Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gus’ Mile High Club

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gus’ Mile High Club

Does anyone feel comfortable talking about the weirdest sex thing they’ve done?
Gus: Umm… I mean, it’s it’s nothing too unusual And the strangest thing that ever happened was once years ago. I was dating this girl and I don’t know what possessed us, but we were, Sally: Demons? Blaine: I just started vomiting my head spun a lot. Gus: We were at her place And then we like started making out we started to like, you know, have sex… We weren’t like we didn’t go to her bedroom We were just like making out like in the living room.
Blaine: Sometimes IT just happens, yeah..
Gus: And her roommate showed up Miles: *gasps* Oh, No Gus: So it was like the kind of thing where you like we had to like kind of like Like run around the corner fast into the kitchen grab our clothes and like Kind of like try to get dressed very quickly and quietly. While her roommate is walking in the front door I mean like we had to like open up the fridge and act like we were looking for stuff like hiding behind the fridge door Miles: Wait what? Why the fuck would you not just go into her room?! Gus: cuz it was like we didn’t have time there was a loooooooong hall Miles: But you had more time to redress yourself?! Gus: Trust me.
Miles: Alright. Alright. Alright. This was the optimal thing to do so so it’s like opening the fridge door and like hiding trying to get clothes on like just like putting Your head up above the fridge like, “oh hey what’s up?” *creepy stare* Just making a sandwitch Blaine: It’s like one of those shitty gifs you see on like pornhub where like people are having sex and then the third person walks in and things get WILD Miles: See I just, I just, in that in my brain, in my mind palace, that scene plays out with you guys totally nail it. You get all the clothes back on you’ve got the fridge door open just in time you’re like… “Hey..uh.. Rachel!” Aww man, we just jogged aite bye! That was a close one And then you close the fridge door and you’re just throbbing erection is just sticking out through the fly in your pants *Static* I had one of the most embarrassing experiences ever on a plane happen to me the other day So I was asleep, on the plane, looking down, triple chin, so I got woken up by the flight attendant. She came by and she shook me on the shoulder. She’s like, “Mister Sorola, would you like the meal tonight?”. So my head was down, I looked up, and I opened my mouth to answer and an entire mouth full of drool Just spills down my chin, all over my chest, and I look down, and I look at her and I go *tch* “I just drooled all over myself”. And I will have the beef and then she walked on and I was like I need to change. I have to go to the bathroom and change cuz my chest was just covered you in saliva. It was it was mortifying *static* [RT Outro]

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  1. Thank you for helping BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE get on consoles ☺☺ plz like so they see this. also ive been waiting for it to be on consoles for so long so thank you

  2. Rooster teeth thanks for helping the meately bring bendy and the ink machine to xbox one, ps4, and nintendo switch.😀👍

  3. Rooster Teeth thank you for making bendy and the ink machine on Xbox and PS4 thank you you are the best YouTuber in all of the worlds

  4. Every time I sleep on the side of my head, and its very specifically only if I'm really tired…
    I drool a puddle, it's annoying.

  5. Sometimes I'll open my mouth and some kind of reflex gets triggered to that I involuntarily projectile spit. It's the worst thing.

  6. ok so i have a question for anyone who just puts these vids on shuffle and lets them roll on their own: Does it ever in the long list of supposedly "shuffled" vids ever just jump back to 2 particular ones more times than any, prolly even more times than a new one in a row. I'm just saying I find it oddly dubious that it all ways brings me back to either the very latest episode (at this time this one) or the video meant to advertise RTAA.
    I dont know if its my particular brand of bad rng luck or the shuffle function is just rigged to do this but it really annoys me.

  7. Listen, the mortified Gus was some of the best body language I’ve ever seen in an RTAA, really well done on that.

  8. "Gus just cant control his body"Sounds like the opening lines to a cringy "Relatable Puberty Education" cartoon on Nickelodeon.

  9. That's not what I was expecting. At all. I love how Gus' stories can pull that off. Never seen any RTAA that did that to me as well as a Gus story can.

  10. In case you didn't notice, despite standing right in front of me, I drooled all over myself, and you've seen it. Get me some food you can look at after witnessing that. 😖

  11. Darn clickbait titles. I wanted to hear of Gus getting his self some good stuff a few hundred feet in the air. MAKE IT HAPPEN GUS! I believe in you!

  12. I cant tell if these subtitles are supposed to be auto generated or not, but whoever makes these need to learn English properly

  13. I just discovered this channel. I finally found a channel that is not the usual story time animator. Subscribed. I enjoy your content.

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