Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie Gets Busted

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie Gets Busted

(Intro music) [Burnie] If I tell a story, can I say before that I don’t want Jordan to animate it? Is that possible? [Gus] You can say it. [Burnie] So Ashley busted me watching porn.
[Gavin] Oh! [Burnie] So… yeah… I’ll go through the whole story here. I was downstairs doing something and she went to bed early. So I went upstairs and I was like, “Hey, what’s up? Ba-ba!” [Burnie] And she’s like, “I’m really tired.” And I was like, “Oh, okay.”
[Gavin] Having none of it. [Burnie] So I’m laying there in bed, “I’ll just ehh… I’ll just go downstairs.” So I go downstairs. Get out the laptop. (mimics keyboard tapping noises). What am I saying? It’s very important to the story; I used my phone. I take care of business. So everything’s fine, I go to sleep. The next day we’re getting ready for work. And I had something that I needed to put in the trunk of the car. [Burnie] And Ashley gets in the car…
[Barbara] I think I know where this is going… [Burnie] The car activates, and then the car goes, “Hey, Bluetooth!” [Burnie] And connects to my Bluetooth and starts playing what’s on my phone. [Burnie] I’m outside the car.
[Gavin] (laughs) So the car’s going to… [Gavin] So she’s in the car surrounded by, “uhh! uhh!”
[Burnie] And I get in the fucking car… [Burnie] …and I get halfway to work and the radio’s been turned down. [Burnie] But it’s got the URL, like, up on the thing with the description of the file.
[Barbara] Oh my God! [Burnie] Then she goes, “What are you listening to?” And she gave… she even gave me a great out. She goes, “Oh, you did a risky click?” I’m like, “No… that’s… I just straight up busted for that.” [Burnie] Fucking car from the future… piece of shit!
[Gavin] Ratting you out. If you like this animated adventure, subscribe to watch a new one every week. Check out our merch, and watch our other videos. You wanna stare at my cleavage? Oh, I’m not girl-Gus? Fuck! (music)

99 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie Gets Busted

  1. How many girls did he went thru throught the whole time in RT. I watch old RTAA and they show 3 different girls.

  2. I think the best part of this story is that Burnie has said before that his car's bluetooth favours Ashley's phone, and yet, here we are. I think the car is out to get him!

  3. girls really hate when you watch porn, it makes them feel like their not wanted anymore. You fucked up Burnie, believe it or not no matter how safe and secure you think you're, it will always be brought up and your days are numbered with her.


  5. What's the lesson we learned today kids? Thaaat's right! Always close out the tab all the way and erase your history!

  6. I don't understand why he called it "Car from the future." My moms car witch isn't to old has Bluetooth set up.

  7. Man, I know this, a man's ride should NEVER snitch on ya…. it's like sacred trust… the ultimate wingman…. and it ratted you out…. what has science done?!?!

  8. Burnie "Jordan, can you not animate this?"

    Jordan "Sure buddy…..Say Burnie, remember that time you absolutly destroyed an RT user because he made a comment about the Conan/ Tonight Show fiasco? Well, THIS IS MY REVENGE!!!!!!"

  9. This happened to me with my parents. Only I was up in my room and the godamn iPad was all like "let's just connect to the car that's all the way over there!".

  10. i've watched so much RT stuff on my school laptop that the only Ads i ever see anymore are RT ads, and I think that's beautiful.

  11. That car is probably traumatized now. It's gonna start sending you guys bills for it's auto-therapy sessions. ~car shaking in auto-therapist's office~ "Doc, Burnie's at it again"

  12. This happened to my dad. We get in the car and he turns the car on and I see that it connected. Then I see that it says pornhub – Family Therapy – Sis loves -. I look at him and just cover the name plate on the stereo making it so only my dad could see it. He opens his phone, closes out of it, and then pulls out of the driveway. We sat in silence going down the road for 20 minutes. The most awkward thing ever.

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