impacted them and then get into the conspiracies

  15. They have rear wheel steering where the wheels move with front wheels so changing lanes is a lot easier. But theres no rotating axel plus the differential would have to be revolving not static

  16. its funny they are talking about sleeping and having a tv in your room and just sleeping while hearing voices at the same time I'm listening to this to go to bed

  17. i have bad claustrophobia and when the story is told about the women getting stuck in a vent i had a panic

  18. I mean monster trucks have had the 4 wheel turning and 4 wheel drive for a long time so I'm surprised they haven't made that a standard on certain vehicles sooner

  19. Being 2017 I have Cortana on my laptop and this has the intern in the title. she wants to know if I want to watch the movie.

  20. I'm going back and listening to this. The girls who died and was in the water tank was Elise Lamb she died at the Cecile hotel, but the Black Daliah was staying at the Figsomething hotel and is seen there sometimes.

  21. 1:16:00 Blaine started talking about the Sims and I got excited and then he said how because of what he thought he never plaid the Sims again….. I watching this while playing the Sims…..

  22. Okay, i may be a bit late, but i am going to college to be an engineer. My Physics teacher, when he taught us about magnets. told me a story that haunts me to this day. He said that i friend of his worked at, i think a super collider. One day it needed maintenance. So the took it apart, but it had two giant magnets. He takes one and puts it on the table, he takes the other and sets it down, and the first one flies the the second and destroyed basically all his fingers. Silver lining, he and his wife got close due to it, because she had to take care of him.

  23. Years late but there are cars with rear steering… Nissan in early 90s had the hicas system which enabled rear wheels to turn 15 degrees or so. Wasn’t safe in high speed scenarios, drivers tend to over correct in a spin situation and lose control completely.

  24. Talking about a girls virginity and how she does the "starfish"
    Gavin: – Starfishes eat through their anuses

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