RT Podcast: Ep. 309

RT Podcast: Ep. 309

Gus: Hello everyone welcome to the special edition of the Rooster Teeth podcast Gus: uhh Gus: This week we are joined by Gus: Mr. Burnie Burns Burnie:Hello Gus: Matt Hullum, CEO Gus: Gray Haddock Gus: Supervisor and producer Gus: And Gus Sorola as usual and I mean I don’t know there’s
some of you I’m sure that are watching the podcast who might not read the
website or might not follow us in various forms of social media but for
those of you who weren’t aware already last Thursday our dear friend Monty Oum
had a simple medical procedure and afterwards he had an extremely allergic
reaction he lost consciousness and over the
course of the last week he’s been hospitalized he did not regain
consciousness and we’re very sorry to say that money passed away yesterday
sunday 15 februari first at about four thirty four in the afternoon and so last
week we missed the podcast we did not have a live edition of it we showed the
packs panel because we were dealing with this crisis at that time but we weren’t
yet comfortable enough to really talk about it publicly because money lost
consciousness he didn’t really have a chance to tell us what his wishes would
be so we want to respect his privacy as much as we could that being said if we missed two
podcasts in a row on money behalf I don’t think money would have liked that
very much okay i don’t i don’t think you would
have no i don’t despite the fact he you know was it didn’t feature regularly on
the podcast he was here most mondays mooching pizza
or watching off on the sides over here aura or he would he would be in his
office and as he always did he always was watching something and making something of the same time
that was kind of his MO and you have Russia podcast on and then he would stop
to make sure to tweet at me that we already talked about this part of the
family in a way that I’m strong but he also had suggested we were looking for
something to talk about Monty also that suggested all the time of like you to
talk about this or do that as well and sometimes listening very loudly in that
little room right there i was always concerned that was going to be a
feedback loop only imitating from Monty’s corner you know the broadcast Jack wrote a
journal talking about some of his memories of monte today and you posted
on the website and he told a story I’d forgotten about which was when we were
out shooting the first immersion which was the video game car that uh you know
where between takes and we’re between setups and we were all standing around
we would like you here heavy metal music quick where’s that
coming from and it was the first time I experienced
Monty and power down mode he was just off to the side with his
headphones in full blast that he was Oh totally asleep looking up really are you okay are you okay do you want to
do want to turn that down a bit and just woke up reserves it was loud enough that outside with the
wind blowing like 20 miles per hour you know that this big wide open space
and everybody’s running around yelling that it sounded like you know the music
playing out of the boombox think it was directly in his ears and he was he was
just sleeping was amazing just out yeah he was hilarious keeping water for him to keep up the
tradition of the animation Department of just blasting that sound system from
time to time just to kind of keep it going guys yeah should be rite of initiation like a
during that during an all-nighter look at that person on the team has to
wear that has to wear the headphones and that’s it they’re in and animate a great
thing was where we filmed immersion we didn’t realize it at the time but it
was a block away from where we are now when we came out of the old airport
because it was the only tarmac where we thought we could run this truck privately without the cops stopping us
you know whether blowup dolls and Monty and Frank just as user he they beat the shit out of me i was going
to say he beat the shit out of you did not hear what you did not pull punches
he got me good i would have had a bad bruise on my side from where he kicked
me for four let go for like a week and a half I was a very physical shoot ever
jack also got like a horrific sunburn surprised you remember anything else Jack from that experience but also we
have been working with Monty we work for money for a while I guess at
that point but not doing much stuff out of the office and we made that short so
here’s guess so add the first PAX East was when we
showed the pilot episode of immersion it was also the further maybe you’d monies
work that’s right so money had been working
for us was total secret for six months yeah so we’ve been working with him but
we haven’t done that much outside the office and you never know if somebody
when you go out on the onset or in the field what their personalities gonna be like
how it’s gonna be different than you know in the office and it turns out he’s
just as crazy have set the officers you were in you and really enjoyed beat you
guys yeah he that was a feeling like about
this stuff on this you know how unfamiliar be worth money at the time I
said I felt nervous by asking to play like essentially an asian character in a
sketch so I asked him that of course is completely fine with it and then I asked
him if you have like a crazy suit that you could wear something like really
high fat that happen ever did I didn’t know that . done this
before i do every response was how many do you need you been to show you my collection of
that crap but i have but yet and it’s a it was crazy to think like a you know
Monty being a guy who he was so meticulous about the way he presented
everything so meticulous about the work that he did the way he presented himself
at conventions that all the time you know what he just did be dressed to the
nines and never dressed the same way twice that I can recall it was amazing
to me that somebody knowing him now in hindsight that he could go six months
with like zero limelight working so hard and just knowing that this moment was
coming you know you know I was thinking about that uh today asking about the
time we premiered his work there at a pax east of the first PAX East yeah and
I I never thought about it till today like that’s the building where we met
him for the first time I met him at Anime Boston in 2007 right the week that he had released hey Lloyd
and I remember we saw it and we shared it almost the office like crazy I think independently all of us emailed
him immediately yeah and you need to come work for us
and it’s like it’s one of the few fanboy moments I’ve ever had a convention was
he emailed me back and I was like I’m gonna get to meet Monty yeah like I was so I was so excited
about it and he came by the booth and you know we went off and got like coffee
there in the convention center we talked for like and power about you know his
process and how we did things uh so it’s really cool you know three
years later he you know he didn’t come with first unit that you wouldn’t work
for the computer game industry but he eventually came back and was cool three years later to have the big
unveiling can be there with him you know when we showed off the Warthog breaking
through the wall well that was funny too because
everybody did email him the mean was like your bad ass
you got to come work for us but then there was conversation that we had we
were like yeah so you know we should do stuff together and he was like okay cool and then that was it and took the job of
the video game would work for me lately and the guider he said to us oh you guys are trying to hire me at
that you’re just like messing around so what do you think you’re calling me how
do you want to plan for support oh cool ok well let’s work together now
so it was all it was years later he went to work for Midway and then moved out to
the west coast after change jobs in the video game industry and that’s when I
caught up with him again is kale anonymous who used to run a sexy and his
head cetera at machinima he had a panel and he invited me to be on it was like
man I’ve been a panel at comic-con is it what’s that all about and I look at the
list of people on there was Monty Oum and I said oh absolutely i’m gonna be
there i’d love to talk to him and see what he’s up to and i think it was like
three years after we tried to hire the first year that we went there because it
would have been you know the beauty office guys and then all the way to
Congress like halfway through our state Congress and yeah one of the panel together and
you know Monte’s just is very sure of himself but
he doesn’t talk a lot in those names he doesn’t he doesn’t do that kind of thing
and that was that doesn’t mean that’s how I knew him for the first large chunk
of time I guess by this point you guys were 26 36 and this was our v b9 so he’d
been with you guys for what little over a year at that point already be nice and
so he’s first day was the last day of season seven yeah that he secretly worked on a shot
and season seven rivers blue the laser face shot right down it was like a
spartan laser like kind of fake it and money is like I could be better I
remember getting that shot up in order to try to play it correctly and make it
look right you cover the television and post it
notes do you remember that because i don’t want it back up again yeah you only work trying to expose the
parts of the shot that we’re supposed to line up and everything was covered with
your post-it notes yeah and I think that’s what you walked in he saw that he
was like no disgusted at your process fat week yes we have to like match shots in India
mode naila we would have to do that crazy no we’re not just doing a you know
so I i Madame early in an RV benign and I was just doing VFX at the time and a a
bunch of us were in the upstairs part of the office and I think you know Monty
more or less had the downstairs like the entire back soundstage green screen area
was his domain and you know by his RV work nine Grand up with one or two more
folks were occupying that space but good it was just kind of crazy go downstairs
and beware you know all this stuff is spread out you could see all the
chemicals in the props in the costumes cool yeah and man and all the nerve
stuff i mean i think you know he’s probably the originator of half of all
the nerve weaponry that’s ever been around here but probably yeah just walking down stairs because of
this animation we get to go over to post and it was just crazy stuff and I knew
that the guy who works on hey Lloyd was was down there somewhere went downstairs and I just want to say
hello and i think he eat I distinctly remember that the first
words I got out of Mara look at that profile is like the two or
three times and eventually you know you get the rhythm of conversation and go
and then you realize that you can get about the same stuff and just takes off
down absolutely but yeah I think he was still
kind of getting used to the fact that the company was still growing a new
faces were starting to show up and he didn’t have the whole you know 2,000
square foot things is his stage called himself the more you know he was never
he was never like a huge you can order like a huge talker like
your panels he’d be very quiet on the podcast you know if he was definitely
somebody who was so dedicated to his work that that’s what how he wanted to
impress people is that way at the same time you know I think everyone here can
tell the story of like being here for whatever reason to like midnight or 10am
are 10pm one night just for whatever reason they were here and then they get
in there to our conversation with money amounting to something more that was
like matrix movies or you know my name of the game grumps you know it just Everything Everything
anything Monty was constantly consuming lots of different stuff was was a huge
fan of so many different things but i also think about just losing sense of
time while talking to him was always the the neatest little trick you know no
matter what you’re going to deep dive over here to geek out about them then
you would blink and realize that three hours have gone by and get back to the
shot or whatever yeah i thought that was really cool
about him is that he did like basically everything in the world you know every kind of content and he
wasn’t cynical about anything I never liked remember a time where he you know
made fun of somebody else’s work or said something else wasn’t cool enough food or whatever you just
like we could always find something really interesting and compelling about
everything i want to talk about everything will eat you know like I mean
anything from you know big-budget Hollywood movies too little independent
movies too anime stuff to anything you find on the
web at me like you say love game grumps you love gaming videos and just pretty
much anything under the Sun and he would always find something that was unique
that you hadn’t thought about it as well well I thought it was a I he always said
that he felt like that was a big part of our culture now is watching things and
then you know using those things it’s like you basically take your
experience in the world and turnaround is a few acts as a filter and then like
create something new and exciting you know based on the total aggregate
experience of everything you’ve seen and done and that that was fascinating to me
when you first came to work for us was just just to see him work and all the
time have something in a secondary monitor that he was watching at the same
time are observing I remember when years at yourself after
he’d been here for a few years and have a target on blu-ray yeah he watched
avatar on half speed like on a loop yep non-stop he had a
special player that would play the whole movie and half speed and no sound yeah with no sound he just wanted to see
the way that everybody move the actors moved and you know the computer
generated characters moved and just to try to study you know the motion which seems like
most people wouldn’t even think to look at that if i go it looks good so you
ignore it but no you look so good you want to really drill down and and
understand it he never stopped being a student as good as he got at everything else that he would never
stop learning and that was something odd I always found inspiring and I know that
everyone in the innovation Department felt the same way and you know there was
there is nothing that didn’t have any value there was it everything no matter
where there was a hollywood a-list title or something someone produced on their
owners through online or whatever is that there was always something that you
learn in terms of why torture sometimes why it did it he was constantly studying you know I got to get a chance to talk
to you and Matt I think you did you get a chance to talk with monies older
sister during this last week when she was in town to see him and to hear about
experiences when he was younger that he would just you know want something not
figure out how to get it or they couldn’t afford it and he would just
build it find a way to build it himself yeah and
I thought it was really special to me that she got a chance to come here and
look at his work space you know see how like all these little
contraptions and things that he’s like built you know that had me go in his
office it’s like all these trinkets are like disassemble and reassemble back
into something else more like not even you know even think
it’s like from different objects you know he would take apart multiple
objects and then we combine them and we contextualize them into into new ways
some a couple stories that a I heard in the last week which explains so much apparently in the household growing up
you couldn’t leave them unattended with electronics because you would leave the
room and come back in whatever it was was decided against going to figure out
that work there’s another one which apparently he
had a tendency to run around on clothes quite a bit as a kid which now i get on what he was running
around all the time here wearing nothing but the mo caps you day in and day out
that was checkin out da mode there was a period when he first got
that mocap suit he was so excited about us having no cap in the office that I
don’t think he took the suit off for like five or six days straight I know what was the jack it was like I mean yeah it was that the
suit had its own baked in Monte essence what I didn’t know that week that was
gonna go to the coffee shop in restaurants just down the block with the balls on it
is like he I mean he lived in that suit we see on the monitor just like this
like 3d model eating a sandwich get back on the block every day with
your mother’s work at least that’s why the one of the harder moments that I’ve
had in this past week was like a making here in his a his mocap suit was hanging
on a hook I’m not the back of his door and that
was that was a tough that was tough moment for me to see that because I’m
not used to seeing that thing you know if you know well then you know you reaching this
sister talking about her story is it him as a kid and you know i was talking
about him just being desperate to get you know Lego blocks like not it’s not a set of
you know like Star Wars prepackaged Legos or whatever like you know we buy
kids today but it’s just you know he is one anything you create with he was like
desperate to create all the time and he’s still you know he was that way
throughout his life he was just like desperately creating he just like had so
much that he wanted to get out and it’s like however much time you spent on it
wasn’t enough that’s why he would work you would stay up for 30 hours not because anybody that people told him
don’t hear that craft many times but he just like he could not help himself he
gets so excited about the process and just so invigorating like he would be in
like the 24-hour you get a second wind is like this is great I got to keep the best thing I’ve ever
done it so excited you know you talk about how he is a sleep cycle was
different and the men in black some cycles I remember once at a Robin
80 we were down there and it was before the the studio was fully fleshed-out is
still common is our last student writers that that was the place where yeah we were like three years to last
year’s I need to have a meeting we were doing planning for our checks 2012 i
think and the meeting room the competition was
taken and I said well let’s just go meet out in the warehouse space something i
don’t think anybody there i peek in there was no one there so I sat down at
the table have a meeting yeah and we’re like halfway through the
meeting and I adjust my feet and I feel something under the table click the title is that not even the
money was curled up taking a map i guess even if it is off cycle from a 30-hour
shift if he had just like decided to you know take a nap there right by his
computer and I was like we’ve been having this meeting like 15 minutes out ok but we got we got to go somewhere
else normal you set up right heel mark on this keyboard you just you know
passed out right at his workstation yeah they also it was one of the
frustrating things that work with the two is that he was always creating stuff
it so we be coming up a major deadline for animation supposed to be like 30
weeks in a row we were working on something as educators deadline two
weeks it’s like money what do you what are you doing is like I’m making I’m
I’ve been spending the last week of my time making these mechanized mechanized
robotic angel wings and you like to look at attached to a server and I can make
them flex on their own for a cosplay as like is that cool can you don’t do that to
yourself it is built that he thought it’d be cool
to have a bear Robot angel wings I’m going to do that and he built himself I don’t know the time that that he
wasn’t working on three things at once you can get constantly heat of
production we could be crunching on on anything and there’s the show in front
of them there’s the next thing he’s designing
the side it could be you know I just for a video game or what have you and then
he’s always thinking one year out in terms of like the next time you want to
do you know you talk about how he’s always building things and you take
things apart putting together you know that emoji with the hearts for eyes I think that was his face when he saw
the 3d printer yeah yeah oh I said that you insisted that the 3d
printer showed up here and immediately went to Monte that’s not gonna happen one man to see department for all of the
maker right now yeah i don’t know how many times he had them on the fun we’re
using a new part because he just drove in the ground or just finding new ways
to you know try to improve it well if you guys are actually did this gear this
way when have been breaking so much little blood and gave him so much
feedback was just crazy you can never think that thing was
constantly in production printing making stuff and yeah but yeah it was a you
know it is definitely a big part of monies life was dealing with the
limitations of things i always feel like mom she was constantly coming about the
limitations but also having an appreciation for those limitations
because he always thought the limitations made him that much more
creative trying to figure out how to get that boundless entertainment that he
wanted to create within the limitations that were just horsing bug when he was
making entertainment essentially yeah yeah I mean we we saw him and we’ve
talked about his way to come around limitations you know with creative solutions like
you know ripping keys on a keyboard so that he won’t happen next to the
researchers have him yeah i think you know we he came down and we bought him a really
expensive really nice laptop let’s call it is we want him a nice computer that
anybody else in the company had time we were reasonable deal were so Schuster I the company had not bought me your
computer yet i want to buy my computer and bringing my own computer to work
that and we bought him the super nice laptop I was so jealous and literally
one day later like half the keys are ripped off and first it was a screw driver managed and
into the caps lock key and pop it on and then they have one you can pop it on you
do he’s like well if I hit that then you
know it messes up the way I work in the program so i just wanna make sure I
never hit it was like that makes perfect sense but it’s so hard to look at it as
keyboard in there and now it’s completely positive i did not know I
said I’d escaped my attention my desk and I made when we were robbing
a doe i lost like an office and then I was a kind of free-floating for a while money ended up with my desk imagine a
worse to the hydroxyl plywood one yeah yeah he’s lowers and of course he’s
building something on it and completely burned part with it but it’s really deep
gouges it now money ruined a lot of that because
actually I was looking at pictures to the day is going through old photos and
i came across when I had forgotten about night turn it sure that she knew it was like
the it was a moment where money it off and he said oh thank you scratch that
desk and I need new ones like okay and I came down looked at it in the desk was
like this serrated you just completely destroyed head chemical stains from all
the crazy you know stuff you would use for his epoxy and all that stuff was
just it was not he burned his own fate chemically burned his own face 11 summer
yeah right before , connie like was working with the pox he’s mixed together
and it’s not wiped his face and then had huge burdens on its face looking like
this is not good she shouldn’t be doing that kind of
thing until it’s very silly it was more a little more efficient than using
gloves you know why is it was busier what is it
what is your for what is your absolute favorite like money own efficiency tip
of of them the microwave got to be this guy is
right after you microwave you so for people who don’t know the microwave it’s if you have to put something in the
microwave for a minute instead of hitting 60 you hit 55 right
because it’s one number and it’s pretty much a minute they started first things
first before you put in 100 he likes to just putting 60 and that was
fast because only two digits but it’s 55 it’s the same thing that extra second
that you would take to move your hand hit the different keys was too much
repetitively think it was another layer to where he go 58 did indiana right is it true I could maybe figure out his digits like
I was the best way to the midges way down here but inter but nervous but I
didn’t he was so obsessed with the efficiency stuff like the last time he
was over at the house like I was washing dishes and he was
like i was talking he’s like looking at me and I could tell it wasn’t paying
attention to think i was saying he was just looking at the sink and after me
goes your sink is not very efficient people are gonna sink before efficient it’s just like a bullet into the hole
and that’s there’s not much to it was like I can find a way I’ll make you a better sink I’ll make
you a better things that he said no 3d print us a hill three different the neck
of the money is person responsible for me finally learning like Windows OS
keyboard shortcuts sometimes we were you know there was he
would go a little quieter occasionally you just get this hint of a size we’re
doing editorial reviews and if you dare use the mouse to navigate to get the
file over whatever those are precious seconds you have been doing footage of
my work yeah another computer story I mean he held
onto windows XP forever because he didn’t like the windows seven interface
yeah and then because they did change some of these shortcuts and then you
know finally we just could not buy a new computer with windows XP I’m sorry my
like I can make it look like Windows XP we went through wood like he was
introduced in on ebay and like everyone’s like this is the computer i
want you know because it’s like windows from 20 years ago he just would not yeah he like put on 95 – yeah I would be
calling manufacturers like listen I want the computer you have for sale in your
website I don’t want the OS like can we just get
an old copy of windows XP don’t really know we don’t have the drivers for like
I know you got a guy you’ve got someone is going to do this and eventually got
him off of that on the windows seven there was a weekend we have to go
through and adjust the theme to give it the XP the classic feel because all the
arrow stuff look too much resources and didn’t want
to is this computer wasting time generating all the flourishes when it
could be rendering faster and doing other things there is that of course i mean if you
think is that what about OS did you know for sure he’s that way about this
animation software like a new version whatever it’s like this one you do you
don’t get this other tools like not this is the one that fast at right now it’s
getting what I need did you know it doesn’t want to do we’re
good yeah well people on Twitter saying that we already told the podcast story
before about money in the microwave and improving their just keeping keeping the
dream alive for Monty I’m sorry . you don’t have to you don’t
have to call us on that that’s because people don’t know ok I you know I just there are some of the
cool things about Monty and I just think the way he lived his life where he just
he didn’t care you mean about what anybody anybody else
thought he was just going to do it which is really cool I remember one time we went to a they’re
like really the first like big awards show we’ve ever been to mhm like hollywood awards shows that
producers guild awards and it was yeah it was us and um few people that worked
on ruby in our vb and I guess it was just our video is already 10 right that
we were there for and money was a model he was with us and Bernie and I like
going out and i created really nice tuxes and were like you know you look
spiffy for the red carpet because we don’t walk down the red carpet were like
literally right behind ll cool j we were all excited about it and Monty had gone
and made himself one of his amazing outfits that he makes and looked of
course completely different than anybody else at the red carpet and we go out
there for the walk and you know we start we walk across and all these flash bulbs
and then going off and you know people taking pictures and you’re like the time
you know you’re like a machine gun Santa of of cameras going off all the
celebrities and as soon as Bernie and I walk through all the cameras turn
deafening as i already took time to like do maintenance on the camera yeah . to
the science its setting who these guys are too its just letting best through
like they didn’t take one picture of us maybe like one like I was like okay fine you know and we get to the side and
money walks up looking super cool and just like you know like somebody had
this world you didn’t you know he’s like always it walk that he made a complete
that you know a grand entrance he was always prepared to file a Michael
Jackson or kpop video broke out here anything and all the cameras you’re not
go and they’re just taking pictures of my crazy there’s like that guy’s got to
be somebody and he was somebody american marine water up to Russell Simmons he
had to decide what you want he said so Russell Simmons world famous producer
walked at that yes I think I know him and we can wander
across it hides your muscles go what they look at my guess you’ll nod i
don’t i can take one of the rock star in a meter he was a rock star yeah he was gentle as
a thing I mean so the last couple of our TX is you know for one thing again so i think
we’re gonna have to up our game in terms of our our fashions and sit the
community yeah i mean yeah he he would occasionally like say something you guys
come on you were this the office every day what
do you have your congressman your t-shirts and jeans and whatever and you
know each other some space where we’re gonna get your robotic wings even if and got to get on that what the yeah his influences at the the panels
were something to behold hey back at a party x 2012 we rented a pump it up machine and put
it on the floor so that he could go out and dance on it and like have basically
exhibitions showing people how awesome he wasn’t with this giant banner printed
up on if you remember it set the monty oum experienced anything and yeah and I
i found that the other couple weeks will be a couple months ago going through storage and I thought you
know nobody wants this right now I went over and grab Monty is ok you remember
the module experience banner I found it you want to just absolutely
grabbed it in a ticket back in the back bedroom I don’t know where it is he kept it was
it was an awesome photo it was a it was it was really really cool we have to do something with that yeah yeah we think we over time we’ve hung
some of the like the the store banners the photos of people yeah yeah we kinda like it was the the
master of the dojo we had his up there downstairs a 6-3 6-1 to a long time but
you guys so it sounds like able to stop by his office than the last
week or so you have you been bi yeah but earlier this week yeah you know
and then that my we took his sister Tia on a walk through as well um yeah it’s different you know it’s
different to see it i want money also he also didn’t work from home a lot you
know just because he liked to work you know where he was most comfortable
yeah and we’re going in the car sometimes water is your ops you know
when he was out of town he would do that to vacations were like to our chair
didn’t like what the fuck yeah when I don’t have a vacation ever took where
you didn’t bring at least one laptop and the latest assets for the shows were
going to one that he would always come back and would have like three more
characters built and you know the next flight ready to go and like you’re
supposed to get in the down times like for him that was down and i think it was pax east 2013 where we were flying up
there and we have our flight was supposed to be Austin to dallas to
boston but the Dallas to Boston flight got canceled so I had to scramble and we
re booked all of us to flying to New York and we have to rent a van and drive
from New York up to Boston and we’re going to be premiering the Blake trailer
a ton at PAX East and so we landed in in New York and it’s like and I was like a
three hour drive i guess they get the Boston three and a half hour drive so
you know we got in the car started driving and watching Buster on his
laptop and you know the whole time he worked until the laptop stopped until
like the battery was gone it’s like you close it up that you power
down i think we have an arty life video of that and I think carries back there i
think you know he just you know put his head down and power down and carry
started or so good i think was carrying started like filming him just in power
down mode and without moving his head just reached out and punch the camera
you can imagine that is exactly where it was if it was it was it was so it was so
badass and uh I was sorry i was driving i got to see in the rearview mirror i
wish i wish i had back there yeah he did have eyes not just in the
back of his head like everywhere I mean it was crazy I mean the we talked about before how we could
watch all those monsters simultaneously and it did seem like if there was a Ford
had checked flag it in from somewhere like we’re at the was that it was packed
into the pacts where the guy came up and through the little woman punch ya know no yeah smack and punched your back at
the guy that was hilarious yeah I think yeah there yeah that was it
was it was amazing that’s one of one of the standout memories that a no like I always equate with Monty here
that I feel lucky to have been on the stage yeah and testing that first mhm yeah the i think one of the hardest
things in all this is like i was saying earlier money is it always working
always liked working on new stuff and it’s it’s we just been in the process of
talking with monthly about like what was next to me that’s how we became about is
that you know Monty had done about three seasons on red vs blue we said you know
Monty what the show is going to last a long time you know and you can be the
lead animator for red vs blue for years and years but is there anything you want
to do and he was said let me show you this and he showed the
first thing you showed me was a site that turned into a gun and I said that
cam sold this looks good whatever the 50mm before you went into
it and they made the ruby red trailer himself as I could test concept and you
know the stuff that Monty was working i think the saddest part of all of this is
just you know there’s a little there’s a lot of really left that
money’s worked on um and you know he’s talked with us over the years and talk
about this team that you basically hand-selected himself to you know tell
them of ideas that he had for it and places you want to see it go so I feel safe in that but I do feel sad
about the loss of those things that will never see you know the reason that work
that he just didn’t have time to make yeah there’s a yes the question what would want to do is
probably coming up a lot of we were talking about the office a little bit
ago there is no we were wondering doing to
be closer to believe it up and it’s like whenever you leave it open it’s if if you’re looking for just a little
spark of of crazy genius I’d highly recommend just standing there
for just a moment and then single shakes loose you might find something a desk of yours
filled with different various pieces of missing furniture yeah it’s not going to be the same it can’t eat
but we can only you know we can be inspired by them
and we can keep raising the bar yeah that’s that’s that’s a big part of
a monte did in my life is keep raising the bar yeah you know us a gray he said moving
keep moving forward I i lost count how many times I’ve heard him say keep the
board whether you’re in the middle of a production or that was a device to the
crew sometimes between productions there’s always you know once or twice a
year this is sort of bittersweet moment where r after being in the trenches with
everybody for months and months at a time a production needs to wind down and
you’re not entirely sure when the next one is going to start you know it’s
coming but you can’t say for sure and you know we would gather folks and
you would you would just to look just just get through just surviving a couple
of months go do something creative go study go
explore go refill your creative well as it were armed but keep moving forward and then we will
get back together again and we will get moving on the next thing yeah and it’s you know throughout every single day of
the last week and a half I mean I don’t know what I haven’t been
thinking that now i love that that was a phrase it is because you know you know
going to think of these things until you have the benefit of hindsight but that’s
just sums up Monty entirely we he had to keep moving he had to keep doing you
have to keep creating that you keep being like taking which is an amazing
thing to be and I’m cool I’m really glad he left with left us with that as a
mantra it’s like he inspired us from the lot of ways and he will continue to
inspire us yeah yeah you know it’s it’s it’s very
sad that money is going but I mean he accomplished so much in 33 years I mean
if you think about everything that he’s done the work in rivers blue creating
his own show that’s all by millions of people you
know it’s going to be distributed now in Asia and Warner Brothers it’s just
amazing it’s like it’s almost like Monty had a sense of you know of time of his
limited time because of the urgency that he had in his life you know and in a way his greatest enemy at the
interval was basically time dying at 33 is just it’s just such as such a tragedy you know and he made the heat absolutely
made the most out of his years and made the most out of like literally every
moment he tried to like you know make it as good as it could possibly be and on a smaller level whenever we were
working on projects it was always time was the factor of like this this has to come out I want to make it
bigger and better bigger and better bigger better and then it is always time
was always the limiting part of it to him mhm I remember there was a couple times I
mean there’s a couple times we’ve done things like this is a long time just
like people just want the relief of the person charged saying okay this is done it’s locked we’re out money is like I
think i will receive my payment considerable please we can we have
nothing we need to burn this DVD tomorrow morning at seven and there’s
not time for any more shots in this sequence we’re talking about is like I
think we do it and then we do it and there’s like several times that we that
we did it because Monty drove that I want to get this done and then again you
got it done some of my most favorite touches on production from the last
couple of years are things that we got in there the last night yeah i mean like you
you’ve got everything planned out the scene was fine as it is and then he had
one more cool idea and like screw it didn’t need to sleep
tonight right come on just left let’s go for it come on who
knows it the meeting is temporary heart is forever let’s go ahead and you know
it wasn’t even out tonight so yeah . memory our days wrong with you yeah so we wanted to come on tonight
because you know Monty was well everything we’ve
talked about tonight Monty was somebody who really valued been working and
really like do you still enjoy his life from some of your learning for the first
time that he was married last year marikina did didn’t talk about that very
much publicly although they were inseparable for the
course of the last year and a half you know said that the show if we can miss one
podcast for money’s sake when we were at all the hospital ,
taking care of them are doing we could too but there’s no way now we get away
with missing two on his behalf there’s no way he would have tolerated
that so we do want to thank you all for tuning in tonight we set it up front
this would probably be a shorter version of the podcast and I just want to say
how much we miss Monti already have any closing thoughts yeah it’s a big fat I was a big factor noon all right well
we actually we actually prepared a little video to show you of monies work he’s a very bright light burned for a
short time 33 years but we love him very much you miss your money hello mr. Monty own hello birdie hmm mmm I was very excited about the moment my
first team showed up at a convention no one had any idea what to expect a
full house in the movie panel architect with red vs blue and rooster teeth as a
company there’s a lot of things we hope to create to make people happy and
wasting would expect read what black and yellow cut the bacon
one it’s it’s easy to forget to sleep when you’re working on something so you
just work as far as you can and still it there’s never enough time so that thing
you got to learn to is essentially let go what we end up making is only larger
than we think it’ll be I do believe thoroughly in giving everything you got
torn whatever you’re doing at the time my
favorite thing to step around was sharing it with everyone else my colleagues my friends who all worked
on this project I’ll go for the longest time I just
assumed we ended up here for some reason that we don’t need to think about but we have to be masters of our own
fate the only thing that stops us from doing
the really cool things that is time we’re not a huge fan culture where
everything is something has gone off with something if you if you look at
something if you intend to use it you have emulated which means you have to
understand it I’ve landed in a very unique place where
if i want to make custom something I can also make the character that it’s
derived you’re not a letter to me in person amazing the other day we’re still looking at
people in need to behave like people as an animator there are things you need to notice that
most people wouldn’t be seen the most important thing to do this is off you
can watch movies or watch shows to watch things just keep your eyes open it’s a lot of Destiny really i mean very
few people have the luxury of doing exactly what they want to do as their
job there’s never a day where I forget that
moving forward is I always think about what’s next so like I’m i’m super excited to finish
what we have so that i could just start working on something else yeah

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