Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris Strikes Out

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris Strikes Out

Michael: Remember when we saw Chris strike out with those girls? At the bar? Ryan: Oh, did he whiff one? Geoff: *remembers* Oh, that was the greatest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Michael and I were watching for half an hour. Ryan: Did he take a swing at two girls at one time? Michael: And it was like they were in a- Geoff: A group of girls. Michael: Well, it was like we were in an- we had a conversation with Chris. Geoff: I didn’t know- I said, I said “What doyou- what do you do at the company?” And he goes “Heh…” Geoff: And I go “No, seriously, what do you- Michael: No, Geoff’s like “What do you do?! WHAT DO YOU DO! TELL ME! Geoff: He couldn’t tell me. And he’s like “Ah-bah, ah-bah-dah! *flees*” Michael: And then he walked over. But, it was like one of those things where Geoff and I both notice Chris doing something? Like “Oh look at that” And then, we watched it unfold as we were looking at him across the bar. And we were like “Oh no. Oh no! Ohh…” It’s like, they’re talkin’ to him and- he’s talkin’ to them and they’re just like this. Geoff: It was a lot of Chris goin’ like this. Here, I’m gonna be Chris for a second, I’m gonna be like… *snap* …for like an hour. Michael: Beautiful. It was like a- not talkin’ Chris or anything but, those girls were *pretty* far out of his league. Geoff: And that they were girls, and they were breathing. Ryan: Right, right. Michael: Exactly.

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris Strikes Out

  1. "what do you do at this company'' ive asked that about so many people at RT
    like brandon,did he just show up one day and no one questioned it

  2. Chris is just one of my favourite people, he makes me laugh so much… I'll never forget the dead cat story "The cat, was…Dry… And dead" crying

  3. it's weird hearing the storied about certain members of rt being undesirable or like just bad with women when a lot of the fan base would love to be with them. tbh Chris is dream boat af

  4. poor chris 🙁
    why is he so unlucky with the ladies? c'mon the dude needs some love n stuff 😉

  5. Yeah that's pretty much what I would be like if I tried to talk to a couple of girls in a bar or some other club.

  6. I want an 'A Day In The Life of Chris' video, showing him go through his typical daily routine. Then we'll know what he does at the company. Plus, it would probably be quite entertaining just because of the way he is and the way he does things

  7. What do you mean what do we do here we work?
    No, no lake, what do we make?
    We make money!
    no, like what do we create?

    Thats how I imagine the conversation about what Chris does went.

  8. Aaaaahhh I've said this before but, Gavin's stupidity is sometimes an act and exaggerated, BUT Chris is like a special kind of stupid that's real an true lolololol

  9. hate it when people say "they are out of your league", confidence is very attractive it's not all about looks.

  10. Alright.. here is what you do to talk with girls and not seem creepy. First, get out your phone. Show them funny images or memes on your phone don't even try to act like you are interested them. Hell, you might survive. But under no circumstance you stumble or try to strike conversation. You will fail. You just show them things and then when they start talking about that they know something about that image, just start talking with them about your thing with the image. It doesn't even have to be a personal image, just something from tumblr or pintrist or whatever. Talk about how you got the image, talk about things that relate to the kmage

  11. Weak, don't know if it's you're getting older or what, but up your game. A guy tried to talk to chat up some girls with no response from the birds… boys calm down there

  12. I MADE IT! I CAUGHT UP WITH THE SERIES!!!! Now… I NEED MORE. It's like heroin, someone help me…

  13. Take a line from Demetri Martin,
    "I don't wanna sound racist but your outfit looks great!"
    "That wasn't racist at all."
    "I know, I just said I'm not racist."

  14. lol chris actually does nothing but because there are so many people in the company no one noticed now people are starting to notice now he is just doing stupid stuff ti make them laugh and pity him distracting them from the fact he does no work.

  15. I wonder how the animator knew what actions to animate on Chris when Geoff said "here watch me, I'll be Chris for a sec".

  16. Nah fam, Chris dis what most of us are afraid of. Hopefully one day he will get a job at rooster teeth.

  17. Chris is the most embarrassing person I’ve ever heard of. like i also think hes really cute, but oh my god for real

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