Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Elephant In Nawlins

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Elephant In Nawlins

Here’s what I saw. Okay. When I was 18, I went to New Orleans with some friends of mine. N’Awlins! I was 18 and in New Orleans And I’ve been a couple times But so I got dumb drunk on sugary drinks right had a hungover woke up at like 8:00 in the morning or whatever with a splitting headache Went stood up looked out the window just like stuck my head on the window and look to see what was going on down in Canal Street and Everybody else is asleep though the other spreads out of the ceiling was like nine people, but they’re all asleep And I’m just staring out the window contemplating life and my hangover, and and I see an elephant I see a Truck and a trailer pull up with a giant elephant And then they like oh my god you don’t see that every day on Canal Street And so they take the thing down and the guy with the thing pulls like it’s like three dudes and they like pull the elephant back and kids start coming and Tourists are coming, and there’s like a I can kind of make out It looks like there’s some sort of circus sign so that’s probably like promotion for the circus Oh, hey, come see the elephant tomorrow at Barnum Bailey Circus – Ringling Brothers whatever and uh, and I’m watching it And I’m like oh That’s kind of kind of interesting thing to see first thing in the morning Especially from this high up and the elephant they get it out and then people come up And they touch it and they’re taking pictures with it and stuff And I can kind of just seeing this go on it’s like SimCity level and After a few minutes the elephant starts like moving around a little bit and then around a bit and then people start to look worried And people back up a little bit and the elephant goes like after a bit the other thing I was like and throws up like a swimming pool. Full of pink shit all over people Oh kids and grown-ups and family members. I guess it was like watermelon it I don’t know. What elephant’s eat, but it looked like 400 the Ingredients of 400 watermelons and just like in kids are like covered in elephant vomit And the elephant’s freaking out and the guys are freaking out trying to contain the elephant and people are running away And they’re like you can tell they’re afraid of a stampede, and they’re just like shoving with all their might to like I guess they have like cattle prods or something and it’s like get the elephant back on this trailer And the elephants like fighting and they visit again on the trailer and they fucking shut the door And I just took off and there’s just like pink elephant vomit everywhere on Canal Street like it covered a block. Lindsay: That’s amazing
Micheal: That’s Awesome! and people just like running in terror covered like little kids are like daddy what is all this Lindsay: Six women took there tops off and- Ryan: Yeah, yeah beads were raing and that was the craziest I had ever seen in my life at that point and and and it was like like in a movie somebody goes. Uh finally goes what are you doing? and I was like watching an elephant puke on people shut up and he went back to sleep. and I’m like alright and I eventually I just went back to bed too (Outro)

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  1. If I didn't know any better i'd say this was a dream Geoff had but knowing him this probably did happen because of how casually he told the story.

  2. how fitting considering that on sunday wrestlemania 34 is in new orleans
    watch out for pink puking animals.

  3. Only
    Puke story I got Is my friend running to his bathroom to puke and he didn’t make it he threw up on the floor slipped in it and then threw up on himself this all happened because he took a dab and couldn’t stop coughing

  4. Looks like elephants may be the next playable race in Splatoon 2, they have an amazing ability to paint the surroundings

  5. I really appreciate being able to see animals up close, but stories like this make me think we're doing it wrong.

  6. No kidding, I live in Spain and as I'm watching this video I grabbed my phone, swept in my news feedback and the first one that popped: "Elephants loose in a highway in Murcia due to an accident". LoL

  7. I would've said I just threw up out the window and hope my friend sees all the elephant vomit at ground level

  8. Anyone else start hearing "Pink Elephants on Parade" when he describes the chaos after the elephant puked?

  9. The aura of drunk Geoff was strong enough, even at that age, to infect the elephant and cause it to get his hangover😆

  10. Lol soon as I heard about it I started looking for maybe an article about it. I mean someone else has to of recorded it. Maybe not through a camera but come on some one else out there saw it too. Hope to find it soon. 🙂

  11. First words I hear in the video "Herez what I saw.." in Geoffs voice and I said out loud. "Oh god…."

  12. How do they still have reserves of nonsensical stories that happened years ago they should of run out by now how do you not bring this up sooner

  13. Ringling Brothers took over Barnum & Baileys after Barnum passed away which funnily enough was today 3/3/2018.

  14. That poor elephant 😥It breaks my heart that people do such horrible things to one of the smartest and most sensitive non-primate. 😔

  15. I love how Michael and Lindsay's reactions were "That's awesome!" while everyone else just groaned in disgust…

  16. This actually reminds me of the last time I saw an Elephant owo   it was the annual circus in the town I live in and the Ringmaster came in riding an Elephant one year (doesn't usually do that so I was like "oh that's neat")  everyone was all cheering and clapping at the sight  as the Ringmaster Gave her opening speech.  Then when we all rose for the National Anthem being played by the band about half way through the song the elephant "made a mess"  I guess the noise spooked her  but EVERYONE noticed so needless to say that Spotlight was turned out for the first 6 minutes of the show

  17. Yeah yeah that's all cool or whatever BUT. QUESTION. Was this the same trip to New Orleans that Geoff was taking when he watched that tow truck driver get struck by lighting?

  18. Odd, most herbivores lack the ability to vomit. Why did elephants develop this where rabbits or horses didn't?

  19. I love hearing people who don’t live here talking about New Orleans, it’s definitely and interesting place

  20. I have searched the web for this story and I can't find it anywhere! Not a lot of results for elephant vomit…

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