Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Roombas With Guns, Sharpies in Butts

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Roombas With Guns, Sharpies in Butts

Gavin: Like if you put-
Geoff: We’ll go to your house this time. Gavin: If you put a gun on a roomba and just set it going downtown somewhere.
Michael: Yeah… Gavin: And you could just m- manually fire it. You’re firing the gun right? Michael: Yeah!
Ryan: Yes! Michael: Yeah!
Ryan: This sounds like the worst game of Russian Roulette ever. [Chuckling] Michael: I mean, it doesn’t sound like Russian Roulette at- at all!
Gavin: And there’s just like dirt just spitting out. Michael: You’re at home! fuckin’ shooting a roomba! Gavin: How would they trace that to you? Ryan: Well, you said take it downtown.
Michael: I d- the gun! It was registered to you! Someone would walk up to it after all of the bullets are gone, pick it up and say, “Hey, we should check who bought this.” Michael: It was like a six week sabbatical.
Geoff: Lemme tell you… lemme, lemme, lemme regale, lemme act so poetic. Michael: I don’t know what that means, but go for it.
Geoff: A little story about, about starting RoosterTeeth. So uh, April- Michael: Uh-huh? Geoff: Started RoosterTeeth.
Michael: Right. Geoff: That was it.
Michael: Damn… Geoff: Yeah. Ryan: How many everyday objects have you injured him severely with?
Geoff: Quite a few. Ryan: There’s ping-pong balls, now rubber bands.
Geoff: Dude, we were in line for a party at uh, VidCon, and I shoved a… Gavin: [Chuckles]
Geoff: Sharpie so far up his asshole, I had to take it out. Michael: Yeah…
Ryan: Ughh!!! Gavin: ‘Cause usually,-
Geoff: He was on the ground, in front of 200 people. And this girl leans over to me and goes,
“Are you gay?” Michael: [Laughing]
Geoff: I said… I said, “I dunno, maybe.”
And she goes, “Alright.” Michael: That’s just weird.

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  1. When Ryan mentioned Russian Roulette, I had some horrible flashbacks from the fabulous writing of Dimitri Molotov in Divided We Fall. Ryan ain’t okay.

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