Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Cinema Sins

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Cinema Sins

Trevor: Dude I gotta say like, I always loved movies and going to the movies. Trevor: But uhm. Yeah the Alamo has definitely made it an experience Michael: It’s also great-
Trevor: I could watch any movie! Michael: Cause they’re also like, Michael: Or we’re gonna throw you out. Michael: No one talks! Michael: Again I grew up in New Jersey Michael: Every mother fucker, ever talks. Michael: they screamed and yelled. Michael: And you can’t say shit. Michael: If you were like “Hey! be quiet!” You’re gonna get stabbed. Michael: You’re gonna die. Michael: Like literally I have been- So many time’s in a theater Michael: Where two people are standing up screaming at each other. Michael: That they’re gonna beat the shit out of each other. Michael: Cause some guy’s like, “Quiet!” and they’re like Michael: SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’ll KICK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. Michael: Like it’s happened at so many movies like that. Michael: Where it’s like, “I’m just trying to fucking watch Iron Man 2…” Michael: I’m just trying to watch it can you fucking stop? Jacob: And the one dude is just like Jacob: “You’re gonna have to make me shut up you motherfucker Imma fuck you up. Michael: No. Seriously.
Alfredo: Hey you wanna take this outside?
Jeremy: You wanna take this to the front row? Alfredo: That happens all the time. Alfredo: They get into those fights where they’re just like, Alfredo: “You wanna do something?!” Alfredo: “You wanna do something!?” Alfredo: They’re looking at eachother and I’m like, “Are they gonna kiss or are they gonna fight?” *group laughter* Michael: The only thing I’ve seen at Alamo Drafthouse is people get wasted Michael: There was a woman like, three seats down it was all empty in between Michael: Who was fucking sloshed. Michael: She sat down in her seat and was like, Michael: “Let’s watch this movie!” Alfredo: About to say was she a Woo! girl? Was she like Alfredo: “Woo!” Trevor: I haven’t had an experience with drunk Drafthouse viewers. Trevor: Until the- literally the last two times I went. Trevor: Both times I was sat next to… a couple Trevor: That like last time, they just got a pitcher of some IPA Trevor: I was like, “Alright they’re gonna split it.” Trevor: Then they got another one. Trevor: And like some mixed drinks on the side. I’m like, Trevor: They’re gonna get fucked. When they stand up- Trevor: When they stand up they’re going to feel that shit. Trevor: Oh! she felt something, she fucking stood up and went immediately down. Jacob: Ooh fuck!
Trevor: Over the rows cause it’s like stadium seating, at this one. Alfredo: Holy shit.
Trevor: Over the rows cause it’s like stadium seating, at this one. Jacob: Fuuuuck!
Trevor: Over the rows cause it’s like stadium seating, at this one. Trevor: So she was in some guy’s lap down the way. Jacob: Aww shit.
Trevor: So she was in some guy’s lap down the way. Jacob: Aww shit.
Trevor: Luckily the guy was like- Michael: Woo! *Group Laughter*
Michael: Woo! *Group Laughter*
Michael: Woo! Trevor: Yeah he was like, “Woo!” Trevor: She was like, “Woo?” Trevor: She looked up at me and she was terrified. Trevor: Like mortified that like, did this actually happen?

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Cinema Sins

  1. Me and my friend now go to the alamo because of roosterteeth. Sadly its like a 30 minute drive so we only go when we are near the area

  2. As someone born and raised in NJ, I can't think of a single time where anyone got into a fight in the movie theater

  3. This is the first time ive seen trevor and alfreado side by side in an rtaa…. Ive died laughing just from that alone. Thank you guys for this wonderful moment.

  4. Dear Rooster Teeth! Please Read Please! Put a comment section for the videos on your website

  5. I love these but you can tell there clearly lying in some of these stories I don’t think this ones fake but you know

  6. I would like some fried pickles, a pitcher of beer, maybe some lemon heads, wait… this isn't the Draft house? The internet you say…. hmmm

  7. Haha having Trevor and 'Fredo drawn the same way but one is just brown is such a perfect continuation of that joke.

  8. Basically everything Micheal says is about the shore because half the stuff he says I’ve never seen happen or have had happened

  9. This is the stuff a teenager would listen to in the background while playing a game on his pc and full blasting the audio with his room door closed despite the door being closed people outside of the room can still hear it.

  10. 0:09 If that message doesn’t appear when I actually go to an Alamo Drafthouse theater, I’m going to be disappointed. Well, slightly disappointed if the overall experience turns out better.

  11. I live in a nice smol place and everyone is polite here so we sit down and no one talks in the theaters bc no one wants to be rude

  12. I thought this was about that terrible YouTube channel. Also the draft house is overrated. Waiters constantly moving up and down the aisles distracting you

  13. I was gonna say that NJ movie theaters aren’t that bad and then I remembered the time someone lost their phone and had their friend call it multiple times throughout the movie

  14. This is like a year old but I still gotta do it to em:
    Comment section
    50% Alfredo/Trevor
    50% New Jersey do be like that doe

  15. Seriously, the Alamo Drafthouse is the theater that you go to when you've been hyped and excited for a movie for over a year.
    I made a 2 hour drive pilgrimage to it for Ready Player 1. Totally worth it.

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