Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Podcast King Outtakes

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Podcast King Outtakes

I gotta tear and a stain in front of my shirt just gotta jiggle it around Jordan what the fuck is happening in this script? and there’s a t… fucking piece of paper oh I love being in Gus’ head it’s filthy (accent) it’s real filthy in ‘ere then why is there a goat in your script? no I’m getting kinda stronger in here eh uhh yeah ehh answering my emails we got this shit.. who played the goat? uhh Shannon what an asshole and it says I’m naked here. Why am I naked? I am the new ruler of this podcast land bow down! and show me your pods umm girl un nah um um there we go uh I just got to go um um um and then I got the dark chocolate flowing through my veins It’s like Hersheys up in this bitch If you were to cut open my arteries, sweet chocolaty syrup would pour out onto you and you put it on your ice cream and you go “ummm” “that’s good” and my evil pet flat bush the platypus shouldn’t really call him evil he’s just an animal but he’s associated with evil people which makes him evil! I’m not even drunk I come bearing gifts and this is what I receive?! infamy blasphemy dicks behold the full power of this fully operational platypus I think you should do an animated adventure about this and it is entitled “Joel does not know what the fuck is going on in this script” so wait who’s brain is it? Jordan: your brain
Gavin: my brain I’ll deal with you myself Flatbush! Deal with him! you may have the hand of my beautiful dalter. blug bluh blah blah emmm pizza god sacralisious don’t use the sacralisous one. That’s a Simpsons thing and the end

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Podcast King Outtakes

  1. I want a t-shirt showing Flatbush with it in text below says 'Behold the power of my fully operational platypus' XD

  2. I love when HR references pop-up in their videos. The only other one I can remember was in some let's play, Ray yelled "looks like we're gonna have to jump!" Classic.

  3. im scared of the girl named chocolate though i could just kill her and take the dark chocolate and sell it………………….. dont blame me i just dont……….care

  4. 😎 this is bob he is going to hellp get the old youtube back but he needs your help copy and paste him all over youtube to get the old one back 🔫

  5. When I was a kid I thought black people were made of chocolate. One day we were leaving the zoo and there was a black family parked next to us leaving at the same time. Not knowing any better I asked my mom right in front of them if we could eat them.

  6. The beeping noise was literally making me go deaf- I have tinnitus and it was exacerbating it so much I had to go to the hospital lol

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