Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s Dong Gong

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s Dong Gong

[Burnie:] I actually made Gavin made for the first time. He was mad at me. [Gus:] How?! I kicked him in the butthole, what did you do to make him mad? [Burnie:] I took it up a notch. So we were doing a signing in Australia, and we need to go to the bathroom. And in Australia, the urinal is– you stand on like a platform, and you pee against a metal sheet that’s on the wall. And Gavin went to the end and I went into one of the stalls, I came out of the stalls, Gavin’s still going. So I walked up and kicked him in the butt. And the way Gavin described it–here’s the metal sheet–and: “MY KNOB TOUCHED IT.” And he described it as like a “soft gonging noise” that it made… [laughter] And he was furious! [Gus] Oh my god! [Burnie] He was so mad, and Gavin mad is like– –you can see the wheel turning in his head, the one gear that he has. When we got back to the booth you know we always used to have hand sanitiser on, so I said: “Just go and scrub this in.” And I think he did it and that didn’t make him any happier after he did that. [Gus:] That’s fucking disgusting.

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  1. Not sure that's true. I pee with a boner every morning. That fact would only make sense if the boner was from sexual actions and even that I'm not 100% sure is true. I personally never have had the feeling of having to pee while having sex.

  2. I did this to my friend once. We were at this talent shoe for his little sister and he went to the bathroom and he went for a long time and I sneak into the boys bathroom and kick him in the butt and he slams into the urinal and just yells, " SAMMY YOU DUMB BITCH!" and keeps on pinching me after the show. (best way to make fun of your crush.)

  3. We actually don't have that many of those urinal. We usually have the normal urinals and those are really only at movie theaters and schools.

  4. the video stopped and 0:06 seconds so all i see is gus with his foot up gavin's butt and gavin looking really sad and the video hasn't started moving again

  5. Haha at my school here in Australia, a kid fell face first into the urinal because he slipped on everyone else's piss.

  6. If RT ever has a podcast live I would go I wouldn't give a shit how much id pay in travel

  7. i probably would have shed a tear because im kind of germaphobic and that would have been traumatizing 

  8. Honestly…if I had been Gavin I would have just walked over to the sink and gave my knob a few washes with soap and water, there's no way I would have tucked it in and zipped up before that.  Fairly sure no guy who walked in and saw that would blame me one bit.

  9. I wonder if an Animated Adventure of the end of "Let's. Play Minecraft" "On A Rail 2, Part 2" would be even funnier, being a cartoon. Or maybe as one of that minitoons thing they did with "Blood Gulch".

  10. Yeahhh that's a huge douche move. In my book, if you mess with someone while they're pissin at a urinal, you're asking for it

  11. You could stab, slap punsh, rip his hair off, anle him, bite him, throw him off a cliff ect. and Gavin would stll laugh

  12. as an Australian I can confirm that this gets done on the regular, burnie you're a legend haha. sorry Gav . you're a top bloke.

  13. I'd be upset too. Sometimes I feel like they pick on Gavin too much. I mean, it's all fun and games when he says something stupid and everyone laughs, but when they literally pick apart everything he says the moment it doesn't quite make sense, I feel like they just pick on him. Seriously, kicking someone in the balls is not cool, Bernie.

  14. i heard austrailia has spiders on tp that crawl in your ass if you wipe, burnie may never admit it, but it could of happened

  15. It always makes me look at these stories a different way when I remember that Gavin started as a normal 14 year old fan that like idolized Burnie and Gus lmfao

  16. I would have turned around, grabbed him with the pee hand, and smashed his face into the metal sheet.

  17. Why is it so hard to make Gavin mad? Like, if there is video of a mad Gavin, I wanna know. He is somehow the most positive guy I have seen

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