Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Geoff Hits a Deer

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Geoff Hits a Deer

(theme song) Geoff: Did I ever tell you about the time how I was driving home from Burnie’s house, after making Red Vs Blue, and I hit a deer, and then I didn’t know what to do about it because I felt terrible. And I called Griffon, we were just dating, and I was like, “She probably likes animals, and I’m gonna fuck this thing up.” And-and so I called her, and I’m like, “What do I do?” And she was like, “You hit a deer?” And I was like, “Yeah, I don’t know what to do.” And she goes, “You need to go back and run it over and kill it.” And I- I was a- Michael: Is it alive still? Geoff: She was like, Geoff: “Is it still alive?” And I go, “Yeah, I heard it yelling.” And she goes, “You need to turn around and kill it.” And I’m like, “Well, how do I kill it?” And she’s like, “You’re going to have to run it over.” And I was like, “Fuck!” And so I turned around, I come back, and it’s in the middle of the road, like sitting there, going *NAAAAGH!*, like that. And I have this big pickup truck, but I was looking at it, and I was trying to figure out how to hit the deer to kill it in the most humane way without flipping my truck. And so I’m looking at it, I- I- size it up, I’m like pulling up to it and backing up and pulling to get it right, and then I back up to what I think is a good distance. And then I floor it, and as I hit the gas, the deer gets up and runs away. And I go, “Oh thank god!” And another deer runs in front of me and I hit that deer. (RTX AU audience laughs) Michael: Geoff, if you ever hit me with a car, don’t come back for me, ok?! I would leave me there, in the road. Geoff: Just trying to keep Griffon from breaking up with me! Lindsay: (laughter) Geoff: And I remember driving, I was after- after that happened, I was horrified, and I was like, “There is no way I’m having sex tonight.”

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Geoff Hits a Deer

  1. that is some luck to even hit a deer is unlucky then for it to get up and run then hit a second deer is super unlucky

  2. Sorry to do this to Geoff, but I'm going to have to pull your Alabama man card. I mean seriously you have to call your wife to figure out how to kill a deer?! This exact scenario is covered in children's Alabama living 101 back in kindergarten.

  3. Geoff hits a second Deer after trying to finish the job with the first one, more focused on not having sex that night. Priorities

  4. Pleas turn the "we come from dirt" argument from OFF TOPIC # 7 (1:54:36) into the next RTAA!

    It was so funny, and the magic that you work on the RTAA shorts will turn it into one of the best videos, hands down!

  5. I wish they would at least try to make deer walls (they have gated areas in Florida to keep gators away from the road). They are all over NY state. Everyone in my family has hit a deer at least once, except me. I forgot the number, but I think it's 1 million a year in the USA.

  6. Did anyone here notice in the beginning how Geoff was talking about leaving Burnie's place after working on Red vs Blue and it shows him in an orange truck, when his character in RvB is Grif, who wears orange armor?

  7. Rule #1 about deer and driving: Where there's one, there's more.
    If no more show up within 5-10 seconds of the last one, then it's ok to keep moving

  8. “There is no way I’m having sex tonight.”
    Geoff, you should me more concerned about how you’re gonna explain the leftover deer blood on the hood of your car 😅😅😅

  9. My dad once hit a deer and it’s hoof got caught in a tire and while he was driving got beat to death, the deer flew like ten feet in front of my dads truck when he pulled over to try to free it

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