Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s AC Anomaly

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s AC Anomaly

Jack: So when you buying a third house?
‘Cause you’ve had issues with this house too, right? Andy: That’s almost a monopoly. Nah, there’s nothing wrong with this house. I thought you had issues with your air conditioner or something or your heater was out. Oh yeah it broke.
(snickering) That would be an issue, Gavin! I forgot that it broke.
(laughing) Okay, it didn’t actually break, there was some sort of a … It tripped some sort of safety thing and everything modern is like, super safe, and it turns off. So a guy came out to fix it, didn’t have any experience with this new style of heating/air conditioning thing, and he removed a panel and took it. Andy: (Jack laughing) He just took the panel? Gavin: He reset it, and took the thing off, and there was just like an open flame in the attic. Jack: (laughing) God …
Andy: Alright … The next—’cause then it went out—
and the next guy was like, “You cannot run it without this panel on. You can’t
do that. There’s, like, flames in here.” The first guy basically just stole part of my unit.
(Jack laughs.) And then we had to get ahold of him … How long was the flame exposed to just the house? … A couple days? I dunno.
(laughter) Whenever the heat came on? Jack: There’s just like, squirrels up in the attic, roasting marshmallows over your open flame … Gavin: You just never know, you never know you’re getting someone good. Gavin (with Michael agreeing intermittently):
Like the guy’ll—go up the ladder, he’ll go, “Yeah. Here was your problem, this, this, and this.” And he walks out. It’s like, that guy
had no idea what he was doing. And he STOLE part of the house! (Jack laughs)
You can’t just take stuff! Jack: And you paid him, right?
Gavin: Oh yeah, it comes to, like, $150. Gavin: I coulda kicked it in half for free.
Michael: That’s not bad to get
ripped off though, for $150 … yanno. Gavin: And I paid someone to do it. Yeah but 150 bucks isn’t bad. They coulda
taken you for a grand. Someone on Twitter says you should
sell Gavin’s house in the RT Store. (All laughing) The shitest reviews.
Yeah. It wouldn’t move. Jack: It’d be like, uh, I’ll get a shirt, a poster … a house … Andy: It would probably at least still get a three star rating on the site—er, three “RoosterTeeth.” Whatever the hell it is. Jack: You know, “If you buy Gavin’s house, we’ll throw in a free set of Achievement Hunter coasters.” Andy: “You’ll get a free shirt.” I will furnish it myself. There you go. With Achievement Hunter products. I’ll put a shower curtain in every shower. Michael: “Wow.” ♪ chill electro-rock outro music ♪ ♪ upbeat ska RT Animation theme ♪

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s AC Anomaly

  1. what I love about the rtaas is that I can watch them when they come out on the rt site, then a week later on youtube and still be just as entertained

  2. Wow, a third part of the comments on this video are whiny people who are asking for a new RWBY episode… Really?
    RWBY is not the only product RT has, but it appears you think its just like that… So sad

    And, if you want to know, this Saturday is ep. 11, it's not that hard

  3. Gavin paid someone to take a piece of his house. So you could probably get him to pay you for his house overtime. Just keep coming to fix stuff, Gavin will pay you to take parts of the house and you slowly reconstruct his house on your property.

  4. Ok 2 questions. the house still for sale? And 2. If it is, does it come with that panel the dude stole?

  5. Yes I'd like to order one Gavin's house, and for the free shirt I'll have the space gravity is different than earth gravity one.

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