Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Jeremy’s Big Break

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Jeremy’s Big Break

Jeremy: That’s an x-ray of my leg, right there. Jeremy: That’s an x-ray of my leg, right there.
Ryan: So do you have pins in there now?
Gavin: Oh god. Jeremy: That whole experience… Michael: But-
Jeremy: ’cause it was during a football game And um… I just tackled somebody when it happened.
[Michael “plays” the trombone in the background.] You’re like… full of adrenaline, it felt like someone kicked me in the shin really hard. So I was like, “Alright, yeah whatever”, and um… I get up off the field and I go to step-
Michael: Did you just crumble? Michael: Yup.
Jeremy: -and I just fell and I was like, Ryan: [Cringes]
Jeremy: “The hell?”, so I stood up again, Michael: [Laughing]
Ryan: [Cringes again]
Jeremy: I just stood up again, and I looked down, as I stepped again, I saw the top half of my shin go that way and the bottom half that way.
Michael: [Cringes so hard] Jeremy: and… and so I just sat on the thing, so I was like,
“[Gasps] REF! REF!” [chuckling] and like, the ref came over so they stop the game, and uh… they were wheelin’ me off past the other team, and literally as I’m going by, I just went, [snaps fingers] “Good luck guys!” like that!
And my legs was all like “BLAAAGGH!” like on the thing. [Laughing]
Michael: Oh no! Jeremy: And I was just going, [painful grunt], and then they put me in the ambulance and as soon as the doors close, I was just like, [gasps] AAAUUUUUUGGGHHHHHH! [More laughter] It was like a fucking… it was like a discount ambulance. They like made me a splint out of like a pillow they found and scotch tape, like… it was like the pillow was here and they were like, [mimicking tape unwrapping sounds] and the gurney wasn’t even like tied town in the ambulance like, [Siren noises]
and I was like going around, and they didn’t take the pads off of me! So I was like, in the-
[Michael laughs]
Jeremy: … in the pads on the thing. Michael: It-
Ryan: Look, that might’ve been all that was holding you together. Michael: [Unintelligible noises] It was like, he fractured his leg, “LEAVE THE SHOULDER PADS ON!!!” Jeremy: But, um… also, my… uh… Gymnastics coach was the guy in charge of uniforms and he was just complaining to me about like, “Say, we’re running low on all of these things. Like, you know, we gotta keep ordering them…” In the hospital I’m in,
[soft siren noise]
and… and they were like, “Okay, now we gotta cut these things off of you.” and I’m here like, “My coach’ll kill me, can’t do it.” [laughter]
and they’re like, “We gotta cut this off of you.” and I’m like, “Nope, you’re not doing it.” So they brought in another nurse to hold my leg together as they pull them down…
Team Nice Crazy Mad Dynamite, Love and Stuff: Oh wow! Michael: Anytime I’ve ever been in a hospital experience, like people saying that, they’re like, “Shut the fuck upp!!!!” But, I’m also from New Jersey.

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  1. Off Topic is such a visual podcast that, as amazing as the RTAA's for it are, the live video is almost always even better.

  2. I HAD A PILLOW SPLINT WHEN I BROKE MY FEMUR PLAYING KICK BALL! They left it on for three days before they could put a steel plate in to hold the two broken ends together.

  3. as en emt a pillow makes a great splint. it cushons the leg but is stiff enough to hold everything in place when its secured on

  4. Literally similar to me because i tried to save a basketball from getting out of bounds (OOB) i hit my knee and was like "Guys ill be fine i just need to go to the bathroom" SCREAMS .

  5. I'm not kidding, Jermey's leg, both being described, and visually seen, physically hurt my leg just thinking about it.

  6. I freaking wish they hadn't cut my clothes off. I broke my femur and they cut off my shorts that I had just bought then in the ER they cut off my favorite bra. I'm pretty positive that they heard me say "nooo!"

  7. i only had to have my clothes cut off one and it was because i had sunburn and my shirt got wet so yeah that hurt taking it off but not as bad as it would if i took it off without cutting it

  8. Oh god this reminds me of my dad he was playing basketball on his school team once he was trying to slam dunk but then this guy (he did not tell me who and also he can't remember his name) try to pull him in the air so hard it dislocated knee and when he fell and hit it it popped right back in then well passed out

  9. I've seen this like 10 times and I never once noticed how a football hit the poor ref in the face. I'm such an idiot 😛

  10. A few things to note on this.
    In terms of first aid, when in an ambulance, they just want to stabilise you, and a normal splint would have required realignment, so a pillow and tape just holds it there.
    And whilst it may have been uncomfortable to have the pads on, there was no need to risk further damage to yourself by attempting to remove them. Whilst removing them, it may have dragged your leg, or caused you further pain from another injury you had not noticed. (Seriously, I know a case where a guy had burnt palms from a barbeque, he was lifted to be moved, when he began to scream in pain. His leg had been completely shattered from the knee down.) Generally, you don't touch the patient unless absolutely neccesary.

  11. Jeremy is such a stupid name. Parents that name their children Jeremy assume the kid will grow up to be stupid hence, the name.

  12. I love how in these animations the sign for someone being from new jersey is always them ripping their shirt off

  13. Well at least you didnt fracture your arm durring practice, then when you head to the trainer she says "Oh its just sprained.", go to school the very next day, carry all your books around while your arm is in pain, go to practice the same day, try to get your pads on, have someone help get them on and then take them off, then go to the trainer again she wraps your arm which makes the pain worse, then they send you in to run a play, mess your arm up even worse, go to school the next day again, wait three days until you can finally get your arm checked, where a splint that also made the pain a tiny bit worse, and then when you finally got there you had to get an xray wait two to three hours to find out whats wrong, wait another two days to get a cast, then wait over two and a half months to get the cast off, then wait another two weeks past when you were originally going to get it off because your dad had to work overtime that day, then finally get it off, and STILL cant play video games. Not one of my favorite memories. And I kinda dont want to play football for a actual team again.

  14. which do you need to be afraid of?

    The man who practices 1,000 kicks in one day
    The man who practices 1 kick per day for 1,000 days

    the correct answer is the man who practices 1 kick per day for 1,000 days

  15. What the medics did was right for the time. Though the pillow splint is normally used for ankle injuries.

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