RT Life – RT Life – Podcast Ambush and Beer Cam

RT Life – RT Life – Podcast Ambush and Beer Cam

We got a pair of rifles We’re gonna go raid the podcast and see how mad we can get Gus *cocks* We’re gonna get fired tonight Yeah, that is our goal We’re going out in a blaze of glory RWBY’s done! …like media is Dude, can you imagine a digital ham sandwich? Where the fuck did that come from? What’s that? There’s a nerf gun up there. Oh, that was Monty Thanks Monty Look Please, don’t do that You’re just going to encourage something bad. The sound of it, like, cocking up there with the bright lights is frightening as hell *fires* I know but seriously, everything in my life… Seriously, can someone go stop who ever the fuck is doing that It’s really pissing me off

100 thoughts on “RT Life – RT Life – Podcast Ambush and Beer Cam

  1. This doesn't occur to those who actually mean it about Monty's death, but please guys…..stop commenting about the man constantly. Yes he was loved and will truly be missed. I'm not saying you can't pay your respects, but I feel there are assholes in the comment section and others who will use Monty's death just to get top comment.

  2. R.I.P Monty we al loved you and we miss you.  You were so young but you worked so hard that God thought you were old because you had done a lifetimes worth of work in such a short amount of time. I speak for all of us when I say WE MISS AND LOVE YOU MONTY!!! we will always remember you (:

  3. Nooooo I wanted to see more month raiding I though they would do a rapid fire and eventually the cast will run and hide behind the couches or seats

  4. What would have been funny if they had automatics and three people with tons of clips.now that's how to get fired

  5. like, in honor of monty, I just want to ambush the podcast again. but with more people and automatic nerf guns. and everyone is on it, except gus. XD

  6. lol Imagine if Monty actually got a crowd and raided the podcast and they just unload all of their Nerf guns on them. im pretty sure Gus would be pissed off as hell, Gavin would scream, Barbra would hid behind the couch and Burnie would act dead from the Nerf guns

  7. "We're going out in a blaze of glory." No Patrick. Monty was the one who went out on in a blaze of glory. Rest in Remnant, Monty.

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