Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Farts Still Funny

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Farts Still Funny

Farts are one of those things. That’s like universally funny. It’s like probably one of the first things you laugh At as a little kid and then like even as an adult, or as an old person you’re still laughing at farts I feel like there’s very few things in the world that universal that are universally funny from the time you start life to the time you end life did anyone ever blame a fart on you growing up as A kid, I don’t know I don’t think so no traumatic experience traumatic experience But we were in a school assembly, and it was during a moment of silence for like yeah It was like Veterans Day or something like that and there was a kid in front of me who was like the most Disgusting annoying kid in school. He rips a huge one, and he does this thing where he turns back at me and goes you Couldn’t say anything cuz we’re in a moment of silence, but then everyone was looking at me. I remember I had a big a bully you know some school and He was a pretty big guy and there wasn’t much I could do, but there was one point where it was just like me him and someone else and I was let one completely silent, and he was like a really big guy and remember thinking who are they gonna think did this? It was that was my that was my I got him How bad did they beat you up after that? The best place to fart is on a plane cuz no one knows who did it that’s bull it’s also stinkiest fuck already on a plane You know what the opposite to that is farting on a Greyhound bus because everyone thinks probably them Everyone’s just sitting there and farting the whole way, and so if they smell another father like maybe it was me I’ve ridden on a greyhound twice, and it was just it’s just a transportation machine for farts That’s all it is you buy a ticket to transport your fart from like Houston to Dallas or from Austin to Houston or wherever? Well those seats also are probably very absorbent. They are extremely absorbent. They’re more absorbent than I’m or whatever other than simple Catholic You

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  1. Heres one of mine, so around a year ago in class a kid who sat next to me let out a loud ass fart, she looks directly at me and so does the class and my 2 friends behind me laugh so I get stressed saying it wasnt me and since I was stressed I got hives(allergic reaction) and left the room XD

  2. When I was in eighth grade, I was the gassiest crap ever. I let one loose so often that I was pretty much known for it, and they were so bad that I’d have to leave the classroom to do it. Then in gym class every time I went off every body would separate into a huge circle around me. Nowadays I just look back and laugh at how gross I used to be, and am glad I don’t do it anymore. Plus nobody really hated me for it, and nobody hates me now for it, because we all were known for one thing, and mine was farting.

  3. I've got one. Some guy sitting near me in class farted very loudly and tried to blame it on me. I simply gave him an annoyed glare, and everyone knew it was actually him.

  4. Don't know what's wrong with me but I've never found farts funny at all, like whatsoever, I'm baffled as to why its humorous. Like that humor actually irritates me but at the same time I know I'm in the minority there, so it must be me I guess.

  5. Here's the best advice I've ever been given.
    "Never marry a woman until you've ripped your nastiest fart in front of her. If she's still with you after that, you can survive anything."

  6. A few years ago, my mom and sister were shopping. Both of them are walking down an isle, and my sister just lets one riiiiiiiiip.
    Before my mom can say anything, my sister lets out a loud "Moooooooom!"
    Mom says it was one of the most mortifying experiences of her life.

  7. So one day when I was in school sitting literally in the middle of the classroom. Kid in front of me plays the toot and blame game. Whole class stares at me awaiting the typical "It wasn't me!" response. Little did they know I had been holding one in waiting one the bell to ring to let it go in the hallway like a true gentlemen. I smile, close my eyes and say "You fool! You've activated my trap card!" and let loose the loudest most obvious "I've been holding this in for a while" fart to date. Class laughs, bell rings, teacher gives me thumbs up on the way out.

  8. Guess I should avoid Greyhound buses then. They wouldn't even be able to contain all of my farts, let alone with other peoples' farts added in. The accumulation of butt gas would rip the bus apart. Sometimes I'm amazed at how much gas falls out of my ass each day.

  9. I'm 27 and I still laugh at farts. Especially my own. Like I tell my mother all the time. Farts are never not funny.

  10. Back in primary school i was sat next to this girl that farted and she instantly blamed it on me so for the rest of the year my nickname was trumpet

  11. X3…. I remember this moment back in school, I was in 4th grade at the time and we were all at lunch in the cafeteria and apparently we were being too loud. one of the school Secretaries came in and shut off the lights and proceded to yell at all of us  "RAWR RAWR  YOU'RE BEING TOO LOUD  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE RAWR RAWR" that type of scolding"   I was sitting next to this larger kid  and he's just sitting there with the biggest grin on his face while the rest of us are just staring  and he suddenly says out loud "UH OH X3!"  and cuts a really loud fart… like  loud enough everyone heard it….  the room was in a riot of laughter and none of us got to have recess that day… but god it was funny X3

  12. I can say, with confidence, that watching all 49 videos in this playlist takes an hour and a half. Because that's exactly what I just did and that's exactly how long it took.

  13. Who else had this thing in school when if someone said, "Ew who farted!? " Someone would say "Whoever smelled it dealt it"
    and the response would be whoever rhymed it crimed it?"

  14. For whatever reason I had a stomachache in class but the moment I let one out and managed to do it silently someone on the other side of the classroom smelled it but nobody next to me did. It slowly creeped to my side of the class and I was able to say, "how could it be me? Nobody over here smelled it till that end of the class did." It was a weird day.

  15. I had this roommate that thought farts were the funniest thing. Like seriously I would be studying at my desk, I would hear him let one out and then he would laugh about it. Really annoying.

  16. A few months ago, my brother and I went to grab some coffee before getting on the highway. Just as we walk in the door, he lets a rather loud fart go and instantly turns around and blames it on me

  17. When I was in elementary school I would hate it when I farted in class, because then the stress of people blaming it on me (even though I did it so they had every right) would set in. But then most of the time they blamed it on someone else because I had a plan. I would just pretend I didn’t know what they were talking about and that I didn’t smell anything and it worked.

  18. Okay so the only times I’ve ridden on a greyhound bus have been from this one small city in Wisconsin to Minneapolis and I just remember that since there was like no one on the bus except for like a handful of people i just kept thinking how great it was. But I could see how busier bus routes could be a bit…..

  19. Me and a friend were laughing during a veterans day slideshow of everyone in the schools grandpas and we were laughing about the transitions they used between slides but everyone thought we were laughing at the veterans

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