Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Andy Uses a Tampon

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Andy Uses a Tampon

Okay fun fact. I’ve used a tampon once in my life. Lindsay: For what? (laughing) Where did you put it? Ryan: You know, there’s several orifaces. So I was using okay, so it never gets used, but at my house on Cape Cod, there’s a guest bathroom, so I was using the guest bathroom, and I was shitting but there was no toilet paper And I was like fuck Lindsay: Did you put it in your ass? Andy: But yes no no I saw So so I open up a drawer to find like- Ryan: Did you use the applicator? Or is it just like… Michael: Just used the string -ahh- that’s it Lindsay: Bad man I-I opened up the bottom drawer, and in there was face cloths and tampons. I was like well I gotta make a decision Michael: You take the face cloth and you throw it away Andy: Oh no but they’re nice face cloths they’re-they’re guest face cloths they go to a set I was raised right so I know that I’m not allowed to use them. Michael: I was raised right so I use the tampon. Andy: So so I -doesn’t make sense-
(laughing) I use the tampon, I open it up, pump the thing out, wipe my ass with it, and then I then I flush it down the toilet. Everyone: YOU CAN’T FLUSH TAMPONS Andy: I know and it clogged it Ryan: Did you have to have a conversation with your mother as why -they’re absorbent man- one of her tampons was gone Michael: I knew that. Andy: So so then so then a few months go by and my moms like “why is there a tampon wrapper in the trash?” and I was like “oh I had to wipe my ass with a tampon” and that was uhh… Lindsay: I’m glad you didn’t like insert into your ass to cover the diarrhea flow Andy: No, yeah, no it was it was it was a regular poo. It wasn’t like anything like flowing out it was just like I just needed something to wipe. So I used a tampon. Lindsay: That’s all, that’s all, shit… Michael: Next time use the washcloth and throw it away. You can just buy another one. Andy: That wouldn’t have been as good of a story though. Michael: It wouldn’t, it wouldn’t have been, it would’ve been better for you, personally. -Probably but, I mean- [End Music]

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Andy Uses a Tampon

  1. If you really wanted to do it right you could have tore it along one side and fold it out, gaining another wipe or two.

  2. I haven't had time to keep up with achievement hunter, and only today did I think… "I miss Andy." Thanks for this

  3. With a title like that, we all know this can't be good, good for a story, but he'll be embarrassed for life

  4. Better than sticking it in your nose to stop a nosebleed.
    Somebody did this in a public swimming pool once, after we pulled it out his left nostril was probably 50% bigger than the other one.

  5. 1:28 I feel like this should now always be part of our decision making. Which of these will make a better story?

  6. Normally there's showers in bathrooms, no idea why he didn't use it to clean himself enough to put his clothes back on and find more toilet paper.

    I'm saying this from experience, no toilet paper is awful.

  7. Dude… use the washcloth, rinse it, then throw it in the laundry. Yeah it’s gross but it’ll get washed with everything else!

  8. Wtf andy!? Why!?

    Should've use the face cloth, you can easily wash it or throw it and buy a new one.

  9. “I was raised right, so I know not to use then.” “He was raised right so he uses the tampon”

  10. Idk why, but i really don't like andy. i think its because the marshmallow video was the first time i saw him, and i just thought he was annoying

  11. You know, I'm just watching these on quick fire right now… What I would have done is use the toilet paper roll. Tear it apart and use the roll.

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