RT Podcast: Ep. 348 – The Appetizer Argument

RT Podcast: Ep. 348 – The Appetizer Argument

I don’t even like Red Lobster, and I’ll go there just for the cheddar biscuits, and if I’m gonna go there, you’re gonna go there cuz they’re amazing. Are you gonna to go to Olive Garden just for the fucking breadsticks? Never! Never! YOU WILL NEVER GO TO OLIVE GARDEN JUST FOR THE BREADSTICKS! AH- YOUR ASS’LL BE AT RED LOBSTER EVERY WEEK TO SHOVE THAT CHEDDAR DOWN YOUR HOLE, AND YOU KNOW IT, YOU FAT FUCK!

18 thoughts on “RT Podcast: Ep. 348 – The Appetizer Argument

  1. Still my all time favorite RT podcast episode. Good lord, still making me laugh my ass off in 2018. Love these dorks. xD

    Also, Miles laugh is everything. <3

  2. If u animate the rwby u will have ruby and also have jaune arguing at sun and Neptune about cheddar biscuits and breadsticks lol

  3. Believe it or not I was paying too much attention 2 the podcast while making some burgers and my hotel room and I didn't notice how Smokey was getting and the fire alarm went off.. thank you RoosterTeeth for almost burning down my hotel room

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